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  1. Thank you guys for the love and prayers. They are much appreciated because well, tried to get dad set up at the college, but advisors are stupid and I have a exam tomorrow. And then one each over the next two days and I thought that they were due later this week. so yeah. I am probably not gonna be here but I am on my e-mail most of the time thanks to PTK if any of y'all wanna talk Much love and hugs! BTW, Silver has free reign over the Kinder development and she is going to be doing that for me. Also, thank you guys for taking it slow and I hope that everyhting is going well for everyone
  2. The aamina, Vera post is getting to 2k words. Things got really rough. We had to have a dog, put down school is hard and work was crazy. Sporty y'all. That and we have banquet, induction and meetings for ptk. Imma die. Love y'all!!!!!!!!
  3. IMA ALIVE! Just to let you know. Things just became a bit rough making it difficult for me to post as much as i need to. Not to mention I keep editing the post that I have started which means that there is going to be plenty of writing for all of you to read.
  4. Sooo, I was typing up a post and then I realized, oh crap! It's midnight! I have to sleep! So working on that >.< And I have to agree with LN, Julian's reactions are priceless.
  5. True that Gist, true that And thanks for the brownie DP!!!!! I am probably going to be not here except to lurk until Monday and even then i have classes that I have to sign up for *woohoosummer classes...ugh* *gulps* Me thinks that gist is right about the whole two pages......O.O except....welll......nope, yeah 2 pages at least.
  6. Isa Sat down with Aketsu and Yauki at the table where Lucius was. It was easy to see that he hadn’t dealt with royalty much which was an entirely different process than dealing with a council, or Lord and Lady. There were many different…okay, she had to stop there because otherwise she would start going over what she had to do in her mind. She was going to listen to what Lucius was saying, however the doors opened, revealing Noe and Kai. She had been wondering where they disappeared off too. Right now, Noe was smiling sheepishly and was even blushing slightly. Great, husband wife, lovey dovey crap. Blah. Isa glared at Noe who hid behind Kai slightly until she noticed the new comer. Noe and Isa, although not blood related, were alike in a few ways and one of them was their sense of people. Noe looked at Isa with a slight curiosity in her eyes but with a slight tilt of her head, Noe got the hint and stood in front of Kai making sure that he didn’t tap his foot. Isa nodded to Noe in thanks as she walked over to the two of them, or more so, they walked over to them…that is, Aketsu and Isa. Noe When Kai had brought up how she and Noe had been a year ago, she couldn’t help but smirk. Most of their lives they had been at each other’s throats. Noe had never really liked the princess and Isa had never truly liked her either. So, when they had clashed at training, isa forever made it her duty to beat Noe up whenever she could. Of course, when Noe’s story was found out and she was adopted into their family, isa had a very hard time dealing with the change. Noe was grateful for what the king had done for her, but he had also made it so that they were to work together to be the complete package. It was annoying. As they walked along, she couldn’t help but think that their relationship had changed enough to the point where she wanted to tell Isa about her children first….how strange. When Kai opened the door, Noe couldn’t help but giggle at the show. He had helped the city so much and had also been a great aide in the construction of New Aero over in the fields away from the castle. The cities were far enough apart to allow the expansion of New Aero, but close enough so that should one town ever need something, they were only a few hours ride at a good gallop. She walked beside him until they reached Banney’s and when they entered, she came upon a strange sight. There in front of her was a new man she had yet to meet and he was giving her this strange vibe that she wasn’t exactly liking at the moment. Instead of saying anything, she instead looked at Isa wondering what she was supposed to do. Was this man a friend or foe? Al of this she asked with a simple twirk of her eyebrow, asking the princess what she was to do. When Isa tilted her head to the side, Noe looked at Lucius and smiled then looked back at Aketsu and Isa. she couldn't help though, the hair was just throwing her off. Even if her own hair was a dark, jet black, there was a difference between black and shadow black. Oh well. Some people, like her husband, had ancestors that caused them to look the way they do. Her husband had bright white hair as well as a white eye marking him as a lightning elementian, but the other eye was gold and his element was earth (the one that he used the most that is.). Noe quickly gained the name of the newcomer and in her own, timidly kind way, she greeted him with a curtsey. "Any friend of the Princesses is a friend of mine." Isa looked at Noe and rolled her eyes. "Well duh. They should be considering." Isa gigglesnorted when she noticed Noe's irritation. "So what is it that you have to tell us. You two look like you are about to burst. " Isa commented rudely. Marcus Marcus smiled up at his beautiful Sky and winked. “Oh there are plenty of things that I could come up with.” He said and then rolled so that he was above her, his weight on his arms as he looked down at her. She was apologizing for her earlier behavior and he knew it. “Don’t be. You have your ways of dealing with things and we all have to learn to deal with the ways that we deal.” He said with a warm smile as he kissed her softly on her lips. “Now, are you agreeable to being fashionably late? We still have time to kill and the sun is starting to warm up.” He said plopping beside her, relishing in the fiery warmth of the sun.
