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  1. Noe listened to Kai’s heart and she heard it grow in strength as he started to come awake. He jumped upright making her silver eyes jump open. “Kai?!” She almost backed away in surprise and shock but instead, he wrapped his one arm around her neck causing her feathers to fluff out. She looked like a small chick compared to her father and how big he had been, but she was still large. An alarmed squawk came from her as he held her close because she knew that he was in pain. However, when he stated that he wasn’t going anywhere, she started crying harder. It was a weird sound, but something that tugged at the heart. As a bird, she could cry, but she couldn’t express herself completely which is where the storm took part. She allowed herself to cry because now that she thought about it, they had lost Loren as well. He had been hit by a freak chance of lightning and had fallen to the ground. What had she done? Nerio bent down to where his brother was laying amidst a few bodies of the other soldiers and with an odd show of tenderness, leaned down and kissed his brother’s forehead. With slow movements, he gently moved his arms underneath Leith’s neck and legs as tears coursed down his cheeks mixing with the rain that still fell from the sky. He was stabbed in a few places, and cut in a couple more, but right now, he had to carry his brother… It took him a few moments to do it, but he reached the knoll where they had camped and laid his brother down on the ground and stared at him, his fists clenched beside him. He could hear Noe crying in the background and the terrifying wailing from Z’fan. So, her husband had been the famed lost First Prince of Element. That would make her the first Queen of Natura which explained her advanced and beyond mastery of the plant element. As he stood there, he knew that he had to avenge his brother’s death, but he deserved a proper burial. They had no bodies to bury for Ayame and for Battlemate and they couldn’t find Loren’s deceased body either. Only one to bury. His tears came anew as he stood there in total shock of the situation. Z’fan sat there for a moment, holding on to the dagger that Battlemate had left behind before disappearing and clasped it to her chest. It was a crude thing, but it had beautiful gems set on the hilt which was made a hard wood. It was a gift that she had given him many years ago. As the realization of he mate of over 200 years was now gone, she started to cry harder than she ever had before. The only others that were as old as she and her old mate, were the dark shadow beings across the ocean and the late Ayame. She was truly alone now. But her aloneness couldn’t stop her sorrow of losing Creevian. “Creevian!” she screamed into the sky and an eerie, high pitched, and sometimes low, animal like cry filled the air above the storm which was now slowly starting to abate. There was no longer hail or tornadoes, just rain without thunder and lightning. “Why?!” She shouted at the ground as she allowed herself to pound it once or twice. Sobs racked her massive body which started to grow in the rain. Her legs were no longer small, but rather large like that of an oversized octopus. She controlled herself though and shrank back into her smaller form and still sobbed away her sorrows. Isa stood amongst a ring of carnage and felt herself crying. Why? Leith was gone, Loren was gone, Battlemate was gone and Ayayme was gone. She had killed so many men and her body and sword stank of blood. She would never get that smell out of her nose or her life because it was something that would stay with her always. “Aketsu?” she called out wanting to be with him. They would comfort each other, but then again doing that while Z’fan was mourning the loss of her mate may not be the best idea. There was so much to process. The deaths that she caused, the deaths that happened, everything was too much! Noe leaned back from Kai slightly and turned her head so that she could look at him fully. Her wings were extended over him so that he wouldn’t be rained on anymore and she looked at his charred stump of an arm, another sob coming from her. She felt sorry for him for she didn’t know what he could or would do about the entire situation. “So many dead. I’m just so happy that you didn’t die.” She said and allowed herself a moment to cry about Leith. He had always been her big brother and now he was dead too. Father, brother, both dead. “Leith is dead and so is Creevian.” She said assuming that Kai had just heard what Z’fan had just screamed. “No one can find Loren either…he was hit by my lightning.” She sobbed and closed her eyes. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered.
