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  1. If you ever saw a guy try to breakdance, try to imagine one breakdancing on the beach in front of 4 teachers and over 200 students. He had this huge scar on his leg which was all dry and stuff. I was like: EEWW! >.<

  2. Most deep-sea things. There are too many varieties of squid to pick a favorite.


    Hey, why does everyone like wolves? Just curious.

    *I'm guessing*

    In mythological terms, the wolf is the solid foundation on how werewolves were thought of. Plus,wolves have interesting communication towards other pack members. The way they hunt together, live in packs, help the other wolves in their pack, and how they organize their groups can sometimes amaze people. Its not very often that many people can truly understand the relationship between another animal species. Though some animals do the same things (Ex. some gorillas also live in tight groups) wolves can give us the basic information about what team work is about. Wolf packs rarely fight with each other..


    I'm still in love with wolves tongue.gif

  3. I thought blue was uncommon enough? tongue.gif


    And I mean it does actually stand out:




    (not my pictures, but those all look pre-bleached)

    Personally, I think that yellow or lime is uncommon. Sky blue is just me tongue.gif My classmate dyed some of her hair aqua, but she has like the chocolate brown hair so it didn't look as good as I was hoping it would be when she told me.

  4. Omg yay! I love naming wild dragons!!


    Dragon's Code: AI2V

    Name Proposed: Aurea Armaturam

    Breed of Dragon: Gold Dragon

    Stage of Dragon: Adult

    Description (optional):

    Other Things to be Said: Just a note, it is the Latin word for Golden Armor. Since it was talking about armor, I put it in the name. Plus, only has 5 clicks :I

  5. Who cares what people think, get a snake! I got two corn snakes and my mom hates snakes, but I don't care. Best decision, I love my snakes so very much.

    Lucky! The only problem with having a snake in my house would be:

    A: my cat would attack anything he doesn't know and then try to eat it

    B: My dogs are crazy

    C: I guess I would sometimes freak out about having something that is almost hard to see

    D: My sister would scream

  6. My teacher made me sing in Italian in front of the class. She was like, "Go up to the front and sing."

    I'm like: 0.0''


    Plus the day after, I hit my head on the door of the locker above me AND someone slammed their locker on my hands.

  7. I hate it when I can't run away from things chasing me in my dreams! Especially the snakes in my snake dreams(those are my only nightmares because I'm really scared of snakes).

    I dreamed I was with the homeschool group and we were outside and this snake bites my leg,so I'm taken home to my parents so they can take me to the hospital.Their taking like,I dunno,hours to get ready to leave and I'm thinking,"I'm gonna die if they don't hurry up!"

    Also I dreamed this small short looking snake turned into a puppy. blink.gif

    I dream black and white so I couldn't pull out many color details from MY dreams.


    I remember one dream where I was at this beach and this wolf was standing in front of me, snarling. There was no one at the beach besides me and the wolf, which was kinda creepy. I back up towards the water, letting the waves brush my feet. All the wolf did was follow my every move, even if I ran. Last thing that happened was that the wolf attacked me, shoving me into the water, and nearly bit my hands off.

  8. That's similar to what I do! smile.gif

    My hair isn't as dark as yours but it's still a pretty dark shade of brown with the tips dyed dark blue. If you bleach your tips first, trust me, even dark blue will stand out biggrin.gif

    Unless i dye it like a sky blue. How common do you see that color on people's hair? tongue.gif