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  1. ohhh mannn i have a cruuushhhh she is ridiculously smart and humble and so sweet and works harder than i could ever comprehend and she is gorgeous oh my god seriously the most naturally stunning person i've ever seen annnd she's most likely straight... but so dreamy... i'm honestly fine with just swallowing my feelings and admiring her from a distance until the end of time
  2. Me: writes rough draft of college essay Me: looks back at prompt to how far I am from the word count Prompt: "450 words at less" My essay: "word count: 790" Me: cries lather, rinse, repeat for every college, every topic, every time. sigh.
  3. me too D: Curious about the new Nilias and Horses, hmm. Ha, me too! It's gonna be weird to get used to!
  4. i'm just incapable of working on saturdays it seems
  5. Acne cream is very drying for your skin, I recommend you get a decent moisturizer. There are some pretty good options among drugstore makeup brands if you want something cheap. Make sure you get a moisturizer that specifically claims to help with dry skin - basically, don't get something that says 'for oily skin', lol. I use moisturizer as primer too - just let it soak into your skin for a few minutes before you apply makeup and it will keep makeup from clinging to dry/cracked skin.
  6. ditto ... I love my journalism class so much. The teacher is amazing, one of the most influential people in my life. This class literally changed my life, no wonder I stuck with it for all 4 years of high school. I don't want to leave. It's the only thing I'm going to truly miss after I graduate.
  7. The whole sunflower thing is something I came up with when I first joined DC. I wanted to come across as a brighter, happier person than I often felt, so I filled my sig with bright colors and had a picture of a sunflower as my avatar. And then it kind of stuck and now sunflowers are my "thing" even though they're not even my favorite flower (roses are) - so now it's a little sunflower sprite because it's cute and minimalist and I'm sentimentally attached to sunflowers.
  8. Really weird. I'm at a weird point in my life where everything I do has an impact on my future. Like, every minute I waste online, that's less time spent studying for an exam that will most definitely determine whether I go to the school of my dreams or...a lesser school that I really don't want to attend. Basically my time is very very precious for the next month. It's a lot of pressure on me to keep myself on task. I know I sound hyperbolic but it's the truth. In fact, I should be studying right now. Why am I here lol
  9. I just got accepted into my first college! University of Central Florida! One of 4 places I applied/am applying to. Now it's just a matter of waiting to hear from the others..
  10. quarter-life crises are real
  11. it's college-essay-writing season. i have writer's block. and my future is, no exaggeration, contingent on my ability to churn out a couple of amazing essays in, what, the next week? i'm used to being stressed but this is a different kind of stress. like a hopeless unfixable stress.
  12. Who caught the GOP debate last night? I was very impressed by Carly Fiorina. I'm going to keep my eye on her. Trump was, as always, hard to take seriously. Jeb Bush started out alright but it slowly turned into a bickering match between the two. Ben Carson disappointed me by being so soft-spoken but it's clear that he's a very intelligent man. Although I disagree with his conservative views entirely, it's nice that he can actually construct a decent argument. Some of these candidates just can't argue. Logical fallacies everywhere. Very clumsily sidestepping questions. Chris Christie seems to be one of the few who can actually debate. Marco Rubio, too. As a disclaimer: I don't actually support any of the Republican candidates but there are some who I prefer over the others. I watched the debate not to root for anyone but just to form my own opinions on who can and cannot speak/argue/debate effectively.
  13. I just submitted my first college application. I feel really weird.
  14. Made some progress on a few lineages I'm working on! Completed this little checker after 3 failed attempts to get a Black Tea. Also finished this. After so many failures to get a Tea out of this pairing I finally got one out of them and now I can complete my Black Tip x Black Tea checker! And between 2 pairs I have had 6 failures trying to get a Sunsong from Black Tea x Sunsong. Today: success!
  15. I relate to this! But in my case, I still identify as cis and do believe that's what I am. I was never comfortable with being feminine. When I was younger I hated wearing skirts and dresses because I felt too exposed, and skirts/dresses are still way out of my comfort zone. When I got my first bra I was severely uncomfortable because it meant that I finally had to acknowledge that I had female parts. Since then I've come to identify as grey-ace and am very uncomfortable with the idea of people sexualizing me or even being attracted to be physically. So while I still identify as a cis-female and am okay with subscribing to some of the gender roles society has placed on my gender - wearing makeup, listening to girly music, liking girly things, generally identifying as a girl - I have never been very comfortably in a physically female body. But I still think I'm a girl. Just not a girly girl. And being grey-ace is probably why I, personally, don't like showing a lot of skin or doing anything to draw attention to my female anatomical characteristics.
  16. Wouldn't it be so interesting if the race came down to Hillary vs. Jeb? Another Clinton vs. Bush?
  17. jfc as if having anxiety isn't hard enough on my mind and emotional wellbeing, it manifests itself physically too and then i'm just lying in bed feeling my stomach twist and having heart flutters and it's very very uncomfortable. i just want to get some work done but i can't because it feels like all my insides are pulling into a knot and my hands are not cooperating. i don't want to apply to colleges ugh. i want to go to college but applying is so stressful. all the instructions are so vague and nobody in my family's ever done this before and idk how to write a college essay or what format things are supposed to be in or how to send transcripts or whether they will get my test scores in time. idk what i'm doing. it's too muchhh
  18. I have to brag about this. I'm just too excited. As it turns out, I qualified to be a National Merit Semifinalist! I'll explain: every year, juniors/11th grade students in high schools across the US take the PSAT (a practice version of the SAT). In their senior year, students who scored in the top 1% of the nation get recognized as National Merit Semifinalists by the organization that administers the test. I'm genuinely shocked that I was able to achieve that score, and it's a really great opportunity because now I get to fill out an application to become a Finalist and compete for some nice scholarships. Plus, at some colleges, even just becoming a Finalist - not necessarily a winner - can yield some nice monetary rewards. I'm just really really excited because I was one of two people in my school to be a semifinalist (the other person is my best friend, it's so cool) and I definitely need any money I can get if I want to afford college
  19. Gsea