  2. Sorry you are still sick LN Making NPC's is fine as long as you make sure and control them. Those that wish to surrender are fine too COngrats GIST!!!! woohooo!!!! And happy SAD or Valentines Day everyone
  3. ((No coloring, but you need to read it all anyways. Zepheena is going to be busy, or have to teach Isa )) Noe opened a hole in the storm and looked down. This wasn’t right. How did Kai? Her eyesight was keen as she looked down from the pitch clouds and could see that Loren was being taken away. Eirkr seemed to be handling things there though but Leith and Nerio… She was torn and decided to try something with her new abilities that she had guessed were from her father. With a grim smile, she dove out of the clouds trailing the precipitation behind her. With a concentrated thought, she made her storm follow her and develop into more tornadoes and a wind storm. The wind wouldn’t harm Aketsu because it was his element, but it would throw their enemies off balance. If she did that then the others would have an advantage. Her eyes closed as her bird-like maw opened and a scream of defiance came as her talons reached out in front of her. Lightning flashed and thunder answered as she dove through the ranks tearing at men with her claws and setting tornadoes loose in their ranks behind where her friends, no, her family was fighting. No matter what, she had to maintain the storm above and she had to keep those tornadoes closing in on them from behind. The wind came down from the mountains beside them and pressed the men into a large compact area which was causing turmoil as the young elementians tore through their ranks with unpraralleled strength. Noe was amazed at how all of them had grown. Isa was able to fully unlock her abilities, Aketsu was strong in his wind, stronger than ever! Everyone was doing well and there were plenty more that were injured but what surprised her was the large amount of men converging around Battlemate and Leith and Nerio. She had to choose. Now. To see if Kai was truly dead or help her friends. At this time, she couldn’t do both or she would pass out form the emotional and elemental drain. Noe decided to do what she needed to do and that was help Battlemate. She could feel his mind gently pressing on her own and she accepted his mind. A quick conversation of what to do entered her head and she started to act upon it. Isa looked to where Kai had been dropped off ange swelling up within her. This wasn’t right! Too many dieing and she couldn’t bear it any longer. She flashed to Kai and was surprised to find that he was still alive. “Zepheena! “ she shouted above the roar of everything going on. Hopefully the girl would see Isa waving her hand and come to Kai, if she didn’t, well, Isa wasn’t strong enough to carry Kai. She plaed her hand on his good arm and sighed. “I’m sorry.” She muttered then flashed into the sky to get a glimpse of what was going on. With shock, she realized that Noe was trying to herd the men back towards Battlemate, but for what, she didn’t know. Instead of going against the young woman, Isa dove into the fray, bloodying her sword quickly and repeatedly. Men started to turn from her dangerous blade but those that were more experienced provided her a challenge that caused her to start to gain various scratches and bruises. But! The men were being corralled back to Battlemate who was now being joined by Z’fan and her plant beasts for the one large one had been taken down into several different beasts. They towered above the soldiers and killed them slowly. Battlemate looked at the men pressing back to him. Fighting him and trying to fight those around him. He had no idea how many men there were, but he had to do this to make sure that these younglings survive for that would mean a change for their world. At least for his. He glanced at Z’fan with tears in his eyes as she looked his way. “Creevian NO!” Z’fan screamed saying his real name for once. To those that had studied their history, Creevian was the name of the son of the first king of the young land of Element. He had aged to a very old, very very old age before disappearing and never coming back into the world again. He had been lost to time and most thought that he had still lived but only those that were in the great forests that belonged to Natura knew where he had been. To be honest, he had been living alone near a small lake in the forest. He, at that time, was trying to learn how to hone his abilities and become the best that he could be. It took a long time, but he met Ayame and the man suggested what Creevian do for himself. With Ayame as his instructor, Creevian flourished as a half mer-man half human. Ayayme encouraged him to embrace his water loving side and Creevian soon developed completely into a Merman. After a time, he came out of hiding but underneath the name of Battlemate which was given to him by his first love and only love, the great-grandmother of Queen Lyra, Viosa Yilan. They had fought together without even knowing of who they were to their country and just learning to love one another and themselves. It didn’t take long for Queen Lyra to find out who they were and the two became her guardians. When King Aslano stated that he was trying to find experienced guardians for the children, she mentioned them and told them to go. Battlemate looked longingly at his wife of almost two hundred years and let tears fall from his eyes as he took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. The only way for these men to be dwindled down in their numbers was to kill himself. He had made several black holes before, but they were small and designed to hide small amounts of mass, but one as large as he needed, would kill him and destroy him as well. With a deep