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  1. Right? I only saw the "Halloween-Cave" today, as I wanted to catch the new eggs... And then was all happy, all in for catching a vamp-egg... but... that happiness was shortlived Well. At least I do not need to try anymore. Only hope is still next year I guess... *sigh*
  2. No, thanks, really I already have some. Just no "starter". "Starter" as in "the beginning of a biting-lineage" I always wanted one though >< Or can one "start" a lineage, as long as one "kills" the biter...? Hm... I would have thought, that the "bitten by" link would then just show a "dead" dragon or something...? I never tried though So yeah: I do have vampires, just no "starter". "Born" instead of "bitten" ;P
  3. @songwithnosoul Yeah... I was too late this year I thought it would be like always... so I didn't quite get the chance, to catch caveborns But yeah~ Hope. For both... *laugh* I just thought, maybe there was an answer somewhere, that I did not find Too bad if not... But hope dies last~
  4. I heard that there aren't any vampire-eggs this year... Is there hope for next year...? I'd really love to get a "starter"
  5. Hm~ Could be. I have so many dragons I had before the encyclopedia, that I don't always know, when I got them Guess I'll look out for that~
  6. Just saw it again -- so I thought, I'll ask. Sometimes I can see the "breed" when I have the egg, but as a hatchling or adult there is no "breed"/link. Why is that? And is that normal? Are there requirements? There are times though, where I can see the breed with an adult and when I cannot see the link with the egg... Should I report these when found? Just wondered. I do NOT know if there is a pattern -- I just did not think too much about it. Don't do it now either by the way, but I wondered again and then thought about here... So, yeah~
  7. I don't know for all browsers, but there should be a little linktext in the low right or left corner as soon as your curser hovers over a link (picture in that case). So there you would be able to see the code (.../abandoned/CODE/something). If you use a tablet or something like that I don't know if the links show somehow... But yeah. That is ONE way
  8. What's that got to do with anything? Obviously I have clicked on the scrolls of others. If I just have to few the scroll to get an "observed" for every dragon: Great. Maybe there are a few "observed" Spirit Ward adults like that. I STILL have only "observed" 10 though. For that you just have to look at my first posted screenshot. Besides that: WHY do I have to observe my dragons...? I can just grow them... *sniff* Even Fiona confirmed that in the meantime Thank you I thought I was going insane here So yeah. I like to do that. One needs SOMETHING, right?! *laugh* And that is what I think too. So that is why I will fog them before they grow up, so I can look out for the right time Using fog SHOULD be alright, no? Hm... Well, I'll see I guess ;P I know. No problem though. I only do it for the sprites either way! *laugh* Oh~ Well, when you do, I have something else to look forward to ;D And thank you very much for the answer!
  9. Aham. WHY do I have to "observe a lot"? I could just breed 9 eggs, make sure they grow up at the right time and have them all too. I mean: I need to observe 15 adults for ONE colour or own 3 adults. As I have only obsereved 10 adults it would not even be enough for one colour. Nonetheless I have TWO colours. And as I said before: I would like to get it with my OWN dragons if possible, which it seems, is possible. But yes: Would I want to just get all the colours I could just go and observe 45 adults to get the colours. And why do I think I could just grow hatchies into adults...? Look at the screenshot I posted above. Colours: 2 Owned adults: 7 Observed adults: 10 I could NEVER have gotten the second colour without it being possible to get them through growing hatchies into these "colours" (times of day/night). And because I didn't do it before, here:
  10. *laugh* I know, that they change on their own! I only cklicked my own (adults) and so I wondered, because I only clicked two of my second colour AT MOST. So I do NOT think that I got it because of me "looking" at them. As I ban adults from my "scroll" page I wouldn't "see" them like that either (even though I don't know if that would count already...?) -- or is it enough to observe ONE of my own adults to get the colour...? --> "own 3 / observe 15" I only have observed 10 though ;P So it would NEVER be enough to have gained a colour from obsereving adults~ owning would be alright though. Either way: I DO know, that hatchies only have two (which I both have) and only the adults five (changing through the night, different at day). BUT: I sure as HELL have NOT looked at that many adults. I looked at a few "dark" ones -- but at most two red ones. I DO have the red ones, with three hatchies that COULD maybe have grown up at the "same" time. So yeah~ Oh... And so that (maybe) the confusion is lifted: 1. I got four "black" ones, gave up on the other colours. Was online only at day. Other dragons grew up, Spirit Ward wandered down the list and out of sight. 2. I got three new eggs -- they grew up while I wasn't watching. I saw the "new" colour, was happy. Saw that the other dragons had the same colour now -- went to the wiki, saw "daytime/nighttime" -- wondered how I got two colours... Asked myself, why I didn't get three after my adults changed and I saw the new (third) colour. Remember: I have only obsered 10 adults!!
