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  1. Viara V couldn't help but smirk at Julian's uncomfortable stumbling and pauses in his words. She tended to have that effect on people because she was so direct. Only when she was fighting with them, or when Viara came out, would she really ever show anything other than abruptness and determination in what she said and did. The one thing that threw her off, and would have thrown some people into a rage, was when he bunched her in with everyone else from the Light Alliance. She did have to admit though, that her ability WAS an ability from the Light Alliance. There was just no way around that. As if the Shadow Alliance needed help any longer. As if there was a need for her to have a heart. It was strange though how it seemed as those that were further away from Whisper had more issues. She should have remembered that... "To be honest, the only people to know my history are my fellow Shades and the Queen and that is how it should be. As to the reason that I joined, we each have our own, do we not?" She looked at him trying to ignore the headache beginning behind her right eye, making it known that Viara was going to jump out if she didn't avoid the subject. "To place the reason succinctly, the Light Alliance doesn't take too kindly when you aide people from the Shadow Alliance in escaping their escapades." She looked at him in a manner that signified that she was finished speaking about her side of the story. Her story was the reason that she and Aamina were able to get along so well: they were very similar in their histories and desires even though Viara and Aamina didn't quite get along. As long as V was in control, Aamina was a confidant. "Do tell why you decided to come to Whisper? I understand that Metallum is indeed a well defended city. Oh, and make sure to call me V." She looked at him with a slight grin. Marcus Marcus looked at SKy's challenge and couldn't help but grin at her sudden ferocity. she always loved a race in the morning as well as the challenge. It was fun for him as well especially since it allowed Aodh a chance to get a good, long, gallop in before the day began. He spurred Aosh on and just as he caught up to her, Artemis quickly sped up again. He smiled again as Aodh challenged Artemis, making sure that Marcus was able to speak with his fiance. "How about we go to the old gazebo?" he asked her as they raced on.
  2. :{ I sorries Glad the fair was alright Edit: Hey, what do you guys want to see in the Kinder-Elementary school RP?
  3. No, I'm afraid that there are still sections to go through that need corrections. Before I do that, review what I stated in my last critique, you still have things that are not finished. Specifically the headings of each section.
  4. @Rak: Oh lol I'm just chilling today with some homework so no one should be worrying about posting isokay!
  5. Whaa? I do RP Aamina......I iz now even more confuzzled, but I think that DP has it correct. @Rak - Huh? I know you guys have your own plans, lol!!!!!!!! EDIT: And until mom calls, I am going to work on the freeform for kinder. heheheheheheheehehehehe, I can't help but giggle thinking about this.
  6. Did you complete what was needed above?
  7. I know you all have your own plans >.< And Lach, that is something that is a work in progress between Jahan, Zillah and Aamina lol
  8. lol, yes I meant Sky And ya'll? Good children? *pfft* there's always something that you're planning lol!!!!!