breath, he raised his arms to the sky feeling the blades puncturing his body and causing him to cough up blood. He let out a roar of pain but above him, there formed a dark circle that whirled with violet power. Before long, the men around him were being sucked into the vortex and disappearing without a trace. Battlemate started to faint and pass out as the last of the men around him were sucked into the vortex and Z’fan raced to his side cutting through the men that had surrounded her tried to kill her. Her eyes were filled with tears as she arrived to his side and held him as he died, and faded into non-existence along with the vortex. Leith and Nerio had paused like all the men around them as they watched what was going on. The power of the vortex hadn’t touched any of the young elementians, just the “bad guys” and touched them pretty hard. When it was time to battle again, the noticed that the number that was remaining, was far less than what had been there earlier. The only bad thing was that Nerio happened to turn around at the wrong moment and a he heard his brother step into his place. The blade punctured his heard and in slow motion, Nerio turned around and caught his brother. Nerio couldn’t breathe as his brother formed a water shield around them even as he was dying. “You idiot. Fight!” his brother said and then quickly stated that he loved him and wished him to continue on. Nerio stood up and using his experience in defense, formed a shield bubble above the men that had just killed his brother and quickly sunk the shield into the ground, crushing them into a pulp. Isa was shocked with all that suddenly happened. She couldn’t understand how everything had happened but she noticed that Leith was dead, kai was dead, Battlemate was dead and Loren… Loren? Eirkir was helping him and doing a very good job of it even though there was hardly a man around him now save for a few generals. It was difficult to think that where there had once been a small city’s worth of men, there were now only possibly 100. But they didn’t have to do anything now because the trees that Isis had been controlling were already killing them. Noe looked at what had happened and felt her heart swell and her eyes swell with tears. A piteous cry came from her as she landed beside kai’s dead body feeling horrible because she knew that it was her lightning that had killed him. She kept her storm active to wash away the blood, but cried herself as she leaned her head down to Kai’s chest, her beak barely touching him. She didn’t dare change back to a human form because of her lack of clothes, but she cried heartily. His arm was gone and he was…no…he wasn’t dead! Noe creened gently in his ear trying to get him to wake up. “Kai?” her words sounded odd coming from a bird like mouth, but she did her best and laid down beside him and gently prodded him. “please…don’t die….” Today, they had all lost Ayame, Battlemate, and Leith.
  4. I actually liked history today and the omnissiah? i know the Omnicient one (God) but the machine god? lol! * wades out from underneath posts * Hold on *gasps* too...many,...posts! lol! you guys are great. i will try and post soon hopefully tomorrow for things are developing quickly. i couldn't get one in this morning and I probably won't unless I eat lunch really really fast. Keep the elements coming though for the powers list! If someone has already done the power, do it again with your own ideas. the more powers the better!
  5. * looks at army * Hmmm, I will be doing some GMing of the soldiers in a little bit ya'll. super sorry, but the weekend was really busy and I just stopped doing pre-cal at the moment so that I can try a hand at history...ick. Uhm yeh and today was spent shopping with my mommy I love her so much! So, posts should be up soon and I will try to edit in stuffez for the power thingy.
  6. Noe had been watching the battle below while maintaining the storms that were brewing overhead. She watched as Kai did what he had done the night before, but on a much larger scale. Even though it was insanely morbid, she was proud of him for protecting the others and it seemed that he was doing an incredibly good job of protecting all of them. That is, until, there was a shadow elementian that appeared behind him. Noe’s heart skipped as she watched her finace start choking to death and she wished to scream out to the clouds to help him and to stop his enemies, but it seemed that she couldn’t do that. Her neck started to pinch as did her back as she watched her love being enveloped with shadows. Tears coursed down her cheeks while she watched in her hidden spot and when her lightning, her first love, tore through the earthen pillar that he had created to get him close to the clouds. When the smoke cleared, she could see his lifeless form falling to the ground and sobs escaped her but then something cracked, as it usually did with any weather elementian. Tears turned to anger and hatred for these soldiers had taken not only her father, but now the one man besides him that had truly loved her for who she was. A cry of anger and defiance came from her, but it didn’t sound human at all as it rose above the clamor of the thunder. In a moment, Noe was there and in another, it seemed as though she had disappeared… Leith and Nerio had crashed with their enemies with their guarded horses barreling over their enemies and destroying them as the two brothers fought in tandem while watching over yuaki to make sure that she was alright. Of course, they lost track of her but knew that that was bound to happen at one time or another, but at least they were back to back. As they fought they were able to watch Kai, but fear struck them deep in their core as they watched all that was going on with him. The