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  1. Noe watched the world around her with different eyes. It was always strange, but comforting when she was being carried by Kai, at least in her human form. Her griffin form was growing exponentially which was absolutely wonderful, if not a tad frightening. As they walked along the halls, she couldn’t help but stare at her loverly’s face. He hid the scars and hid everything about himself from everyone except for her. Of course, she loved knowing that she was the only one to see him without all of the sand, but it did infuriate her when she noticed that people still whispered that he was the “lightning man”. The children all adored him, which made her happy, the parents were the ones that she had a hard time getting through too. The one thing that she never did like, was when he would jump or do something scary because it meant that she was out of control and couldn’t fly. Trust was an issue with her, but when they landed safely on the ground, and her heart went back into her chest and out of her throat, she felt better. He held on to her the entire way, making her smile as he did so. He was, for a lack of a better word, her big Cuddly Griffin. She never called him that anywhere but in her mind. He was always there to be that warm blanket that she needed and to be the voice that she needed to hear. Now, as he spoke, it was hard not to just focus on his voice and not listen to a single word that he said. However, thanks to noticing the strangeness of the tunnel, not exactly melting through the ground, she let her head flop over his arm so that she could study the ground, ceiling and walls. Allowing her griffin eyes to come through, she noticed all of the little holes, but also caught the smell of Kai that was pre-existing in the tunnels. Noe mulled over the idea of the trip taking longer. After this morning’s antics and running around, she was already ready to rest for a moment. She lifted her head up and titled her head to the side and smiled. “Two minutes sounds better.” She said and held on, waiting for him to do what he did best. Fast travel.
  2. (o),(o) Betzalel as the teacher...... I literally lol'd................ Okay, so, I think I needs to post..... aaaaminaaaa is going to briiiiiidle at Jahan mentioning Celeste. LOL!
  3. Have you lookes at the power guides? You need to eedit then according to that keeping in mind that duals have abilities spread between powers and since.she is so young her oowers arent as high as ithers. I didnt get much further than powers though.....
  4. Aamina would so hate it if Celesye appeared. She already doesn't like her.:-X I'll get a post in later. With a friend ATM.
  5. She can def be a dual. And look at the front page for the ratios....there are definitely some dudes..... Who's up for a freeform RP for Elementia: the Kindergarten Years?
  6. Marcus Marcus nodded at Skylar in agreement as he sipped at his coffee. “As long as you don’t mind that we don’t have that much to eat. I forgot to send someone to go to the market for food.” He grinned sheepishly before setting his coffee down so that he could get dressed. He sat back down on the bed to put his expensive, tooled, leather boots on. As soon as they were laced up, he grinned at his lovely fiancée before kissing her on the forehead. “I’ll go out and get the horses saddled.” He said as he walked outside. It was only Sky’s horse that was totally picky about being saddled so he had to make sure that eh was careful in taking care of her horse. His own gelding was rather picky, but seemed to be assured that people wouldn’t harm him so he made sure to saddle him just as calmly as he saddled Sky’s horse. Queen Zillah The Queen wasn’t surprised by Jahanshah’s shock, or Aamina’s control. The young girl had grown. It was definitely a step in the right direction. It used to be that in her counseling sessions with the girl, that she would have to fight her off and she had actually lost a few guards because of the episodes. She listened to him while watching his every reaction. He was curious as to what was happening to his friend, but it seemed that he was making sure that his loyalties were definitely in their place. He was asking her about her plans with the respective people that had been in their group last year. She was growing it. “The group has grown larger and for good reason. My sources have told me that there are two legendaries that are on the team now. While I don’t doubt the strength of each member, I do believe in strength in numbers along with power.” She leaned against the table behind her, assuming a position of relaxation after making sure that her skirts were in place. “As to that beloved dragon,” she said with a warm smile that soon hardened in irritation, “He’s a mystery and seems to intend to stay that way. From what I can understand, he is going back and forth on what he wants to do with the team. Quite annoying in making plans.” She sighed. She waved her hand at the table making a glass of wine appear which she sipped at as she spoke. “Young miss Naomi has been provided safe travel for whatever she chooses. Aamina actually has been travelling every evening to Cumulus to track her down. Haven’t you child?” Aamina looked the queen in the eye and nodded. “Unfortunately, Naomi is very hard to find considering that she could hide where she wished because of her small size. If it is difficult for Aamina to find her, then I have no doubt that she is hidden well. I am of the same opinion as you, regarding that she needs to be in her own environment hence the reason that I have placed Aamina on the subject.” The queen looked at the young Earth Elementian and motioned for her to walk over to her. As she continued to speak to Jahanshah. “The situations sadden and anger me.” She said avoiding putting too much pressure on Aamina’s hands. “To think that the man that my mother, and her mother with his father before her used to be a friend is very aggravating. I would have hoped that he wouldn’t have gone this far. But alas, he has. As to the appearance of the Griffin, Noe, I find it very interesting. It is rumored that in the old days they were far more common and were considered to be the lords and ladies of the skies; they helped to keep the peace once it had been obtained. To hear that one has arrived once again could mean that either