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  1. Quarantine ---------------------- Axolotl
  2. From the map on the home page, there's an invisible, single pixel. If anyone finds it and clicks on it, they are led to a secret biome where they can catch the eggs of Spriter's Alts.
  3. RainbowTheAlbinoServal is missing their left ear.
  4. Hollowly Nightmare Oh Flower Pretty Flower Cloudy Melody A Blackout in the Air Tonight Pastel Mislead I may have some more, but these are the ones I really wanted to share.
  5. Jay4Jia

    Post Ctrl+V

    Apparently, this was the April Fools joke for another online community that I frequent on.
  6. By going to a secret, well-hidden biome on the home page that only pops up for a short, random time during the day. How do I manually make my Mints upside-down?
  7. All upside-down Mints that were given this year become right-side up after April Fools. Love this idea! It would also make navigation on the site harder as well.
  8. Wished I saved a screenshot of the April Fools banner with all those green eggs.
  9. Gotta love all those bright-green dragons!
  10. When you fail to catch an egg, there's a chance you'll get this message: This egg has been snatched by a Misfit Pygmy who was skittering along the floor.
  11. Busy. Lots of work to do. That's all I can say.
  12. Sending more to everyone within a 3 pages range!
  13. Sending! Also thinking of mass-sending flowers to those who haven't completed their lists.
  14. The adults are pretty! Love how they're currently the only V-Day dragon with green colors in them.
  15. Collection complete. Thanks everyone! Now I'll be sending some flowers back when I have the time.