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2drtjit.gifThe Mentor Project| My Wishlist |Click HERE! and never have late eggs and slow growing hatchlings again! UV and Clicks guaranteed! (If you want to have a life outside of clicking at Yarolds, join the Moonlight Dragons dynasty after you register and PM me for questions and aid.) (Firefox 3.6 required)

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    Hey there! I like to grant wishes. If you see something on my scroll you'd like, feel free to PM me about it, since I'm not really into lineages, very few dragons of mine are tied up in each other.

    I also regularly dump eggs into the AP, if you pick up one and want a sibling (or mate), drop me a line for that as well. If you want to use my naming prefix, I'd appreciate it muchly if you use "Raman" instead of "Rama".

    All I ask is that you be courteous in your request. ;)


    ^*^*^*IOUs Owed:*^*^*^*

    Member Owed | Dragon Owed | Last Attempt/Result

    1) Odeen (#52428) | 2gen F Gold X Winter Magi/M Gold X F Blusang | Gold x WM 05/01/13 = NoEgg, NoEgg / Gold x Bluesang 04/12/13 = Refusal, GOLD EGG!

    ~*~*~*Completed IOUs~*~*~

    Member Owed | Dragon Owed | Completed Date

    1) danegrrrl (#11995) | 2gen Silver from M Tan Ridgewing X F Silver | 03/22/13
    2) Ayelldee (#25009) | 2gen Gold X Frill | 04/04/13
    3) Ayelldee (#25009) | 2gen Silver X Frill |04/26/13
    4) Odeen (#52428) | 2gen M Silver x F Trihorn | 04/12/13
    5|) Zavryl (#6026) | 2gen Silver x Frill (Mandou x Sapphire) | 05/03/13

    #-#-#IOUS IN PROGRESS#-#-#

    By Member | Dragon Owed |Start Date

    1) sarantha (#181715) | Silver Shimmer X Ribbon Dancer x Nebula | 03/13/13