there are going to be more to MAKE peace, or more to help calm Aslano before he makes any more rash decisions, or to make me go against what I wish which is to bring Aslano into submission. Too many options to consider and the trivial matter is something that we needn’t worry about.” She put the last touch on Aamina’s hands before sending her to sit back with the young prince. “The wars between Terra and Cumulus concern me greatly, but also please me. They are realizing the dire situation that is going on around me. However, if both fall under the control of the Shadow Alliance, I will become worried for that creates a mess for myself, and possibly for you to deal with.” The queen sipped at the rest of her wine and looked at Jahanshah, a tender smile on her face. “How have you been? You have considerably grown since you have allowed yourself to dress in human clothes and stayed out in the sun to train. Definitely into a good looking young man, don’t you think?” She looked at Aamina then giggled slightly. Aamina was blushing, but was able to gain her composure. Once the girl had responded, the queen looked back at the prince. “How are you stepping in to your roles as Prince?” Aamina Boy, that was far more painful than I thought it would be. Aamina kept her eyes directed away from Jahan and the queen. She hadn’t wanted him to know so much about her so soon, but the queen’s will was the queen’s will whether she liked it or not. She listened to their conversation, trying to work her nails out of her palms. The unfortunate thing was that she had finally learned to groom then nicely without having to have the queen do it. And now they were ruined. She couldn’t stop ruining everything! When the queen called her over, she couldn’t help but look surprised at the summons. Instead of arguing, she hid her surprise and walked over to the queen. As the queen spoke, she grabbed Aamina’s hands then gently pried her fingernails from the palms of her hands. The pain wasn’t that bad, but the fact was, the queen was helping her like she always did during their counseling sessions. Before she knew it, her hands were wrapped and the pain was no longer there. The queen sent her back to her seat where she was able to settle herself more into a state of calm. Jahanshah was sitting like he normally did when comfortable; bootless with his feet underneath him. And then the queen had to make it awkward again. She asked if the prince was looking good and of course, Aamina had to answer. The flush on her face was annoying, but she looked at the queen and allowed a half smile to appear. “Yes, yes I do.” She responded and then waited for what the prince would say to the queen. Viara – V V looked back at Mythyr and grinned. “The usual. Ranking provides more torture until you are as steeled as Jahfar.” she grinned after processing what Mythyr had said. They really would make a great team considering. “Well, the queen is wishing to send all of us out to make sure that the power of her people is definitely understood. Sending out all of us that vary from her two pets, Jahan and Aamina, to people that she keeps mainly for revenue and records such as Marcus Tiron, her gem designer, provides the knowledge that everyone is needed to make her kingdom successful. The very fact that you and I, Mythyr, are being sent along as Light Elementians will hold an even greater impact.” The roads were lined with smiling faces that waved at Viara who genuinely smiled back at the people. She cared about them for they cared about her. These people meant the world to her since they had accepted her even though she was from another world compared to here. As they walked along, she heared Julian ask If they were going to be training together. “Of course we will. As a team it is our job to have cohesion between our members. Younger members will be taught, and older members, or those more trained, “ she looked back and winked at Mythyr, “will work together.” She looked around as they walked through the village and noticed her favorite bakery. “Do either of you want anything to eat?” she asked knowing that she had to be nice to Julian, when the question was mainly towards Mythyr. “Ah! Viara! You must help for a moment, my fire has gone out again!” A plump old woman walked around her counter to hold V’s hands and V smiled warmly at the lady. “Of Course madam!” she said then walked over to the fire where she merely concentrated light through one hand and directed it to the coals, sending them up into a bright flame which she soon had tamed to a degree. “Here you go dear, thank you for lighting the fire again.” The old lady handed them each a filling, sourdough, sweet bun. Viara looked at the bun gratefully. She hadn't really eaten that much breakfast at all considering the poison she had been having. "Yum." After taking a good bite she looked at the others and told them to eat it while it was still warm. Isa Isa looked at Aketsu and shook her head. Tears lept to her eyes, but she kept them from falling as she took a deep breath. “No, no we didn’t. Dad wants to continue the debate. But we have war starting in Terra and Cumulus and he is continuing to put people in jail that don’t deserve it. I told him everything Aketsu and he just wont listen. If I can’t turn him, then all of the other cities will follow in his footsteps.” Isa looked at Aketsu, wondering what in the world was going on in Aero, both new and old. “What’s going on in your neck of the woods?” she asked gently. Noe Noe was happy to stay where she was for forever. She didn’t have to move, she didn’t want to, nor would she since she was glad to have Kai’s arm around her shoulders. As they walked along, she felt a small change in his positioning of his arms when all of the sudden she was swept up into his arms. Not only that, but he also kissed her quite passionately, making her heart race unexpectedly within her chest. She placed her hands around his neck and bashfully batted her eyelashes at him. “Well.” Was her only response for a few moments until he began to speak of going down one of his tunnels and finding a place that was absolutely magical. “if there is truly a place such as that, then I would more than willing go there. But just with you. And I’m not sure if I want to walk. I’m pretty comfortable right here.” She said with a giggle as she settled further into his warm embrace.
