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  1. I'm in LOVE with snakes right now. But I also like wolves, falcons, tigers, and sharks. I honestly don't know why but I like a lot of animals.
  2. I have season allergies (Spring,summer and fall). Also, I am allergic to sushi vinegar.
  3. Top fear would be death. I know it might sound weird but it kinda freaks me out.
  4. Chickens can not swallow food upside down. Garden caterpillars have 248 muscles in its head.
  5. My favorite animal is a wolf. For some reason, I find the way that they work together in packs to hunt and survive very interesting. Most animals do it, but the way the wolves actually use sounds to communicate for hunting is just too amazing.
  6. My pet peeve would be partners that don't do ANYTHING at all! It annoys me when I am assigned a partner for a project but that person doesn't do anything but sit there while i'm doing all the work. That's like getting homework but 100 times worse.
  7. No you do not have to be a member. If we post adoptables, then it is for everyone to feed. Not just the members. Mine:
  8. I know right! Maybe they should do this for next year's Christmas too.
  9. I'm so excited! Plus the Christmas outfits on the dragons look so cute!
  10. Try going back towards the cemtary. That's how i went back.
  11. Odd.. You said you went back to the main trail correct? Did you get out of the mansion by going out a door or by another way?
  12. Bone:It should be in the green house. If you can enter the work room, they may be in that room.
  13. To get to the basement: Go to the living room first, Go through the hallway door, investigate the heavy door, use spell to enter, then take the stairs.
  14. To get the rainbow chicken: You need to go to the basement first then go out to the wooded area and take the mail trail this time.
  15. Mmmm. my most recent one would be the dragon with the parchment. I've got... parchment, scroll, skull, some weird mushroom, moss, bone claws, mask, moon, balence scale, globe, dust, food, golden key, a regular key, orb, spirit, owl, painting of stars(?), candle, a rubber duck, quill, snake and wyvern, sword with blood, dragon poison(?), bone wings, a companion, RIP stone, and 2 other bone things. Sorry i don't remember all the names to the items so i just said wut they look like to me. -.- I know i am locked out of the hidden room that's a start.
  16. Yah i'm going in circles (classic me) but i've only got like 34 items. Does anyone no what i'm missing?
  17. kathydog77


    Just got a account and im loving it so much in 5 minutes!
  18. Here is my feeding thread: http://valenth.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2363 click it to see my pets.