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  1. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: aauna Come 'n get me!
  2. Count me in! For this christmas I'd like CB Blusang or CB GW♡
  3. I had to slap myself just to make sure this wasn't a dream. I caught my first CB gold after playing this game for 2 years.
  4. 0/5.... Oh well, I guessed I used all my luck in catching extra eggs...
  5. Piggybacking on other re-s, I too do not appreciate the new sprites. I once was an ardent gold breeder hoping to branch out the lineage of this cherished breed, but I recoiled from any breeding after the change was implemented. I just do not find it attractive anymore. So with horses.
  6. Staring at the CB black egg. Well, least I SAW one.... <-still facepalms anyway
  7. By choice, ice. By character, spitfire.
  8. Pushing 'release' instead of 'name' and confirming it without paying the slightest bit of attention. FAIL.
  9. By date, for the hierarchy's sake.
  10. F2sh, and in my language 2 sounds like 'e'. So, with little stretch it's 'fish'...hum, after which kind should I name him??
  11. Am I the only one who sang this??
  12. Personally pains me to see dragon names that aren't technically a name (at least to me), such as "Eat this pie", "Twinkling Purplestar" and etc. I think part of it is because I know what it means-if they were translated in another dialect I would think that it was quite cool. But really. Why do people follow Native American style? I prefer to give my dragons name that appear as real names, ie Johnathan, etc.
  13. Sckul, Kalsollum for two males and Silldidan for a female.
  14. 2 Dodge, 3 failure and 2 success, one adult female and one frozen male hatchling. Waiting for the next year to whril around, so I can make a family unit )
  15. I usually collect the dragons that I find are the prettiest. When the sprites changed I even released some of the dragons that became less attractive. I am all for the Vampires and currently occupied in building a mass vampire army. I only breed the uncommons and rares, and sometimes the first four dragons that I began with. I despise dinos, so if I catch them they are destined for trades or for AP drops. What else. Oh, I love finding right names for my dragons, and personally gets little sad when I come across a name that does not sound like a name, such as "Coca Cola", "I am Happy", "DevilMonster", etc. But I really get depressed when dragons aren't named at all.
  16. I KNOW!!! I had female dragon named Ejiss and a male one named Zakad, and the person who picked up the egg named it Zakiss after the parents! Whoever are you, you were so sweet >ㅁ<
  17. Pink, purple, Grey and White...But my favorite is ice dragon!