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  1. Too much happens during finals weekend!!!!!!!!! Gist, good luck sweety and be safe! We will miss you dearly. Make sure and keep in contact at least every now and then though As to everything else, jaina, your characters have been removed because of a lack of activity...although mine should be removed as well, however I did warn people of my absence. As to plot, synopsis PLEASE?!
  2. I will reiterate what my fellow Approver has stated. Forms are to stay in the PM's until it is approved. Also, make sure to keep all OOC talk out of the thread if it does not pertain to the RP itself and discussing it's plot. For those that are concerned about the OP of the RP, please make sure that you PM her and not post in the thread. Thankies big time! ~
  3. Phew! things have been crazy busy and I come out of the tunnel of darkness back into the light of the RP realm with a 4.0 in all of my classes this semester! I plan on getting back to checking things out and approving I have kept up my writing and grammar while writing my book and I hope to get back into the community! Love you guys <3
  4. Wow, that's nice and you are so lucky...... I wish mine was that easy Where are you going? Or wanting to go at least?
  5. DP you ARE alive! Okay yay! So glad that you are okay. Keep your head in the books until it is over and I am actually getting a job within the next two weeks Part-time though... And Silver, that's why there is an OP. I wasn't here so things got out of hand. you are totally forgiven and I will try and be here more often to avoid that
  6. Ah the theataaah! I hope that you are having fun Just wanted to make sure that you were okay too thanks for posting and let us know when these things happen
  7. TIMESKIP Noe had listened to all that Kai had said feeling energized with each word. To be honest, she still did blame herself, but with him telling her that she was alright, how else could she not be? Noe cawed loudly against the day and flew up above the clouds. it wold take time for them to get there and as long as they were safe, Noe would be fine. Her wings flapped strong and hard against the wind as the night soon came. she could feel Kai fall asleep on her back and knew that he was exhausted. As she flew through the clouds and into the night sky, she glanced back to see his arm. it was truly stunning to her because she knew him before he had his arm, and even now. There would probably be a transition time, but for now, the mission had to be concentrated on; Kai wouldn't want it any other way. As the sun just barely started to make the sky blush, Noe landed outside of Cumulus as gently as she could. It was hard considering that this was only the second time she had truly landed. Once she was sure that no one had seen them land, she gently leaned Kai up against a tree even though she was sure that he was probably already awake. To shift, she walked behind the tree and quickly transformed into her human form. She looked exceptionally pale, but knew that that was because of how hungry she was. To keep herself from passing out, she nommed on a piece of jerky as she pulled some clothes that she had grabbed, on. Unfortunately, those clothes were Isa's. Instead of a skirt, Noe walked out from behind the tree with brown leather pants that could be tucked into her nice boots. The shirt was one that looked, well, she cut it in a few places to make it look like the gypsy griffin clothing. She had to tie up her hair and wondered if Kai could make some sort of earth thingy to hold her hair up, but in a black color. She didn't try to take out the beads or decorations of feathers and beads in her hair because she knew that she couldn't anyways. "Kai? Are you feeling alright?" she asked through a mouthful of jerky and dried vegetables. Her hair was up, revealing the tattoo on her collar bone, and the shirt was down slightly in the back showing the edge of the wing tattoo's. Isa woke up slowly at first then jolted awake. today would be the day that they were to take care of their enemies bodies even more. Last night they had taken care of a few, but not as many as there were. Isa was sore from digging as well as helping heave grown men's bodies wherever they needed to go. Leith had been quiet the entire time as he helped them bury the men that had killed his brother. She had tried to talk to him, but the sadness in his eyes was something that she didn't think anyone other than Queen Viosa would understand. She stepped out of her tent and looked around to see if anyone else was awake, hoping that she could catch a moment with Aketsu. Aamina stood outside of the hotel, guarding it. She was still in her visage created by earth and magic to make sure that no one knew that she was a young girl. She had her black, light absorbing armor on that was made for the special guard of the Shadow Queen which made a few stare at her in fear just because of how dark it was. No one had ever seen the special guard for the queen nor would they ever want to see a full grown member. When the sun was fully up, she walked into the hotel and up to the top floor where they were to stay. She knocked firmly on each of the doors then stood outside of the door belonging to Lord Jahanshah and his friend Aoi. The young man made her nervous, but what did it matter when her Lord trusted him? Not much was the answer. the one thing did worry her though, she ahdn't seen Renzo as of late and she hoped that he hadn't turned them in; now THAT wouldn't be worrisome.
