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  1. Hehehehehe, it's fun! Leith...dark and broody Nerio, narcissitic (however you spell that) and fun loving. Isa, prudish and self-confident Noe sweet and loving, Ayame, a total dork but loves everyone. Queen Viosa quiet, but has something to hide. Battlemate, he's just quiet and contemplative. I think that's everyone. If you make them different like Lore said, it makes it easier to distinguuish how to deal with them. If I had Isa exactly like Noe it would be a bit weird to make them individuals. Sometimes, styling characters after people you know makes it easier. Like Leith and Nerio are a mixed combo of two of my best guy friends and my brother. Isa? she's like a friend of mine that I have known all my life and absolutely adore. Noe is more so me though and Ayame is like an overly happy version of my dad. Associating characters with people makes things a world easier. But in that, you have to make them an individual character instead of copying everything because then that is just awkward.....
  2. Hmmmm, I think that that is fine... AND it will cause extra DRAMA....muwahahahahahahhaa!
  3. *glares at Rak and LN* this is what happens when I am out of the loop....sigh And I guessed that you were at guard I hope thing get better for the two of ya as soona s possible!
  4. Noe looked around and watched as Aketsu ran to the raft that Loren had used. He was standing still with Kai taking a hold of his arm and whispering a harsh wait. The longer she looked at the raft, the longer she realized something…it was moving! Loren had to be alive for that to work didn’t he? Wasn’t there a certain way for the raft to move that only he knew? That HAD to be the answer! When she thought it through, she practically ran to the raft and caught the last of what Kai was saying. She came into their view shaking her head as she held the raft against the wind to keep it from going too far. “No. Yuaki has blue eyes and blue hair. That’s even more so a signal of being in the Light Alliance dontcha think?” she asked him as she looked at the raft, fondly laying her hand on the wood. “I’m a weather elementian and Cumulus is my home. I know the people, I know our ways more than either of you do. I may have been separated from my home at birth, but King Aslano had me train with someone who was from there and taught me our traditions and legends.” She looked at both of them hoping they would understand the sense in it all. “I’m not as strong or powerful as most of you, but having a good storm that confuses them can always set everyone else’s weather systems off. Please, you have to let me go.” She was now down to begging, but she had to. It was her fault that Loren was in this situation anyways. Aamina smirked at Renzo’s comment of him not owing her anything. Oh yes he did. “Well considering that it will take a long time until your hand MELTS, I think you do because I doubt Marcus would do you any sort of favor.” She grinned darkly as she noticed that there was snow. She hated snow and it would make her feel good to melt something that she didn’t like. It was a form of release for her since she had always been trained to be calm, calculating, and unemotional. “But, the only thing that you would owe me, is something that you would enjoy.” She stepped forward, lava raising from the earth only after she had checked to make sure that no one was around to see. “The one thing that you would owe, well two really, is to keep Marcus on his toes and respect Lord Jahanshah. That is all. Easy enough?” she asked as she slowly rotated the lava around his hand to make sure that she didn’t burn him while melting the ice away quickly. When she was finished, she turned to walk away then curiosity caught her. “Do you understand her?” she asked him as she turned back around. She was truly confused about the way that Celeste acted for she thought that all children her age and a few years older were to act a certain way. She knew that Celeste was older than she was so her dramatic actions confused her and also alienated Celeste from Aamina. She had been raised with cold warriors and warrioresses who treated her as though she was one of them. Why couldn’t Celeste think through things as Marcus had claimed she didn’t?
  5. Thank you gist for reminding me of that.... Also, what castle is Celeste going to?
  6. Uhm, he's an EVIL MASTERMIND. That shouldn't be too hard to work out....lol And Rak, what did you do? I haven't spoken to you in at least a couple of weeks!
