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  1. I appear to have found the ultimate defense..... I can't stop it! I'll never get that glorious exp!
  2. @Cinnamin Draconna My, my, you're still here. *waves* I doubt if you remember me though. ---------------------- If the issue with this BSA with the timer. Perhaps a weakness could be introduced from a different direction to attack the problem in a different way. Dragons "Force-Fed" in some manner to reach mature weight/size/magic potential, could have difficulty breeding later on, not in refusals, but in not producing eggs. Option 1: Could add an extra week (or 2) to when the dragon can be bred, instead of it being able to breed the moment it becomes an adult, like dragons do now. Option 2: Could have a lowered chance of producing eggs overall (maybe drop by <25%) for 2-3 months after maturing. That being said, Nurture is the wrong name for that kind of BSA. Force-Feed might be better, just to underscore how unpleasant the process is for your hatchling. Apply standard 2 week cooldown, maybe give it to Harvest Dragons, since food is their DEAL, what with hatchlings always being hungry. If a Harvest adult takes care of a non-harvest hatchling it may make the "error" of thinking the baby isn't eating based on their own hatchling experiences of being hungry and push the issue trying to fatten it up. Hatchling: "Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It always seems to be hungry." Adult: Normally shy, these omnivorous dragons keep to themselves in remote regions, but in the fall they descend from their high territory to search for food—and lots of it. During the autumn months, harvest dragons will eat whatever they can find, from large and small animals to nuts and fruit. In the winter they retreat into large caves and hibernate until spring, living off the fat they have built up."
  3. Hey TJ, if you'd like me to be more active. Let me play the game my way, eh? You do keep saying that's how this game is supposed to go, but that's not what you're allowing the players to do. I do have a rather cynical idea of what else that inactivity plan could have to do with, but I'll refrain. Just let me collect the new releases when I can and call it a day. I refuse to pick up the blocker trash for the sake of picking it up.
  4. Fair enough, but it'd be less irritating if you could do some site work and balance the ratios without completely rendering your scroll unavailable to what you want to do. Right now, we appear to have a lot of people who are competing in the CP and other cave clearing projects, but then you have a greater majority who are sitting back and waiting for things to clear. I don't think it has to do with getting "more" "faster" but more like "at some point can I see some recognition for my efforts?" or "can something be done to make me doing this slightly less painful than it is?". The blockers keep getting made, so the work's never done, and if anyone complains about it, the go-to-answer is a condescending, "Well, if you can sit here and complain, why not catch some blockers and be productive instead." Never mind that they may have been doing that all along anyway. The problem is that the blockers never end and it's frustrating. Not just for the people blocked by them, but also for the people who keep trying to bail out this -to use a somewhat ridiculous metaphor- sinking ship with teacups while being told that they really should bail faster if they want to see results.