  9. Noe Noe was definitely enjoying her time with Kai when he had to interrupt it for such a silly thing as oxygen. Like they really needed that? Besides, couldn’t he breathe through the dirt or something? Well, she couldn’t breathe through the weather though. Ugh! When he began to talk about the stone, she just stared at him waiting for him to realize that talking about where the granite and the fixtures on their house came from was not what she wanted to do at the moment. He paused for a second and mumbled something underneath his breath making Noe smile. After stopping himself from speaking about their home, he met her the same way that she had met him earlier, it was just that this time, he picked her up of the couch and as they further expressed their love for one another, Kai skated across the floor to where the foyer to their bedroom was. Noe could feel her smile consistently growing larger as Kai spoke about them trying out everything in the house. The garden where they would be able to grow their own food. Tthe larger kitchen where she would easily be able to fix meals for her husband, or where they could work on meals together. The living room and dining room where they could entertain guests. Oh how she wanted to have their friends over! Just not right now. When he mentioned the bedroom, Noe couldn’t help but giggle mischeviously. When he mentioned Aketsu knowing where they were, and the others knowing that they were busy, she couldn’t help but hope that Kai had given them a good reason instead of “My wife and I need a bit of a break so don’t bother us.” If he had said that to Isa, she was never going to hear the end of it. When he shut the doors behind them, Noe looked at Kai with tender love in her eyes. He knew everything that she had wanted and within a year of knowing her. What kind of person would care that much about her? Well, her husband of course. They had had their few spats that usually ended quickly because neither of them really enjoyed confrontation, but they had grown from every situation that they had been placed in. Now, she had the most wonderful man holding her in their home that he had created from his own abilities. Oh how she loved him! Aamina and Queen Zillah Aamina looked at Jahan as he stared at her, wondering if he would let her go to get Celeste. If he chose to go, she would have to wheedle him out of that because she couldn’t imagine him travelling with that girl for a few days even if they hd the fastest steeds in the entire kingdom! No. She would have to go. There was just no way around it. Just because she didn’t like the girl, didn’t mean that she disobeyed an order from her Lord and that was how she was going to have to view it. This was no longer a request, but an order. The prince looked confused for a moment, which was highly understandable. Aamina NEVER, EVER said no to her prince. Never. Ever, ever, ever. Ever. Not going to happen, but she did it. She said “No” to him before she could even stop herself. There was no way that she was going to be able to deal with Celeste, but neither was she going to give over to her. Never! And then the lights turned on which suddenly gave Aamina a sinking feeling. “Aamina! I didn't realize the meetings were so important to you!" They aren’t that important… “I'm really glad to have your help with them and you're right; you shouldn't go,” What? “there's no way I could run a meeting like this without you!” It’s my job. “ So, since I know you can do anything I tell you to,” Yes you can. “ let's do it this way; you stay and run the meeting for me. You know how I like things run, and you're really good at that.” Wait, what? “ I'll go find Celeste and greet her in person! That's how it's going to be, no need to say another word.” No. Again, that dreaded word was fighting it’s way back up and it didn’t help that the queen was watching her every move as Aamina’s face stayed just as the element she controlled. Stony. No emotions since she was controlling them all within herself. It was at that split moment that the queen was trying not to laugh, or smile, or snort, that Aamina had an idea. With a slight twitch towards the Queen, she allowed the woman to enter her mind. Yes my child? Zillah’s inner voice was definitely laughing as hard as it could. What if you run the meeting? Some of them have never met you and then some have. Aamina was definitely grasping at straws here. Anything to keep Jahanshah from being with Celeste. Aamina, you know how busy I am. As if I could run the meeting? The queen was still laughing, but her tone became serious. I understand that my queen, but you placed me as guardian over Jahanshah as well as advisor. You know him. Even though he has grown exponentially in his studies and human interaction, he still needs aide. Would you trust his aide to Celeste? I would trust those that have sworn their fealty to him. However, your point is duly noted. One moment. The queen looked at Jahan thoughtfully after he had asked his question. “Jahan, I think that there is something that you are still missing in your equation. Would you trust your protection to a normal guard? I cannot spare any of my Shades and even then, they do not know your habits, nor do they understand how you work as a prince. You will be alone for two, possibly four days if you travel on your own. Travel would be faster with an earth elementian and I have on other that could travel with you. But the guards are the only thing that I would worry about.” Aamina desperately hoped that this would change