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  1. Why no i haven't seen your Hollies anywhere... <.< >.>
  2. A wild Canopy Thuwed appears! Gone.
  3. I'm surprised Dissidia 012 wasn't taken.
  4. Aaaaaand Adobe Flash is gonna crash in 3...2...1...
  5. .....I can't believe I didn't try any of these. lol Congrats on the snags. Got Vulcan Science Academy and Suliban o:
  6. Bred this. Just have to figure out a name for it now.
  7. A new Skyrim DLC....and its gonna be available for the PS3? 'bout freaking time. >>
  8. Bred this. Now I just need a Nebula egg from him and her.
  9. United Federation of Planets Lol I retyped it to make sure it was right. Edit: Also got Vulcan High Command, Breen Confederacy, Klingon Empire, Andorian, Vulcan's Forge, Aenar, and United Earth I'm on a roll
  10. Got Playstation. How the heck was that not taken? Edit: Also got Squaresoft and Square Enix
  11. I'm probably gonna be sending my holiday dragon's eggs to the AP as well unless I get a request.
  12. All right, I'll add ya. c: lol now I just have to dig up my copy of Brotherhood (I only have the free dlcs btw....I was too cheap to buy the others ). Been a long time since I've used my Smoke Bomb/Mute setup. I usually stick to AC3 Multiplayer....although its been pretty laggy lately >>
  13. Just got Rudy Roughknight and Holmcross lD
  14. 3rd Gen. CanopyxBBW Gone, thanks for letting me know Dimar. c:
  15. Are you freaking kidding me? I had five hundred and forty five dollars in my account. I'm down to forty one You better have a damn good reason for taking all of that out of there, that was supposed to pay for my books next semester. >:/
  16. lol how did I miss this thread? Been playing the series since AC2 was released and have finished all of the main games except AC3 (I'm on sequence 7) And I have a copy of Bloodlines buried in my room somewhere...>> Haven't really been working on the story lately, got sucked into multi-player recently. (Speaking of which, if any of ya'll have the ps3 version and are up for a match, my PSN is sp-slayer c:)
  17. 3 days and I still haven't heard from any of them...do they even bother checking their emails? This is why I hate group projects. :/
  18. *swipes all of your Trio hatchies*
  19. Aquaelie

    Glomp Gifting

    Aquaelie --> MagnusMango: Blusang egg. Accepted
  20. Finally.....after not getting anything from my Metallics for who knows how long. *happy dance*