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  1. If it's useful for people getting data, I just got 4 of the pygmies from the forest (ca. 8:30 AM cave time).
  2. I just had Ion dump me. But still wants to hang out later…
  3. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/55781-mpolo/ Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/mpolo Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/76133 Wishlist: 1. Neglected, 2 Gen Prize 2. Alt Black, Alt Vine, Alt Undine 3. CB Aeon, Chicken, CB Trio 4. CB Golden Wyvern 5. CB Red 6. 4th Gen Purebred Ember (f) 7. CB Siyat (green or purple), CB Pipio pygmy Breeding abilities: I have everything CB, so 2nd-gen things are no problem. Longer breeding projects are limited by the time available. Catching abilities: I mostly use the "refresh and manically click" method, so it is random whether I get something good Trading abilities: Willing to try. The group here has always been very helpful in this. Teleport abilities: Well-endowed with magi
  4. Wasn't aware I had skipped any options… But I only got 15 objects, so wouldn't mind a chance to get the rest.
  5. Never noticed this, but maybe you are assumed to be able to better examine the hatchling after it is dead, and therefore can determine its gender.
  6. After knowing there had to be a release on Sunday, I forgot to check. Fortunately, I still got 4 gusties and 3 feathered and one misclick… Thanks to all involved!
  7. Miraculously dropped a pygmie and an alpine and got two forest glows out of it. So I'm guessing: Purple Mountain Majesties The Deep Blue Sea and Forest Green…
  8. Managed 3 pygmies and 5 spotted (split between coastal and alpine, in the hopes of different colors)… If forest has a third color, I'll probably be searching forever…
  9. The Volcano eggs are pretty easy to get. I can't get a musty to save my life. (I have at least seen 2 of them, so it's not completely hopeless…) Is any one biome better than the others to get them? EDIT: Misclicked an olive and got one musty. Also got a Zuomorph, so maybe I'll be able to trade for the musties…
  10. Beautiful dragons hiding from the copyright hammer. 🙃
  11. Is there going to be a link from the main site to the marketplace? I have only found out how to get there by entering the URL… Or have I missed where it is hidden?
  12. Forgot to check yesterday (and was on mobile anyway). Amazed to have been able to easily grab two of each. Have to check the rest later…
  13. Does this mean that there is yet another type of zombie now? (I think this is our first Pygmy Wyrm…)
  14. @PrincessLucy: The new board doesn't just let you put in code. You have to use the buttons…At the bottom right, you have "Insert other media". Use "Insert Image from URL". Like this:
  15. mpolo


    I believe that once you had all the eggs on your scroll, you could have clicked one of them to get the option to "Keep", should you somehow miss (or not get offered) the choice screen again.
  16. Don't forget the third egg type (yellow with orange speckles)! Who knows how easy to catch they'll be next week... I got 3, 2 and 2 eggs (have a "Travel through Europe" egg that needs to hatch before I can get an eighth egg.)
  17. The last two Halloweens, I've had 0 successes (if I recall correctly -- maybe one). To get a 2-headed leviathan, we have to kill a dragon that is (currently) exceedingly rare. I have only tried once on a 31st, due to how bad my luck is on the best day. (no successes there, either). All in all, a recipe for frustration and just giving up… TJ's comment seems to indicate that it's not necessary to be at night on the 31st, which might make trying then feasible. But the low chance is frustrating. It is somewhat similar to the whole GoN thing, where you go a few years trying to get them. It supposedly makes us value them more, but that's not my experience. I just stopped being frustrated when I could finally stop the summon grind. Couldn't the numbers be nudged just a little without breaking something? I.e. if the chance is currently 1%/2%/4%/8% for day/night/31/Halloween, go up to 2%/4%/8%/16%. I obviously haven't tried to reverse engineer the numbers (wouldn't have enough data to do so anyway), but I could almost believe my guess there, since it gives a good chance for explaining my bad luck…
  18. Maybe to save space and make it unobtrusive, a precogged sex could show with square brackets [♂] and an influenced with curly braces {♂}, simply instead of the parentheses we have now.
  19. I've been pretty inactive, so there are probably people who need a ticket to Liechtenstein: https://dragcave.net/teleport/d36386190c00c3a0d92e0da3c2651a02
  20. I believe that when you freeze one, you only get credit for viewing the hatchling, not owning it (similarly with glowing Aeons and such). I would suspect that viewing 10 or fewer ethereal celestial hatchlings would solve your problem.
  21. I've been including the flower names in my notes, just in case we don't keep the flower descriptions.
  22. mpolo

    Short V-Day Drops

    I guess I got really lucky -- I got 2 '09s and 2 sweetlings on the first day. I tend to have more luck on the 5-minute drops than on the hourlies. Since you literally can't lock yourself by misclicking in this case, I just played "reload", wildly middle-click the right-hand egg position, repeat. That said, some of the drops were amazingly short, and it really does dominate several hours, where you can't do much else, because you have to wildly click for 30 seconds, wait four minutes, stare at the clock for the last 30 seconds of that to start right at the beginning of the drop. I wouldn't object to longer drops for everyone who still needs it.
  23. I know Valentine '09's are really finicky about getting sick. But it's been a while since I've raised one. When is it "safe" to put them into a hatchery? 24 hours after catching?
  24. It's the 6th, which is traditionally the 'Twelfth Night'. I don't know if Christmas Day itself doesn't count in that calculation or what... Christians celebrate the arrival of the three wise men today. Well actually in a lot of the world it gets put off until Sunday, and the Orthodox calendar is different.