Jahan’s opinion in the situation. It didn’t necessarily scare her to be away from Jahan, but she had been away from him before. If they weren’t in the same city, it felt as though she were no longer complete. Viara – V Your own impressions haha! Viara couldn’t say that aloud, she knew Mythyr was like that. Sometimes, that was the reason that he got into trouble though. He didn’t let people try and help him out regarding people. Most of the other stuff he said, she just kinda ignored because it was all the same stuff about how people were hurt and more often than not it made them who they were. She knew that. No one really understood what had happened to her, and Mythyr was one who would probably never know. No one in her team would ever know and she was fine with that. She listened as he told of the legend and what he didn’t know when he responded to Julian’s question. When Mythyr went to speak with Aoi and Promise, she was responsible for their files, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “First, the legend is true. There are old ways that the Shadow Elementians lost that allowed one to bind their shadow to an object. You will often find people going in and out of the doors while touching some part of it. Somehow, energy passes to them at times, usually when the kingdom is in good standing as it is now.” V took a deep breath and thought about Julain’s question. “As far as I know, there will be a plant elementian and a water/ice elementian that will be here. A young girl by the name of Naomi and an older girl by the name of Celeste. Why?” of course, V sounded abrupt, but she was truly curious as to why he would want to know that. Isa Isa listened to her beloved talking about his family. He always sounded so proud of them, it was just his oldest brother held the most weight even though Aketsu had been the one to rescue them and Aketsu had been the one to go on to war and deliver the messages to the queen, not Kurago. To know that New Aero would go with whatever her father decided, made things harder for her to get through to everyone else. Would they have to start something akin to a rebellion to be able to get her father’s attention that what he was doing was no longer in the right, but rather, in the wrong? She was able to release a breath that she had been holding for some time. Thank goodness Aero wasn’t raising troops and to be honest, she was glad that they were providing refuge for those who were being hunted. She didn’t like the feeling of being hunted and she knew that others didn’t either. Maybe Aero could be a sort of safe haven, or an untouchable if war truly broke out. Terra and Cumulus were starting to become restless and tired of not being included. They were going to crack soon. At least they had each other. Aketsu was right, she didn’t need to worry about anything other than having her wonderful Aketsu there in the end of things. It would be nice tough if they could all escape to the Three Sisters Islands to just rest there with all of the Elementians and create some sort of alliance that could tame both Zillah and her father and get them to see reason. The small breeze that blew in from the window held a tantalizing scent on it. Her favorite bread! When Aketsu stood with his back to her for her to hop on so that they could ride down, she did so with glee, not really having anything other to say except for a smile and a gentle kiss. “Things are going to be rough Aketsu, but we can do this.” She said to confirm her thoughts to herself as well as encourage him. Marcus Marcus handed Sky the reins to Arty and gratefully took Aodh’s reins. The horses were starting to act calmly with one another, as well as act calmly with the people that were fiancées to one another. It was definitely MUCH appreciated. When he hopped up on Aodh, he grabbed a few pieces of jerky out of his saddle bag and handed a piece to Celeste while he took a bite of his own. “You ready to go?” he had a twinkle in his eyes and with the way that the horses were pawing the ground, they were all wanting to race.
  10. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggleglomps/bearhugs* WE MISSED YOU! Okay, I'm here for the next hour or so, or until 1:55 my time. So sorry for disappearing like that everyone. I found out that i had an exam today (which I just finished) and I had to get a ton of homework done and even then had to skip my first morning class. Ugh! So, I am making up a post and should have it up soon. Other than the infamous Lachrymation reappearing from the depths of the ocean, is there anything else that I need to know? Love and Hugs!
  11. Sooo yeah, I really hate this, I do. Got home late due to my car nearly breaking down for a bit. This week is officially over and I am more than glad as Silver, I am quite sure, can tell you I am unable to post, but I will be house sitting so I may get some down time where I can post this week which will be a great relief to me. I might actually get homework done! *legasp!* I've gotta go clean my room for the beginning of school, again. And then I have to crash for a long day tomorrow. Night night!
  12. *joins in the lack of lach pandemonium* OKAY! I gunna try and post today. hehehehee, then I must get to homework...AGAIN..... EDIT: CRAP! I totally forgot about youth group. UGH! I have part of the post done.....
  13. Neeever mind. I forgot that I had to help mom out with making a PP to go with our Children's Ministry meeting tomorrow lol! I will try and post sometime tomorrow, no ga-ron-tees though Nighty night!