  11. Okay. Well -- I'll see. I wanted to do it with the dragons I have -- so I guess I'll just grow them. Why not. I find it funny though -- because as they change I do HAVE those adults on my scroll. So the "owning" of "three dragons" would be done, no? *sigh* Ah~ whatever. By the way: I'm not even sure they actually grew up into that second sprite, as I just looked into my scroll, saw the other coloured adults that "just grew up" and thought it would depend on the time. Only after a few hours I saw that they STILL change -- but then, after looking into the dragonopedia now, after seeing a third colour on my own adults, there are only those two. So I guess it would HAVE to be the same colour -- which would mean I was lucky to see them shortly after growing up I thought there was some time between them though, but because of the drgonopedia I thought maybe I thought wrong. Confusing all araound -- but yeah~ *sigh* Let them hatchies grow. Poor things will have fog to let them grow right though ;P
  12. In regard to the Spirit Ward Dragons: Do I have to let hatchlings grow up into the different colours even though they change? Because the first ones I had were dark (day) then the second batch grew into one of the night sprites -- and those are the only two I can actually SEE on the dragonopedia site... Even though now there is another (third) colour... It does not show on the page. Only the two where they grew up into that colour. @costum sort: I don't know... It works fine for me? I changed an egg I wanted on top but was in second -- and it worked just fine... Or is just the "do that kind of sorting" not working? But yeah. Maybe it was just luck? It was 9 hours ago if that is important. I think I did it two times though which would mean earlier but still after downtime. Could be that I am wrong about this "first" time though. 9 hours ago i KNOW though. EDIT: Okay. Seems like it depends on the person. Interesting...
  13. Just to make sure. You DO mean http://www.allureofnds.net right? For me at least it works fine. Even tried just now -- and a few hours earlier (not long after maintenance) too. There was no problem.
  14. Oh, thanks, thanks! I just noticed, that I was able to give myself views again and came here That's so~ great. Thanks! Thanks to TJ for fixing too of course ;D And I am SO glad that it was just an accident after all~ *going off to love my little eggies and hatchies a little*
  15. Oh... Well, maybe someone knows something. I would really like to konw why oO Servers maybe...? *shrugs*
  16. Oh~ Okay. Thanks It's a pity though. Well, whatever. Do you know why? Maybe?
  17. Well -- my eggs and hatchlings can get too much views (early on) even through fansites though...? Or do you mean, there were individuals that refreshed the scrolls of others with changing IP-adresses...? In regards to the quote they could do that even now though. And yeah: I could too. As I said: I always tried to get the ratio to 15/1/1 when starting with an egg. And I am not able to refresh other scrolls for views either. I tried with a few where I could find eggs/hatchlings. But: Nothing. Clicks worked (better than with my own eggs somehow...) but they did NOT get views from me. I even clicked on a link where there were eggs with 1/1/1... As I sure as HELL did not (yet) click on that egg though... It seems I did not give any views AT ALL? EDIT: Yeah~ I was just looking for the "15" Sorry... Didn't register THAT. Should have read better ;P
  18. Well, well. So it's not just me. What do you mean with "viewbombers" though...? You are (were?) only able to give 15 views per unique view so... As you need both it doesn't really matter. Do you mean because of the servers? Okay, with unique views I seem to be wrong indeed. But with the views I seem to be right: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Making_Dragons_Grow#Views
  19. You cannot get yourself "endless views" Just 15 per unique view. Well: It is per day, the click is just once "in a lifetime". I could be wrong with click and unique view though. Either way: My knowledge is some years old ;P With views I am sure though, as I always tried to get to 15/1/1 before registering them on fansites. And then the next cap was at "30/2/1" for me. The clicks don't matter there though. Just my preference Now though I was absent for a few months (some time after valentine) and am not able to get more than 1/1/1. Which I am wondering about. Even when viewing other scrolls: The eggs/hatchlings do NOT get views when refreshing. I AM able to give them clicks though...