thunder was unbearable and it felt as though their eardrums would explode from the extreme sound of lightning tearing into earth and sending rubble everywhere. The heated rubble punctured armor and killed the soldiers that were close enough, and far enough away. Those that were smart enough, hid underneath their shields to avoid any injuries. When a large enough barrier had been created the two brothers set up a shield bubble of water and used their weapons to snatch men into the barrier and kill them where they stood. But in the next moment, they noticed Yuaki on her horse riding towards where a body was falling from the sky. That body was Kaimaru. In moments, the two brothers disintegrated their shields to develop the water into a thick barrier behind them as they ran in tandem towards where they had last seen Yuaki near the pillar. They couldn’t move as fast as a horse, but where Yuaki was looking, there could be heard a commotion. In the chests of the men closest to her, their sprouted water swords that were now a bloody red as was the water that was behind them for water was in the blood of the human body. They were panting and the two brothers looked crazed as they sliced through their enemies and Leith used both a sword and a whip to tear them apart. “Get Kai to safety!” Leith shouted at Yuaki as he stepped behind his brother and took a deep breath as his eyes closed. It looked like he was about to burst as he struggled to pull enough blood and water to do what needed to be done. When he opened his seafoam green eyes, the amount of liquid he had summoned appeared in the sky and he summoned it down and shoved open a wide hole for Yuaki to get through. “GO!” he screamed at her then noticed that Nerio was being crushed by the amount of men. He didn’t have time to think and stepped between his brother and deadly sword. He could feel the icy steel coated in poisons within his body. He gasped as he looked down at the blade then at the man in front of him who smiled triumphantly. His ears were filled with the cries of his brother while he tried to defend himself further. Seconds passed before Leith could gather his wits about him and seal up his wound as best he could and continue to fight. In the distance, he was glad to see that Battlemate and Z’fan were doing well in killing more enemies than any of them ever could due to their experience. His head was starting to throb as his reactions slowed and he coughed up blood… Noe didn’t know where she was. All she knew was that she was within a safe cloud letting the lightning caress her and the winds whisper their comforts to her. She could feel the turmoil within her growing and rightly so. But Kai would tell her to control it and direct it but how could she now that he was gone? With a sigh she placed her….hands? Noe looked at what was supposed to be her hands and instead of hands, they were claws….bird claws! Her rear feet were like strong panther legs. With a gasp, she twisted on her side to see a pair of wings on her back that were streaked with yellow like the storms around her. WHAT in the world was happening?! In front of her, she could see the heart of the storm roiling and suddenly she had an idea. She had never been to the heart of a storm and now that she was like this…no matter how surprising and as far as she knew she could be dead, she could be at the heart and control the storm without any worries. Her newfound wings carried her towards the heart of the storm which suddenly started to spin and rotate making the wind kick up higher and the hail start to get larger. Her Kai was dead now, and she had to avenge his death she had to kill those that had taken away all that she had truly loved…they deserved it. Aamina used the earth to propel her along which made it easier to keep up with the horses. She wasn’t a tall girl therefore it was hard to do that without the earth. But, she kept close buy Lord Jahanshah’s horse to make sure that he was always safe no matter what it would take. The remarks by the old people made her frown for she would never want to be mistaken as the child of the two lovebirds and annoying big bird, but instead of someone else. When the remark of the old man was heard, she grimaced because she thought that that would be a very apropos lineage for her… The buildings were very unique in that they were designed to deal with the strongest storms. Their machine was in the center of the city which was easy to see. The fact that they had gotten into the city so easily made her feel at ease. Luckily there was plenty of stone for her to control come the need, which made it easy for her to feel the vibrations of those around them all. Marcus had been tense through the whole ride even though the comment of the older couple made him very happy. It was nice to be able to hear that he and Skylar were looking like a couple. The ring on her finger should have been enough but hopefully those here wouldn’t recognize him for the work or his face for he was sure that there would be a few that knew about him. In fact, he was sure that one of the guards had recognized him which had made him worried. The thought of being the cause to ruin plans was something that made his blood curdle especially with the presence of both Lord Jahanshah and Betzalel.
  7. I CALL NEXT POST * glares at Rak * oooooh, Noe is gonna kill you! wow....that was a shocker....now Noe is gonna freak....hehehehehe, I shall release the daughter of a dead over 300 year old ball of joy
  8. Okay, i posted. I may be missing a few characters, but that was the key things needed. Uhm, so 2 shadow beast riders left and then maybe a few with the foot soldiers. Get in there and fight fight fight!!!! Aaaaand, i got something around an 80+ on my Chem exam! Whooopie!