  8. Okay, LN contacted me. When i looked at things I was rather shocked at the way that things had taken a turn. This is not really meant to be a romance (yes there's romance, it makes things interesting); a romance doesn't develop in a matter of hours. Warning number 2 for gist and one for Silver. I know that people aren't replying very much, but please be patient. summer is only two weeks away and that means that RP's explode. As for everything else, there is going to be a ts whether or not people agree. People will start off in one of two places for the Shadow Alliance A) The hotel Outside the hotel That's it, no discussion. For the Light Alliance: A) The camp I'm sorry that I am being so harsh, but things need to jump back into organization. I'm very sorry that I didn't leave a definite person in charge while I was gone and that is totally my fault. I am planning on being back more often so that I can help with summer rush and of course RP with the awesome people! If someone could please send me hime's profile. I am so sorry that I missed that. the day that I had wanted to get back to that, a few family things happened so I was distracted. Other than that, I really apologize for being gone so often. I have had a few moments and chose to read instead >.< I ask y'all's forgiveness and hope that you aren't too mad with me. * rolls eyes at LN * You confuse me sometimes dear > * gathers everyone in a massive group hug * When I am gone, there are going to be two people that are going to be in authority when DP isn't here either. LN and Rak. When I am gone, EVERYTHING they say goes. If you want to dispute it, take it up with me and I will see what is going on. Nothing like that should happen though since there are only two more weeks left in the semester Thank you JESUS!
  9. *istacklehuggleglomped* Oof! Good to see you too gist. *hugged by Silver* You guys are so sweet and awesome Thin would be nice, but the stretching sounds painful...and I'll try not to stress out too much >.< Blue hasn't posted yet, so I was thinking we could wait with Celeste....Becuase I think the drama between her and Aamina would be mildly entertaining. I will get up a post with Noe and I will try and get to poking Lore and Blue because we needeth them. Lach, Silver, gist, thank you guys for keeping this up and running *drools over Aoi* I agree....
  10. *passes out in front of the RP* Sooo sorry guys *gasp* finals, book, and life ar in the way at the moment. PLEASE keep going, I will try and post later. as usually, those who can take over my characters are: DP, LN, Rak, and Lore. It will be around another month of this stuff, BUT I will do my best to read and post because I need to take a break from my book *passes out again and starts snoring*
  11. lol yes he does....I need to poke Darkk....
  12. lol he's been super busy lately so no worries though. P
  13. Aamina made a sound that was something akin to a laugh but not entirely. The fact that someone like Celeste was even near Jahanshah was something that was odd. Why would the Queen allow that? The woman was rather odd in some of her decisions and she couldn't even see where Celeste had power except for in her ice control. her emotions weree everywhere and her thoughts weren't even coherent according to Aamina. But then again, she pretty much hated everyone equally and without reason. Didn't that make her unreasonable? In her opinion it didn't because at one point or another, everyone hurt you. Therefore, why not just distance yourself before they could? Aamina walked forward as she spoke, expecting Renzo to walk with her so that he wouldn't be blamed for Celeste's overreactiveness. "From her footsteps, she went in the direction of the....of the palace." Aamina stopped walking and did her best to contain the frustration that she felt, but it came out slightly as she hit the stone wall beside her, causing it to crack. "If she steals something, it won't help anything." Aamina stopped herself from becoming frustrated any further and touched the gem that seemed to always be around a cord, but looked to be piercing her at all times. Where it was from, only she and the Queen actually knew. since they were still behind the building it was safe and Aamina closed her eyes as she thought hard on an appearance that would acceptable for her to walk to the palace in and not be suspicious in her standing. Her figure wavered for a moment, giving a slight glimpse of blond streaks in her hair then it solidified. She had grown by at least a foot making her 5'6. Her hair was no longer down, but instead tied up in a classic bun with bangs encircling her face. She looked ten years older than her meager 12 years. The young girl had matured early anyways, but now she looked like a woman worth being a noble and a woman of the Queen's guardians. Her clothing looked different as well. Instead of traveling clothes, she now wore a dress that was fit for a noble. The jet black dress hugged her body with a slits along both legs that started around mid-thigh. About her waist was a large silver/violet hued sash that tied with a large bow in the back and trailed down along the dress. In her hair were adornments made of silver with violet gems and on her wrists and neck were items made of the same material but with an inner glow which suggested the craftsmanship of Marcus. She glanced back with her same, intense eyes at Renzo with a sassy smile on her face. "Come along servant if you do not wish to contract the young Lord's anger." she stated then walked along the streets. She knew how to use the magical item that the Queen had given her for emergencies and to hide her identity. this was definitely an emergency because it was getting dark and Celeste....well, she was being the confusing young woman that Aamina didn't understand. Marcus looked at Skylar as she walked in and had had time to just sit there and look at the ground. He was tired. he didn't like Renzo, he wanted the Light Alliance to be dealt with and didn't necessarily want Skylar there because he was afraid she would get hurt. And along with that, her dreams were bothering her again which wasn't good. He hated it when she had dreams that plagued her. There were times that her dreams came true and others when they didn't, but this one didn't seem to far off. There were hundreds of things that could go wrong, but he didn't let his thoughts show on his face. He put his arm around Skylar's waist and leaned his head on hers. "Don't worry so much Skylar. Things will go as planned and by tomorrow we will have started the rebellion as long as we act tonight. Things will be fine." He kissed her head and sat there with the woman of his dreams.
