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  1. Caught a CB Silver and a CB Gold in the Coast
  2. Some pretty Shimmer lineages here. :3 Can't wait for my Shimmer baby to hatch. <3
  3. ahsgdhgd Just won a 5th Gen. Shimmer in a lotto Also had a CB Silver hatch. :3
  4. Bred this pretty 4th Gen Silver. :3 Edit: lolwhoops wrong link.
  5. *Swipes your Blusang egg*
  6. Just saw about 5-6 CB Golds in the Desert (and one CB Silver) I think that is the most I've seen in one drop since the boom started. o:
  7. Caught a CB Silver and saw a CB Gold...which I refreshed over
  8. Have this Canopy Thuwed egg to gift c: Gone.
  9. 'ed *Swipes your Winter hatchling*
  10. Saw Three CB Silvers in the Alpine about a minute ago....managed to catch two of them. ^^ *Does a victory dance*
  11. Trotsky's Darkness Restored
  12. *Swipes your Alt Vines*
  13. *Swipes your Red hatchie*
  14. *Swipes your Blusang egg*