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  1. "I'll have the rest of the power points assigned by next week" "They will be assigned soon" Psst...hey, Western Civ instructor. We have two and a half weeks before the end of the semester. If you're gonna assign the rest of us power point assignments, ya might wanna do it now. College is seriously stressing me the out right now alkjdahdj ;_;
  2. *Swipes all of your Blusangs*
  3. Caught two 2nd Gen. PB Shadow Walker eggs. o:
  4. Ohey the forum page finally decided to load on my computer o: Digging the event so far....was wondering why my dragons were wearing costumes at first.
  5. Aquaelie

    Glomp Gifting

    Aquaelie --> SuperCream: Silver egg accepted.
  6. Aquaelie

    Glomp Gifting

    Aquaelie --> ZhenVenin: CB Stripe egg Accepted~
  7. *Swipes your Silver hatchie lD*
  8. *Swipes your Skywing egg*
  9. *Swipes your Autumn hatchling*
  10. Caught my first CB Autumn Seasonal for this year :3
  11. Aquaelie

    Glomp Gifting

    Guess who's back lD Aquaelie --> That Simplistic Chaos Three CB Crimson Pygmy hatchlings. Accepted! Aquaelie --> prpldrgnfr 2nd Gen. Ice egg. Accepted.
  12. *Runs off with both of your red hatchlings in tow*
  13. Got these today :3 Eidolon Ivalice Alliance Materia Tireless Charge Countermeasure Recuperation Evened Odds Tri-Disaster
  14. *Swipes your Bluesang egg*
  15. *Walks away with your Brimstone egg*
  16. Finally found a mate my 2nd gen. Canopy Thuwed likes. : D