  14. Aamina....omgoawsh yes. Uhm and Blue, the thing you did with Kai is godmodding. I would change it for now and take it up with Rak. I don't mind if you two work something out, but at the moment, I would edit. So, since Rak hasn't posted yet *glares* I will pretty much just post with Aamina since others seem to be reacting with each other pretty well
  15. lol I don't know where anyone went. I have been so out of commission with everything going on that I haven't been able to look at any of the posts..... I will try and get one up here pretty soon guys, i am so sorry!
  16. They were supposed to be heading directly to whisper *glares at Loren* but thanks to that one, they are now going to Cumulus to restock because of the battle too.\ Sorry I haven't been on earlier, been super busy with homework and planning mom's party....which is today!!! Nobody tell her It's a secret. So, I won't be on much today at all because we are going to be gone all day today getting her a dress, getting pictures and finally going to the party. I'm so excited!!!!
  17. Noe made a slight churring sound in her throat as Kai ruffled her feathers, but she did seem unsettled about what he said. It was her fault, but did her understand or even know that? Before she took off, she turned to his new, earthen, arm and sniffed at it for a second to serve her curiosity. It was strange how this earth still smelled just as he did when he walked near her, but she knew that it wasn't really a part of HIM. She walked away from the camp and looked back at the others noting that Isa gave them a half-hearted salute. Her size was half that of her fathers, but the gale from her powerful wings would still be enough to make the tents shift and the trees creak. Her muscles bunched underneath her feathers as she settled into a low crouch. She had only taken off once, but, if she planned things right, the takeoff wouldn't be too bad for Kai. As she gathered all of her strength, she tightened all of her muscles into a massive coil then sprung lithely into the air. By the time that she was at the peak of her jump, she released her wings from her sides and flapped down, her shoulders muscles bulging at the effort. It felt wondrous to be strong and she could easily bet that this was the joy that her father felt in flying. For her, it brought her closer to the sky and closer to her element, therefore, her joy was felt in being part of what she created. As her wings beat out a steady rhythm, she decided to try something that her father had done. At one point and time, she had read that all magical beings could create a mental link, but she thought that that was just superstition. She reached out her mind and could feel Kai's there although she doubted that he would let her in right away. So instead of pushing her way through, she started talking. She told him how she thought that it was her fault for his injury and her fault for Loren's fall. But it wasn't really said in words. Instead, her thoughts were more images and emotions that she gave to him and hopefully he would understand if he let his mind be open to her. She also gave him the impression that his choice of element was a good one. Not all elements were aligned with their specific alliance, and he cold easily pass as one of the many traders that appeared in Cumulus. Her images then changed back to Loren and Kai's mutilated arm and the remorse that she felt for even creating the storm.