  9. It took longer for Z’fan to destroy the machine beside her although it seemed to have a different construction than the last. Instead of having a single wire to cut, it had several that looked as though they were designed to be able to fire several bolts at a single time. When she had cut through the machine and now stood upon the rubble, she noticed that Noe was directing her tornados towards the rear of the soldiers while also producing hail that rained down on only their enemies from above, and deafening thunder. Z’fan was shocked though when she noticed that Loren was alone in the sky and hoped that Isa would stretch herself to be able to help him, to help someone! Z’fan looked to where Battlemate was riding into the battle ahead of the others and she could see men flying in every direction not only from his powerful sword and limbs, but also from advanced telekinesis. When she looked harder during a lull, she noticed that men were dropping dead at his feet without any contact. With a grim smile, she realized that he was severing their being from their bodies and shutting down their hearts and arteries. Isa listened to Aketsu and then turned to Zepheena. The young girl was insecure and that irritated her more than anything especially with a battle, but she couldn’t blame her. For some reason though, her name rang a bell and as she looked closer at the girl, she chuckled. “You ran away.” She mumbled to herself then looked at the sky and her heart skipped a beat. “People will die and I am sure there will be those here that will die Zepheena. Stay here where it is safe.” She stated and took one last look at Aketsu and reached down deep within herself. As she traveled through her heart and her mind, through mental barriers and torturous memories, she winced knowing that this would release all that she was into the world. It took a few moments and her eyes truly began to whirl and her hair seemed to change colors rapidly. As the sky grew darker, she seemed to become a blindingly bright spot on the hill. With one last look at Zepheena that was a bright smile, she disappeared and reappeared in the air with a scream. It was the highest that she had ever gone with her light and it scared her out of her wits. Within a second, a few shadow beasts started her way and she flashed towards them with a light sword in her hands and swinging at the nearest beast. Upon contact with light, the shadow beast disappeared and it’s owner tried to protect itself from the light by trying to encase her in shadow with the help of his friend who had caught him. Isa knew that the shadow would hold her until she broke through it and quickly tried and found it harder than she thought. It took her a long time to get to it, but once she had, the shadow elementians were shocked for she seemed to become light moving faster and faster around them and quickly leaving them dismembered and their beasts dead. Over the course of another few minutes, three of the remaining five were dead and she had to land somewhere. It took her a second to stop jumping and allow herself to fall to the ground before she jumped along the backs of the photons to the hill. Once back, she collapsed to her knees and gasped as her body seemed to fade in and out of seeming existence as she panted repeadtedly. It would take her a moment to allow herself to calm back down, but now that she was atop the hill, she could see the carnage that she had caused. The beasts hadn’t really disappeared, but instead crashed into the men below and killed several. Z’fan was killing more and more and the smell of blood was being carried in the wind towards them. The smell caused her to be sick to her stomach and in a moment of seeming to be solid, she retched and cleaned off her mouth. She stood up slowly and looked again. Death. It was all death. She could see where Kai and the others were charging into the main force of the enemy, but now Loren could at least survive longer and then Kai and the ground force could survive.
  10. Seriously? I post at too late at night, and then I look and i is now 11am and ya'll have posted that much?! OMGAWSH! Okay, it's not bad, just irritating because I have to do homework. Be safe LN!!!!!!!!!! And Lore.... * smacks * you need to take better care of yourself mister! *huggles* just be careful m'kay? EVERYONE! *GROUP HUG!* And I guess the war has begun then....*rubs hands together mischeviously* who gonna die? BTW, don't worry if you want to kill a character off. You can make a new one too
  11. Marcus looked at Sky as she stood beside him. He enjoyed having her near for he knew that if she wasn’t, the traditional Fire Elementian temper would flare within him and his mind would go blank leaving him in a funk during a time he needed to concentrate. With a last glance at Jahanshah, he turned around and walked to the tent that he had set up for Skylar, but she didn’t use. It took only moments to be able to pack it and once he had, he set it on one of the horses and quickly hopped into the saddle. “I wouldn’t take advantage of her criminal.” Marcus stated as he walked his horse by Renzo and Celeste. He glanced down at Celeste hoping that she would stand for herself and for once, just think through things and about things otherwise they would all be doomed. If she went into the city and didn’t use her head, then she could ruin everything. Aamina looked at jahanshah with an amused look in her eyes. Renzo was staying and that would make Marcus upset. It was rather entertaining to be able to make a man that thought her a useless and dumb child because she didn’t speak much or show her powers all that often. The only thing that they had ever seen as a true show of her powers, was her morning ritual of appearing out of the earth. The Queen and Lord Jahanshah had seen her ability to melt into the stone and travel through it easily. It wasn’t anything extraordinary to her, but it seemed a great thing to the Queen. It took her a moment to think as