  7. *clears throat* typing up post now.....
  8. Not ready to be approved just yet Don't forget to italicize that first section with the two brothers. A tool that allows --> This tool allows programming of reality, letting you re-write subroutines and minor code strings to alter reality to your advantage. The Background and plot need to be in boldface, or above the section in a heading. Like so: There are programs that run the functions of daily life from the creation of life, all the way up to the motions of galaxies within the cosmos. devices. From --> devices such as to computers, to tablets --> computers and tablets. This access allows the user to change many things such as the weather and the properties of substances. For example, one could change the molecular behavior of a glass of water from a liquid to that of a solid. However, there are rules that must be followed when dealing with the data stream. in that --> because to have --> with no where --> nowhere attained --> obtained This next part makes no sense at all. those that he has given access to. He allows them to break the rules of the data stream only once he has accessed the stream. What "benefit" is there for the RPer to take his side? Probably --> this is probably to be mentioned --> rule in the role play This next part reads in an odd way. Try this, You must come into contact with someone who has access to the data stream in order to gain access to the data stream expressly --> this word doesn't belong here Applications doesn't need to be capitalized. Characters needs to be italicized. bio --> application transference --> transferring the profile rp --> RP If you are going to capitalize Data Control, then capitalize all instances of Data Stream. Italicize Setting and General Info About Access roleplay --> role play
  9. i third that motion! It's alright today, I am going to post after I get through some RP's that I am supposed to be editing
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  11. Hehehe, i was bad and read the post at church.....lol! Annnnywho, LN needs to post...and so does Rak......and I am loving these stories! Also, If i don't get a reply in until later tonight, it's because I have to make sure and get this homework done as well as make sure that I have some RP's reviewed
  12. Marcus Marcus looked at Sky who was obviously just as unwilling to start the day as he was. Fortunately, he had thought of that and quickly boiled a few cups of coffee so that they could sit and wake up slowly. He sat down beside her on the bed and handed her the cup. “Well, Jahanshah is supposed to be meeting with us with the group and then that’s pretty much it until the queen gives us anymore work to do. It’s not much, but it’s enough in my opinion.” He stated while looking out the window at the hills that surrounded their area within the Whisper part of the forest. It was such a beautiful sight. “Gosh I’m great.” He said aloud and waited for Skylar to react to the comment. Noe Noe looked at her husband, watching as he responded. He released her from his grasp, much to her displeasure, and held her hand. The warmth of his rather large hand was nice as it engulfed her petite hand. For Kai, he seemed upset which was abnormal. She loved her husband dearly and to see him truly upset was a frightful thing; she never really wanted to be in the room when that happened. Here, as they walked, it seemed as though he was frustrated underneath it all. Of course, sadness would be a huge play in it all thanks to the turmoil that had occurred at the war that she never, ever wanted to remember, but was forced to see behind closed eyes whenever she went to sleep. Just as she had expected, the meeting had resulted in a continuation of the war. Even her husband was upset, no, angry as he just stated. And angry while thinking about her as well. Noe couldn’t help but allow a small smile to cross her face as Kai spoke about how he was upset about how it made things more difficult on her when her life was difficult enough. A small giggle escaped during his comment about how he thought that her life shouldn’t be difficult. The saddest thing, was that her life wasn’t exactly difficult, just frustrating. Her adopted sister had the difficult part and she was touched that Kai was even worried about Isa. She and Isa were better friends than they had been, but to hear that she was close to her husband, meant the world to her. Noe had been looking around as she listened to Kai, until he stopped talking. It was then that she looked at him and noticed him biting his lip. He had done the very same thing the night that he had officially given her engagement band. It had been made out of glass so as to be less of a conductor of electricity just as all of her anklets were. Plus, they were all gifts from him. She was about to ask him what he was hiding when he asked her how she was doing. Before answering, she took a deep breath to gather her thoughts and answer him in a succinct manner. Then he suggested going on a walk that evening. Since there was nothing for them to do until everyone was gathered at the castle, it sounded like something that they should just go ahead and do, but knew that she would appreciate it more in the evening. The nights were her favorite because of the moon and the stars. They were always so mysterious and wonderful, not to mention romantic. “A walk later this evening sounds wonderful my dear.” She said and ducked underneath his good arm so that she could be closer to him as they walked down the halls. “I think a walk would be a good way to get everything off of our minds. And to answer your question, I feel defeated, disgusted, angry, confused, and worried about everything that has gone on today. It’s all very aggravating when I walk in to the meeting room after finding out that the reason that I had been sent out was to keep me from being in the meeting. Isa had no other support since you have not been officially inducted as the King’s