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  1. O.o Muust, get to chem lab! Ugh, you guys are way too much fun and I am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people who are willing to get in there and make this RP their own. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! And I am super excited as well Okay, so, I'll get things updated on the pictures (GREAT JOB LACH! I totally forgot about zerochan), forms and getting the power guides read over and updated. Omword I love you people <3
  2. *gulp* uhhhhhhh, well, four pages since I have last been able to get on. YIKES! Needless to say, I am very happy with that as well as the length of the characters. HOWEVER, this means it will take me a bit. To EVERYONE: thank you so much for helping me out in getting the power guides up and running and pictures and all of the whole shebang. Also, please make sure that you take advice from one another when I am not here. If there is anything that you don't know about, check with DP or I and we can help you set things straight. You guys are awesome! I'll read the pages probably Sunday that way I can actually breathe instead of rush-read like I have to do for American Lit....which reminds me.... Gotta Dash! EDIT: ^^^^^ What he said! Also with water, with what I can gain from skimming, will be unable to freeze into ice if one is a water elementian. Otherwise, that would make that person a dual elementian. I mainly did this to press the creativity of one's imagination into a different direction EDIT AGAIN: If I don't get to your PM's, I'm sorry. Gimme just a bit. I won't respond to any e-mails other than school related at the moment either. So just make sure and PM me please
  3. Realllly???? That would be awesome! I kinda need to update all of the pictures for the elementians.....some of them are outdated...... THANK YOU LIFESAVER!
  4. *brain is numb* yeah, totally not sure what I am reading right now. I will get things updated again and continue to do so. Sorry that it is taking so long. Things are craaaazy!
  5. Won't be done for a bit. Those of you that need your forms, they are on the front page of the main thread. I think all of them are there.... If you want to edit, let me know. And as far as old relationships go, I wasn't going to change anything. *GLOMPS LN* HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys can go ahead and submit characters. Just PLEASE make sure you follow all of the guidelines and re-read the rules.
  6. Yeeaaaaaah, still editing. I replaced most of the plot stuff....shorter than I thought it would be, but I need to update the areas. There is a map at the beginning of the thread, I will be updating the pictures and will be tyring to get a powers guide together.
  7. Skarx, you're cool. I haven't even been able to type everything up just yet thanks to work and school. I'm going to be working on editing the RP and will get things up as soon as possible. NOTE! I changed all that I could see that needed to be changed. Names have been deleted just in case people wanted to switch sides, however all forms have been kept. Let me know what you want to do and make sure to spread the word about the RP. Thanks!
  8. Uhmmmmmm, could you send it to me again? Im truong to see it but its not showing up.....sorry So, to let y'all know, things are going slowly, but should pick up shortly.
  9. yes, it is definitely restarting. I just had loads of homework last week and the first two weeks of school are crazy. It's the same for LN and Rak whom I have yet to PM. I will start to edit it as soon as I can as well as include a general idea book for powers so that people can learn about it. Definitely talk the RP and see if we can re-grow it. I have everyone's forms I think....they're saved on google....
  10. PLEASE Do not post at the moment. The RP is currently undergoing a re-vamp. Please be patient while we are underneath construction! If you would like to be part of the discussion, or join in on the RP fun, please go to this link --> HERE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////////////////////////////////////////
  11. Oh yeah, I plan on getting everything written out so that people can be caught up and everything. So it looks unanimous so far. lemme PM a few people to see if they want to rejoin it.
  12. *IIIIS GLOMPED* lol Okay, so my idea is this, resend everything. Restart everything. EXCEPT, the storyline travels up to the battle that was in the valley and having the team come back to Sol, to try and revamp for a bit. A few years pass, the Queen gets stronger, a new team develops. Old members of the original team can still be there, but this allows the joining of new members too. For myself, I would keep Isa, Marcus and Noe. Ideas?