she looked at the young Prince to think of asking him what she wished. “My Lord, would it be alright if I traveled on foot instead of on the beasts?” “beast” was the word that she used to refer to the horses that scared her when she was riding them, but loved when she was on the ground. She didn’t much care for riding them for it meant that she had to leave her precious earth without any connection. Despite being an earth Elementian, she didn’t really like carrying dirt or mud with her to have a false sense of connection. Z’fan nodded at Loren and when Luna wrapped her arms around Loren. It took her only seconds as she felt the whispers of the more gentle parts of nature instead of the loud and boisterous trees that she could hear. They were being led by Isis who seemed to have more control than she had felt earlier within him. But at the moment, she had to allow her mind to go blank and listen to the voices of the flowers, of the grass, of the moss, of the life around her that flowed around her and into her. Before long, she felt herself become one with the plants around her. Her mind became simple. Get to the machines. Kill the machines. Kill the men. With that, her eyes opened and she sank into the ground and rolled underneath it wherever there was grass or a root system. Before long, she arrived at the first machine without the soldiers noticing. Her body extended reached and tore at the wire. At first it was too hard to break with only a few hands, but soon she grew to the point that she could tear the wire apart completely. There was one, but the problem was, the soldiers noticed she was there. She wished to appear to the next machine in the row, but as soon as she reached out to the wire, she was cut away at inch by inch. The stinging, irritating iron ripping at her flesh. She decided to try and come again at the wire en masse, but it didn’t work for more soldiers started to protect the machines. So, to combat against this, she turned herself into mighty, thorny bushes that tugged and pulled at their own flesh and ripped them apart. She grew into their flesh and tore them apart from the inside out then grew onto the machine and crushed it in a single attempt. At that time, the plants wished to grow into their mighty beast in the midst of the men that were trying to harm their beloved Elementian. To grant their wish though, Z’fan had to release her control on the plants that she had become one with and appeared out of the ground in a large whirl of massive thorns that cut through the men around her. Behind her grew the beast and it started to stomp on the men, making them mere splotches on the face of the earth. Z’fan took her barbed sword and her octopi legs spun around in a circle and grasped a few men who had wished to cut into her beast. In seconds the men were dead from the powerful grasp of her arms and even more died by the poison on her arms and in her sword. Leith and Nerio looked at Yuaki as she said something, but if had flown over their heads as they slowly walked their horses to the edge of the hill to see what in the world was going on. They could feel their ears pop with the pressures over head and found that Noe had truly begun her storms. The brothers looked at the girl that they considered their sister and waved a farewell to her and looked at Yuaki as she spoke again. She was only 16 and going into battle while the two of them were 19. It took seconds for them to lead the way into battle and it didn’t take them long to feel the rush of adrenaline in their bodies and feel their hearts beating. Leith glanced to his right where Nerio was and then to his left where he knew Yuaki to be. The girl could handle herself better than Isa could and Isa had formal training. The funny thing was, was that she wasn’t only just trained by some of the best swords masters in the land, but by Yuaki. She had a memory for sword movements and just regular movements that was incredible. Nerio kept his eyes glued to the enemies at hand and in his left hand, there developed a sword made of water that seemed to harden at the edge. On his right arm, a shield grew around him and them went so far as to grow around his horse. His brother did the same, but with his all too deadly and precise whip that had been used to protect the brothers during their travels when they were young before they had even set foot into the academy. If anyone were to survive, it would be Leith. He was quiet and unassuming, but his strengths were very great. Nerio was actually the weaker link of the two. Isa had indeed ridden back to the others when she saw what Z’fan had made. She wished that things weren’t happening so suddenly, but they were and she had to deal with it the best that she could. It took her only minutes to be able to assess what Aketsu was saying about all of them, but his comment about Zepheena staying with her, made her tense. She had never worked with the girl, but then again was one of those that could adapt their style thanks to her training. She glanced overhead and waited to see what Aketsu was going to say beyond that, but when she looked back down to Aketsu, her heart skipped a moment for he seemed to be deep in thought. She knew that she had to use all of her knowledge of her abilities for these Shadow elementians couldn’t be anything but journeymen level Shadow elementians. Her horse moved to Aketsu and she looked at him head on her rainbow eyes seeming to whirl with concern every time her heart took a beat within her frightened chest. “Aketsu?” she whispered wondering what it was that he was thinking about. When she heard Tractus ask his position though, she looked at him and smiled. “You can come with us Tractus.” She stated and looked back at her fiancé. ((No color coding thanks to my mom. She's being especially pesty...in a loving way )
  12. Woohoo! way to go gist!!!! Anywho, this is what OOC's are for I would say that you can do whatever you want as long as it is during their Christmas break.
