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  1. Ah yes, this wonderful username I created at eleven years old. I am so fond of it. Not. 'glamoursea' doesn't even mean anything. It's nonsense. It sounds stupid. I have no clue why I picked the word 'glamour' - that word is nothing to me, I'm not glamorous. Honestly wtf. Even better, I made the forum account not realizing that your forum username could be the same as your scroll name. I thought "Well, my scroll name is glamoursea, so I can't reuse it for the forums...let's just add a 2!" ~ I do have some positive nostalgic feelings for this website. It wasn't all emo/random phases and "glomping" and thinking that horribly messy/inbred lineages were "really nice". I was part of CPA for a while, though I never quite returned to it after my first long hiatus a couple of years ago. I made some friends and idk it was just nice having little forum buddies, sharing inside jokes and whatnot =P Most of them are gone now though. I still have dragons named after them, lol.
  2. making money is the best feeling ever. but spending it is the worst
  3. I had a dream that the new release happened, and the egg description had something to do with tar, and everyone was talking about how perfect they'd be with turpentines
  4. i have a big crush on mystique from the x-men movies lmao -swoons- in other words, i need a new hobby besides staring at fictional characters
  5. I had breakfast for lunch =P Scrambled eggs & toast w/ peanut butter.
  6. The Sixth Extinction. I'm forever fascinated by all things related to evolution.
  7. Gsea

    Sad songs

    Solitaire - Marina and the Diamonds. The style of the song is pretty sad but it's the lyrics that make me feel lonely, especially the first couple of verses.
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    -casually resurrects this thread 3 years later because i adore this book- In regards to the quote above: that is exactly why I love Lolita so much. I have never encountered anything like it. The narrator manipulates the reader quite a lot. Every time I re-read it, I catch something new - another phrase that he has worded so as to sound like less of a horrible person, another sick way of justifying the things he does. And I love Nabokov's writing style. I love love love it - Nabokov was synesthetic and it shows in his writing. Again, I've never read anything like it. His imagery & use of details is very unique, very peculiar. I've seen the writing described as "clinical" in style and I think that makes it all the more unusual. Also I love verbally smacking people down whenever they refer to it as a love story or some sort of beautiful tragedy. These people obviously fell for the twisted version of the truth presented by Humbert. Also, it could not possibly be a love story between Humbert and Lolita because Lolita was pretty much a figment of his imagination; Dolores was a real girl but Humbert projected his fantasies onto her so severely that he forgot she was her own person. And anyway, she was a child. Children cannot consent. She was incapable of reciprocating his feelings and incapable of consenting to the way he treated her. I do think this whole "nymphet" thing Humbert created could be applied, in a way, to the modern "manic pixie dream girl" trope hmmmm ...I really enjoy discussing this book.
  9. I really struggle with communication. I am always at the extreme ends of a conversational spectrum - incredibly shy, only willing to nod and say "yeah" and let the other person do all the talking until the conversation dies because I appear uninterested; or incredibly over-excited and talkative to the point of being obnoxious (and I'm not saying that out of low self esteem, I'm saying that because I'm fully aware that I'm perceived as annoying when I actually have the courage to talk). And that's just the case with small talk or light conversation. Whenever there's a discussion about something intellectual, something important, I often decline to speak at all, afraid of embarrassing myself, but if I get even a shred of confidence, I come across as pretentious. I sound like I'm "trying too hard" to be impressive. It's just how I talk! Well, when I talk at all. I can never find a happy medium. I'm weird. I struggle to control my volume level. I either stare too intently at people and weird them out, or I never make eye contact and have entire conversations with windows and walls. I'm too open with people I barely know, yet I have friends I've known for years who know nothing about me. Because I just can't get the hang of talking. In the past I never felt the need to master the skills of socializing, because I really prefer being alone & enjoy my own company, but sometimes I'm just lonely. Or I just want to talk. But I can't do so without regretting it. honestly it feels so much nicer just to have written that out. venting works miracles, people
  10. talk shows are so cringe-inducing omg i get the most severe secondhand embarrassment... can't watch jimmy fallon or jimmy kimmel and can barely tolerate ellen because a lot of the time she does activities w/ people instead of them just sitting there talking over each other and veering sharply off topic every two seconds
  11. Too many favorite TV shows. TV >>> movies foreverrr. But if I really had to narrow down my long, long list... My all-time favorite comedy TV show: The Office My all-time favorite drama (or whatever you call these types of shows): Breaking Bad And these are my favorite movies, not including animated films because it would be kinda boring if I just listed every Disney/Dreamworks movie ever: Castaway Inglorious Basterds The Prestige Notting Hill Bedazzled (this movie is so funny omg) It's a Wonderful Life Silence of the Lambs Catch Me If You Can Better Off Dead The original Spiderman trilogy The X-Men trilogy And the LotR movies
  12. i've watched this movie 4 times in 2 days, and i rarely watch movies but it's soooo good
  13. Oh man oh man oh man For weeks, I've been picking up pretty-lineaged Vines for alt lottery because even after playing this game for 5 years I've never obtained an alt Vine. Today I picked up an incuhatchable Vine egg, and nearly re-abandoned it because of its messy lineage, but then I thought "with my luck, it will end up being an alt on someone else's scroll" so I kept it and hatched it, just in case.. And yes. Finally. I have an alt. Of course it's messy because that's just my luck, but I am still thrilled.