  7. Don't worry about adding more to the plot that you already have Dark. This one is good.
  8. Yup. generally speaking, I think that there are four exams and maybe a few more than that for each class. (i have 5). And for those that have labs, you have a few exams there as well. Like in Bio, I have four exams and then a final as well as 2-3 lab exams and a final. So yeah, exams are a way to kick up your grade @Nasa - I understand
  9. Everyone was moving and it was too hard for Isa to keep track of it all. She didn’t feel like eating and she had to make sure that she was taking care of herself. It took her a moment to shift her armor enough to get a good look at her side, but decided to just walk into one of the tents and change. The time it took her to change was annoying for it was the same amount of time that it took Luna and Nerio to make their meals. One was with meat, and the other was with just vegetables. In her mind, she had already decided to try both so that neither of them would be offended. Now that her body was free of the constraints of armor, she was able to sit down and take a good look at her wound for once. It was deep and painful,, but not something that would harm her for the rest of her life. It would need a bit of the alcohol that they had poured into it, or maybe some sort of plant. Whatever it was, she needed to get it done as soon as she could before it sealed up. Her eyes wondered to where Aketsu was, her arms longing to hold him and be held by him just for the sake of comforting one another. The way that he had handled things was well despite his normal behavior of the past. It was taking time for her to get used to this new Aketsu. The one that took charge, told her how to act and even went so far as to tell her what to do sometimes. What was most surprising, is that she actually enjoyed it. If he pushed to hard, she pushed back of course, but it was all in love and caring for one another. There was a small sigh of relief as she sat down between the two fires that had been started. She wanted to sit with Nerio but for some reason, no one was sitting with him. Had he gotten angry? With a frown she looked at him for a long moment before feeling a hand on her shoulder. It was the ancient queen. Viosa looked at Isa for a moment from the distance. The camp seemed to devolve into a sense of normalcy at least for the time being. Yuaki and Eirikr were sitting at a fire together and then there were the two leaders in the distance. It seemed, from what the grass whispered to her, that the two underestimated each other and overestimated themselves. What an odd contrast for Aslano to have decided on. But with the release of Aketsu’s memory and Kai’s knowledge, the two were rather well matched. She watched as Isis built his shelter of weeping willows. What an apropos plant to place around oneself in misery. He was a very talented young man with the trees. She had never really gotten along with trees because of how stubborn they were, but it seemed that he had the kind and almost undemanding nature to deal with them. It made her smile as Luna walked over to speak with him. The girl needed the peace that was evident on Isis’ face. Luna had far too much turmoil within her, poor dear. Her gaze turned back to Isa who would need help with her wound. A sigh came from Viosa as she stepped up beside Isa, laid her hand on her shoulder, then knelt down in front of the princess. “What do you plan to do?” she knew that her question surprised Isa, but the princess soon understood what she was asking. “I don’t know…we haven’t really talked about that and I don’t know if he knows yet…” she said with a wry grin. “One of the princes of New Aero and the Princess of Sola. Both of the sky.” Isa smiled then grimaced as she felt the odd sensation of having the wound cleaned. It was with some sort of numbing and antiseptic plant so her wound stopped hurting after a small amount of time. “Don’t forget that things will workout if you two work together.” Viosa stated as she wrapped Isa’s ribs in plants not only to cover the wound, but also to help with the hitch in Isa’s breathing. Viosa had identified the hitch as a fracture in a few ribs from a fall but it wouldn’t keep her from doing her activities. Once Viosa was done, Isa stood and grabbed two bowls. She took some of the meat stew, and some of the vegetable stew. When she sat down she offered them both to Viosa who took which one she wished and the two ate in silence. Noe had made sure to keep the fire going for a time before noticing that everyone was separating off. Of course, this was supposed to be natural, but she hoped that the separation didn’t symbolize anything deeper. Now that there was a lull, the young girl could feel her body slowly but surely start to shut down. She had wounds from fighting but nothing that time would heal easily. There was a cut along her cheek, a few scratches on her wings, some gashes along her torso. Nothing abnormal from flying in fro above everyone and killing them like that. Fortunately for her, it still had not really sunk in that she had killed other lives. She had the feeling that that would come on the morrow. For now, she needed to shift and use the salves that had been sent with her. She walked into one of the tents and found her clothes laying there. There was a small mirror set up and she found herself to be something rather fierce to behold and somewhat scary too. Her eyes were still the same gray and her body was now also