  13. S.A.I is Lore's. I don't care whether or not your character is an agent or whatever they are, just as long as you get the lowdown about it from him. I will go through the power abilities and then i will do my best to make a post here pretty soon since I finally have time. I have had a good day so i am in a good mood to post which means that either a) people will die enemies will grow stronger, or something else. Muwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!! * cough cough *
  14. That is totally up to you really. Middle's and Poorlings won't always get along, and come here pretty soon, Marcy will be officially a Richie in the coming RP week. Marcy is NOT one to hate people...well...now. If you want to get the full story there, I suggest reading the last 9-10 pages @LN - you.... did it on purpose?! That made me laugh even harder!!!!!
  15. Exactly Silver! you took the words out of my mouth darlin'! this isn't helping me look sane though.... I'm at college right now so i won't be posting until later today or tomorrow (that goes for all RP's and *glares at Rak again*)
  16. yup, I'm glad ya'll remembered Okay I have to do this.... they are just thilthy thilthy thilthy!!! I had no idea that Steel had a lisp.....lol And gist, WHAT AN AWESOME POST! You know, your RPing style has progressed Great job! Hmmmm, now I have to post for marcy, but I don't want to until SOMEONE posts for Dana * glares darkly at Rak *
  17. Whoa!!!!!! Wow, I didn't expect so much so quickly! * tears up* you guys are so awesome..... I will try and read over them when I can and I forgot to say one thing. If Rak and Ln do meet up, then all the RP's are going to go completely insane because those two....oh boy.....we ish all gonna die!
  18. @ nasa- thank you for that @Silver- thank you dear It takes time to get used to an RP and get used to the feel of things so iam very sure what you said will come true @gist - I haven't finished doing the water elementians yet, but i am thinking of making that Tertiary water control. It takes a bit to think this through in the powers. Hey guys, can you post your ideas for whatever element of your choosing for the five levels of power control? it doesn't have to be all, just lik one level or whatever, but just start tossing ideas out there so we can all be a part of this. The levels are: Basic Secondary Tertiary Journeyman Master
  19. Lore, read your PM lol it will clear things up for you Note to everyone. If you have made certain abilities and I have not commented on them, that means that I think that they are fine
  20. * headdesk * Now I REALLY need to get up that power thing.... @ Silver - lol yeah, I was going to start with those, but decided I had better go in order. Thanks for liking them though A Review and Rant on Power Playing...Sorta. okay, to make this VERY CLEAR to everyone. Each person has a limit to their abilities. Those that are from the academy have slightly higher abilities depending on what they chose to do. leith and Nerio, for example, have a higher strength in the area of defense because that is what they chose to do. Here is what goes on in my head so that ya'll know. For those that have just started RPing with us, there is a limit to what is allowed. Going to extremes with your abilities is not allowed at all. It would be considered power-playing. My characters may seem power-played, but you have to look at the entirety of the character. Z'fan is over 300 years old. Noe can't control her emotions to save her life. Marcus has a bad temper. Isa is a snob. Each of them have a personality weakness that cancels out their abilities. EACH ELEMENTIAN has to use energy and concentration to be able to use their element. Weather Elementians not so much because their element relies on the strength and breadth of their emotions most of the time. An example of making a character unique, but still have drawbacks? Silver's Moving Forest ability. Isis can move the forest, but his reach only extends 500ft and it's the only thing that he can do. Aketsu - He's pretty dadgum good at what he does with poisons, but other than that, he has a general knowledge of his element. Kai - *rolls eyes* He's great with his elements but he is still learning his lightning element which causes him physical harm....not to mention his social awkwardness.... Luna - She's a powerful Space Elementian without even knowing it. Her personality keeps her form exploring her true potential. I will state that making a thousand earthen warriors is pretty awesome (I mean REALLY STINKING AWESOME!). However, you have to put thought into that. Where are they standing? How far out do they reach? Is he immoblized while making those beings? To be honest, I would ask that not even Rak do something like that because although Kai was trained as an Earth Elementian, it was in sand and not actual earth. Erirk is an untrained elementian. it is impossible for him to know how to do this, so I decided that it was okay to let it slip in to make him unique. But to the extent of 1000? I'm sorry that I had not caught this before, but that is way beyond the scope of what i had thought. I thought possibly 10-15 supporting soldiers. Even then that is pushing it even because Eirkr has to control each of them individually. I think it is great that ya'll have such