  14. It's not too late, and making a post usually helps my mind wind down. <3
  15. Okay, I'm going to make a post then go pass out.
  16. EDIT: Page topppeeerrrrrr GOSH DANGIT! I thought I had him written out! No! I did! He was totally written out and i just didn't copy and poast his section..... anywho, not posting tonight. Too late and I have to go to work again tomorrow. G'night peeps! PS. DP, did you resend the form after you edited it again?
  17. I....i think Zillah is going to die of laughter.....that or Aamina's glares.
  18. I'm not even finished reading and I'm dying!!!!!!! Aamina's face right now: (O).(O) Noooooo! V: >.> You sound like an old man. Isa: WHEEEEE! Noe: I now am going to get off. I am exhausted I have laughed and am happy now Thank you for the hilarity of Jahanshah. Aamina is going to FREAK.
  19. *dies!* Hahahahahahaha! Now I must go read. Rak, yes, it is a competition of sorts lol and thanks! It was just the way I imagined a home like that yeah, I agree that they will be vanishing!
  20. I was laughing the entire time..... *wipes tears away* I couldn't stop!
  21. Queen Zillah The Queen raised her brow when Jahan looked away from Aamina as she responded. Something that she hadn’t expected. That was something that she would have to learn from Jahan, humility in one’s appearance. The queen was most definitely a woman to behold. With a figure to rival a woman fifteen years her younger, long, jet-black hair, and ruby eyes with a clear complexion, she was definitely beautiful. Betzalel never hesitated in telling her so either. Her confidence was definitely high in that area. When she broached the subject of his duties, she noted that his face lit up. To easy huh? She thought to herself after filling her glass with water instead of more wine. She nearly spilled the glass in surprise when Jahan called her mother. It had been some time that she had been waiting to hear him call her that beloved word. Due to her position, not many men were to even call her a prospect in their scheme of love and war. Therefore, she had never had a child. Jahan was the closest thing to a child, as was Aamina and a few others, but none were as important to her as Jahan. The word made her smile. “As to the first my son, you should enjoy the time while it lasts. There will be a time where you will have to rule on your own and at that point you will have Aamina there to guide you for she learns from me as well in our sessions.” She glanced at Aamina who’s underlying tone in her “stare” at the queen was reminisce of “Oh come on! You had to tell him that?!” “The second, regarding your birth parents, I am glad that they have decided to breed a new heir. Their line has always been some of the best and their family has always been a part of my courts whether in brothers, sisters, or the heads of the household themselves. Oh, and please do refer to young Vladaar as your brother. You need to make sure to keep a tender mind towards him.” Shadows reached from her eyes for a split second before retreating. “Siblings are far too important to disregard.” She looked at him, hoping that he caught her meaning. It was definitely not something to discuss with her regarding her history. When he turned to Aamina and asked her to look up Celeste, the Queen was in the middle of a sip of water and she spluttered in a very not-so-ladylike manner as she tried to hide her laughter. She had deviously pried out of Aamina the reason that she hated Celeste. Not only was the girl very dramatic about her situation, but she was also one that seemed to be weak to Aamina. Now the Queen had told Aamina that because she was a stoic type of person, anyone that laid themselves bare on their sleeve was going to annoy her. They did annoy the queen, but Celeste was devoted to Jahan. To Aamina, this was Celeste’s only good quality. The Queen couldn’t even look Aamina in the eye as she stepped over to the queen, handing her a tissue. Zillah gently waved Aamina off with a grin as she pulled the rest of the water out of her lungs. She wondered what Aamina was to say. Aamina Eveyrhting was better now. The Queen was having a grand time talking to Jahan, and Aamina was finally beginning to relax. She allowed herself to lean on the arm of the chair and place her head on her hand. Her face was still much like her element: emotionless. It was nice to hear the voice of the queen without her having to talk back to her. Talking was so overrated. Especially when the queen mentioned her and Aamina talking together. She glanced at Jahan before “glaring” at the queen whose eyes merely twinkled. She internalized her frustration to the woman that took her in and continued to stare at her when she spoke, then stare at Jahan when he spoke. It was definitely an interesting conversation. The