  7. *walks out of asylum* Yeah, let's just say that LL is so busy that her grades aren't good and she almost went insane last night. So, yeah. *clears throat* Ima try and make a post, but I need to sleep to try and get my brain functioning so I can get a ton of homework done tomorrow by getting up early. I made myself relax and forget about everything and even skipped a day of classes (except history) which is a never for me. That's just how bad it is right now. BUT! Oh well, and I am going to go make a post now BTW, LN IS PSYCHIC!
  8. Noe rolled her eyes at Kai’s first comment about her being an emotional Weather Elementian. It was something that was far too true for her to deny it. She had to giggle though when he started talking about how they already knew the genders as well as the names. “we aren’t too sure though as to what they are going to be. All we know is that once they are born, there will be three sets of feet along with our own that will pitter patter on our floors.” She smiled and wondered just how long it would be for her gestation. It could be another few weeks, considering that birds have short gestation periods. Or would she go more towards the human side? Either way, they would be taking their children with them wherever they went. Wait….but if Kai said that he had heard the heartbeats about three weeks back, that meant she was almost a month in to her gestation. If her molting was happening so awkwardly and her food intake was also increasing, maybe she was close….. Maybe, just maybe, the babes did sudden growth spurts like she did! “I don’t want to sit on eggs….and maybe we should though just to see their reactions.” She said joking with him for a moment then listening to what he was saying again. He was criticizing himself and for the second time that day, she wanted to slap him and not in the playful, oh aren’t you cute, way. “Stop criticizing yourself! For heaven’s sake, I had a grandmother for a mother and was practically raised by the servants. I mean…I guess….I know that we will have to work through learning how to be parents because the only example I have is not exactly completed.” She said with a shrug. “I do agree that we will make the best parent team out there Kai, I do!” she said with a giggle as she looked up at the handsome man that was before her. He actually put clothes on! Not that she minded when he didn’t have them on, it was just nice to know that he understood that sand was not clothing. Besides, knowing that he didn’t have clothes on during the first few months of their marriage had definitely caused her to blush and be embarrassed a few times. Noe was going to smirk and comment that Isa would probably make crude comments about her finally having kids and would harass her about being a mother and a noble and a Guardian and the list would go on and on. But Kai became serious all of the sudden. He just had to make that comment that she knew in her mind, but her heart was still taking some convincing of. “I know.” She said as she looked down at the ground. It had been a fear of her since she was younger although she could never remember why. “I think we should go see Isa and Aketsu first. Even though I don’t exactly like her, I know that she is my adoptive sister and she should know. Aaaand if she is down at the bakery, then we could also tell Yuaki and Isis. Then we would have to tell Aslano, and of course the servants.” She said with a smile. Marcus Oooh it really made him mad when she did that. She had signed up for this and she knew what she was getting herself in to! He didn’t stay mad long though because it seemed that she understood what she had ben doing and was now going to deal with it which was great! He didn’t want to lord anything over her so he kissed her back and before she could walk away further, he walked up behind her and grabbed her around her waist, swinging her around with a deep laugh. He made it so that when they fell on to the grass, she was atop his chest. “I don’t want to go meet with them just yet. Besides, the meeting is at high noon. We can afford to be fashionably late.”
