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  1. I have to revive this thread because I love this show so damn much. I watched Season 1 and part of 2 about a year ago, and then for some reason stopped watching. But now I'm starting all over from the first season and continuing on through. I am seriously in love with Tatiana Maslany. And cloning is one of my favorite topics to think about. I feel like I'm obligated to pick a favorite clone. Cosima is an obvious pick for me (biology-loving lesbians unite!) but Sarah is my babyyy. But in all honesty, my favorite is probably Alison. She's the most interesting character to watch.
  2. so far today i have had some unusually good luck/good things happen for me. hope i don't jinx it by saying this
  3. Yes! ~ I should pay more attention to the status of the completed list but I'm lazy. So every release is a surprise to me. My ideal release would be a water-dwelling dragon. I've seen a few on the list over the years that are so cool-looking, like aquatic dinosaurs.
  4. A chocolate milkshake with chocolate protein powder. I hate protein smoothies so I tried this out and now I'm addicted. It tastes like cake batter.
  5. Record-breaking rainfall for the past week. Lightning/thunder all night and all day. Too bad I'm afraid of thunderstorms. Overall, pretty miserable.
  6. a really cute girl invited me to a party and idk how to tell her no because we barely know each other and parties are basically my worst nightmare but yeah idk how to say 'no thanks' without her thinking i'm not into her because i am
  7. Checkers 4 life. I prefer short checkers, 3rd or 4th generation, but long-lined checkers are pretty impressive.
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    Tampa (home sweet home)
  9. When I read the topic title I thought you meant classical as in Ancient Greek and Latin, lol. Lolita, Animal Farm, War of the Worlds, Little Women, Call of the Wild, Wuthering Heights, TKAM, The Invisible Man, Black Beauty, White Fang, 1984, Slaughterhouse Five, and more that I'm not remembering now. I'm not actually sure if all of these are considered classics but whatever Just realized that my list is kinda long. If I had to condense into a top three: Lolita, Black Beauty, and Animal Farm. And Call of the Wild. Guess that makes it a top 4.
  10. I'm currently working on a bunch of different 3rd-gen checkers with Black Teas, so this was really nice to find in the AP. Beautiful checker and something I wouldn't have been able to create on my own. It's a very welcomed addition to the Tea checker collection <3
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    Yeah I would never ever purposely misgender someone omg but I've been prone to slip-ups and felt awful about it and apologized and people have always been so nice about it. I once used "she" in reference to a transguy and said I was sorry immediately and corrected myself and he was like "It's ok sweetie!!" So I just think the first reaction shouldn't be negative if someone misgenders someone. Any negative response to a slip-up can be interpreted as "jumping down one's throat" and can make the person responsible for the slip-up feel defensive rather than apologetic. Aaanyway I came here to kinda apologize for what I said about refusing to use nounself pronouns because I didn't take into account that they're a comforting/mood-boosting thing :/ I'm a logical, rational thinker, a scientist and a skeptic at heart, so the whole soul/spiritual discussion is beyond my realm of understanding, so as interested as I am in the otherkin discusion, I have to be careful not to put my foot in my mouth and sometimes I do just that. And I'm not the most emotional person so I didn't really take feelings into account when I said that nounself pronouns are grammatically nonsensical and hard to take seriously. Sorry if I offended and I love you all~
  12. Username: glamoursea2 (glamoursea on my scroll) Number: 55,920 Join Date: Feb 18, 2010 (for the forum, anyway) That makes me a rookie, I guess? I certainly don't feel like one. That makes me a starter. Lol no
  13. Howler Drakes by far. I adoooore them. I think they're some of the best sprites and their description is so cute. I imagine them chattering and screeching at everything and comparing hoards of mushrooms. <3
  14. I predict a standard release in the last weekend of the month. Like the last release. And the one before that. And the one before the birthday release.. I'd like 2 new breeds. A hybrid would be nice.
  15. Chicken tikka masala. It was delicious.
  16. now i want publix subs On the other end of the spectrum, opposite "kids with unrestricted access to parents' credit cards," there are young users who still need their parents' permission to buy things online and may not feel comfortable explaining that it's for an online game about dragons, or simply are afraid of confronting their parents at all asking for money. A.k.a. me when I first joined DC. If there were any paid perks when I was a new user and my purchases had to go through my parents first, I wouldn't be here still. This would better belong in the other thread about paid perks but I have to defend the young users, and the argument is in this thread :L On topic: I'd like this as a BSA. I wouldn't mind it as a paid feature. Ideally I'd like Influence to just be a sure thing. Then we wouldn't have to worry about gender-swapping to correct failed Influences.
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    For the record I do know of people who genuinely use nounself pronouns and are not trolling. As TehUltimateMage said, hey, maybe trolls started it. Maybe not. Regardless, otherkin do use neonouns. Fortunately most of them also accept real pronouns.
  18. can't tell if i'm getting bigger. my jeans still fit but my sweatpants are snug. what the heck do i do with that