wonderful imaginations, but i just want to make sure that the power-playing stays on the low down. I can understand some, I mean cummon, I have a few that could be like that, but please please please be very careful, especially to those that have just joined the RP. As to those that do have powerful characters mainly LN and Lore, be careful please so others don't feel like they are being bullied around. Betzalel is exceedingly powerful and so is jahanshah for his age (i would hate to meet him when he is 20...) Okay, my rant is done..... I hope that that did not offend anyone, especially LN, Nasa, and Lore. I mean no offense just a clarification, somewhat, of what I consider to be Power Playing. If I did offend, please either PM me or post here, I don't care. I don't want to be in bad relations with the people in the RP's i either lead or co-lead because that causes strife which then causes a rift and then everyone's fun is ruined. Please forgive me if I offended you and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. On another note, please make sure that at some point and time, you ask for the permission to edit your characters on gmail. That way ya'll can edit it in and edit the file online and have it there permanently to make it easier for you to access. I am now going to go pass out...asleep....I swear my Pilates instructor was trying to kill us.... Love you GUYS AND GALS!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  21. Oh! That was very sweet of you to do
  22. @ Nasa - whoa whoa whoa whoa, souls of the dead? Nope. Not gonna happen there at all. The earth creatures would have to be controlled BY HIM or not at all. It is a difficult task so he would have to keep his concentration on them and only them if he were to use them. @Silver- I'ma gettin there....I have two exams this week, but I will try and do them now. EDIT @Everyone - NO MORE added powers. Those that can add powers because of their understanding of the RP are DP, LN, Rak and Blue (I think that is everyone). I am going to go work on the Powers guide RIGHT NOW, so that things can be resolved and people can understand how their powers work.
  23. YES!!!! Lore, that looks totally awesome!!!! I love love love it! It's not fake life unless it is an earth elementian or a metal. For Plant Elementians, it is real life just formed into a semi-intelligent being since it has a director (In this case Z'fan)
  24. Awesome LN...and a princess on top nasa? Uhm....okay no princesses or Aketsu will kill ya I am sure. But yeah. Generally speaking, the characters can develop in their abilities once they have the basics down....I really need to get that powers guide rolling...
  25. Z’fan looked at Loren and a smile crossed her face. “Don’t be nervous youngling. Lead with confidence.” She said and then stroked the soft petals that formed the hand of the beast that she was sitting upon. “As to getting me there, that won’t be a problem, but get Luna to where she needs to be. My friend can handle a weapon or two and I know that there are several from the look on your face. “ Z’fan’s smile faded into a war like face that was fearsome to behold. “I will be out of your sight, but you will be within mine youngling. Give the order and I shall appear to destroy that which you mark.” She stated and then made her monster disappear into the ground just as she seemed to change into some sort of plant like being that held her same general shape. Noe followed Kai, her training at being a noble visible in her riding style. When he stopped she pulled her stallion up beside him and looked out at the army. It was a massive army and she had no idea how they would survive this without a few deaths…even though there had already been one. She scratched at her neck on the right side while her mark of a weather elementian glowed slightly for a moment then ceased. When Kai spoke again, he was telling her to stay put. “Kai,” he hugged her and cut off what she was about to say. Noe didn’t want him to go out there alone and without her, it felt like he was alone. “I will do as you ask, but if I see you and the others being overwhelmed, I will join you.” The firmness of what she said was clearly a show that she wouldn’t leave his side. “as to a storm, I can do better than that.” With a devilish grin, and a sheer thrill at being able to use her abilities, she slid off of her horse where she stood and raised one hand towards the sky and immediately, seemingly spontaneously, a huge, dark, angry thunderstorm developed. It spanned the entire valley and the angry sounds of warring thunder filled the air. Once that was prepared, Noe let her hand drop and her eyes closed. Controlling two different types of storms was fun for her for it meant that she could be one with her element. Behind their enemies, which looked to number at least 3000, if not more, several tornados started to form. On her back, where her gift from her father was, there seemed to develop some sort of glow just as her mark glowed and the mark on her neck did. Noe smiled as she looked at the storm and allowed a wind storm to kick up as well to throw their enemies off. “I can hold this as long as you want. I can make it flood… I will do whatever you wish Kai.” She said and turned to him, a steady look in her eyes as she hugged him tightly.