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  1. Tired and unproductive. I'm in a slump. I can't motivate myself to do any work even though I desperately, desperately need to start doing stuff for my online class. I can't even be bothered to focus my procrastination efforts into creative outlets - I could at least be reading or writing to justify my complete lack of work ethic but nope. All I do is sit around and watch TV. I really need to start reading and writing more often. I can tell that I'm out of practice and it's kind of unnerving considering I used to be glued to books and addicted to writing. I've been making mistakes that I never make - overlooking spelling errors when I'm editing people's papers and not catching them until the third time around, not catching my own errors when I'm typing, actually having to think about how certain things are spelled... So weird. It's supposed to come naturally to me. Spelling and grammar and English in general are my areas of expertise, so the fact that the other day I wrote "holier than though" instead of "thou" and didn't catch it until much later is bothering meeee
  2. Just watched the newest episode: I thought it was kind of underwhelming, considering how "devastated" everyone was acting. I perused tumblr for people's reactions before I watched it myself and didn't feel quite as heartbroken as I expected to. I liked Clara - I skipped all of Matt Smith's seasons because I didn't like him or the Ponds, but Clara and Capaldi were possibly my favorite dynamic duo since my heart and soul Rose Tyler left the show. Idk, I thought the episode overall was meh, but I will miss Clara.
  3. To add to my list of favorite movies: Gone Girl. I've watched it several, several times over the past few days. Also watched The Gift recently and thought it was surprisingly good. Nightcrawler was also excellent. Jake Gyllenhaal is adorable. As for TV shows I've recently become very obsessed with HIMYM, idk why I resisted watching it for so long!
  4. Ahhh I love them so much!!
  5. Silver Fox, you're so pretty! I know how you feel, my sister is four years younger than me but people always think she's the oldest
  6. Oh noooo they're really cute. Why must they be limited to one holiday ;o;
  7. mulan* is the best disney movie. don't fight me on this. ...well, the best disney movie with people in it. because i mean the lion king really has no competition *pssh i totally haven't watched that movie four times today...
  8. Not so good. Had a panic attack today thinking about student debt and the possibility that in five years I will be a college graduate paying off a ridiculous, crushing amount of money. I'm so privileged to live here in the US but sometimes I hate this country and feel like I'm being scammed.
  9. Update: officially done applying to colleges. Now all I have to do is wait and try to postpone the impending freak-out about actually affording college.
  10. #1: the nostalgia. Joined when I was 11 or 12 for the cute sprites. Heading to college in less than a year and still playing. Many of the same people and threads, and of course the same dragons/overall game structure, are the same as they were when I was an annoying noob. #2: it's easy to use. It's free. It's not hard to catch up to the super experienced users. It doesn't demand a lot of time. Imo it's superior to most other adoptables sites because of these reasons. I'm not the type of person who games or spends a lot of time on adoptable sites but I'm addicted to DC and I'm in too deep to quit now. #3: the forums. They are well taken care of and generally very pleasant. They're not dead but not hectic. Going along with that, I really like the people here. #4: the anonymity. This place is basically like social media for me except nobody I know irl knows that I'm here and I very much enjoy the sense of privacy, having this one thing to myself. #5: the dragons! All of the sprites are so wonderful and the whole idea of gathering so many diverse little pixel critters makes me so happy and content. My scroll is a zen garden of mythical reptiles.
  11. i want this so badly that my heart hurts. ugh.
  12. coffee exacerbates my anxiety's physical symptoms yet i need it in order to survive. sigh
  13. -collapses- Just wrote my final college essay. It's for the University of Florida. I've written and re-written this essay several times, each time with a different prompt, but I was never really satisfied with any of them. And yesterday I banged out an entire essay in maybe fifteen minutes, whereas the others took hours of planning and plotting, yet this one turned out to be my best. I think I write better spontaneously. If I overthink it, I sound like a robot. No voice. But I'm happy with this one, if slightly terrified that I'm taking a big "risk" with style. Applying to college is such a rush, man.
  14. *attempting to do homework* *somehow ends up stalking dream college on every social media* *becomes incredibly overwhelmed with impatience and overall desire to just BE THERE* *returns to real world and dies a little inside* An hourly series of occurrences.
  15. i don't have a fear of failure and i'm not a perfectionist and i don't have a fear of authority or "getting in trouble" and i'm not remarkably intelligent or the most focused/diligent worker... basically how the heck am i anything more than an average C student? i'm terrified that my luck's gonna run out in college hahah
  16. -swoons- You're a goddess. The goddess of eyebrows. Actually you're just really gorgeous in general. But seriously those eyebrows. I used to have such thick eyebrows ("used to" meaning a year ago) but over the summer I wasn't feeling the bold brows look so I plucked them and now they're much more arched, which I like, but way thinner. I'm (im)patiently trying to grow them back out. I need to find the balance between full and arched because the thicker mine get, the more they tend toward horizontal lines...
  17. My favorite is the Bronze variation. That muted shade of silvery-brown is so so so pretty. I'm obsessed with it.
  18. I've never been competitive or ambitious so why do I feel sick to my stomach when people talk about getting into their dream schools? Is it jealousy? I don't know. Why am I so bothered by the fact that other people are accomplishing great things? Athletes are being recruited, scholarships are being offered. Is it because I'm seriously so narcissistic as to think that I deserve the same, or is it because I know that I really don't? I haven't worked as hard as them. I haven't earned what they've earned. So instead of feeling happy for them I just feel awful. Like I'm not good enough. Like everything anyone's ever told me about being smart or successful was just a lie and I'll never be any of those things. I hate this school. I hate this time of year. I hate this point in my life. Mostly I hate not having a plan, not having a "sure thing." I don't know what college I'm going to and I don't know what I want to study. Everyone else has their lives figured out and I think that's what I'm really jealous of.
  19. no offense but rosie spaughton is too good for this world ... my parents are making me so miserable w this whole college thing :')
  20. I like the new Horse and really like the new Holly, but I'm going to miss the Nilia sprites D: They're my favorite pygmy!
  21. Got into the University of South Florida~
  22. Amal Alamuddin (fifty heart-eyes emojis) I meannn she's not the conventional celebrity. She's George Clooney's wife and comes from a legal background, not an entertainment one. But I absolutely worship her. Goals goals goals
  23. I'm having the worst allergies of my life today and it is miserable.
  24. Stressed, per usual. But it's the good kind of stress today: exciting, energetic, productive stress. Much, much better than the kind of fearful/self-pitying stress that makes me sick to my stomach and prevents me from getting anything done. Hopefully I can have more days like this in the month to come. It's going to be a very stressful time.. whether it'll the good stress or the bad stress remains to be seen :')