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    My Tinsels

    (steiK): >12th-gen messy Dorkface from Epic Xolaris
    Fulminatus thuvedius Thuwed: messy 10th-gen Thuwed from Gold Epica
    Aurelix terrae: 6th-gen stairstep with Terraes from Alexandria Aurelix

    Fulminatus argenteus: 7th-gen (with tombstones) mixed whitish stairstep from Erno
    Fulminatus magnae familiae: 10th-gen not-quite-even mixed from (Abby)
    Inextricus stellarius: 7th-gen with blue nebulas from Inextrica
    Pulcher in Penk: 12th-gen spiral with pinks/valentines from Penk
    Argenta a nocte omnium sanctorum: 5th-gen stairstep with marrows and one pink from Penk
    Gracilis pulvis argentus: 6th-gen spiral with pinks from Penk
    Gelatinus: 10th-gen almost-stairstep with Terraes from Dawn's Silver Medal
    Nebulosa fulminosa: 9th-gen stairstep with purple nebulas from (Abby)
    oL2Os: 8th-gen stairstep with Hellfires from Artemis

    Fulminatus aeratus: Used to be a messy from F-bomb. Now 2nd-gen tombstone. :(
    Vinolentus thuvedius Thuwed: 7th-gen semi-stairstep mixed from Alcoholic
    Hedera Aenea: 7th-gen even-gen mixed from Bronze Ivy
    Aerata ex cineris: 4th-gen even-gen with Embers from Bronze Ivy
    Exercitus cinerum: 9th-gen spiral with Embers from (ARMY)
    Aeratus ex terris: 5th-gen stairstep with Terraes from Tanoth the Dragon King
    Spiralius albus: 4th-gen spiral with whites from Antihypertensive
    Rosa obscura: 5th-gen even-gen mixed D'Hennegel from Darkrose
    Galletianus ruber: 7th-gen stairstep with red nebulas from Galletian Victory
    Mesmeristica: 4th-gen stairstep with whites from Hypnotizing
    Cayvynica balanciata: 6th-gen even-gen mixed from Cayvyn (and Darkrose)