  5. Fuzz, if "they work fine", we wouldn't have these kinds of suggestions. I've participated in CavePlumbers and CommonCollecting and you know, it gets really boring, really fast. You aren't working for anything good (this is not a snipe at the donators, I'm one too, and we give as best we can given how fickle ratios are and what we have on hand), your scroll is permanently locked with commons. So you have a great non-choice of public/civic duties or actually playing the game the way you'd like to play it. And the best part, is if you're still into collecting popular rare/breeds, as soon as you do the favor of removing the commons, the schmuck behind you, who isn't picking up blockers because you're doing it for them, is going to grab that egg you both really want because you're going to get the overburdened message on that umpteenth blocker no one, not even you, really wanted anyway. And they certainly aren't going to trot it or it's immediate offspring over to the CP or CCC threads to reward someone for their hard work to make it possible to make that grab. Now, that tangent on Sisyphean futility of those threads aside, here's something constructive. It would be nice if we had some sort of idea what the "ideal" scroll balance looks like site wise, even if no one could actually do it. (E.g. "Each scroll should contain 3,456 dragons, of which 75% should be commons", or something like that, nothing specific, but would say that for every member who makes uncommon armies and a bit of everything else, someone's gotta be like that guy on Yarold's I keep seeing who has a 1k mints and nothing else). Maybe that could tie into some sort of achievement page, you know, just to appeal to the completion-type side of things. It'd be off to the side, probably located on the trophy page, so you don't have to even look at it or pay attention if you don't want to. Collect 100 Mints gets you the "Minty Fresh achievement", 100 Whiptails = "Speed Demon" achievement, 100 Golds = "Go Open a Bank Already" achievement, 100 Thunders = "Static Attack" achievement, ect. At 20 breed collection achievements you get the "Beginning Hoarder" badge, at 60 it changes to the "Might Have a Problem" badge, and so on... You know, just a doodad, with cute flavor text, no prizes or anything, but something to do and something to show you're helping the site maintain a balance. It would also be pleasant if commons were counted for 2-3 years instead of once, because if everything keeps getting "reset" the logical thing to do would be to wait for the site to purge last year's dragons, then throw away all of the commons you caught the year before, then catch them all again to make the ratios behave for the rest of the year. This may be what the ratios want us to do but NO ONE IS GOING TO DO THAT.
  6. I decided to check on the EATW thread to see why it's changed how it gives views again. Only to find the thread gone (deleted?), is there a new one with a different title/link somewhere?
  7. Oh. Well, that just follows right into the suggestion then. PrettyPinkFace (female) influences 12345 and 12345 genders male. It's pretty obvious she screwed up that egg. And since I hope it'd hold two activity cycles (two rounds of breeding, two rounds of using whatever BSA), you'd see if she screws up twice easily if the egg code is linked.
  8. I like the idea, but I don't know how effective it would be. I think one of the artists (last year or so) commented that "the egg already has a gender 'in mind' so how do you count the Influences that fail but give you the gender you wanted anyway?" <- Paraphrased like heck, obviously. I think if the log shows that you used that dragon to influence that egg, you ought to able to easily tell if it failed or not without it being spelled out.
  9. As an addendum to this (because this suggestion as a whole is a great idea and I want it in some form or another). If it's too convoluted to change the action log to cater. Could we have a "History Log" on our dragons? Say you have a pink dragon named PrettyPinkFace and influence an egg (we'll call it w43gy -which is just gibbledygook as far as I know), then go AP diving and lose your influence record because of catch/drop/hide maneuvers. Regardless of that, PrettyPinkFace would still have it's own personal history log that would say. That way, at least your Influence action is mostly free from being lost if the main Action Log is flooded with hide/unhide/named/caught/dropped. Which are basically useless actions to log anyway, you can see if you've named or caught or dropped something. It's the invisible actions like Influence, Fertility, Bred To (because the breeding list is unavailable to look at until the dragon is off cooldown) that I think get used more often. For the record, I don't think a dragon's personal action log needs to be more than 10 items deep. That should give you room for about 2 full usage cycles (breed, BSA -if applicable-, rename, starting up a description) before old stuff gets bumped off by the new stuff.
  10. I really hope this was an auto. This is the first egg I've grabbed in the AP where I really couldn't understand why someone would dump it. http://dragcave.net/lineage/wk8Lw
  11. I'm gonna have to nth, this suggestion. I don't need fogging or dropping AP eggs to be shown. I don't even need Incubates or Naming to be shown either. I really need this for keeping track of breeding and Influencing, though occasionally I do like tracking when repulses or auto-ed eggs happened. I've found myself totally scroll-locked a ridiculous number of times in the last couple of weeks, and with this new 7-day release a little tweaked-out behind catching eggs, influencing/incubating them right, and then having to hide them off and on to keep them safe from our mad bomber, and a certain other someone stalking scrolls for the "right" number and kinds of dragons. This release, I really just needed my Influencing to be logged, not anything else, so some kind of filter would be great.
