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  1. Golden Light In the Forest
  2. *Swipes your Gold Shimmer hatchie*
  3. *Swipes your Black Tea hatchies*
  4. *Swipes your Guardian hatchies* lolderp forgot I got rid of my scroll banner >>;
  5. So I'm almost finished with one of my lineage projects (My Nebbies were rather uncooperative >>). I got an egg from my 3rd Gen pair, but she colored wrong (I needed Green or Red). Anybody here interested in adopting her? If so, shoot me a PM. ^^ Little one now has a new home.
  6. *Swipes your Bronze Shimmer*
  7. Bred this pretty Blusang egg c:
  8. *Swipes your Red hatchies*
  9. *Swipes your Terra egg*
  10. *Swipes your Nebula egg*
  11. All your Reds are belong to me >D
  12. *Swipes your hatchlings*