son-in-law. I just can’t believe that Aslano would do something like this. I know he lost many friends, but to continue the bloodshed and vicious cycle…I just don’t get it.” She looked up at her husband before watching where she was walking. Isa Isa smiled as soon as she could see Aketsu’s face. Knowing that he was there, made the rest of the world suddenly disappear. He grabbed her hand to kiss it which was something that she found embarrassing for it was such a show of tender love, that she couldn’t help but feel adored and much like the princess that she was. He was the man of her dreams. Someone that was kind, loved her for who she was, didn’t hesitate to giver her an opinion, and above all, respected her as a human being, not as a princess. He was intelligent, and took care of his family. He stayed with her and supported her. Aketsu was the love that she had always wanted and she couldn’t forget that. As soon as she was in the room with the door shut, she took one step towards Aketsu and hugged him tightly to hid the blush on her face. Warmth spread through her face as she considered the fact that he called her beautiful, well, lovely to be exact. That didn’t matter. When she pulled away, Isa felt much, MUCH better than she had earlier even when kai had offered comfort and advice. There was nothing like a warm hug from the one that you held closest to your heart. “If I could choose anywhere in the world, it would be right here, next to you, in your arms.” She said, laying her head on his shoulder. “If I were to be realistic though and actually choose a physical place, it would be the Three Sisters Islands. You, me and no one else just existing on those islands. But, it wouldn’t matter where it was, just as long as I was with you and away from the infernal councils and my father.” She said hopefully. If there was a way for him to make it so that they could go back in time and spend three days together, that would be wonderful. Aamina Aamina was confused now. The prince had asked for her help, which she happily offered, and now he refused it. He must have thought that the earth cracking was because of him. She didn’t mean to harm him, or insult him, she really didn’t! Aamina followed behind him silently for a moment before she approached his side, worry quite evident on her face. He was frustrated, angry looking which almost frightened her. “S-sire.” She stated knowing that she never stuttered like that. For her, she was always straightforward and direct with her statements, not caring whether or not they insulted someone. “Please, I didn’t mean to anger you or frustrate you. I was merely offering my assistance should you require it.” Aamina looked at the young lord hoping for a change when they finally reached the Palace. She couldn’t believe it had taken her that long to gather the courage to talk to the one person that she normally didn’t have many problems talking to. Before she could utter another sentence, shadows crawled between them, around them and almost through them. Daedureth was allowing shadows to crawl and intermingle with the shadows that took shape as the Queen of Whisper, Zillah. With her deep, blood red eyes, raven black hair, and pale skin, Zillah could have been mistaken as one of the gods of death if she so chose. However, the smile and kindness that appeared on her face is what confused many of her intentions. “Children!” She said in a loving tone. She looked at Aamina who was obviously worried, then glanced at one of the advisors that appeared beside her. With a thoughtful nod, she knew that this was either a time where she could interfere, as she so loved doing, or a time where she could leave it alone to fester. Since she knew that Jahan would never bring up the subject again, and Aamina would never bring it up, she decided to take matters into her own hands. “Come with me.” She said in tones that were both happy, sad and mishcevous as she carried them both, with her shadows, to her own personal room. It was a rather ornate room with a large living area where she now held them. She was glad for the sturdiness of the room for she was sure that Aamina may, in fact, loose it. Because of this, she sent her guards out of the room, not wanting Aamina to be harmed in any way, shape or form. With a gentle push from shadows, she forced the two children into a large chair facing her. “From what my shadows and advisor tell me, it seems that a gentle subject has been broached. Due to this subject being a matter that will either tear you two apart or bring you closer, I wish for it to be out of the way as soon as possible so that the matter can be decided.” She looked at Aamina who was sitting without allowing herself to touch the young lord. It wouldn’t matter though, Aamina would soon be trembling. “now, Jahan, since you asked Aamina to allow you to learn how to be a son, learn from her you shall. To learn, or ask for help, is not a weakness. If you do not accept help, especially help that is so willingly offered despite the pain it causes, is foolish. Do you see how worried she is?” her tones were gentle, comforting even. She glanced at Aamina who was indeed worried about the young Lord not accepting her help. “are you worried Aamina? And what are you worried about?” Aamina knew that she couldn’t hid a thing from the Queen, therefore she took a small breath and spoke. “I am worried that the Prince doesn’t want my help. For, if he does not, then I am of no use.” The Queen smiled and then decided it was time to start the story. “Now, as to the pain that I mentioned earlier, you are going to watch something that was drawn from someone's mind, many, many years ago.” With a wave of her hands, the shadow in the room flooded a circular area that looked the view from a child: sounds even came from the shadows. As this small child ran around the room, she looked at everyone around her. They all smiled at her, and from the shift at the bottom of the shadows, she smiled back. Laughter filled