queen was very secretive for a moment when speaking about siblings which Aamina only half understood. It was a story that she had yet to receive the privilege of hearing, probably never would. Buuuut, that wasn’t all. Jahan turned to her and she turned to him, keeping her expression level. Her bangs framed her face and her short hairstyle made her look far older than she was. The light was hitting her brown eyes just right so as to give them a gentle, orange glow. The Queen was shocked at her sudden appearance. Aamina listened to the first few words but as soon as Jahan said the name “Celeste” her face molded into one of shock, irritation and sudden concern at the queen choking on her water. She quickly walked over to her and handed Zillah a handkerchief that she accepted but waved her off, hiding her face which was clearly mirthful in the situation. Annoying woman. Aamina mentally berated herself as she rewound the situation, then played it again. He wanted HER of all people to check up on Celeste. To go get that annoying, melodramatic, oh poor me, infuriating woman who pawed at the princes feet like a sniveling dog. Oh this was going to be hard. The Prince wanted her to go check up on THAT person! Why meeeeee???? “No.” She stopped and realized that she had said no. And now the queen was laughing harder. Really? REALLY?!! “I-I mean of course m’Lord. I will travel to Cumulus to find that person as soon as we are done here. As long as you don’t mind me not attending the meeting we have scheduled for this afternoon.” Her words were very tight and instead of the kindness and pleasure that normally tinted her voice when she spoke, her words were chewed and spat out more out of obedience than respect. She sat back down where she was earlier, totally not controlling her appearance, allowing herself to flop on the chair with her legs curled underneath her as she leaned on the side of the chair, staring off into the distance. Her hair covered her face now hiding the slight pout that she wore. Why’s he have to think about HER? Well duh, he is in lordship over her. He would have to. Viara – V V was surprised that the older woman still remembered Mythyr. But then again, who could forget the handsome, boyish face and the fact that he was a Tri. She gently scratched part of the large sun mark that spread over her back and allowed one large ray to reach up to the base of her neck. It was really annoying for many people always asked her if she had been injured, but when she was to wear traditional clothing, as she was tonight at the dinner, the queen would consistently make her wear dressed that showed off her mark. Mythyr’s mark was easily concealable on the back of his hand. In fact, most people had a concealable mark. Irritating. She distracted herself by taking a bite of the sweet bun and chewing it a few more times before falling in step beside Julian and Mythyr. She had to warn him. Even though she didn’t really like him, Viara did, and that side of her was begging her to warn him about the people that would be there. Well, and Julian of course. “Just be careful Mythyr. Please?” she looked at him, her golden eyes begging him to take a second to consider who was there. Not many knew about, or had truly met/worked with the young Lord until a year ago. “Jahanshah is not one to enjoy….rambunctiousness. Neither is his constant companion, Aamina. Both are young, but quite powerful since they were trained properly. Marc and Sky you should have no issues getting along with. Celeste and Naomi are young and will probably enjoy being near you. Renzo, avoid him. Even though you share an element, avoid him. Promise, Creos, Aoi and Gear I’m not too sure about. Just, just be careful okay? Both of you?” her tone was “gentle” for her and for those that knew her, it was her only way to show that she cared for you; warn you of the bad things. She looked at Julian wondering if he understood. “Besides, I have to keep myself in check.” She giggled at her own comment that had been whispered to herself. “Whisper is definitely a place that is home to many,” her eyes took on a distant look as she looked at the castle that they were about to enter. “Keep in mind that all types are here, and all types are welcome. Remember that there are those that you have to be wary of, such as the Queen herself, and there are those that you can be open with like such people as Mythyr.” She said as she battled through a quick result of the poison; nausea. Noe Noe giggled happily as Kai ran through the tunnels. It was always quite thrilling to have him carry her when he did that especially since it reminded her of the races that they could have when she was feeling like a little girl. They did that at times just outside the forest where they could have free run. He