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  1. Visit the fan page and stick this in a few hatcheries. The views here won't be enough
  2. Really? I haven't been able to log in on that for a while
  3. Thank you! That was my doing! I had bred 300 cb equinoxes, half of them at least purebred. However, I did not expect them to wall up like that
  4. Got this after months of breeding
  5. 2g name code https://dragcave.net/teleport/657a04005bb49c2d19f8e2febdd9aac6
  6. 3g Equinox Prize Checker #1 3g Equinox Prize Checker #2
  7. Egg #: 1 Time Remaining: 4d7h Crack Stage: 3 Sick?: no Incu?: yes Result: Hatched and Caught Egg #: 2 Time Remaining: 4d7 Crack Stage: 3 Sick?: no Incu?: yes Result: Hatched and caught Egg #: 3 Time Remaining: 4d8 Crack Stage: 3 Sick?: no Incu?: yes Result: hatched and caught ~~ Edit: Egg #: 4 Time Remaining: 5d12h Crack Stage: 3 Sick?: no Incu?: no Result: hatched and caught Egg #: 5 Time Remaining: 5d7h Crack Stage: 2 (i think, i can't tell on these new pygmy eggs) Sick?: no Incu?: no Result: hatched and caught Egg #: 6 Time Remaining: 5d12h Crack Stage: 2 Sick?: no Incu?: no Result: hatched and caught Egg #: 7 Time Remaining: 5d13h Crack Stage: 2 Sick?: no Incu?: no Result: survived 2 earthquakes and died on the third
  8. Dalek

    Z Project

    Got a Z Code I want to trade Bleh
  9. H: 2g Aqua Gemshard from Mistra Aqua Gemshard Lineage W: Exact bloodswap 2g aqua Gemshard only please
  10. I am so thrilled. We were getting ready to make the return trip back to Mississippi, we were waiting for dad to come back fron Walmart, when the power kicked back on
  11. I'm doing horrible. My family is displaced because of Hurricane Ida, it's been a week and a half already without power at our house, I miss my cats, i want to go back to work. I just feel like crying because Demco is such a horrible company and isn't actually giving us reasons to why they keep shutting the power off sometimes. Its just the same old line- 'our linemen are hard at work.' We get it, we're grateful that they are, but they're so darn picky with who they respond to if they ever do. Stop repeating things. Please. I need to have a hug or something but for the love of God, give out details as to why you keep turning the power off. Sorry if this turned into a rant. I just can't take this anymore
  12. Someone on the Discord said this sounded like a phishing attempt? I can't be too sure, the mods would know more than us. Also, a thing I might add, they're saying they got the email yesterday- which was September second. 2 days late from when the actual emails are usually sent out. Yeah, something fishy is going on there
  13. I would love to join~ https://dragcave.net/group/171537
  14. Egg #:1 Time Remaining: 5d13h Crack Stage: s3 Sick?: no Incu?: no Result: hatched and caught
  15. Thank you @trystan parents went outside to see what happened outside and they said some trees were down in both the front and back yard. Part of a structure that they built onto part of a shed was destroyed (at least part of it), a tree that they planted in front of our front deck in a courtyardish area had limbs down. We are very thankful it wasn't worse
  16. I've had an awful night and barely slept more than 4 hours? 3 hours? I can't exactly tell. I was right in the middle of Hurricane Ida and there's nothing more scarier than sitting in the dark listening to the wind howling around the trailer we live in. Those winds were probably over 100 mph out there and we sat there listening to the trailer creaking (hoping the roof didn't get blown away, luckily it didn't), hearing tree branches snapping all around and possibly a tree falling over (luckily we live smack dab in a field so no trees were able to fall on us), and listen to the wind howling in our fireplace. I can't imagine what it must have been for other people who had it worse than we did
  17. Magnesiums are 2headed and therefore incompatible with Pyros
  18. Another update to the list. All the breeds removed that were there originally are no changes
  19. No. I was answering you? Orange pyros don't change colours. However, if breeding an orange and a green together, the result might be that the green flamed Pyro changes back to orange. This is just a theory until its actually comfirmed
  20. Updated list for those who can't access or don't want to access the spreadsheet: Floret Astro Purple and Gold Floret Iris- Peach and Purple Pyropellis (cyan, green, blue, purple, flameless) Risensong Setsong Spinel- Green
  21. Unfortunately, 2 orange pyros bred together don't change colour and unfortunately, no one has had adults long enough to test breed two other flame colours together If its not locked, then its fully possible that a green pyro bred with a blazeback can bring the orange flames back
  22. I updated the list because someone was listing breeds so you may want to double check