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  1. Holly x Aso Xenowyrm 3rd Gen. https://dragcave.net/teleport/9ddea3bc56aa2f49a4dac1b511f85a42
  2. 3rd Gen Gold from BluesangxGold that has an interesting code. https://dragcave.net/teleport/bf4ac08cfcc4a2ab447a07cef47871c1
  3. 3rd Gen PB Thuwed if anyone wants it https://dragcave.net/teleport/417ff49c613f191c14ddae1e94eac759
  4. CB Thalassa egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/2bd6e82c28ab3545695bfcf4444181e2
  5. Thanks, didn't have one of these yet. Gonna put up this CB Thalassa if anyone wants it. https://dragcave.net/teleport/4822d7cff23d1fdb0e8c408c9f245575
  6. Do the laundry Basically what I've done all day lol
  7. FF XIV during the first boss in Syrcus Tower, one of the alliances didn't get all of there people on their pad, so a bunch of people got petrified/ended up dying. Me, a healer, and a few DD'ers tried to take out the last bit of the boss's HP but I kept getting hit/chased by a constant stream of orbs... >.>
  8. FF XIV: ARR Fixing to get GC seals so I can get my Chocobo. c:
  9. Anyone finished Crota's End? I decided I wanted to try soloing it, made it all the way to Ir-Yut. Came close to finishing her off a few times but the adds kept getting in my way. *grumble* >.>
  10. Can't wait till Dec. 9th, the dlc sounds pretty interesting so far. Kinda bummed that I won't hit lvl 30 in time for the new raid though since the VoG has refused to give e raid armor so far. >__> I'm having fun with taking the Blades of Crota's swords and using 'em to hack and slash stuff. Wish it lasted more than a minute though. I did finish upgrading my Hawkmoon not long ago, I've gone from using SR's to using HC's
  11. Finally finished a complete run of the VoG on normal, got Hezen Vengeance + a buuunch of ascendant shards. Just gotta get the raid armor and level it up before next month, so I'll be ready for The Dark Below DLC Raid. o:
  12. Still playing as well, though I'm having to hold off on the VoG for now due to not having a mic/headset. I hope they give us an option to expand our storage space, I'm running outta room for pretty much everything.
  13. I can't believe it happened, North Carolina's (My home state) Amendment 1 was declared unconstitutional and struck down today. NC actually did something right for a change
  14. Working on re-watching the first season of Psycho-Pass since S2 is starting soon, pretty good anime. Been quite some time since I've really been interested in one. GITS Arise is pretty good too, only seen two episodes though.
  15. Found an interesting link wrt statistics related to classes/sub-classes and other things if anyone wants to take a gander o3o http://www.destinydb.com/news/posts/28-9-2...dian-statistics Also here is a Shader previewer I found if anyone wants to use it, pretty happy I found it since I practically have a collection going on . And the Iron Banner starts tomorrow, anyone gonna participate? I'll give it a go but I'll probably get my butt kicked since I'm not that spectacular at PvP, I'm working on it though.
  16. So uh I didn't really think it was possible to get exotics via Strikes.....just got Monte Carlo while running tiger strikes. Too bad I don't use Auto Rifles, wonder if Bungie will ever add a trading system?
  17. ^Yeah I saw something on a forum about it today, probably shoulda looked for that sooner lol, all I've been getting are the helmet and chest pieces though. Might try a few more of the missions to see if I get anything different.
  18. ^This. Except for the emblems, shaders, and class items the stuff for this event is honestly pretty lackluster. Wasn't too happy that they got rid of the ascendant shards for dismantling that equipment, would've been a bit happier if they just reduced it to one or something. So there is pretty much no reason for me to bother with the missions anymore. Still working on bounties to lvl up her emissary though, I want that cloak. I really like this game but I seriously hope they do better with future events. In other news, got my first exotic weapon a few days ago from a Legendary engram of all things, the MIDA Multi-Tool (Scout Rifle).
  19. They're the tanks that kinda look like spiders. Did a quick Google search and it said the best way to finish that bounty is to go to the Earth Patrol and then go to the Devil's Lair where the Devil Walker is since you have to deal the killing blow for it to count. Just go to orbit and back to Earth till you get all three walker kills.