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  1. I have the fear of needles but in my case i dont get to just faint and have it over with, i completely black out and my body goes feral. Biting, drooling, hyperventilation, all fours. I have absolutely no memory of any injection or blood draw ive ever had, but my mom has told me when i was only 5, it took 4 adult nurses and her to hold me down for a shot. So theres that. And the weirdest thing is needles themselves dont bother me in the slightest, i can handle needles all day long, its the second theyre going to be used on me is when i lose it. Other than that i have a massive phobia of human deformities, namely of the face. Thanks to this phobia and an associated disorder, i cant even type or see the word Elephant without shaking and panicking and going into fight or flight mode as if the disorder is automatically attached to the word forever. Even just writing this part is speeding up my heart rate to uncomfortable levels. My more minor phobias are heights, elevators, structure fires, and spiders/crickets/grasshoppers. I have panic attacks if i enter any floor of a building above 2, and have to completely disassociate myself when im in an elevator, even just a single floor one. Structure fires like the one that happened in the apartment building next to ours cause me to sob uncontrollably, hyperventilate, and pace like a stressed horse until theyve been resolved and ive made sure everyone is safe. Spiders is my least major one, i would MUCH prefer a bug/spider literally on my face to the first two things, and touching a spider/bug alone causes me to just scream and go into fight or flight mode. Edit: Forgot something, fixed now.
  2. Holy crap they all look so GOOD. Legit needed this update, both dragons. And i seriously cant get over how /good/ they look. Kudos to the people who worked on the all!
  3. Summoning is even more enraging now thanks to these damn new dragons. WHY CAN I NEVER SUMMON ANYTHING.
  4. Terrible plan, why not release the new dragons as usual so we actually can have room for the holiday dragons.
  5. Our family dog Churro, who lived all four of his years in absolute love. Lost him just this last week to a genetic issue common to Beagles. Best damn memory i can think of submitting.
  6. *clears throat* I am allergic to chlorine, grapefruit, saltwater, birds, peach tree blossoms, pine cones, most conifers, feather pillows and throws, cats, dust, pollen..i could go on but i forget.
  7. My first rare/trio was my ice, MoonlitBandit, and i got her from my friend on the day of starting dc. She helped me set it up, get eggs, and learn about click sites.
  8. The ultimate TJ code. http://dragcave.net/lineage/PcTJL
  9. Grats to the new mods! O:
  10. oh my gosh, just the thread for me. Let me pull out my loooooonglist: Saltwater Grapefruit Peach trees but not peachs Most bushes Most trees Most flowers Pollen Bird dander Dust ..I think thats it, or all i can remember!
  11. I think these hatchlings are totally cute, despite the description. Im glad i nabbed 3 of em, two adults and hopefully one frozen s1 hatchie.
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    10 on 10-10-10

    Public appologies ok? Didnt think it was rude, thats how i talk. You can keep chastising me but i get the point, Z already spoke. And again: SORRY. My. Bad.
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    10 on 10-10-10

    Sorry there, im on my phone and the keyboards acting up so i tried to post short, i'll give critique if thats needed after i get home in about...an hour and a half, two hours.
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    10 on 10-10-10

    Is anyone else severly disappointed by how ugly boring and fake these dragons look? Sorry to be harshh, but they dont look good at all in my eyes.
  15. Anyone else notice the severe description fail? Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It was born with a full set of wings. And look! It's grown its wings! It must be close to maturing.
  16. Yeeaaah! *pulls off sunglasses* In other new, i dont have any yet.
  17. Great, now im confused, excited, nervous, and amazed all at once. It HAS to have something to do with the Shallow Water Dragons...or maybe TJ has an epic surprise.
  18. Love the new tool, new neotropical stuff, and cant wait for the release if it happens, though im having a tough time staying unlocked with all these breeds being dangled in front of my eyes!
  19. Ive got one, sorry for the bad spelling.grammar.punctuation. D: I was writing fast. I was Roxas, and i was going to a movie premier. I needed a jacket, but i didnt have one! So of course, i began to think "Hey, maybe my roomate(boyfriend?) has something i can borrow?" So i did, i took my roomates greenish blue jacket!Of course i thought nothing of it at first, but then as the premier ended, it began to rain. SO now im thinking, , the jackets wet! Axel will never forgive me! And i rush home, try to dry the jacket. Well, somehow it caught on fire! By the time i got it out, the sleeves were ruined, and the rest was charred and ugly. At that point the dream switched to Axels point of view, walking into the house in a great mood, when he smelled the burnt...something. Roxas was busy trying to hide the jacket and i noticed what had happened. And god, i was PISSED. My firey temper kicked in and i yelled at Roxas for a while. Apparently the jacket had been very important, given to me by a dead relative or something, and i grabbed the jacket and threw it on. With one last look i stormed out of the door, pulling the ruined jacket on completely. Once outside i hopped on my futuristic motorbike and sped off down the gloomy road we lived on, anger blazing. *Our house was small, only one bedroom, living room, one bath, small closet, and a tiny porch out back. We lived inbetween many almost identical grey houses..all grey, even ours..And all the houses were perched on the side of a large cliff overlooking the grey grey ocean. The GREY clouds in the sky were still hanging above heavily* On my way down an old stretch of freeway, surrounded by just a few other futuristic cars, someone i didnt know pulled up beside me on an equally impressive bike and drew a long silver keyblade, much like the Oathkeeper. I noticed this, but in my infuriated state, i drew my own *it looked like axels weapons somewhat*, delivering one harsh blow to the other mans bike. Before he lost control he yelled something i dont remember, then his bike shorted out and he crashed, the man jumping off the bike before it smashed into a brick wall. After that ordeal i put away my blade and drove up to an old abandoned park type area. The sky was amazingly gloomy and fallen leaves where everywhere. The parks entrance was grey brick, with iron fencing on top. I parked my bike, hopped of, and turned it off, then strode swiftly into the park. When i felt i was deep enough to vent my anger i began to visualize little gold points around myself in my mind, then struck madly at them with punches kicks and fire blasts, even a bit of swordplay. I mustve trained like that for half an hour before my anger dissapated! But by then the dream was back home, and i was listening to Roxas appologising, a lot (two words, not one).
  20. Sure thing, thats pretty much all thats been said in the 300+ pages. That and i have ??/38 eggs! *Ive read through most of them since the beginning*
  21. Apparently they just stay on our scroll and look pretty.
  22. [ *IMG]http://i826.photobucket.com/albums/zz189/MyseMause/EGGSINABASKET.gif[/img] This is it directly out of my signature, but i added the * with a space before it so remove that and it should work, if not, i have no idea. EDIT: Is this the one you were talking about?