  9. Hey everyone! I hope that yall have a blessed day and no worries about posts okey doki loki? Happy Easter/ Ressurection Day!
  10. I still haven't seen it and I really do want to. Okay, so I posted and hopefully that gives people enough meat to write on...I sure do hope so! I am super tired and will now be going to bed. Night night every one!
  11. Marcus He didn’t think that things were so stressful as of late. In fact, their time had been very peaceful. Every day they would train, he would go to work for the queen as well as make money for he and Sky. They would come home, eat together as well as spend time together and repeat. When she was finished speaking he couldn’t help but look at her back in a strange way because the girl that he had once understood, was seeming to change right before him. “Sky,” he stood up, his boots making that small thud sound as he walked over to her. Once there, he hugged her around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder. With a deep breath, he sighed and kissed her neck. “don’t be so mad at yourself okay?” he stated. “I know that we haven’t really had time for ourselves per-say. Right now though, we are supposed to be meeting with Jahan and the others. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to take a vacation depending on the timing of things, or maybe we’ll have to go with them again. And then, once we are victorious, we will be able to take the longest vacation in the world.” He said with a smile. Aamina When Julian bent down to pick V up, Aamina could feel herself want to draw away. Despite her strength even as an Earth Elementian, she was still too weak to be able to carry V all the way down the hall to the location where she would lift them through the halls directly to V’s room. She couldn’t help but smirk at the surprise that Julian offered when she told him to come take V from her. Mythyr was probably too shocked, that or he was rather used to the treatment that Shades were given. They were, of course, the most prestigious assassins and guards to the queen. They were there when no one could see them and most often were either pure shadow elementians, or those hand chosen by the queen such as Mythyr and Viara. Aamina was at first reluctant in her choice of who to give Viara to, but she reminded herself firmly that Mythyr was one of the best judges in character. Whenever they had lie tests, he was always able to get them right. That was just the type of guy that he was. However, when he got them right, he always ended up going on this bunny trail of how he had come to the conclusion. Thanks to him though, many of the Shades were able to make themselves far more convincing when they were among strangers. Julian grabbed V from her with far more ease than she would have placed with him which was rather…strange. He didn’t seem to have the build that she had expected. One of the wiry folk she guessed, but the more she analyzed him, the more that she realized that he actually was strong. That, and Viara was REALLY light. Starved almost. Aamina looked at her friend closely before she turned to go down the hallway with Julian. She was starved. Seeing that of course made the young elementian very angry. One could mess with her all they wanted, but to mess with those that she deemed friend or Lord, Jahan and Viara, well, that wasn’t exactly smart. “Do you think she looks alright?” she responded to Julian with a question. With a sigh, she lead the way down the hallway ignoring the stares from other people. What Aamina failed to notice was the handsome features that Julian possessed. “Mythyr? You coming?” she asked him. Depending on how she woke up, Mythyr was always able to distract her. And boy would Viara, or V, need distracting. Aamina, once she was sure that all who were coming were there, raised a small circle in the floor up through the three floors of the castle to the level that Viara’s room was on. It was a long process, however it was a far shorter time than going up the stairs. During the time that they were going up the shaft, Viara began to shift. “Hmm.” Viara was happy to finally be free from staying in that stoic attitude. How droll! When she opened her dark golden eyes, she looked up into another pair of golden eyes, but they were contrasted with jet black hair and an angular, almost exotic face that she ahd never truly seen before. She blinked a few times and then smiled sweetly up at him. Her head was fuzzy and her body felt incredibly weak. “Hey there. Aren’t you handsome! No wonder V didn’t let me come out. She wouldn’t want me to meet you because you are definitely quite the stud!” She giggled cutely and curled closer to Julian while batting her long eyelashes. This is the one thing that V hated the most. Viara was someone that could screw everything up, or win a war. When Viara decided to act the fool, or as Viara called it, act like a girl and not a hard hearted ice queen, V was torn apart because the real her was a mix of Viara and herself, not just V. If V were ever able to get rid of the mental