  18. The way I said okay? Huh? I haven't read yet though *skips off to go read*
  19. ((ooookay ..... )) Xander had been smiling the whole time that he had been training with Joran. It was a relief ot be battling it out with someone that was rather fun to be with and talk with and just have fun with! He generally didn’t like most of the Vampyres because they were too new to the world unlike himself. That was the tough thing of being a Vampyre, most of them were new to the practice and new to Vampirism as well. He had paused for a moment when he heard a loud resounding boom then watched as Rals, Wynter and Jaylan walked into the building. She seemed shaken up, but nothing too terribly bad. At least that was good, but other than that… He frowned suddenly when he felt his pocket vibrate and pulled out a thin looking piece of reinforced glass. When he touched it on its face, it became alive and he read a message from Carmandy as his blood seemed to drain from his face. ((Now for the long part)) Marcy smiled at her friend as she said that she was glad to know about what was going on. Marcy had to admit that it felt good to tell someone as well, especially someone that she knew that she could trust. Kanthaya was the most trustworthy person that she knew besides her brothers, mother and new found father. The fact that everything that had just gone on hadn’t killed her inside, was a show that she had truly changed from who she once was. She used to be a complete and total ball of joy and innocence and here she was, an actual woman who could think for herself and didn’t mind knocking a few heads to get to where she needed to be. Her head shook in surprise of herself, then jerked to attention when she heard a loud BOOM that wasn’t too far in the distance since most students didn’t live too far away for the campus. Kanthaya said her name and she looked at the girl with a concentrating face. She had no idea what was going on, and then her phone beeped. “What the….” She mumbled under her breath as she read the message and shook her head. “No way.” She wasn’t going to do as Johan asked. She wasn’t going to hide! She was so tired of having to hide and now that she knew who she was, and who she had been, she knew what she needed to do and even Johan couldn’t make her do anything different. “Kanthaya, we are leaving the house. Come on.” She looked at the girl for a second as she walked to the stairs that lead to the bottom floor and grabbed a pair of keys. She didn’t like driving, but she had to and right now she had to forget everything about her fears for this was the lives of others that were in trouble more than anything in the entire world. As she walked down the stairs quickly, she texted Johan back and stated this. No. I won’t hide anymore. I know the dangers. I know my enemy. You can call me a foolish child, I don’t care. I’m going to go and see them Johan and I have to get them to help. They will ask me to explain things even if a bomb has gone off. I have the ring on my finger and my phone. Be careful. Love, Your daughter. She admitted that the text was rather blunt and sounded off, but he had to know what she was doing. The funny thing was, was that she actually cared that he knew. Her first father, she would have rathered to have kept everything from him and never let him into her life. But Johan? He loved her as a daughter and that was something that she had never had. When she slipped into the car, she noticed that Kanthaya was already there although a bit surprised as to what she was doing, in fact she seemed confused and curious. “What?” she said more harshly than she had wanted to. Kanthaya ducked back a bit. She had seen just a glance of what Marcy had been typing to Johan, but it was long enough for her to read the entire message with her new reflexes. “Nothing,” she said quietly, “let’s go.” Her mind was racing. An explosion, a message from Johan and now Marcy’s sudden urge to get going… what if Johan was injured? What if he was fighting some other Vampire, and now Marcy expected Kanthaya to go help him? Kanthaya had never fought anyone before. The first person she had hit in a long time was Johan, and she hadn’t even been able to watch herself do that. She swallowed her fears and hoped for the best. The rest of the drive was rather quiet after their confrontation, but Marcy knew what she had to do to be able to get things right. To the way that they needed to be. When she passed by the restaurant that she had once loved, the same one where she was nearly murdered, she felt herself tense even more than she should have. Kanthaya noticed this and almost asked if Marcy wanted her to drive, but she decided not to break the silence. Once Marcy had passed it though, she was able to relax and speed up as she sped around the curves of the mountain that lead to the Crystal House. The drive would have brought back memories of being held in the back of a truck by Max, Carmandy and one of the professors that was also a werewolf. The trees often gave way to the bright blue sky as well as the several valleys beside the mountain. As they drew closer to the house, Kanthaya smelled the faint tinge of wet dog and animal blood, and also the distinct scent of Vampyres. Their smell was like that of the blood that they drank making it hard for Vampires to distinguish their scent from the animal, but it made Kanthaya shudder (though her mouth watered at the same time). Marcy noticed a few forms appearing beside the car and distinguished the distinct, towering figure of werewolves. But alongside them, were wraithlike beings that she knew were newly turned Vampyres. They were training with their fellow immortals to be sure to be up to any task that they had. There was a gate that blocked them from coming in and only if you knew the code were you allowed to enter. Because of her mind wipe, she was sure that they hadn’t changed anything about their house. Kanthaya’s eyes widened at the sight before her and she gave a worried glance at Marcy. Finding her glance ignored, she swallowed her