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  1. All your Reds are belong to me >D
  2. *Swipes your hatchlings*
  3. Pretty surprised Eastern Bluebird wasn't taken. o:
  4. Caught a CB Silver from the Volcano.
  5. Twilight Bracelet and 2128 Drain Where's all the .Hack fans at?
  6. *Swipes your Crimson and Soulpeace hatchlings*
  7. Just got Sanguine Rose and Daedric Influence Pretty surprised I got the first one since all of the other Daedric Artifact's names are taken.
  8. Bred two of the new hybrid eggs and this 2nd Gen Gold. I was kinda hoping for a Blusang egg though x D
  9. *Swipes your Silver egg*
  10. *Swipes your Vampire hatchlings*
  11. *Swipes your Ice hatchie*
  12. Some hatchlings grew up and I bred this from one of my Silvers. c:
  13. Picked up a CB Spring, Gold, and Silver in the Forest. ^^