a grayish black. Her back legs were like a black panthers with a panther tail that had feathers on it as well. As to her front, they were as a ravens. If she were to fly anywhere at night, it would be very hard to detect where she was; a useful tactic. She watched herself in the mirror as she shifted, learning how each part of her griffin body correlated to her human body. Her shoulder blades were interesting since it seemed to be that that was where her wings came from. With a slight twist, her eyes fell upon her tattoos. She hadn’t noticed or seen them before so it was a surprise to see a griffin on her neck and wings on her back. No wonder she had been itching! A small smirk of surprise came from her as she realized that it was the parting gift from her father. It was a wonderful gift, but she had to take care of her wounds at the moment instead of concentrating on that. So take care of them she did. The salve stung crazily, but it reduced the redness of the wounds as well as kept them from getting infected or dirty by providing a barrier. Once she was sure that she was finished, she reached around behind her to grab a pair of loose pants and a loose shirt…in fact…hmmm maybe they were. She didn’t really care but she had probably grabbed one of the guys’ pairs of clothes which didn’t matter to her if they didn’t mind. It was loose just as sh needed to allow her wounds time to heal at least just for the day. She felt like a kid again in the clothes, but with a belt around her waist, where there weren’t any wounds, it was rather comfortable and somewhat presentable. She stepped out of the tent to gather some soup for herself then sat down beside Nerio who leaned his head on her shoulder. She too leaned her head on his head and the two sat there just as the siblings that they claimed to be, with the oldest gone. Marcus looked at the jacked and quickly took it, leading the way into the hotel. He hated being noticed and he hated being seen…but what if this wasn’t exactly a bad thing? His name was on much of the heirloom jewelry of the nobles in all Shadow Alliance towns with his normal jewelry sold in shops in neutral towns. That meant that he was a household name at times and meant that people may trust him even more if they were willing to be protected from the Light Alliance. If Jahanshah, Aamina and Betzalel shut down the machine at just the right time…he might be able to incite an even larger upheaval! He waited until the lady told them of their rooms and he paid her heavily for her services. She was probably already well paid, but he knew all too well the rigors of a servantile life to the Queen. The woman seemed to accept his gift and he lead the way to the rooms where he quickly chose one…hoping that Jahanshah would notice his perterbance and hopefully the young lord wouldn’t be upset. Aamina watched Renzo walk out of the room after Celeste. The girl was several years older than she was, and she was dramatic and unthinking. Her mind was always to the extremes and it set her on edge at times, but provided an interesting source of entertainment as well. The Renzo fellow was also funny. He seemed to be two sides of a coin but always played one side wholly with the other side peeking in now and then. With a chuckle, she stepped out side to see Renzo with his hand frozen. She had to contain a smirk as she watched him try and break down the ice. “It won’t work. Once the water has been changed as she does, it is hard to undo without fire or heat from the earth.” She stated. She had already checked to make sure that no one was around now although a few had stopped earlier to see how the man had gotten his hand frozen. There was another thing! She didn’t think about location. In a way, Aamina almost pitied Celeste. After mentioning the heat from the earth, she pulled a small amount of molten lava from the earth and held it in her palm. “It really helps with the ice situation.” She stated and wondered what he would do.
  10. Sorry! Exams last week and then more but not till after spring break! This week has been so super busy I haven't had time to post and I am sorry. Nasa, it ain't a curse, it's called life especially since three four five, however many are already in college. So, this RP tends to have lulls when there are exam times which tend to be universal. Anywho, working on said post NOW!
  11. gist, please keep everything in English. There aren't foreign languages since this is a world entirely different from earth. I will try and get up a post as soon as possible ya'll been super busy over the past three days. We were gone all day yesterday and of course today is a school day
  12. Okay, if ya'll wait just a little bit longer, LN and I are working on a post that kinda integrates her character and mine. So, yeah...
  13. That made me laugh...I'm so horrible!
  14. Nerio will gladly welcome the help, and the company. Also, Here are a few Yuaki pics....and you are tooooooo picky!!!!!!!!!! >:| 1\ nvm.... i gave up because Iknew the ones that you wouldn't like
