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  1. Snagged a spot on one of the Thuwed lists and caught a CB Tan Ridgewing. c:
  2. Looks like I decided to look here at the right time, got on the list for a Bluna egg. Ty TJ! : D
  3. Gifting 3rd Gen. CanopyxBBW Thuwed Gone, you're welcome Geminia905 c:
  4. *Swipes all of your frozen hatchlings*
  5. Aquaelie

    Glomp Gifting

    Aquaelie -->Amberose: Silver egg Accepted.
  6. A GWxBlack pair I've been trying to get an egg from gave me this today. c: (Fire Emblem ftw)
  7. I could try for another egg if you want. c: I think that pair comes off of CD sometime today.
  8. SunsetxHorse Thuwed Gone. I'm also opening up the list for eggs from Raziel Drakhaoul of Death x Wcenadw Omroh Thuwed if anyone is interested. c: 1. Dimar 2 chienkaiba 3. cuppycake08 4. QAndais 5. Chespin 6. shovedtbh 7. charchar2 8. MisunderstoodDreamer 9. shannecy 10. lollipop00 11. LugiaLover List is now closed
  9. 3rd Gen. Thuwed up for grabs CanopyxBBW checker Gone. Thanks for letting me know lilysally and good luck. c:
  10. *Swipes your Winter hatchling*
  11. This actually sounds pretty interesting. o: Ideas....perhaps a lineage with names of (or based on) different Starship classes? :s (Apollo, NX, Constitution, etc...)
  12. *Swipes your Pillow hatchies*
  13. *Swipes your hatchlings*
  14. *Swipes Neglected Guardian*
  15. Hello! : D Been meaning to post here for some time (I've been working on a few lineage projects with Star Trek themed names) but I've been forgetting to do it till now. >>; So with that aside....permission to come aboard? (I've also got this Canopy egg here if anyone wants/needs it....its parents won't give me the Nebula egg I need. )