  13. *clears throat* Just wanted to post here since I am still listed as an approver. I want to say that I am terribly sorry about my recent absence. Many things since Thanksgiving and before rendered it impossible to think about much else other than Real Life. I would explain further, but I don't think ya'll want a dissertation on the idiocies and/or difficulties of life. My plan is this, getting back on daily so that I can once again edit RP's. If I need to re-take the test, please let me know and I will have no qualms or arguments against that. Lots of love, L2
  14. *stumbles in* Guys, I am so sorry. Things have been way busy. I've been working on novels and work has sucked up my time. I actually don't even spend that much time online anymore. HOWEVER! If people are willing (I have someone who PMd me a sign up) to continue this from where we are, but semi restart, I would be more than willing to add a few co-mods to keep this baby alive. Again, I am terribly sorry!
  15. Nope, he could be there at the time right now. Noe and Kai got there early morning
  16. Aamina watched as Aoi helped Celeste with some sort of jealousy. He was kinder than she was and she wondered how he did it. But that didn't matter now. Celeste would be taken care of and that was all. Lord Jahan would stay in the hotel and would be taken care of. "Celeste, stay in the hotel this time. No more going out where you can defame our Lord." She said wanting to get across that she didn't need to go out and sell herself to get money for them. They all had their ways and it was one of the reasons that Aamina was taken along. A natural, and easy money provider by sheer default. As she walked out of the room, she ignored the pang of guilt for the words that she had used. Maybe they weren't right...maybe they were. Maybe, just maybe, the starkness of the words would get through that infuriating, and overly dramatic girls thick head. She nearly ran into Aoi, but side-stepped him, her ears just catching what the new girl asked. "You can assist us in stirring up a rebellion. Does that sound alright to you?" Her penetrating gaze looked at the girl without any sort of gentleness whatsoever. "If it does, then report to me, or this one. He seems to understand the plan thanks to him being in the good graces of Future Prince, Lord Jahanshah." With that, she walked down the hall and down the stairs to the front desk where she quickly arranged an extra amount of gold for them that would keep their silence. "Make sure that no one is received into that upper level other than those described. If you do that, I'm sure that the Queen will be most pleased." "Y-y-y-yes'm." the man replied, shaken to his core that one of the Queen's Guards would be in his hotel. Just inside the city, Noe had given Kai over to a few healers that she knew were faithful to the ways of either the Light Alliance, or neutrality. They wouldn't allow anyone to come near. They were both from the weather element which also helped Noe in her keeping them quiet. "Thank you brothers and sisters." She replied to them with their own whispered thanks. She walked through the town, ignoring the building crowd around her. Her gyspy like clothing was something that was never seen amongst the respectable people of Cumulus. Her billowing sleeves, bare midriff, and slightly revealed chest made her stand out. The beads and feathers that seemed to grow out of her jet black hair also made her something to be admired. "A griffin! Look, one has come! It is a good omen!" "Mommy, what is that tattoo on that lady? " "Hush my dear, you mustn't upset her." "Winged ones. They do exist!" "A griffin, a griffin in my life time!" She did her best to hide the nervous tension that she felt growing within her. In an attempt to make herself seem even more so proud of her inheritance, she stood all the taller and carelessley flipped her hair, revealing the griffin tattoo on the side of her neck, flashing her weather elementian birthmark, and the scars from lightning that she bore. When she stopped in the middle of the town, in front of a hotel, she noticed that several guards were walking her way. In the middle of all of them, was an extravagantly dressed noble who came to welcome her as soon as he had heard of her arrival. "My dear Lady Griffin! Your beauteous highness! We welcome you to our humble town of Cumulus." "Peace noble. Cumulus is my home, as it is the home of many. Please do not waste your flattery on one that is as humble as I." Noe replied in the accent that she had heard her father use. The man shook his head. "No Griffin is to be ignored especially in a place where legends tell of your great kind. We have the best rooms and food available for you. What do you wish to do?" "At the moment, I would love to look at the town that I once knew as a babe. If that pleases you." "Whatever your wish is madam." ((NO colors, sorry.....super late and I super tired!))
