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  1. Day glories, sunsongs and nebulas. It took me so long to get my pair of each that now I keep locking myself with them.
  2. I can't believe it didn't occur to me to look for this thread, I thought we would have to wait until our tree links became available to see everyone's trees. And I was absolutely dying after the contest to see the pac man and peacock and all the trees everyone had mentioned. I was one of the dragon trees- I knew it wasn't going to be original from the get go, but I had a lot of fun with it: Vampiric- I saw that tree! I can't remember what I rated it exactly, but it was definitely higher than average because it was adorable.
  3. I'm still kicking myself for accidentally releasing a shallow water whose father was a red named "Zuul". I'm also particularly fond of the grandparent silver "Razor Rita the Aging Punk Rocker".
  4. I used to start them out in two hatcheries, then ER them at 3:23. Recently, however, I've gotten a few soft shelled eggs- for the first time in a year of playing- so now I'm putting them in a lower view hatchery right away, then adding them to a second hatchery at about 6 to 5.5 days depending on their views. I think it's just that the views at the hatcheries I've been using have increased, and it's adding up.
  5. My first "rare" to me was the very first- and until this week, only- black on my scroll. It was long lineaged, but I didn't really mind, so I held on to it, and to my surprise, it hatched into an alt. I'd only just joined, so I was pretty pleased with myself. foxy98: rare and uncommon dragons are just dragons that appear very rarely in the cave. You get them the same way you get any other dragon, or trade for them.
  6. Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, for the gameboy color. It was one of the first Zelda games I played when I was a kid, and I'm nostalgic today.
  7. Christ, the Broodmother. It's an ugly mother alright, but what's really disturbing is the lead-up to it. First day, they come and catch everyone... Though I wonder if you'd want to exclude Dragon Age from this kind of study, because while it's not specifically a "horror game", it borrows a lot of horror elements during some sections and clearly intends to be somewhat horrifying. Worse than the broodmother, for example, was a side mission you can take in the elven alienage, where you go questing through a demon-infested orphanage full of piles of rotting children's corpses and the rabid dogs that have been feeding on them. I mean, really.
  8. The peak period of my HP fanfiction reading was when I was 16, so I hesitate to rec any of my favorites because they're almost all painfully OOC fics I love for nostalgia reasons (*cough*Maya*cough*). However, I do have some femslash recs! Though I admit I've only read one or two of these, my friend has passed them along as "interesting" and they're all in my to-read-when-really-bored folder. Hermione/Luna: Hermione Granger and the Amazing Outfits of Luna Lovegood Hermione/Pansy: The Unusual, Exceptional, and Statistically Remarkable Hermione Granger, Age 21 McGonnagal/Hooch (Skimming it doesn't look so good, but the pairing is interesting enough to make me curious): Trainspotting Hermione/Millicent Bulstrode: Unbreakable ->looks like a PWP Ginny/Pansy: Matching-Muff Matrimony ->friend noted that Harry seemed OOC Ginny/Luna: Unsung And a masterlist of "fandom classics"- not necessarily a recommendation (oh god, I remember Seeker to Seeker. ), but it's got some breadth. The List EDIT: Actually, I will put in one rec from my own favorites- the Switchverse is a what-if AU in which the characters' houses are all mixed up during first year. The author left it at a bit of a cliffhanger, but it's still one of a few fics I read when I need cheering up, on par with a favorite childhood book; it's just upbeat and fun, and doesn't take itself too seriously, which I like in a fanfic.
  9. Sure, when the relationship is that close, I agree. But when a tenth-gen dorkface mates with a twelth-gen dorkface, each descended from different lines with a common ancestor? That's a serious stretch. "Inbreeding" is usually defined as either the mating of close relatives (for humans, culturally defined) or the breeding of two animals that are more related to each other than the average member of the population it belongs to. The dragon gene pool is artificially inflated by the constant stream of CB dragons, but even so, I'd seriously doubt that the balance of PB dragons versus "inbred" in some fashion dragons is so heavily in the PBs favor. And you wouldn't see any kind of inbreeding depression when the relationship is that far removed, certainly.
  10. Nope, technically, "inbred" means the breeding of closely-related individuals. Except on dragon cave! We'd all be inbred if that was the real world definition, and the word would lose meaning.
  11. This is more of a DC culture thing than an aspect of the cave, but- it's really weird to me that the common meaning of "inbred" in DC is "dragon with the same ancestor appearing twice anywhere in its lineage", even to the twentieth generation. From a genealogical standpoint, that's bizarre.
  12. I have never named my dragons by code, since I have a uniform naming system across most of my scroll based on combining names from two separate lists, until I got my first paper recently with the code Mo0Z. So now I have a scroll full of dragons with antiquated names, and Miz Mooz.
  13. A pink, a balloon, a water walker and a crazy inbred albino Dorkface (I didn't realize it at the time- had no idea what a dorkface was). I have to admit, though, that I chucked the balloon egg back as soon as I figured out what it was going to hatch into.
  14. I don't think of myself as an "expert" catcher, but my two cents- 1. keep your pointer over where the first egg will appear. They are arranged so that the newest one is always to the right, so other people have had the least time to click it. Don't move your pointer from where it needs to be. 2. when you click, hold down whatever button is the shortcut for you to open a link into a new tab. I'm on a mac and it's the command/apple button, which is handy, because the refresh shortcut is apple+r so I'm already holding it down when I refresh. (this might not be a good idea if there is a looot of lag and it's slowing your browser down, though. with moderate holiday lag it works OK for me, and also lets you try as fast as you can refresh without having to wait for your click to register in the main window.) 3. go to the page one minute before whatever increment of 5 it is, because even though the short drops that happen at :20 and :25 have less eggs than the long drops on the hour or half hour or whenever, there are often less people around then waiting to catch them. With turning javascript off, I've always managed to get as many holiday eggs as I needed.
  15. Oh, I see the cave has been un-blocked.
  16. Are you looking at different pages or on different parts of the page than the top? I found several at the top of my scroll and then one at the very bottom.
  17. So far I have: a round chocolate, chocolate coins, chocolate egg, cauldron, scarab and a weird black ball with a pumpkin on it that blinks to reveal some red and black design- a heart, maybe?
  18. Released three pumpkin eggs on the AP... I think I'll wait to breed the other. I wasn't here for the easter egg hunt, can someone explain it? Like, at the end, what do you keep, the basket? And are they all appearing on whatever site page you're on at timed intervals, or should I hunt through all of my dragons every ten minutes?