the air as she helped her family move the earth. This little girl moved the stools around so that she could get up to the counter until she realized that her arms were too short to climb. She then used the earth to raise her to the counter so that she could help her mother make the meal. As they were preparing the food, someone knocked on the door. Of course, the little girl was helping her mother at a high point so she was told to stay. The little girl quietly watched her mother as she went to open the door. The door swung open to reveal several soldiers that were holding a warrant for her families arrest. Her older siblings all rushed towards their mother asking what was going on. When the mother refused the arrest, the soldiers took a hold of her. The little girl looked at them, wondering what was going on. When they noticed the earthen symbol on her arm, they took a hold of her, only to have little hands tear their arms away. From behind the soldiers came a rushing sound as someone sent gems running through their skulls. An older man, with the same reddish hair as the woman that was still in the grasp of the shoulders, came rushing into the house with a younger man that looked exactly like him. The younger man had the children gather behind him, but as soon as the guards knew who had killed their comrades, they attacked everyone. The little girl tried to help her mother but a sword was quickly run through the mother, spraying blood in the little girls’ eyes. The same was done to every family member except for the older brother. She did her best to help him and lead him away from the men that were chasing after them…she had to get away. By this time, just as the queen had thought, Aamina was trembling in the seat, her hands clenched in her lap. “There’s more.” The queen whispered, looking at Jahan to see his reaction. Just as Aamina’s history states, the queen showed what had happened in the mountain range, every moment from the view of Aamina who was afraid, scared and worried for her brother. It showed how she had fought and killed the men that threatened her family. How she had nearly turned on the men that had tried to help her and how she had to watch as she was carried away from the brother she loved. It showed the tears that eventually fell from the eyes of a five or six year old girl. Aamina stared at the screen, ignoring the bright glow or the necklace around her neck that flashed for a moment, then quickly dissipated. She was still trembling, and her nails had cut deep grooves into her hands that now bled onto her armor. “My sweet son, do you understand who this girl is? This girl in the image will be able to teach you many things. Above them all, she will teach you how to be a son to a mother that does love you.” The Queen looked at Jahan and before he could respond, she appeared in front of them, squatting so that she could meet his eyes. “You wanted to have an audience with me, what is it that you wished to ask of me? You know that I would do anything for you.” She knew that he would be distracted from what had happened, but she had hoped that he would still speak with her. The boy couldn’t be spared the hardships of life and if Aamina were to be his constant companion, he should know just as much about her as she knew about him. Of course, knowing Aamina, she would never open up to the young lord thanks to an annoying persistence that she was to be his helper, and nothing more. V – Viara – V Viara smiled and giggled at Mythyr as he stumbled over his words. It was always something that she found quite funny when people were caught up in the transition that was V and Viara. Of course, within her, the real her, not the shield, was arguing to be let out and stop the foolish nature of Viara, but of course, Viara was sure that she was in the right by letting people see that she could be happy. “Of course I am silly! I feel like the world is bound to change for the better every waking moment.” She smiled and spun in a circle making the real V blush inside. And when Mythyr stated that he was going to be a part of the task force, she grabbed his hand joyfully, gushing about how happy she was that they were going to be on the same Task Force. When Mythyr mentioned someone else, a sharp pain behind her eyes began as she smiled at him, still finding it rather funny that people found it so strange for there to be such a happy woman in the halls of whisper. Before Viara could do anything more foolish than she had, V released Mythyr’s hand and in a split second, she was a completely different person. She bowed back with a more mature, womanly smile on her face. Her stature changed from one of a giddy girl, to one of the stature of an adult knowing how to act. “I’m terribly sorry. It seems that you were caught in an experiment. For that I greatly apologize. However, I have to admit that the surprise on both of your faces was rather hilarious.” She smiled and chuckled slightly before turning to the guards who were snickering: They knew that Viara, and V, were one in the same, but she would never tell anyone who didn’t already know it. When she did so, they quickly hid within the gate walls. “To properly introduce myself, I am V Justus, Third Rank Assassin of the Queen’s personal Shades, Apprentice to Master Assassin, Jahfar.” She bowed deeply at that point, then stood up, looking each of them in the eye. “I am assuming that each of you were summoned by the Queen, therefore I shall take you to where we are to meet the others.” She said her statement leaving no room for question. “Please, this way.” Her words were courteous, but she didn’t seem to allow that kindness to go any further. As she walked past the guards, they watched her closely, to which she lunged at them suddenly, making many of the jump. She giggled much like Viara and waved farewell to them leaving the guards muttering about how they wished there was a balance, or how they wished that they could get along with that girl better.