  20. Okay. I'll answer that again. In short: No. If I just view my scroll: NOTHING happens. I tested with a new batch for a day: But they all got stuck at "1/1/1" as in v/uv/c. What happens: I "get" the egg off the cave (so with 0/0/0). I click on the picture of the egg after getting it (the screen that comes after clicking on the egg in the cave) and for five of them it was: 1/1/1, for the last (again...) it was 1/1/0. Whyever I don't know. I tried with lineage- and scroll-clicks and hard-refreshes... somehow I got that click -- but it got stuck (again) at 1/1/1. So even though I got the click I didn't get another view...! I tried to refresh/hard-refresh the scroll... but: Nothing. They all got stuck at: 1/1/1. As far as I know: one cklick per "person", one UniqueView per day per person and 15 views per UniqueView. Right? So on the first day I should be able to get to 15/1/1 with just me alone. No? My eggs/hatchlings all are on fansites, THAT is why they have v/uv -- NOT me. When I refresh my scroll my eggs/hatchlings do NOT get ANY views from me. I refresh the scrollpage again and again -- only the ones I have on fansites get a view/UniqueView from time to time. I tried with my eggs on 1/1/1 and my hatchies on fansites: My eggs got NOTHING, my hatchis from time to time something. I hope that makes my problem clear (enough)? If not: Just ask away. As long as I am able to give them views again myself... I like to do that
  21. Well -- I registered my eggs on "view-sites" (ones that were linked from the forum a few years back) that's where most of their views come from. When I refresh the scroll page -- NOTHING changes (only what they get from the sites). As I got most of my eggs from the cave, they did not have any views/clicks when I got them. Mostly though, when I click on the image after "getting" them, they get their first click/uv/v. With my last patch: Nothing. With this patch: The last did not, the others did. Somehow or another I got the first with the last egg too -- after witch I set them up to get views etc from sites. Which works (seemingly) without a problem. So: Clicks/v/uv from me: Seem to work REALLY rarely. Others seem to work. Or it has something to do with "linked from other site" vs "linked from this site"? I don't know. Either way: I hard-refreshed, restarted everything (browser/computer) but: Nothing. I tried a little with my plugins, but: No changes. At least none that I noticed. Haha. Thanks I was preoccupied ;P EDIT @Ruby Eyes: That is true. Just not from me. *sniff* One c/uv/v yes, somehow -- but then: Nada. *sigh*
  22. Hm... Well nothing changes -- wether I refresh the view page or go to it from the lineage page. But as long as it is nothing planned (the scroll site) I am happy already as it'll get fixed over time. I'm only afraid that it is "only me" -- but as long as that is not the case... I find it funny though that it worked at least ONCE for each of my eggs from today >< But my last patch and after the first time for each today it seems to be unfunctional again. *sigh*
  23. Is it normal that I am not able to give my own eggs (hatchlings I don't know as of yet) views in the "scroll" site? Not "My Dragons" there I was never able to, but on the site that others can see too. I wasn't here for... phew~ I think a few months? And now I see I am not able to anymore. I even had trouble to get that one click and first few/uv for eggs I just got. Today it worked somehow, but the last batch of (poor *sniff*) eggs didn't get them. Just for the record: I didn't really change anything -- restartet everything already, tried hard-refresh too.
  24. Yeah... Well... I'd love it, if that were true for me... I only get the "Instructions" (http://dragcave.net/holidays14/tiles). No board, nothing. Only the explanation for how to play... I don't see a button for "Okay"/"Understood"/"Play" or wathever either... So my question remains... How can I actually play...? I think it must be re~ally easy. But I don't get it @Guillotine: Yeah~ If only I would find the site with the Bord~ But I DON'T! *sigh* How do you GET there...? And what do you mean with "block settings"? I'm not native to english so could you explain...? EDIT: Ah~ silly me @Guillotine you ment the adblocker, right? Well, anyhow -- I found the problem! Now I can see the board...! I'm ha~ppy~! At last I can play
  25. I don't know... Maybe I'm just dumb. But HOW do I play...? I only see the chapter or the instructions... Where do I need to go/what do I have to do to actually play...? I already cleard my chache. Then -- because it didn't seem to help -- I cleard all the cookies from "dragcave.net" too... Still the same though... Anybody help...?