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  1. *Swipes your Red hatchie*
  2. *Swipes your Blusang egg*
  3. *pokes thread* So I finished one of my little projects this month... here is final result. c: (I'm doing another with PB Nebulae but they've been trolling me by coloring wrong >_>) I have a sibling to the Ultraviolet I linked to above. If anyone wants it feel free to PM me :3
  4. *Swipes your Silver eggs*
  5. I got Dinozord today. Too bad Megazord was Taken.
  6. *Sneaks away with Galaxy Full Of Gold*
  7. I got Redguard today...pretty surprising since the other race names from TES that I've tried to get were all taken. Edit: Also nabbed Draugr Deathlord and Draugr Death Overlord
  8. My 2nd Gen. Gold Vinuskar grew up today. <3 Also bred some 2nd Gen. Trio eggs.
  9. *Swipes your Gold hatchies*
  10. Bred my male CB Gold expecting the "no egg" message. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw this. agsasgjshsgkl