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  20. Isa Isa followed Kai, feeling secure for once. When Aketsu wasn’t around she knew that she could go to Kai if anything was troubling her and she wished for a male opinion. Aketsu had been, and still was as far as she knew, Kai’s male tutor and companion. There were times that they didn’t get along, but they were to be brother-in-laws (she hoped!) someday. Kai stopped at the intersection where rooms went in four separate ways. He was to go to see Noe, and she was to go to see Aketsu. When he mentioned her getting sleep, she felt touched, but also laughed. Only a year of knowing one another and he already knew how set she was in her ways of thinking and actions. Too stubborn to function at times. “Thank you for your support Kai. And, well, when sleep becomes more feasible I’ll be sure and give it a try.” She smiled and waved at Kai as he rushed off towards her room where Noe would be waiting. The two were extreme love birds which only made her smile in happiness for the two…until she and Noe had a confrontation. As she walked down the hallways to Aketsu’s room, she couldn’t help but think of how far she and Noe had finally come. Isa used to hate the little weather brat thanks to her being adopted by Isa’s father. Noe had received the same education and had come out all the better for it. She was a calm debater while Isa was more passionate. It was easier for her to get along with the political women, and Isa was able to get along more with the men. As a team, they would have been able to be a complete queen, but Isa was to be queen, and Noe, along with Kai, her advisors should her father die before she was married. Before she knew it, Isa was at her beloved’s door. For some reason, she was nervous, but excited to see him. Everything was far too busy lately and she might actually have some time to sit and talk with him. Isa straightened out her dress, and slipped a stray lock of violet hair back behind her ear. Her ornate, beaded circlet was starting to itch, but she endured it, knowing that this is what she had to wear as the sole successor of the throne. Knock. Knock. “Aketsu?” V – Viara “Yahoo!” People smiled around her as she rode around the town smiling and waving at people, even those that she didn’t know. Her ride was daily and most of the time, especially when V wanted to enjoy a slow, easy, ride, Viara would take over and have a blast as V watched from the background. “really? You have to do this?” V whispered to herself as Viara giggled. A child ran in front of the horse but Viara deftly missed the child, picked him up, and took him for a ride with her until she returned him to his family. By this time, she was well into Viara with V nowhere in sight which was irritating V to no end. Viara wound down every road at a swift speed until she approached the front gates, giggling and talking to herself. Her dark armor and weapons were a stark contrast to her bubbly behavior as she approached the guards. “Good morning boyos!” she called as she jumped down from her rather large stallion. The young stallion pranced behind her, but nipped at anyone that came too close. “Good morning Viara!” the guards said in unison. The two at the gates allowed a small smile to cross their lips as Viara spoke with the guards in the guard house. “What are the plans for today fellas? I know that I’m supposed to meet with the new team, but how about ya?” Viara stood with her hands behind her back as she bounced on her tippy toes. “Well, we have several refugees that are coming in, and I think a few new team members, some students, you know, the normal.” The guard was obviously enamored with the young girl in front of him and his posture stated so. “Anything that I can help w----“ Viara looked out on the road to see two travelers that were coming at the gates. She looked at the head guard who rolled his eyes, giving her the okay. “Hi there!” she shouted happily as she skipped up to them. “Welcome to the mighty city of Whisper where all your dreams can come true as long as you swear fealty to our wonderful, merciful Queen Zillah.” She giggled and smiled at the two travelers. “What brings you by here today?” she asked with a cutsie smile on her face. The two guards that had been standing by the gate threw their eyes to the sky before walking back behind the gate. there was no reason for them to stand there with Viara. She could handle herself for as far as they were concerned. Inwardly, V groaned at the “cayyoooteness” until she noticed Mythyr. HEY! That's Mythyr! "Aren't you Mythyr?" Viara squealed in delight as she skipped closer to him with a grin. "Do you remember me? I'm Viara!" Now my entire reputation is ruined..... If V could be seen with