fear and held her head high. I will not cower, I will not cower… Marcy stepped out of the car knowing that both her scent, Johan’s and Kanthaya’s newly turned scent would be smelled. The post that held the code box for the house was a crystal that was taller than Marcy. It was a single perfect crystal that was older than she was, that much she was sure. Kanthaya followed close behind Marcy, awed by the sight before her. She noticed Marcy’s breathing change. Her breathing was shallow as she stepped near to the crystal and pressed her hand in a certain position on a sensor. It beeped once, turned green then opened a box. She first entered a number which then opened another panel and she spoke quickly and with perfect articulation, a sentence in ancient Hebrew, then in Ancient Latin and finally in French. With each pass code given, the gate turned a pale green and opened. With her mind whirling as to what was going on, she sat back in the car (as did Kanthaya) and drove for at least another mile to get to the house. If she didn’t get there soon, then things were going to happen in a way that she didn’t want. The beings that had been in the forest, had disappeared and now it seemed that things went back to normal with birds chirping and animals going about their daily business. But beyond that, she could hear… children. It sounded as though there were some new members to the Clan and that they were children. She didn’t much care, but at least there was something to keep them joyful. Kanthaya tried to piece things together as they drove. Marcy had of course now told Kanthaya of her past, and it was a bitter-sweet past, but Kanthaya wasn’t sure why Marcy was returning now or what had happened to the school. Marcy skidded to a stop at the front of house as several people who were outside stared at her. Some of them started to walk her way, but she ignored them. Within a second, she noticed the door open and a small woman stood there, then, as Marcy’s brain barely recognized her as Carmandy, Carmandy had shifted into her werewolf form and crashed into Marcy on the grass. A snarl was deep in her throat and her teeth were barely above Marcy’s face as her paw pressed down on Marcy’s neck. Kanthaya tensed and almost screamed, but instead began to race forward with her only thoughts to push the terrifying beast off of Marcy. Fortunately for Kanthaya, Marcy’s hand came up just in time; Marcy held out a hand to stop Kanthaya so that she wouldn’t do anything irrational especially with all of those that were there and immortal. Yes, Kanthaya was the thrall of a Vampire older than any that had converted that way, but there were too many for her to take care of. She could barely breathe and the growling made her heart pound until she allowed herself to calm down. With the breath that she had been able to gather, she calmly uttered Carmandy’s name. “please, let me speak!” Carmandy had been about to run out of the house to go and find Arata and Dana especially since there was an odd scent in the air that was neither human, or immortal but almost a combination of the two. It caused her to not even think as she ran out of the door. Immediately she noticed that there was an all too familiar and all too painful smell that she had learned to know after a time of her being friends with said scent. When she landed atop of the girl in her anger and frustration, she looked into her eyes and noticed something different as she begged her to let her speak. There was an urgency behind this murderer’s eyes that showed she wasn’t here to fight or to lay blame. But Carmandy would. She killed her future mate and killed all hope that she had ever had in her entire life. “Why should I let the murderer of my mate speak?” she growled angrily but lifted her paw from Marcy’s throat just enough to let her speak. Kanthaya’s eyes darted in shock towards Carmandy’s face, but she stayed silent as Marcy replied. “Because, there are things that you need to know… things that you would never know without me.” At that point, and directly beside Carmandy, a dark snarl came. It was from the largest wolf of the pack who was full grown as every werewolf was at 100 years old. He towered above Carmandy until she stood up and then she was at his shoulder. It was hard for Marcy to stand for a moment until Rollo, and now Victoria helped her up. With the attention drawn the to them she was able to see that there were several more that had gathered here at this house than when she had first arrived there to meet everyone. Amongst them, she was able to spot at least twenty of the professors in the school with others that she knew went there. Amongst them were Aloysius and Montague. They stared at her harshly as they also did Kanthaya because they knew that she was no longer human. Kanthaya avoided their eyes and kept her eyes on Marcy. It took all her guts to keep from staring at the ground and hiding herself next to the vehicle. There were so many… so many hateful and harsh eyes, so many assuming blames. What would they think if they knew the truth? If they knew how she had become what she was… and what she really thought of it? Carmandy had already sent off a message to Xander but stayed where she was in her correct form to make sure that all went well. Her parents watched her for a second before moving to stand beside her in her fury. Xander looked at Joran and frowned. “I think it is high time that you learned who you are and who is willing to protect you Joran. We leave no man alone, and no man behind. We have far larger enemies than a small Australian pack who seems to leave well enough alone anyways. Things are about to change.” He said and grabbed Joran by the arm firmly and ran off. Joran stumbled a bit but managed to keep pace mostly with Xander. It took all his energy to run and think, and so nothing coherent came out of his mouth except for a mumbled Icelandic prayer directed at no one and nothing specific. Rals… they were leaving her there, in her weakened state. Even with her pack there, Joran didn’t know if she’d be