  15. Isa had woken up halfway to the camp with a mighty headache. She knew that she had to grin and bear it for the sake of herself and for the sake of the others. Everyone was hurting and no hurt was greater or lesser than the other for each caused pain. When the horse laid down on the ground, she slid off to the ground to lean against a tree and thanked the horse profusely. Once she had thanked him enough, the gelding ran off to where the other horses were getting their sustenance from Viosa. Not only did they have apples and carrots, but a lot of fresh green grass untainted by the blood from the battle. Her eyes were closed until she felt someone sit beside her. With a slight shift, she looked to see her beloved Aketsu beside her. A smile crossed her lips as she leaned her head on his shoulder staying silent for there was no reason to speak. Everyone was in mourning of what they had had to do to live and to save their fellow men in each of their homes. Her heart ached for those that were dead for their families and everyone involved with them, but there was something in the back of her mind that told her to be calm and relax. When Kai started to speak, Isa sat up from Aketsu’s shoulder and held on to her ribs as she listened. The blood had stopped but a little bit came out every now and then when she shifted too much as was to be expected. He spoke about them burying their enemies and she actually understood what he was saying. To be honest, she was glad that he had suggested it for she would have never thought of it. Despite her usually selfish ways, there was something about death that made her want to consider everyone involved but only because she knew what it was like to lose someone important to you. After Kai was finished, Isa felt Aketsu leave her side and she looked up at him. Before he walked away completely, she gently kissed his cheek despite the grime that was there and went to where there was a clearing. She couldn’t move that fast and it seemed that someone else had noticed that. Someone that she was now even more so jealous of even though she pushed the thought from her mind. Noe walked beside Kai and made sure to stay there even as he dismounted from his horse. He was wise in all that he was saying even though she thought that it was rather unwise to start the next day. The very fact that he wanted those that were injured working, including himself, made her give him a disapproving chirp/growl. She stepped in front of him before he could move off to see Aketsu. She could look him in the eye now at this height and made sure that he understood that he had better not harm himself or tire himself out any more than he already was. “if you do yourself anymore damage, love, you will have an earful in more than just a human tongue. AND! I will sit on you until you pass out just to make sure you don't move for a bit if you overexert yourself.” She said firmly, a spark in her eye. Once she was sure that Kai understood, she looked around at the camp. Yuaki and Eirikr were doing inventory while Nerio moved about making sure that the horses weren’t injured and started to sort out the food that they would need for meals that evening. The only person that was moving around aimlessly, or so she thought, was Isa. But then again, she was charged with getting wood for the fire and starting it. Noe walked up beside her carefully to make sure that she didn’t startle the girl. “I’ll get the firewood.” She said softly. It was obvious that Isa was about to protest that she could do it on her own, but she moved away swiftly to keep her from saying anymore. With the small grove of trees where they were, it wasn’t surprising that Noe was able to find lots of different branches and dry mosses. She grabbed what she could with her wings and beak then carried it to where the fire would be. Using her claws and beak, she moved the stones around into a circle with the help of Isa and sat back on her panther-like haunches. It took a moment, but Isa was able to concentrate enough sunlight to cause a fire. Why she hadn’t thought of that to start a fire to keep the army separated, she didn’t know. She was able to create light where there was none except for when battling with a shadow elementian because that was a total absence of light even from the human body. It was strange, but she feared the day that she would have to fight a Shadow Elementian ((little does she know that her best friend is one)). Once the fire was started, Nerio started to move towards the fire with what he had gathered for the food. It wasn’t anything wonderful like what Tractus had prepared so skillfully, but it was sufficient and rather handy. The taste of it would be… he paused in thought as several herbs grew around his feet by the fire. When he turned, it was to see Viosa standing there looking at the plants around his feet. It was easy to see that she was wanting him to use them to season the meat and vegetables that were in his hands. “Thank you your highness.” He stated quietly. He knew who she was and he was sure that Aketsu and Isa did, but the others? He wasn’t so sure. The meat was already cut into pieces and the vegetables were as well which made it easy to throw it into a large pot that they carried for stews. A good, warm, hearty stew would hearten everyone.
  16. Thank you LN @jaina, thank you for letting us know. Hope things get better for ya. And LN....BEST AKETSU PIC EVER. I think. Here it is
  17. Grrrr, I knew I had forgotten something dangit!!!!!!! *weeps*
  18. * pants and rubs fingers/wrists * There....it's...done..... over 2,000 words.....gah! Okay so yeah, Z'fan is the old Queen of Natura, and since Battlemate was older than she is, he is the first prince of Element, prince Creevian! Now deceased. Hmmm, yeah, I don't think I GMD anyone, and if idid, let me now because right now my giners aren't opperaitng.....see? Bad spelliinng.... anywho....no worries about posting....just not too fast lol!