a desk, she would be hitting her head against it repeatedly thanks to the cuter side of herself. Noe Noe was looking around, hating the fact that she didn’t have some ability to tell her where people were or where they were coming from. It was annoying! With a sigh, she was about to walk away when she heard footstep. Stepping back to her post she looked around, wondering where the steps were coming from. Thanks to the echoing nature of the halls, she couldn’t tell. When she turned to where she could finally hear the steps, she was officially glomped by her loving husband. Surprise was first, but then an overwhelming amount of love bubbled up as she hugged her husband as close to her as she could. There was a large release of stress as she stood there hugging him, knowing that he was probably informed of the news as well. “That tickles!” she giggled when Kai buried his face in her neck but accepted the love anyways. She brushed her nose against his with a smile on her face after he gave her a quick kiss. She placed her arms on his shoulders and looked him in the eye, studying him. “How are you?” she asked still smiling, not really wanting to get into the knitty gritty of what had happened that morning. She could already guess as much, and was glad that her husband had been there to be with Isa. Marcus Marcus didn’t want to wake up. Marcus hated waking up. “Why do I have to wake up?” he grumbled. Luckily for him, waking up meant getting to see his wonderful fiancées face now. The best part of every day was getting to see her before they had to go to work for the queen. Not only did he have to travel with the brat pack as a scribe of sorts, he also had his duties to make sure that the queen had every single gem that she wished as well as provide a source of income for the kingdom. Oh joy. “Sky, wake up dear.” He said walking to where she was, leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. Aamina Aamina kept eye contact with the prince until he turned away. He spoke about not having a mother to which she responded, “I know this.” She didn’t stop listening to him as he worried about not knowing how to have a mother. From what she could gain from Lady Vanna’s personality, she was a very driving uncaring woman while her husband was the more tender of the two. Fortunately, Aamina knew the history of the Queen as she had had to learn it from the Queen herself. Aamina was to teach everything to Jahanshah about the Queen, so why shouldn’t she teach him the history as well. He knew part, but not all. She was going to tell him about the Queen’s mother, but he looked to have been thinking a bit more than normal, and then a light bulb went off. Jahan began to speak excitedly about Aamina and praising her, making a slight flush appear on her face. She wasn’t used to being praised. It was nice to hear such compliments from the young man that she was to be beside for as long as the Queen called for. She was smiling until… "...you know what the Queen would want as a mother, yes?" Aamina nodded, hiding the discomfort that she felt. She knew what a loving mother wanted, knew what she would sac— "You're someone's child, so you know better than I--" Without even thinking, the earth in front of Aamina, towards the arena, cracked open and rippled at the same time. Her face showed no emotion however which was probably more frightening than her showing emotion. Ignoring all parts of her that were once a little girl, once a young child bouncing around her loving parents, hugging her siblings and feeling their love, she turned to the prince with a slight smile as she straightened out the earth in front of her. “Was someone’s child sire. Was. Do not worry though, you are free to say anything around me m’lord without any need to hold back.” She took a small breath and let it out, ignoring the glow of the gem around her neck, signifying that it was ready to be used since she was inwardly in a moment of turmoil. “I was someone’s daughter when I was younger. I can teach you how to rely on the Queen as she wishes you to, and help you learn the love that she wishes to give. Her only fear is that you would refuse her because of the treatment of your own mother.” Aamina continued to look the prince in the eye, her own void of any emotion other than the pleasure of being able to help the prince. If the prince were perceptive enough, he would be able to see the little girl within Aamina, still mourning over the loss of her parents, siblings and possibly her older brother that she adored. The little girl that hid away in an earthen core, never free to cry, never free to scream out the injustice of it all until it was time to train or fight. Then she would appear and force her anger into every deadly movement.