block that she had, she would be able to manage herself far better than she did. “Why are you holding me? I’m okay.” Another brilliantly attractive smile. “Viara, shut the hell up before I make you.” Aamina didn’t even look at the girl and the brightness in Viara’s eyes dwindled. “Oh look, poopy party is here too. Hiya poopy party! Why so poopy today? I wanted to come out and play and say hello to everyone. But V wouldn’t let me.” Viara frowned as she let her head hang over Julian’s arm so that she could see Aamina. “You look funny.” She glanced to the side and since Mythyr was there (Or not can edit it out!) she let out a happy squeal. “Hiiiii! I know you! Mythyr!” “As do you. Now please, pass out again before I make you.” Aamina threatened. “Awwww, cummon!” Viara pouted, upside down of course, at Aamina. “No.” Aamina turned to look at the girl, and without any further ceremony, quickly knocked her out. “Glad that’s over.” She mumbled before they arrived at the third floor. Aamina continued to lead the way to Viara’s room which was actually a very luxurious room, obviously decorated by Viara and not V. There, she opened the door where she was met face to face with J’far. He looked somewhat concerned that his pupil was being carried by a foreign man. “Chosen by the queen. Trusted by Mythyr. Enough stated.” Aamina looked up at the man not flinching at his dark gaze. He was the first to turn away and allow them entrance. “Why do you bring them to her chambers?” J’far asked. Aamina turned to him, her visage unchanged from its stony appearance. “I do not need to ask your permission Captain of the Shades. Besides, it is your training that you yourself have not completed that has caused this.” Aamina waited for him to realize that he was pushing Viara to the point of breaking more than she already had then turned away from him. “You may leave.” Emotions flitted across J’far’s face. It was easy to see that he and Aamina didn’t get along, not many people got along with her, and he didn’t respect her in the least bit. “As you wish.” He replied as his duties told him. “Please let me know of the status of her care.” With that, J’far brushed by whoever was at the door, leaving them in V’s room, the door slamming shut. “Place her on the bed.” Aamina motioned to the plush bed with gossamer curtains that flowed in the breeze that came through her balcony window. Noe "Noe, listen to me, please." Obviously, Noe didn’t want to listen to Kai, she wanted to walk away, to leave, but he was holding on to her with a great amount of strength. She could hear his heartbeat in her ear and his breath tickled his ear as he began to speak again. He told her that he was wrong not to tell her again and that he was selfish. This they could agree upon. The thing that she couldn’t believe was that he thought of their children as a problem! There was no problem! The only issues was that this world was so far behind in advancing towards peace, that her children would be born at a time of warring. It broke her heart. When he released her, Noe felt, well, naked and not the good way. She felt exposed and like a part of her was missing. But she stayed there, not moving, her breath steady as she listened to him… He stated that when he heard those three heart beats for the firs time, it was the happiest moment of his life. He related that he understood how much she had been afraid of not being able to conceive but he also knew how much she wanted a family. She didn’t know which hurt the most. The fact that didn’t know what to do, or the fact that he didn’t do anything. And he did betray her! It had hurt too, and it was still stinging. He wasn’t meant to keep things from her as she wasn’t to keep things from him. It’s just not the way it worked. Without realizing it, Noe brushed away the tears that had accumulated on her cheeks, neck and collar bone area. He had broken her trust and it made her upset, sad, and scared. He wasn’t one to keep things from her, and not for so long either…well, other than the house but that was different. A small sob escaped Noe as Kai continued. He wasn’t failing! Why did he have to think that he was failing? This was new ground to the both of them. She turned to face him, not wanting to miss his expressions even though his voice was evidence enough that he was upset. He regretted trying to force her into something that was against them, against them both. But the last statement….he hadn’t lost her! He then continued that he needed her. She knew that he knew he had made a mistake and she knew that this was a point and time where they were both scared of what the future could bring. To her, he was the strongest man in the world. He was her rock, no pun intended. She looked at him, listened to him finish what he was saying, and then she removed one of her hands from where she had crossed them and wiped away the tears on his cheeks, ignoring those that poured down her own cheeks. With her other hand, she wiped his other cheek and stared up at him ( a long way up considering their height difference ). For quite some time she was quiet, staring into his eyes, noting that some of the sand that was normally on his face was gone. “Kaimaru.” She whispered and kept holding his face in her hands. “You did do wrong by giving me an ultimatum that went against what I am. Knowing that I have three of your children inside of me, growing, their heartbeats…inside of me, makes me happier then you can know. You alone know how much I feared that I wouldn’t be able to give you children. How much it made me think that you would hate me. I did, and still do feel betrayed because you knew that.” She didn’t release his face as she continued. “As to our children being thought of as a problem, I can see where your mind would go that way. You are my protector and the protector of these children. As is one of your many roles as my husband. But that doesn’t mean that you leave me to not protect them. We work as a team doing this and to be honest, I’m afraid because I have no idea how this works with a griffin. At all. I’m afraid that our children will never see peace. I’m afraid of the mistakes that we will make and I’m afraid that I will do something wrong.” “Kai, for a lack of a better word, you infuriated me. Thinking that I would just sit and be quiet when you knew that my way is to be quiet yes, but to operate at all times towards the result that I want.” She brushed his cheeks softly as she brought his head down so that they could rest their foreheads against one another’s. “I don’t deserve you either Kai. But here we are, husband and wife. We have to work through this fear and help one another learn. You already know that I am yours forever Kai and as to helping you, how about we learn together? I can teach you how to love the people of this city, and I can teach you, help you love me. Although, you seem to have already succeeded at that.” She started to smile and giggle at the pun that she had made. Their children were within her, growing and becoming full-fledged beings. Noe pulled her forehead away from Kai’s and smiled up at him. “I don’t think that you need my help learning how to love me Kai. But I think that we both still have plenty to learn about one another and how to operate together. You proud, unbending Earth Elementian.” She said tenderly as she hugged him close to her. “We’ll overcome this fear together, Okay?” she said as she pulled back from the hug. It was hard to stay angry at the man that you dearly loved and when you both were wrong…just as she was wrong for walking out on him instead of working through it first. “Now, where am I to go other than to tell everyone who has been worrying and wondering about us?” she said with a giggle. “But…well….” To be honest, it was kind of embarrassing to tell people that you were finally pregnant. Just a taaaad….. “How about you tell them?” she said with a sheepish grin.
  12. *cracks knuckles* Let's post! Okay, so I gonna postez.
  13. hehehe, Julian had better have more than a small blurb with the post I just made including him. Muwhaahahahaha! Okay, 2k words otta last a bit! Off to go see my bubba in his choir concert! That kid is so talented and I love him so much! *having a big sister moment here* lol jk jk
  14. Noe The whole lip biting thing was making her nervous. Not just because she knew that her husband was hiding something from her again, but because Noe was deathly worried that he would wear a hole in his lip before long! For some reason, she was far more impatient with him when he did this than she normally was. As of late, she could feel her personality changing slightly from the normally calm and gentle Noe to a very abrupt, but still Noe, Noe if that made any sense at all. “You’re pregnant.” Well, hmm….. Noe at first was shocked to hear him say it and thought that he was joking. She had worried for some time that it was going to be difficult for her to conceive children especially since they didn’t have any young ones during the first part of their marriage as many newlyweds had. But when he went into further detail on how MANY there were, her heart rate began to pick up but her feet were quickly off the floor. Kai was not going to tell that one. Due to her training as a politician/ambassador, her face remained in one emotion; surprise. However, other emotions started to bubble up as Kai kept speaking. He was apologizing for not telling her sooner then said something about having a plan which only confused her. A plan for what? And of course he loved her! He married her didn’t he? It was then that she turned to him as she listened, her eyes intent on his, taking in every word and weighing it. He spoke about getting Aketsu and Isa in on something where they could be the true Guardians of Peace. They could go to Cumulus to set up a place where there would be neutrality and people could flock to for peace instead of war. Oh, but Kai didn’t stop there. At first Noe had been agreeing with him, enjoying every single word that he said for it rang true with what they all wanted. But when he said that he didn’t want to see her