  12. I just got a bunch of great ones: Sin and Virtue Order and Entropy Unity and Duality Weep and Wail Sing and Shout Two guesses who they're for.
  13. This is a minor thing. Regarding the AP. First I want to state that I love the way it's working now, there's good variety, I've found myself fully egg/hatchling locked a few times, I've picked up a lot of dragons (blockers mostly) that I wouldn't otherwise touch because I can run them into the hatchling stage quickly and free my slots again. I really like it and hope it keeps lots of low-time eggs. But there is that little issue of not being able to pick up eggs you drop until someone else picks them up and drops them again. Recently I was hunting for CB flamingos, and there are plenty to be had, but occasionally I ran across a lineaged one. Since I was working on a lineage, I had no use for them, but every so often I would have a change of heart (it would only block the spot/lock me for 2 hours and so on) and want to take it. But given that it was a blocker and no one else wanted it, I couldn't pick it up because it hadn't been picked up by anyone else and then put back. More than once I've found myself surrounded by eggs I couldn't pick up after changing my mind about wanting them, either because I realized/decided I could make a mate after all, or had to leave the computer and wanted to use the scroll space for something the productive while I was gone since the eggs I did want weren't available. I don't even know if that level of coding is possible, but could the AP be tweaked so that the originating scroll is the only one locked from picking up it's own dropped egg until it's picked up and dropped again? I don't see how it would harm things to allow that (aside from possibly being a tiny bit inconvenient for people who don't pause to check a code in their status bar before clicking to not click on the same egg).
  14. The coast is still super flooded, so I'll try my luck later this evening. In the meantime.... *scratches head*..... shouldn't those eggs be cracking by now? (RlbYy) 6907/1361/382. Those are grow-up views right there. Pheeer the super strong coast eggs.
  15. Then it's all the stranger then that the name's disappeared. But it's good to know that it was probably just a weird glitchy thing and likely won't repeat. Consider the feathers smoothed. Not that I remember what I named him yet or anything. By converted, yes, I mean romanized. There's just a lot of subtle ways to say... "purple", for example, depending on what you're going for. So if you're going for a thematic element, you have a wide range of things to go through to get the feel you're looking for. I managed to find a lot of ways to play with "tri" and "horn" for example.
  16. Then it still falls within the rules, given that the names were descriptive in and of themselves. Why type "dragon-beaked stormbringer" when "Draccobeccus procellator" means the same thing, and oh, is also a name, considering she's named after her parents. And we're not talking about Approving them. Just not Deleting them if they aren't approvable. I don't care if it's approved or not, I'm not asking for it to be approved. But there's no call to go around deleting things. I certainly don't see that caveat written about descriptions in their area: "Hey, all that work you did making this? It's short/ we don't read Latin in these here parts/disprove of your oxford commas/want you to use whatever, so yeah, we're gonna delete this because. Enjoy the description process." So go about your description approving business as usual, but don't ago around deleting stuff because you "don't approve". Just.... don't approve it?
  17. My, my, this was pretty far down in the forum. I don't use descriptions. I see no reason to make them, and go through any of the hassle involved with them, for something only I'm going to see anyway. So after exactly one described dragon, I don't have anything to do with the process. However, I do rather like that I have a tiny notepad attached to a particular dragon, even if I very,very,very rarely have need to use it. Today was one of those days I needed my little notepad. I'm working on a lineage and suddenly had a large group of refusals in the 2gen. Now all those dragons were named, but now I had to reshuffle my pairs and their names. This is where my little dragon-specific notepads came into play. Considering their names were in translated Latin and converted Japanese, which I spent some considerable time working on, I thought it'd be safe sticking their names in their description areas while I quickly did damage control via renaming to identify who was a compatible pair and who would totally make retarded inbred babies if I let them. Imagine my surprise to find my notepads empty. Several hours of dictionary, thesaurus, theme and translator work right down the drain. Thanks, so very, very much for that. Seriously, you don't have to approve stuff in those ridiculous description fields, but don't DELETE IT! Especially if you don't know what it is, and it hasn't broken any of those rather arbitrary and limiting guidelines. It's obviously not a description in a foreign language, and says right on it that it's holding a name.