safe. Eventually Joran finally managed to return his thoughts to the present and he almost let out a gasp as he suddenly found he and Xander had landed in the middle of a huge amount of werewolves and Vampyres. He swallowed, the embarrassment of the previous night returning… but Rals was what mattered, not yesterday night. Xander ran as fast as he possibly could to land beside Rollo and look at someone that they all knew as the defiant poorling who hated everyone. She had gotten into the Crystal House territory which meant only one thing, her memory was back. “Stand still.” He whispered to Joran as he watched Lord Zebulon and Lady Jamila appear behind Marcy and walk around her with surprise etched into their wizened features. Marcy looked ashamed for a moment before she took a deep breath and leaned on Kanthaya until her head stopped swimming. Kanthaya held her firmly, and her protective nature came back. She managed a timid half-glare at everyone in front of her. When Marcy looked back at them, it was with a look that spoke volumes of everything that had happened, and so she began to speak so that everyone, including the newest members would know. She quickly and heartily apologized for all of the strife that she had caused both Clan and Pack and then went into everything that Johan had told her about himself, well, just the general knowledge that they would need including his experiment. She reaffirmed that he was not hostile and was in fact, rather willing to help those that he deemed good and willing and was now as they spoke. The Silverhand was operational here in Canyon City and was actually the people that set off the bomb on campus which they all would have heard. She told them of her new heritage and the fact that Kanthaya was her guardian. Everything she told them was truth and she even told them about how her memory was returned. After she had spoken all that needed to be spoken, she took a deep breath and had to blink her eyes a few times to erase the memories that wished to come forward and skip across her view. “This is not good, this is not good.” Xander mumbled as he crossed his arms in front of him. Joran could hardly believe everything he was hearing. The Johan guy was a Vampire? Not a Vampyre, but a Vampire… and he had turned the dark-skinned poorling into one too, deeming her the other poorling’s guardian and bringing them both to live in his mansion… in Joran’s view this was very messed up, but he supposed that was an Icelandic thing too. Still, one cannot just forget one’s heritage. And Silverhands… he wanted to ask what a Silverhand was, but after a moment of racking his brain he remembered. His Grandfather had given him a quick warning about them before sending him off to America. Apparently the Silverhands were a group that existed everywhere except for Russia and most of the Nordic lands, where they had been rooted out and destroyed during World-War One. They had tried to reinstate themselves later and had been destroyed again during World-War Two. Since then they had given up on Russia and such lands, so Joran had hardly been informed about them. They were Vampire and Werewolf hunters, and that was about as much as he knew about them. Kanthaya, on the other hand, knew nothing except what she had just heard Marcy say. But if such people were willing to bomb a school just to get their subjects… they were evil indeed. Kanthaya looked at Marcy with a worried expression. “Are you okay? Where’s Johan?” Marcy looked up at Kanthaya and sighed. “he’s meeting with the Silver Hands now. He used to be one of them and he is trying to help us all. To him, this is his territory….I can see it going through his mind now.” She chuckled and then looked out at those that were new in the group. From what she understood, Vampyre didn’t change others unless they so wished it. There were quite a few. Zebulon and Jamila looked at the two girls their eyes not angry, but somewhat harsh until they suddenly softened. “You! Get them both what they will need. The youngling requires human blood…no…our blood.” Stated Jamila as she stepped closer to Kanthaya and Marcy. Tears were visible in her eyes as she close in on them and her fangs appeared for a moment before they retracted and a sad smile crossed her lips. “Kanthaya, you were changed, but it looks like from skin contact…” she chuckled lightly and made sure that the others were taken care of while her husband walked up to them. Zebulon looked down at Marcy who was rubbing the muscles on her neck to get them to loosen up instead of being so tense. “you have both done a brave thing. You are welcome here and so is your master. He seems to be far more kind than we originally thought, so please stay here underneath our protection.” “WHAT?!” Carmandy shouted as she walked over to the three of them, disregarding her rank and the position of Zebulon. “This woman is a murderer! Even if it is indirectly! She destroyed what peace we were to have and even made the strongest Vampyre there has ever been leave! She doesn’t deserve protection and neither does the shifter of a Vampire.” She was growling by this point and felt a hand on her shoulder telling her that it was time for her to go and think about what she was saying. Carmandy growled once more before running off into the forest. Marcy looked where Carmandy ran off, her throat still sore. “I’m sorry.” “All is forgiven Marcy. Max was our friend, but we do not blame it on you. Carmandy has not yet had enough time to heal and even the Vampyres are still healing from the disappearance of young Lord Sheehan.” It was the voice of Rollo, deep and resounding like the ocean. “Please don’t say his name…” Marcy asked and stayed with kanthaya as the rest of the Vampyres and Werewolves walked off save Xander who was standing next to Joran. “Joran, do you understand what is going on here?” Xander asked the young man. Inside the house, Zebulon and Jamila started to put together their forces to be ready for a movement to squash the advancement of the Silver Hand should Johan not prevail.