    Oh really? Note the second sentence. You used me as an example. If you had been simply responding to a post on quantum physics, you would have used a theoretical example, or prefaced 'not an excuse to think you're Peter Capaldi' with 'not, for example, an excuse to think you're Peter Capaldi'. Well, yeah, exactly. He used you as an example. Why use a theoretical example when there's one right here in this thread? Especially if it was the very example that prompted him to make that post. I do not believe he is attacking you, I do believe he is discussing it constructively, as he has continued to elaborate and explain his meaning in a perfectly rational way, and I don't really think he is "belittling an entire group of people" by explaining his perception of the distinction between fiction and reality, soul and soulless, etc.. Alsooo, I'm not so sure you can just tell him to essentially leave the thread and take his opinions elsewhere. I'm not necessarily defending him, nor am I attacking you, but when an argument disintegrates into arguing about arguing (for example, your last post, the one I quoted, was literally just about syntax), then I feel the desire to step in. Big fan of discussion. Big fan of well-written arguments. Big fan of the mechanics of writing.
  20. nobody is more afraid of the future than i am :-) i do not want to be an adult
  21. Yeppp. I am so worried about paying for college. My family is super average middle-class. In other words, I probably won't be getting any helpful amount of financial aid. But my parents aren't planning to help me pay for college, and even if they wanted to, they wouldn't be able to afford it tbh. We are right on the awful border between "makes a small enough amount of money to get need-based aid" and "makes enough money to not need any aid." My academic stats are good enough to get a near full-ride scholarship from a college in my state. But then I fear I would be selling myself short by going to a college whose average students are below my academic level. My only other option is to attend a college more matched to my abilities, but then, I will be average in that school, and won't get any merit aid. why is life so hard
  22. I'm resurrecting this thread because school is pretty much my life atm, so what better way to procrastinate than to discuss school on a forum? =p I'm a high school senior about to dive into the stressful mess of applying to colleges. For the time being I am teetering on the edge of the cliff, overlooking a pit of test scores and fees and deadlines and essay topics, because I am terrified terrified terrified. Anyone know the website CollegeConfidential? The forums on that site are the most revolting thing I've ever seen. Particularly the parents section. I just had the pleasure of reading a post by a parent who, to loosely quote them, "felt their heart drop into their stomach the day their child admitted they were okay with getting a B." On these forums you can also find students complaining that a 2100 (out of 2400) on the SAT is a bad score, or that "National Honor Society is a worthless extracurricular because it's just sooo easy to get into." :/
  23. science is so cool. through the lenses of astronomy we are so tiny and people like to psych themselves out thinking of how impossibly small we are compared to planets and stars and the universe and isn't that so scary? but through the lenses of biology we are huge. big piles of tiny cells made of tiny cell parts, constantly dividing and dying and doing cell things. it's wild and i love it
  24. Gsea

    Melanie Martinez

    omg i have major heart eyes for melanie I discovered her on tumblr, my friend reblogged her Dollhouse video, and I fell in love. Dollhouse and Carousel are my faves. I just love her slightly eerie, haunted babydoll vibe.
  25. Gsea

    Marina & the Diamonds

    Oh my god I would die to be able to go, but sadly she is touring nowhere near me!! Froot is my favorite album so far, with my favorite song being (surprise) Froot. One day I'll see her perform...one day... (marina i worship you, please employ me, i will follow you through your daily life and feed you grapes and fan you with palm fronds)