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  22. Isa Isa listened to the ever perceptive Kai who never seemed to be afraid to speak his mind. Ever since she had met him, tact was never one of his more prudent qualities, making him someone that she trusted; he didn’t lie. He knew that she needed help getting through this and it was really between him, Yuaki and Aketsu that she trusted her mind with. Noe she only trusted because she could throw her pretty far if she so wished. He nailed everything right on the head. Her father wasn’t listening at all. No one was listening to those that had been right on the forefront of the entire field of battle that they were going to start. Leith was dead, Ayama, BattleMate and her mate. Her father had experienced this same sadness, so why did he wish, and why did the Queen wish, to force this sadness upon others? He continued on, knowing what was truly in her heart, for it was in the hearts of the others. A soft exhale left her when Kai spoke about those that had died. She and Noe had been raised with Ayame, grew up with Leith, and had classmates that passed away as well as friends that they had made on the road. Nothing compared to having the feeling of life wrenched away from you. “Yeah.” She whispered before wiping away the large tears that were falling from her eyes. “You don’t have to apologize Kai. You are right. It’s not just me that’s right, it’s everyone…the Guardians of Peace. There are those that have seen what we have seen and still they won’t listen to what is going on. Then there are those that haven’t seen it and wonder what the big deal is.” She glanced in the direction of Blaise, a person to whom she would forever be connected to as a ‘star sibling’. He had mentally stated something earlier about her being rash and fighting to stop fighting. He was much like Kai in his lack of tact at times, but he was brutal. Maybe she truly was arrogant. She wasn’t meaning to, but had to find a way to protect her people from the onslaught that was being proposed. “Oh well. I think that it is time that we each returned to our respective loves that await us. From what I can see, Noe is waiting at my room, and Aketsu is in his room. Shall we?” she asked Kai awaiting for him to take the lead. She didn’t want to talk much about this any longer. She was sure that Noe had heard something and Aketsu had probably met with the same struggles as she had in their meetings. Viara – V V allowed herself to wake up for another few minutes before people really began to pour through the entire building. It was about time to go out for a ride and make sure that she was ready to face the day. Only about two hours were left for her to eat and do as she wished until it was time to finally join Lord Jahansha’s team and become the woman that the Jahfar was planning for her to be. As an assassin, she was valuable, as a person? She wasn’t so sure. The constant mood changes made her unpredictable, but at least Viara understood the importance of her job. As V walked to the cafeteria to get her meal, prepared by herself so as to avoid any poisons again, she thought about how Viara reacted to situations. She confused people with her cuteness and often made sure that she was the center of attention. It was a great distraction tactic that V never considered. Cute just wasn’t her thing. However, if you needed someone to get the job done quickly and efficiently without any worry to the causalities, she was your girl. Her heart was hardened to death just as her mind was hardened toward warmth for others when in the mind of V as she was now. A small headache began behind her eyes, signaling that Viara wished to speak with her. V picked up into a run to the stables where she quickly requested her favorite horse, a large racing stallion by the name of Victros. He was relatively calm for her, but would attempt to kill anyone that approached besides V, Viara or the old stablemaster. When he was saddled by the stable master, he pranced out into the open just as the headaches were getting worse. “Hya!” V spurred Victros down the road. “I said later not now!” She shouted into the air. “So? Riding is fun! Wheeeeee!” Viara squealed in delight as she rode down the road as fast as Victros would let her. Aamina She half grimaced, half smiled when Jahan stated that emotions appealed to the masses. It was something that never understood for the emotions of happiness, love and joy were so far gone, that the only emotions she understood were hatred, anger, and fear. Of course, she did ‘love’ the prince and the queen, but that was a different love. Not the one that was born innately. “Emotions…” she mumbled to herself. When he began to speak about the queen, Aamina began to grin. Meeting with these so called Guardians of Peace would be a meeting indeed. From the information that she had been receiving, they were a small number even if their group might contain two legendary children. No matter though, they were strengthened in numbers, training and overall skills. Their cohesion was better than most as well thanks to the fact that they were all required, on pain of death, to work together. “A meeting I shall be glad to have.” She smiled darkly before considering what the prince said about the Queen. “M’ lord, you do know that she would make time for you if you would but ask.” Aamina looked at the prince curiously. He was always this way with the queen when the queen herself was always asking Aamina how the prince was doing, what he was doing, and how his development was coming. Of course, some of this was as a queen checking on the training of her star pupil and successor, but other times, there was a hint of motherly tenderness when it came to the young lord. “I am not sure if this is my place or not sire… However, you do realize that she views you as a son and does not treat you as a task master like she does others.” Aamina’s face grew hard as she spoke. “Her tenderness in regard to you is like something that a true mother would give to her children.” Emotionless. Remain Emotionless. Aamina stated to herself before she looked at the prince. Aamina hadn’t had trouble with memories for quite some time. “You are her heir. Do not hesitate to consider her to be your mother and ask of her what you will. She would give you the world, and will.”
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