  17. Thanks. I think I am going to make her age around that. I dunno. Maybe 16-18....
  18. Since LN is already gone, and Rak will be gone for the next two months as well, here is what I suggest and since Lore seems to have disappeared as well. Noe is visiting the city ahead of the others to see what is going on. Because of her being a griffin, her kind has a deep tie with the people of cumulus. Those that are at the campsite outside of cumulus are making their way and will be at Cumulus by night fall. At this moment in time, I think Aoi and Aamina should be the two main people to take over as royal authority for the time being. The Shadow Alliance members are still trying to get people started in the revolution against the Light Alliance therefore we need to start that as soon as the Celeste arc is finished. Gist, somehow, Celeste has rubbed off on Aamina, it's funny and sweet I desperately want to change Aamina's age............. would anyone be adverse to that?
  19. lol yeah. I'm gone and you guys move like lightning. I'm back and slows down.....this is backwards...lol!!! And no worries jaina. I would just read the last page and a half to two pages.
  20. Aamina had been waiting all night for Celeste to return and to be honest to herself, there was a deep dark corner of her soul where she actually liked the girl in some insane way or another. Unfortunately, she had fallen asleep outside the door and woke up when people started walking around. A large thud in the room where Jahan was sleeping shocked her into awareness and she disappeared into the stone walls. A slight shift in her position showed her that Jahan was in a different room at this time with everyone around him and one central person laying on a bed. She couldn't tell who, but she would know soon enough. She pulled away from the stone and into the center of the room, turned towards the bed; it was Celeste. She stood there in her disguise waiting for something to happen and waiting for Celeste to breath continuously. She had bruises all over her body and if Aamina's observations were correct, there was gold in the other room. "Stupid, foolish girl." She turned around, her brownish red hair flowing behind her. She stopped when she heard crying and stomped her foot on the ground. The girl beside her was holding her head in her hands and crying. Aamina had also noticed that her heart rate was going insane and for some reason, there was something odd in her body. A sickness maybe. "Get a room to breath." she said firmly to the girl as she moved the stones in the hallway to make a clear path for the girl to get a place. Aamina gathered the gold that was there on the floor in Jahanshah's room and glared at Marcus who was standing there in just his pants. "Get some clothes on." Aamina stated ignoring his stare at her transformed body. When she stepped back into the room she placed the gold bag in the young Lord's hand. "She went to earn money for you. Knowing her dramatic mind, she probably thought that it was the only way that she could be of use to you. Forgoing her own pride, to provide." Aamina noticed with due surprise that there was a tear streaming down the side of her face and her fists were clenched at her sides. "People who do this...do not deserve to live." Of course, Aamina was speaking of the man that had tortured Celeste. With that, she turned around, left the room and walked to the front of the hotel. She paid the man and ordered a breakfast with the money that Celeste had earned. When she walked back up to the room, she finally noticed the large man in the corner and her face took on a dreadful glare. Her eyes flashed as did the gem that was around her neck. "If you touch any woman again, you will find a spike in your heart the day after." she stated and left him alone. Could someone help Celeste? What Aamina looks like and her gem looks like the one in her hand. Here Isa jumped when she heard Isis tell her good morning. "Good morning Isis." her reply was cordial and lacked the royal flair that many would probably think she had. When both Aketsu and Yauki walked out of their tents ... or crawled for that matter, Isa's face brightened up. Aketsu walked over to her and called her his Ray of Sunlight. She blushed a deep red and cuddled into his side. "Good morning my...uhm....okay, early morning my brain isn't working. I love you." she said with a happy smile.
  21. First off, forms are not to be posted in the RP itself until it is approved. Send them in via PM. Also, please make sure and keep ALL OOC not directly related to the RP out of the thread. Are you still looking for an Approver? I noticed both Sock and Walker came in and helped you out a bit. Have you done the corrections that they suggested? I looked at the history and it still seems like a lot of history in a few short sentences. Would you like help in fleshing things out?
  22. Oops, sorry. I will go through and make sure I haven't done anything stupid. And as to a recap, you'll have to ask the others. Since the semester just ended I have to go and read what is going on >.<
  23. Okay. So basically, it's the second day of the Shadow being in Cumulus and then Noe and Kai are trying to rescue Loren. the others are at camp getting ready to finish burying the dead?