  20. Noe looked at Kai for a moment noticing him glance at his arm. With a slight twitch she could tell that he was in pain and hated the fact that she was the cause of all of this. "Kai, I'm sorry." she stated before turning away and to the forest. There, she tried to find a way to access the deep, earthen magic that possessed the soul of a griffin. At first she couldn't see it, but once she had reached deep enough and pressed her hand against the tattoo on her neck, she felt magic surge through her and the voice of her father pressed into her mind. Noe, don't act as though you are unused to luxury when you arrive in Cumulus. These people haven't seen a griffin in ages and it will be something that they love. They will do anything for you without question for as far as I can see. But there are forces in cumulus that are hindering my sight. Be careful little one. Noe felt a tear roll down her cheek before she gently removed her clothes and placed them on the ground beside her. It took her another moment until she felt her shoulders start to itch and a striking amount of pain gripped her mind until it disappeared into complete euphoria. A change when there wasn't impetus or emotional reason was almost addicting because of the euphoria that came for a moment or two. It took a few moments for her body to change completely, but once it had, her energy seemed to double and it took her a moment to figure it out. The gems, and feathers in her feathers seemed to glow and the world around her took on new life. Unison That's what it was! She had more energy because she was able to absorb the energy around her like her father had. the only problem, was that when he shifted back, she noticed that he was starving. She would have to bring supplies with them to make sure that she was safe from starvation. The more energy that she spent and absorbed, the more she didn't have in her human form is what she thought would be the equation. She wouldn't tell Kai otherwise he would worry too much, but she quickly caught a few rabbits and some snakes and gobbled them down quickly to make sure that she was full. She stepped out of the forest, her clothes in her beak. It was truly a regal sight to see even though she was much smaller than her father. She was still large enough to carry Kai and Loren if she needed to, but she would be sore after the next few days and would probably have to stay in her griffin form until she was able to regain her human strength. Noe quickly walked between the tents making sure to keep her wings tucked tightly against her before she arrived at her tent. Once there, she placed the extra clothes on her bed roll then walked to where Kai was and picked up the packs in her front right claw. "I'm ready when you are." her body tilted slightly to show that she was able to carry Kai. Her left wing raised so that he could crawl under it to the place on her back where he would be able to settle without falling and still be evenly placed on her body so she wouldn't be off center. Kinda how she looks ( http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=...griffon#/drg1a1 and http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=black%20gr...fset=72#/dva6gx )
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  24. Viosa looked at Aketsu as he spoke to her but her eyes held some strange emotions towards the name tha the had used. It was obvious that it was a name that she had long ago forgotten about and wished to never be reminded of because of the mistakes that she had made despite her being known as a great and wonderful queen. Her head nodded in silent recognition of what he was saying. “You are welcome great Prince.” She stated and smiled as she could taste how these words were words that would take him a long time of getting used to. She didn’t mind, but it was something that he would have to get used to for someday, he may even be king of the Light Alliance, who knows. “You loved one is safe unlike Ayame was. Just because things happen once one way, doesn’t mean they will happen the same way again.” She stated her voice thick with emotion. Just because she was over 300 years old didn’t mean that she was a heartless woman. The loss of her mate as well as her life-long friend had taken a mental toll on her that would take time to heal. Isa looked up at Aketsu with a bright smile before she glanced down to where he was looking. It hurt her to move and breath, but she would be fine. “I’m great…compared to others.” She said glancing at Noe and Kai. Kai seemed to be doing better than she had thought with the loss of his arm but maybe it would hit him after all of this was settled. However…considering that he was an earth elementian AND a lighting elementian, he may be able to create himself a fully functioning arm in the future with the aid of some of the highest technologies of the air and space elementians. “How are you doing Aketsu?” she asked as she gently twined her fingers around his hand. “Before you answer…I’m not going to die. It’s just a good sized stab wound and a few fractured ribs is all.” She didn’t mention the other stab wound in