  14. where is my black widow movie hmmm
  15. um so apparently one of my favorite actors was in a rom-com with one of my favorite actresses? how did i not know this movie existed?
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    Can't believe I forgot to mention Tyrion x Shae! <3 and i'm still bitter about it
  17. I wanted to be a veterinarian for a little while but then I realized that I would hate dealing with animals pain or having a part in the death of an animal. Then I wanted to be someone who worked with horses when I went through my horse-obsessed phase. As a child I was very interested in animals and used to spend my birthday money on entire encyclopedias about cats, dogs, horses, snakes, marine animals, etc. I would read them cover to cover and then read them again. I wanted to be the person who knew all about animals and could write encyclopedias about them. Then I just wanted to be a writer, and from the ages of 7 to about 13 I was determined to be an author, until reality hit me in the face and I realized how unlikely it was that I'd be successful. Just remembered this - when I was really little, like 5 years old, I basically wanted to be one of those infomercial people I used to give sales pitches in my head about whatever toys/things I was playing with. I had a lot of fun pretending I was in commercials.
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    Disclaimer: I don't genuinely believe in astrology but I think it's a lot of fun! I love personality-type things, like Myers-Briggs and whatnot, and astrology is the same sort of stuff in my opinion. I really enjoy it and enjoy aligning myself with a category of people, but it's all just for fun. Anyway, I am technically a Cancer, but hear me out - I'm not a Cancer. There's really no way, lmao. I'm 100% convinced I was born in the wrong month. I am a Gemini, I relate to Geminis, I read those little astrology posts on tumblr and 95% of the time I can't relate at all to Cancer but always to Gemini. When people ask me what my sign is, I want to automatically reply "Gemini" because it's just...me. But then I remember that they'll find out my birthday makes me a Cancer and I always have to explain this whole "ok but I'm totes a Gemini" thing, and it sounds super ridiculous. Also I'm Sagittarius moon (I don't get how I'm Sag but ok) and Libra rising.
  19. Oh my goodness ;o; Thank you so much; I'm always happy to find Black Tea eggs in the AP but this lineage makes it all the more special to me.
  20. I have 500 Pillows and I bred ALL of them. It was about 200 PillowxPillow pairs and then the rest were PillowxOther pairs. Surprisingly I only had, like, two total refusals, and a good deal of failed breedings, but overall: pretty successful outcome. edited for math fail lol
  21. oh hey i made a wall Tbh last time I bred my Pillows I don't think they made a wall THIS big. The AP was maybe 60% Pillows but this time....95% fuzz
  22. I think I've posted here before with a more extensive list of my favorites, because I spend a large portion of my day watching YouTube videos, so I have a lot of favorites. But these are my more recent obsessions. I love makeup channels but I often feel like I've already discovered all of the good MUA's on YouTube - nope! Just started watching Chloe Morello and I adooore her. If I haven't mentioned them in this thread before: Rose and Rosie. I've actually been watching them for about 2 years. I can't even begin to explain who they are and why I love them because I will definitely get carried away with my love for them. I just really really really really really really love them. If you like Rose and Rosie, make yourself known; I need someone to fangirl with. And my most recent favorite is Drew Monson. He is definitely an acquired taste but I do like him. His video with Shane Dawson where they eat bug candy? I can't stop watching it. So funny. A bit NSFW, if you care.
  23. My favorite fruit is all fruit Bananas, raspberries, watermelon.