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    =Exhaustive list of what I am looking for:=

    any magi hatchlings, especially shallow water!fails or skywing heavy lineages
    CB white hatchling (male)
    CB water hatchling (female)
    Any purple hatchlings
    2nd gen geodes
    2nd gen alt vines
    2nd gen stripes (male white, any colored)
    3rd gen colored stripes from all white stripe parents
    2nd gen red from Red x Yulebuck
    2nd gen red from Red x Holly (the most farfetched on this list, but hopefully my odds of finding one will go up post-tree contest!)
    Any even gen or staircase lineaged pinks descended from alt sweetlings, spriters' or SAD
    A thuwed Shallow Water dragon with an uneven, but colorfully attractive, lineage- ridiculously specific. XD (in fact, either thuwed shallow water dragons or non-inbred but long-lineaged shallow waters would find a good home.)
    an 2nd gen OR even gen v-day 09, from white or pink
    One interesting 3rd gen even mate for a black I own descended from frills- I'll look at any 3rd gen even dragon.
    3rd gen even gold- preference for dragons with more than one color ancestors.

    If I have a trade posted and am asking for "offers", these are the first things I would consider- but not necessarily the only things! I like interesting even gen lineages with a little color in them.

    Should you see anything on my scroll you want bred, go ahead and ask- as long as I don't need them for another obligation, the answer will probably be yes.