  18. Would never have thought of doing that. Thanks. Edit: ...... Canopy dragons are surprisingly chunky-necked.
  19. Could we maybe have a list of which breeds are shown? I can identify most of them, but there are a couple that I can't place. (2 Row: 1, 4 y 5) And until someone pointed out that the brown with the ridged horns was a night glory, I couldn't ID those either.
  20. Ah, spotted the problem. Pumpkin, you're misunderstanding me, I think. That's fine, that's what discussion is all about. No one's opinion is excluded, and I'm sorry you thought that's what I was saying. But can we agree that there is a difference between a "NO" in it's various iterations "I don't like this idea." (Note the period, I'm not generalizing, the period ends the "opinion" which boils down to a "No" with no other compromise or rationale.) and a "No, I don't like this idea, since it seems like it'd be too much work." It's still a no, but it gives one something else to consider. It's constructive disagreement. You've been giving the latter, and thank you for that. But I'm trying to hinder the former, which can't be taken further than what it is, a flat no impedes, a constructive no helps build a persuasive argument in detailing the pros and cons of any suggestion here. *nods* Those are the students that frustrate me the most. And I agree that your reasoning is sound, however, how often does the "ignore the bad behavior and it goes away" work for you? Perhaps it does, I do know we're from different cultural backgrounds and that does play a considerable factor in some things. But if you've found some key way to phrase it, please, tell me over PM, that's facinating to me. However, from what I've seen here and the Internet in general is if you try to discuss around any vehement opinion, they either repeat themselves until they are responded to, or start commenting on others, which leads them to respond thus feeding the argument. It's very hard to do this, as people generally have trouble letting things that bother them stand unchallenged. I'd agree that if we could ignore things that didn't fit in what we wanted things could be better, but then we'd get blamed for "ignoring things we didn't want to hear", which is probably what you'd hear if you didn't respond eventually, at least once. The word "elitist" here was being used to invalidate the suggestion. It wasn't being used appropriately and more like a blunt club to bash anyone who said they'd like something for being here for so long. (It came with a veiled, "how dare you want something better, you think you're better than me/us, don't you?" current) Who's going to come into this thread, in it's current climate and boast that they'd want to be elitist? Using the word as it is here is a "Shut up" tactic. And not much progress can bemade in the discussion with it around. That I can't disagree with, because you're right. This is an IF topic, but from the pages I've been reading, seemed to have changed itself. But again, that is all in the eye of the beholder, to me it's moved to the "how" stage for you, it's in the "if" stage. I can certainly see why you'd see it's still in the if category. But as it is, it's still not going much further. Hence my suggestion of a cleaning and renaming it into a HOW suggestion and leaving the IF to TJ. We can IF all day, but it helps him decide if we can offer a How as well. But he says NO. End of Topic. As it's always been. A "NO" is absolute.