would run on the ground and she would do her best to outfly him as high as she could. The higher she was, the harder it was to breathe even though she was a griffin. Yet, due to her not being raised as a griffin, she had to build her resilience and strength against high winds, low oxygen and a mixture of the two. She was having a blast with the rush of knowing that Kai couldn’t see, but she could. It was definitely fun until he slid to a stop with light above them. As hands sprouted from the sand around his ankles, she felt him place his hand over her eyes and run a finger along her lips which was something that made her heart beat. The sand was irritating and now she couldn’t figure what would make him so tender about a meadow. She made a pouty face and did her best not to get nauseous as she felt them rising up from the ground and felt him step out of something and onto the ground….she hoped. She could hear a gentle breeze that was making leaves rustle and grass sing. Crunch … crunch … crunch. And then he stopped walking. He sat her down on her feet where she could feel grass tickling her legs, and could tell that stone cobbles were underneath her feet. Welcome home? But it’s not that hard to go to the flat… she thought to herself with a skeptic look on her face as Kai placed his hand back over her eyes. When the sand and his hand were removed, it all hit her. In front of her was a wonderful looking hill, that was actually a home. There was grass that grew all around it, a wonderful cooling system, and even grew in a healthy manner until it reached the trees where the grass was covered with leaves. There was a garden that already had many plants growing in it. Her steps were cautious as she took in everything. The multi-hued steps, onyx steps, expert workmanship on the chimney, and finally the design on the door. She couldn’t help but touch it and smile as she noticed that it was her with Kai forever near her heart. As he would be for all time of course. Without even thinking of asking Kai if it was theirs, she stepped inside to a well-lit home thanks to small sky lights around the house that brought in plenty of light. There were two windows next to her, and further in the house, she could see where they were. She stepped in further, too surprised to say anything. The walls were solidified and would definitely not be damaged due to rain. Everything from their home was here. In the foyer where she stood were some of her pieces of artwork as well as some of the pottery that she had convinced Kai to make and allow her to glaze. They were beautiful. As she walked further into the home, she noticed that there, to her right was a kitchen for her to cook with everything that she would ever need. Wood was even freshly stacked next to the stove. Attatched to the kitchen was a large pantry full of foods that she would eat both as a human as well as a griffin, with food for Kai as well. Across from the kitchen, on her left, was a large dining room that would be able to hold their friends should they visit, but only by expanding the small table that had room for four. If they ever decided to have children, the table was the perfect height for both adult and child. The dining room had windows that looked out into the forest, but were covered with a ledge that would allow her to open the windows without worrying about the interior becoming damp during a rainy season as they oft had. She walked further into the home and noted that part of the house went off to the right and another to the left. On her right was a living room that would allow them to entertain their friends and family in simple comfort, nothing too lavish, for that was not the way that she and Kai operated. It looked as though the cushions were made by a plant elementian which was something that she appreciated. Some of the chairs were made of intricate stone work and her favorite picture, one of her and Kai painted by the master painter in their kingdom was framed by a very skillful piece of artwork itself. She could tell that the frame was made by her beloved Kai and no other. His knowledge of how things flowed and his own love was placed into every inch of that frame: of this house. She turned to her left and there, she passed through another one of the large, circular archways (this one had a door) that lead into another small foyer. This one, to the right, had a door that lead into a bathroom that held a single closet where both her clothes and Kai’s were stored very neatly, much to her pleasure. The stone countertops were polished and clean with a mirror that they could share. Everything was perfect. The bathroom held one last door that lead into the bedroom. This was where her breath was absolutely taken away. The four posts of the bed were made of living