  19. Noe closed her eyes momentarily, enjoying the feel of the rain on her wings and the soothing beat of Kai’s heart. She could hear that and the sound of air expanding his lungs as he breathed slowly. When she opened her eyes, it was because she could hear a shift in his stance. The thing that surprised her, was the determined look in his eyes about something and what it was, she didn’t know. However, it gave her strength to listen to him as he explained something about a feast with his master and his family. It was strange, but she wondered if that was the after-life trying to tell him that it was time to stay here and live to keep all of them together and bound together under leadership. A quiet chirp of curiousity and alarm came from her as Kai started to stand up. He had to be careful or else he would harm himself even more. She wanted to argue that he stay there, but she knew that he was an Earth Elementian and unmovable if they had their mind set on something. When he lifted his weight from her, she promptly placed her beak around his wrist and gently moved it back to where he would be able to rest on her. The agility in her neck surprised her, but at least it showed that she was strong enough to hold him for the moment. He mentioned something about finding another change of clothes and she shook her head firmly in a negative manner. “I will calm the storm, but I can walk with you. If I were to be in my human form, I would be exhausted.” She said knowing that this body was stronger than the other and she could help more in this way. Nerio started to clean the blood from his brothers armor and body with his abilities to make sure that his brother was buried in a proper way as a noble. The decorative weapon on his brothers hip, a jeweled whip, was cleaned as well until there wasn’t a single spot of dirt or blood left. He didn’t hear the footsteps behind him when someone walked up so he jumped slightly when Eirikr asked a question. It took Nerio a moment to figure out what the question was as he hid his tears in the rain. “Leith. Leith Oran. We…together, we were to inherit our family’s land in Triton. Just like Aketsu said.” He smirked. They had wanted to help out the water life more than their city had and one day rule Triton together to bring it underneath a more philanthropic government. It was a foolish idea, but an idea none-the-less. Isa looked and when she heard Eirikr call out to Aketsu, she was able to spot them and the deceased body of the young and innocent Zepheena. She started to tear up but instead tried to flash to where they were. It took longer than she had expected to only get halfway which frightened her, but she was able to see Aketsu try and hit Eirikr. It made her frown, but she understood. To hit at something to destroy something to get your frustration and anger out would help. But he couldn’t accord to do that especially since he was one of their leaders. Her mind felt pressured for a moment then she realized what was going on. It was Luna! She hadn’t seen her at all during the battle once she jumped down onto the machine. Where was the girl? She attempted to try and call her mentally, but couldn’t since her thoughts were so crazed and insane from the battle. She wished that Aketsu had some sort of mental ability so that she could see if he was alright, but decided to leave him be to let him help Luna. With that figured out, she walked over to where she could see everyone and noticed Isis near her. A saddened look overcame her as she watched him bent over his best friend. He would need time and they would need to leave him be until they were able to gather again. To see a fellow Light Elementian though…her mind whirled with the traditions of the Light Elementians that they used when death happened in battle. It took her a moment to decided and moved over to Isis then placed her hand on Zepheena. It was a technique that could happen if the situation was right and only death had occurred. Otherwise, it seemed that the element itself understood the situation and wouldn’t activate. With a deep breath, Isa slowly started to hum, and a glow appeared around Zepheena. Light divine of gods and men Come with us to see again. Let our hearts rise above The torture of death and love. Heal the hurt and strife Of a beautiful ended life. Light divine, of gods and men, Come with us to see again The life that was lost And the endless cost. When her whispered song ended, it seemed as though everything that had happened between isis and Zepheen popped up into a hologram. She ahd no idea how this worked or why, she only knew that the Light masters of old were able to do it only when one of their comrades had passed. Most of the time, the Light stayed strong and hers was, but it was staying strong without her even controlling it. It was an anomaly so she was able to walk away after laying a comforting hand on Isis’ shoulder. She would do the same for leith, and did and watched as Nerio smiled at the hologram as tears coursed down his cheeks. With that done, Isa stopped moving and just stared. Her body was tired, her mind and emotions were spent. She had caused the death of so many fathers, brothers, uncles, nephews…what had she done? She was a murderer now and all would see her as she saw herself. The death, the blood. As she looked at the face of a soldier she felt her body slowly start to sink down to the ground where she sat slightly dazed before she realized that she had been lacerated several times causing blood to slowly leak from her body. She didn’t much care, just knew that she had to sit down. One of them, was a stab between her ribs by one of the more experienced soldiers, but it didn’t pierce anything, just hurt like the dickens. Z’fan raised her body from the ground with the help of grass because she was very tired. It would take the sun to replenish her. With her body slowly but surely rising to a sitting position, she looked around and realized that she had been selfish. There were more than just her beloved dead. The little girl, Zepheena was dead. Loren was missing, the one that Ayame spoke over. Leith, the strong but quiet one. Her beloved. They were dead, although Loren she wasn’t so sure about. She could