her thigh which was also taken care of. He didn’t need to worry about everything that happened to her especially since he was their leader. Noe smiled grimly as Aketsu told her her fighting ordes. “yes sir.” She replied before walking releasing the raft as Aketsu tied a light string to it to keep the raft from blowing away. It was strange how wind elementians could tell whose wind was whose, but then again, weather elementians ad plant elementians did the exact same thing. She glanced back at Kai and thought for a moment before trying to remember old legends. Luckily, she had brought along a few books that weren’t too heavy in her pack and ran to her tent to go and see what she could find. She flipped through the pages while haphazardly packing what she would need as well as what Kai would need. The pages smelled like a library but she kept multitasking even as she sneezed several times. “There!” she exclaimed. In front of her was the short chapter that explained Griffin lore. Her father was one and now she was one with the tattoos to show it. According to legend, Griffin’s were masters of the sky and the united forces of all elements. Of course, there were those griffins that were masters of the earth elements, and those that could only master sky elements, all elements, and whatever else they chose. Those that were born to all sky elements and all elements, could only master that which was of a lesser power. But, those that were of the sky, had tattoos on them. Those that were of the earth were identifiable by the tassels that were permanently in their hair that consisted of twigs, feathers and leaves. The all elements griffins were identifiable by their unnatural cheer and understanding of all that went on with others as wel as their ability to become completely invisible including the impressions of their feet and their feel of the wind around them. Noe was of the all element and sky element mix therefore she had the tattoos of the sky elements but she would never be able to master all of the elements related to the sky. Now legends were deeply inbred to the Lightning, Wind, and Weather elements about Griffins. They were wonderful beings that were given the utmost respect whether or not they were known. If a tattoo could be seen, one that had the peculiar tint of the griffin’s feathers, they were treated as royalty. Noe noticed that if she kept her hair up, her tattoo could be seen. This would give them immediate access into Cumulus therefore making it easier on them. The only problem is that she would be asked to stay by the king and queen. She would need to speak to Kai, but she was also debating on transforming and carrying him to Cumulus. If she ate enough, the energy would be used by her griffin form and it seemed that that form had far more endurance than her human form did. With everything packed, she dashed out of her tent while pulling her boots on and grabbed two horses. They followed her unwillingly but she encouraged them with the mention of carrots and apples. “Kai, read this.” She said handing him the book and devouring her own stores of snacks that she had brought. She had made some for the others and they were in the food stores, but right now she had to finish what she had if he would go along with her idea. “If I go in my griffin form, then the energy that I am shoving into my body would be able to get us there and I would be safe to enter the city because of what you are reading. See?” she stated and lifted her hair up higher to show the tattoo. It wasn’t a normal shade of black but instead a black that when she shifted, turned blue. The black itself had a light gray stripe running through the center. “if they can clearly see that, then the guards have to let me in whether or not it is late at night. However, we can also go, follow the raft while I fly us to follow the raft. The energy I have as a griffin is far more than I have as a human. OR! We go with the horses, get Loren, I carry both him and you back to camp and the horses run home.” She wasn’t exactly excited, she just wanted to let her ideas out so that she could understand fully what was going on. When she realized how much she had been talking though, she blushed a deep red and looked at the ground while softly stroking the cheek of one of the horses. “Sorry…talking to much again.” Aamina looked at Renzo as she watched how his face twisted and turned, and then how his words were true from what she could tell. “You are a criminal, and yet your actions are true. Strange.” She stated and then huffed as she realized that Celeste would forever be a mystery to her. “I can’t even read what she is doing through the earth.” She shook her head as she grew frustrated with the chill of the snow. “You are right though. She is something interesting to study for I have never met any like her…she had better stay away from the prince. The queen would not approve.” During the last half of her statement, her voice changed from one of interest to one of dread, “ I would not wish the Queen’s wrath on any.” She stated and turned around.
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