trees that grew into the dirt that their house was built out of. Above the bed, the tree branches molded into a living canopy that would forever be living. Into the bark, were detailed scrolls and the various marks that belonged to the light alliance. The branches met at the top and formed a small nest where nothing was living, but the talent was amazing. The bed itself had crisp, neat sheets that made her feel at home. The night stands were made out of dark earth, and the lanterns beside their beds were made to adhere to the nightstands. There were two small windows on either side of the bed with a larger window to their right that had a small hollow much like the one that she had grown up with in her own room. Soft billowy curtains were on each window as they were in the rest of the house. Words couldn’t express how thrilled Noe was with the home that Kai had given her, or rather, built for them. She stepped back through the foyer and in to the living room where she decided to sit down on one of the chairs to look out one of the windows. When she looked back at Kai, her mind still absorbing the majesty and beauty of their simple, clean, yet large-enough-to-have-company, underground home, there were tears of happiness in her eyes. “Our home.” She smiled as a happy laugh/sob escaped her. She jumped from where she was into Kai’s arms, firmly kissing him, hoping to convey her joy and happiness in what he had done. Not only was she kissing him, but she wouldn't let him go! Her hands were placed firmly on either side of his face, keeping him close to her, not realizing that she would have to breathe soon. (( *headdesk* Noe, you must breathe! Noe: )) Isa Isa couldn’t help but giggle at Aketsu’s first comment. His brothers were definitely on the weirder side of the spectrum, but they were all highly intelligent and able to carry conversations with other nobles very easily. She was quite glad that Aketsu and his family had been put in charge of New Aero. He spoke about his older brother, Kurago, the oldest out of the family’s children, was definitely a strapping older man which gave testament to the agelessness of the Momoa line. He was definitely smart and looked at things from all sides. Of course, he, like many, was set in his ways about King Aslano. What he said, went. What he wanted them to do, was done. “I’m glad, although it’s horrible, to hear that Aero’s new council is far less organized. I think that the cohesion between your brothers and the other nobles definitely aids in the organization and quick conclusions that all of you are able to come up with. I just hope that this continues. What I mean, is that they will follow what my father does. If they don’t, I just don’t know what he’d do.” When Aketsu mentioned that the refugees could hide in Aero, her face became both surprised, happy and horrified. If her father found that out… He stopped her before her mind could go any further. He took her hands gently and made a breeze blow through the window which brought a smile to her face. She looked up at her beloved as he spoke about her changing into something more comfortable to which she nodded fervently. With a quick movement, she was gone then back. She had gone to her room and quickly changed into her favorite pair of leather pants, billowy shirt and she finally let her hair down all the way. She didn’t want to braid it, so when she arrived back to where Aketsu was, she looked like she had been riding bareback for a long time. Her hair was definitely a gorgeous mess, but a mess nonetheless. “Okay!” she said with a grin. It was easy to cheer her up when she needed it. Such a thing as her favorite bakery definitely cheered her up. She leaned in closer to him, her eyes seeming to whirl with color. “I will never forget that I have you.” Her head tilted slightly as she looked up at Aketsu. Eeeeeyup. He was definitely amazing.
  22. Hold up! Hold up everybody! I have something to say. I'm gonna go post. There. I said it. lol! I has post, then i has chem and cal homeworks to finish up >.< I'll be on chat
  23. So, I have this awesome post, I just stayed up too late and am unale to post it since I was called in early to work. Thay being said, Aamina says no...... Lol I couldn't stop laughing while writing this.....
  24. I dunno how many years to subtraaact! lol *headdesk* I can't think...... Aamina: "I'm sorry m'Lord, but that is something I can't do." To be honest, Aamina thinks that Celeste is an overly proper to the point of improper drama queen......*gigglesnort* Aamina is funny.
  25. *headdesk* JAHAN can't you seeee!????!?!?!?!?!?! Aamina - *fuming* Okay, so I think the order is definitely favored. We need to get a free form RP for the kiddos up. Take their age and subtract like I dunno, 15 years? No clue here....