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  1. 1 hour ago, Minkee said:

    Nice try view bombers. :P My babies are safe now! Thanks for the pinned warning, I wouldn't have noticed until it was too late otherwise.


    They're still doing it even in these late pages, keep your cuties safe! :)

    Yep, I'm being view-bombed  too (just hid mine) which has literally never happened to me before.

  2. Wow, people are real quick to get sour over a minor inconvenience in the first few hours of a new release.


    It's really no big deal. A minor bug, glitch, or part of some plan that we aren't privy to yet.


    No sweat. No stress. We will all get the eggs we desire very soon. I guarantee this is not meant to be the most limited release yet in DC history. Lol. Let's all chill.

  3. I'm fashionably late as always, what's going on? I'm only seeing the windy/gusty eggs in the Alpine every 5 minutes, have not seen a single other egg. Are they still dropping/why are there supposedly 3 in-cave but 2 in TJ's post? *eyes emoji*

  4. Hmmmm I was super skeptical about implementing a market system of any kind on DC because the one thing I love about this site is its simplicity and lack of currency buuut this is actually a rly nice way to introduce a monetary system in a way that isn't like hyper-competitive or totally overwhelms gameplay. I like it. Cool idea.


    The new Red sprites look amazing. Love love love.


    Happy birthday DC!!!

  5. Lots of things on my mind!! I miss DC but I'm happy that I've filled my life with so many good things that I'm too busy for it. I've never been happier in my entire existence than I am these days. I made big changes in my life which were scary and crazy but necessary. I had my heart broken and healed from it. I met a boy and questioned my entire sexual orientation. I decided that labels are stupid and let go of my obsession with them. I actually recovered from my ED (which is the biggest thing I've ever done and it was hard as hell and a lot of work and changed me inside and out) and I am now happy to say that I've reached the FINAL phase of recovery where I'm just about as normal as possible. I have friends, I have good grades, I have fun. I can't believe that 6 months ago I was the most miserable I've ever been and now I've done a complete 180. Life is good. Stuff gets better. I stay busy. One day - probably a while from now - I'll set aside a little time for DC. Never can let go of my nostalgia for this place. But this is about everything for now, yay happy current thoughts!!

  6. I was just heading over here to post this.

    A little clockwork dragon is something I want really bad, have sketched several designs for, and even claimed some names for, despite knowing that TJ said there won't be any more like the papers and cheeses.

    I can still dream.... sad.gif

    Omg, I have an intense need for a clockwork dragon now ;-; I imagine the sprites would be so lovely and intricate.


    pls to be a thing

  7. This should help you ~




    Scimitar-Wing, Ridgewings, Canopies, Tangars, Olives, Guardians still very common and you see them in cave all the time ~

    Thanks! I know all the egg descrips/breeds but I need to amass a collection of frozen hatchies of the same breed for a project so I wanted to pick a breed that was super common and wouldn't give me too much trouble to find. So this is helpful to know!

  8. What are some of the most common breeds in the cave right now? Like almost obnoxiously common and super easy to get? I haven't been on DC regularly at all for about a year so I haven't been able to observe cave drop patterns very well.

  9. I would very very very much love a tentacled dragon. Some of my favorite animals are squid, octopi, and nautiluses (nautili?) ;u;


    I just want more aquatic dragons in general? Something inspired by a plesiosaur/the Loch Ness monster; some more epic-looking Leviathans; a marine dragon with a shell or shell-like exoskeleton, maybe inspired by a crab or lobster.


    One odd idea I have (which would totally violate several biological principles and probably make no scientific sense whatsoever but would be really fun) is for a dragon breed that doesn't reproduce sexually - so, no egg produced by two parents, but something else. Either asexual reproduction wherein the dragon "splits" into two identical offspring (or spawns off a clone of itself or something like that); or something like an earthworm where part of the dragon's body is removed and grows into a fully-formed organism. Which I suppose would also qualify as asexual reproduction.


    Weirdness weirdness.

  10. the depression has seeped its way deep into my performance at school and i am now failing a class and if i don't get my grade up i will lose my scholarship which will basically ruin my life because this scholarship is the only way i can afford college and i do not have a backup plan besides going to college. i worked so hard to get here and i finally figured out what i want to do with my life and bam depression kicks me down hard and takes it away.


    idk what to do as i can't speak to the professor and try to explain myself or negotiate anything because there are hundreds and hundreds of students in this class, and tens of thousands altogether in this university, so i, an individual and one in a long line of freshmen whining about their grades, do not matter whatsoever.


    failing bc i'm depressed and now i'm more depressed bc i'm failing and like wow life is so good

  11. decided to do a burnt red-orange eyeshadow look today which was my signature look over the summer but my eyes are so bloodshot from sleeping poorly that the makeup straight up makes me look like i'm bleeding from the eyes. so cute

  12. life is too short for me to not do my makeup more dramatically i'm so done with the natural/subtle look, i wanna be painted to perfection in every picture because otherwise i just look like a child? i have no compelling facial features so i can't rly do the whole ~naturally pretty~ thing. and i have sooo much makeup i gotta use it

  13. just needa get some stuff off my chest

    TW: depression, ED


    I've been inexplicably very depressed for about 2 months now? Before this started, my last depressive spell was basically the entire summer break, June through August, and the whole time I was denying that it was depression? Even though I was literally the picture perfect, checking-all-boxes, epitome of depression. I was just like 'no...I'm fine...' and then college started and life was so stressful that my anxiety kicked into maximum overdrive and now it's chilled out and I'm depressed again and idk I just finally decided to be real with myself and realize that something is definitely wrong. And idk what to do about it.


    Also I've been in ED recovery for a few months now but uh the past few days have been very rough. Every time I think I'm "better" and every time I'm strong enough to eat five delicious donuts and not feel guilty, something comes along to send me into a tailspin. Usually it involves someone taking a picture of me, me seeing the picture, picking apart every flaw in my body, crying, and shutting down for about a week. Obsessing over food. Binging because food is my "comfort." Then hating myself even more. So yeah, saw some full-body candids of me the other day and it sent me spiraling. I'm staying on track with what I need to be eating but my mind is in absolute agony. This ED is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. My anxiety and depression are nothing compared to it. I'd rather have a panic attack every day than these awful intrusive life-halting thoughts about food and my body. I cannot express how exhausting it is. Every single person I see. Every single food-related thing I see. My body is healed, my metabolism is getting stronger, my period is back, my weight is restored, but my brain is still sick.

  14. i'm literally depressed but strangely ok with it because i'm just like 1000% apathetic like i cant do any homework i cant study for anything i can't care about anything except eating and watching new tv shows and mindlessly scrolling through social media and i'm at the point where for the first time in a long time my anxiety is drowned out lol it's so refreshing to not be like !!! all the time i'm just like ... and i'm ok with it, like i don't wanna get out of bed and i'll probably regret not trying harder in school but in the meantime i'm just chillin

  15. sometimes it's so hard to be gay why does coming out have to be a thing why do people just assume i'm straight and then create these uncomfortable situations

    now i have to come out to my homophobic roommate to explain to her why i don't wanna room with her next year and i'm literally panicking because i'm forcing myself to do it tonight before she goes to bed and i

    i just hate being gay sometimes