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  1. ~Gifting 3rd EG Thuweds~ Shallow Water Canopy Ember
  2. So the last scale test for Elder Scrolls Online starts tomorrow, anyone here on the forums participating? I'll be playing in the Aldmeri Dominion faction during the test. ^^
  3. Have some 3rd Gen Thuweds looking for new homes. ^^ Ember Bright-Breasted Wyvern Shallow Water All gone, thanks for letting me know that you picked them up. :]
  4. 3rd EG Ember Thuwed Claim my egg 3rd EG Shallow Water Claim my egg
  5. Guild Wars 2 and a little bit of Skyrim here and there.
  6. My giftee accepted her first gift yesterday, and I just sent off gift number two. c: Also got a second Gen. Thunder from gold winged SA, some CB Bleeding Moon hatchies, and a CB Blusang from my secret santa. Thanks again Milkaq66
  7. *Swipes your hatchlings*
  8. Took almost eight months, but my CB GoldxGreen pair finally gave me a gold egg. ^^
  9. Seriously looking forward to the movie. It's spriiiiing the wiiiinter is gooone~
  10. I want to participate! Forum name: Aquaelie Scroll name: Holmcross Wishlist: 1. 4th gen Gold Shimmer 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Black Tea 4. A mate for her 5. Bleeding Moon hatchling(s) 6. Surprise me~
  11. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Marche Radiuju Mewt Randell Ritz Malheur Really surprised none of these were taken. o.o
  12. Finally got to 5th Gen with my BlusangxGold Checker lineage. Yaaaaay o3o
  13. 3rd EG MarrowxEmber Thuwed Claim my egg ^^
  14. 3rd Gen. MarrowxxEmber Thuwed Claim my egg
  15. A few of my hatchies grew up and I bred this 3rd Gen Silver. ^^
  16. http://dragcave.net/lineage/J 3rd EG Thuwed c:
  17. *Swipes your Golden Wyvern eggies*
  18. *Swipes your Magma egg*
  19. I won this Silver egg in a lotto today. c:
  20. Picked up some neat EG eggs today. ^^ WhitexSilver SilverxTerrae RidgewingxNocturne TurpentinexBalloon
  21. *Swipes your Silver Shimmer egg*