  21. A fair point, but at the end of the day, it is only my opinion, and yours. You're free to ignore the Veteran's Biome and shun everything that comes out of it, but overall, is it good for the game to do that? But there you are, framing my prior post as denigrating others opinions about this suggestion. And I don't believe I said anywhere that other opinions weren't allowed. If the thread was merely for discussing whether or not a Veteran Biome would be a good idea, then you'd be right. But it seems to have moved past "Good Idea?" to "How would it be carried out?" And those are two different topics. "Good Idea" has I think this idea sucks, nuuu, elites, you should take what you have and be happy, I like more sprites". That is a "Yes/No" situation. "How would it carried out?" is the poll I suggested. This current thread seems to have run it's course, but it's trying to mesh "good idea" with "how would it work", and it's a morass. This is a grey area. As to the exclusion of "No". You can't argue with a "No". You can't discuss a "No." A "No" has no recourse, a "No" is a corner you've just backed into. A "No" does not bend, does not consider, does not do anything except deny any new imput or a perspective. So yes, removing "No" from a poll in a gray issue is a good thing, unless what you WANT is a Binary/Black White situation, which is basically what this situation is now. This is a forum for Suggestions. There's plenty of reasons to say why this is a good idea or bad idea, without resorting to a childish "No!" We're mostly intelligent people here (I would say adults, but I know we have younger members and many are well-spoken.) we should be able to discuss without attacking character, disposition, or being so egotistical that we can't at least try to consider where the other party is coming from. We're better than that. For those who don't know, I work with a lot of university-level students. And a whole heaping pile of them are 26-40 year olds who think they know everything already, their opinions are extremely set, and it's common knowledge for instructors that they hate giving up their opinions; because it feels like they're giving up a part of themselves to change any long-held beliefs. I have to break up these kinds of fights all the time when they're working on scenarios or assignments designed to make them work towards a goal or end point. One person will dig their heels in and say No, and then the whole discussion comes to a screeching halt while some else's beliefs/opinions get ruffled the "No" and the "You're Being Difficult Person" start fighting, and the person who just wanted to get the assignment done thinks they can help by staying quiet or trying to play the odds by siding with someone. Believe it or not, making it a rule that no one was allowed to say a flat "NO" to anything they disagreed with or didn't believe (don't even get me started with how often that happened in the Effects of Religion in Nursing Care Intervention class/project) did a lot to force them to work together to at least discuss what was going wrong in their work or the way they were handling their scenario. No one has said we all have to HOLD HANDS AND AGREE AND RAINBOW SUNSHINE SPARKLES! *bishie eyes* but at the very least, they were forced to put into words why they disagreed over blood transfusions or thought everyone should accept they were going to be worm food when they die. Most of the time the problem was faulty reasoning or logic in how the situation was supposed to be handled. Or just a plain' ol' lack of empathy and the desire thereof. That still doesn't mean we all saw eye to eye, but we respected each other's opinions a hell of a lot more than this place pretends like it does. Because we had reasoning behind that thinking, even if it wasn't all agreed with. Yes, yes it is. I'm kinda surprised our mods let people do that, since they have this "respect others" thing on permanent copy/pasta. Part of the problem there, I think -mind you- is that we don't have hard details. TJ is stingy with those and cracks the whip when people try to figure them out. So don't bash too hard on half-arguments, please? When people put together monster posts (like mine.... I'm so sorry and grateful to anyone who waded through this), or even the good succinct stuff but skip details we assume are common knowledge, we try to make do with what we have available. In lieu of arguments, you still haven't pointed out anything in my prior post that you find a hole in in regards to this topic being cleaned and reset. Except for that bit about wanting to yell "No". But I think I explained above why I think removing the No option at least stops a lot of the knee-jerk fighting over tiny details why the main issue gets lost. As I said, nothing here is up to us. It's up to TJ, disagreeing with the suggestion is fine and I disagree with so many things going on here you have no idea. But if I can't put together two hard sentences to explain why I don't like something for whatever reason, and have to fall back on attacking the person posting and not what they're saying? Then my disagreement can't be that strong anyway, if I can't think of one real reason to not like it except I don't like it. No.
  22. No, I don't. That Idea would fall under B entirely. Your dragon count determines you Trophy Level. Not to mention it excludes people who collect sprite families or only a pair of adults. They'll all reach Gold Trophy status eventually, because we keep getting new releases. So there's no reason to limit them in particular while they work up to it. And there's no reason for sub-dividing the secondary cave. Our Current Cave doesn't say you can't access the Desert/Jungle until you're Gold Level. A second shouldn't either. Meanwhile, that's off topic and distracting. We have no say in the layout of a Veteran's Biome, like we have no say in Forests somehow also including Grassland without it being said anywhere. Or that we have 6 biomes instead of 4 or 15. That's TJ's jurisdiction.