still feel his presence in the earth more than she could feel her own presence at the moment. Her legs slowly shrunk back into easily manageable octopus legs that made her look as though she were still in the ocean, flowing from one place to the next. When she stopped, it was with the horses who nickered at her warmly. “We must make camp for a small amount of time.” She stated to them and they willingly followed her to a place away from the battle where she would start to set up camp. The smell of the blood and filth dissipated once she stepped outside of the valley. For a moment, she was glad that her speed as a beast person allowed her to make the horses gallop to keep up with her, but then it meant that she would have to be speedy in setting up at least two tents for the injured. The place that she chose, was underneath some shade trees which they would need to keep them from being seen from above. Near them, was a little plains area where they could bury the bodies. Setting up the two tents didn’t take that long, and the other horses had joined her by that time. Once she was sure that everything was taken care of, including a fire, she ran back to where the others were, pushing her body. When Z’fan arrived back at where the others were, she could feel the rain starting to slow and within moments after that, the wind stopped blowing except for a natural breeze and the clouds completely disappeared. In it’s place, was a valley, full of sunshine which not only started to re-charge Z’fan, but also revealed the total devastation of what had happened. Instead of dwelling on the subject, Z’fan, or for those that wish to remember, Viosa Yilan, moved towards those that she could reach easily. Once the hologram of Leith and Nerio had finished, she gently prodded Nerio until he was atop a horse and his brothers body on another horse that was tied to Nerio’s saddle. With a whispered word, she sent them on their way while also handing Eirikr the reigns of one of the calmest horses. “Once you get on, she will go to where I have told her to.” Z’fan sent a horse to where Aketsu and Luna were to make sure that they would be taken care of. It didn’t take long for the horse to arrive there and whinny back to Z’fan as well as snuffle the nose of the horse that aketsu was holding. The horse nodded slightly now that it knew that Z’fan was going to give them wonderful treats. Isa was next in the group, but only after Z’fan had placed Zepheena’s body on a horse that was tied to one with another saddle for Isis. She gave him the same message that she had given Eirikr so that he wouldn’t be confused as to where to go. With everyone except for Kai, Noe and Isa taken care of, she walked to where Isa was and looked down at the girl who was now looking up at her. She had grown in a way that Viosa would never wish on anyone. “You have learned today little one.” She said as Isa passed out for the first time in her life (or second). Z’fan picked her up and placed her on the horse that was actually Isa’s horse and sent the horse to the campsite with strict orders to not let her drop at all. Her steps were starting to slow even if it was just a continues undulating motion. “Younglings…” she stated to Kai and Noe. There was a horse for Kai and one for Noe, but it seemed that Noe was now just as her father had been. Seeing a gryphon made Z’fan start to cry until she moved over to Noe and stroked the feathers atop her head. “You both have done well.” She whispered and looked at Kai’s arm. She placed her hand on his shoulder and watched as various plants grew up to his arm and formed a bandage that would help clean off the soot and charred flesh as well as numb the area. “Come along.” With that, she left a horse for Kai and told the other to go to the camp to guard the area. It was the largest horse, the one that had belonged to Battlemate. Aamina looked at the newcomer with disdain. who was he to think that he could talk to the young Lord whether or not he was friends with him. She kept silent through the whole ordeal and even turned away from them for a moment to watch the crowds. If anyone noticed who they were, they didn't seem to really make a big fuss about it which was nice. She didn't care about knowing this new person's name, but still caught on to it. It was Aoi. She glanced at Marcus who looked tense with all of the people around and some of the started to whisper. With the earth at her beck and call, she heard what they were saying and it was as Marcus had probably feared when they were walking into the town. They were talking about him. "My Lord." Aamina stated as she pushed her way between Aoi and Jahanshah so the boy would look at her. The spiny gem around her neck glowed momentarily until she knew she had his attention. Her dark brown eyes held a warning that they should move faster than they had been. "they have realized whom one of our members is and are gossping about his presence. I suggest we move to protect you as well as our company." She said calmly. for her young age, she showed no emotion, not even worry. Just a calm acceptance of the facts and what was going on.
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  23. Did not....only... *counts and says like a toddler* five But I liked all of them, however, they needed to die because homework is taking over my life. Leith: So, you killed me to ease your burden? Me: eeeyup Creevian: and you did the same to me leaving my wife alone and broken. Me: Uhm.... Ayame: I understand dear, but you let me die after my daughter found out I was her father? tsk tsk tsk. Me: OKAY!!! Yeah, I feel bad about it, but then again, the drama was needed and Lore helped considerable in that part as well EDIT: I will try and post as soon as I can. And one thing for ya'll to know, because I don't think I told you. The soldiers were trained uppity up soldiers, not your casual every day footmen. At least most of them were. SO! That being said, Zillah also made an unwise move. That was a large part of her army Not many people live in Element.
  24. :''''(( So many people died! Waaah! Poor Zepheena....she didn't have a chance
  25. welcome to the team dear! Hope you enjoy it because I know I do when I get the chance. !LL