fight another needless war, nor would he let her fight, a snarl escaped the normally pleasant Noe. She could feel her heart beat racing now and she wanted to go outside and turn to a Griffin so that she could show him just what she was. It now took great effort to control her words and emotions. “Kai.” She paused and took a deep breath, her eyes starting to seem as though they were swirling like a storm. It didn’t help that the sun was starting to disappear outside of their home. “I agree with you on a few points. We do need to find a place that is peaceful where we can start another faction in this race that is focused on bringing sense to both sides of the war that is bound to happen. Cumulus is too close. The Three Sisters Islands have deep magic that would prevent any further protection of ourselves and the Hideout is the only place where we would be able to find enough people wanting to have peace in this land.” Another breath and the wind started to pick up. “I respect your decision as well as your authority as my husband. Don’t ever say that you are too weak to change anything. You can always make a difference and you know this. As for myself, I will fight when the time comes for it. Peace is something that is earned and to be fought for and you know this. We are not all monks that can just turn around and be at peace. Our world has had no training in this Kaimaru.” Another breath and rain started to patter on the window with small sounds of thunder. “And don’t ever call any battle needless. Every battle serves a purpose and the battle that we fought, I it was needless, our brethren died in vain. The battle showed us all the true strength of Zillah and her followers. There is a use for every battle whether we see it or not.” Noe stood up from the bed, her heart rate slowing down but the small storm didn’t. “I can’t…” Noe clenched her fists at her sides, her back towards Kai as she thought of how to phrase what she wanted to say. “I can’t NOT fight for a world of peace for our children. If we don’t, then how will the world be? If we are only diplomats on the walls of a city and do nothing, they will not see us for who we are. They will not see that we too have been through hell and back. I understand my position as a Griffin. The Girffins of old were also great warriors, you know this. Why? They always protected their loved ones and fought for what was right. No one knows why they disappeared or where they disappeared to, but they weren’t exactly killed off.” Noe released the tension in her shoulders as she turned to Kai. The ultimatum that he had given her was not one that she was going to agree with. “I still think that we need to talk to Isa and Aketsu. And that should be done soon. We can talk further as we walk.” She said as warmly as she could even though her frustration was rather large. She dressed herself in the clothing that marked her as an ambassador much as Isa’s clothes marked her as royalty. Noe placed her own particular circlet on her head and made sure that the pin on her breast was fixated. She grabbed a piece of metal that had been shaped and molded into a piece of artwork that held her hair firmly in place. A cleaning of her face and she was ready to go. “And make sure that you put on real clothes.” She said as she walked out of the room. How dare Kai just assume that she would go along with something like that. Yes, she was normally a very passive person, but when it came to things that she love and held dear, she would rather get in there and scrap it out than just wait for everything to be done. Besides! She and Kai were some of the more influential people in Cumulus and of course starting a “peaceful rebellion” of sorts was going to be very key if they wanted the war to cease. But actually stationing themselves there? That was a suicide mission. She knew for a fact that Zillah knew of her existence. So, go to the closest city to her and promote peace? A death wish! She knew that the idea was a very good one and maybe Aketsu and Isa would agree. They were the most influential people, she just didn’t know what they would decide. She stood out in the wind and rain since it never phased her as she thought about the man that raised as his own daughter while her biological father watched from the backgrounds. It would mean betraying him. For Isa it wasn’t going to be that difficult, her father was already making her mad. Of course, Noe had her own issues with him, but she knew that she owed the man her current life. Without him, she wouldn’t have been able to go to the academy or meet Kai. Without him many things would not have happened. Without him… Noe sighed, her arms automatically hugging around her and her babes. Now that she thought about it, her stomach had grown slightly over the past few weeks alone which shocked her. What was a mother to do when the ones that you love were both against you in a way? How could she get that through to Kai? Noe twirled a piece of her hair as she did when thinking and she couldn’t believe that she had walked out on Kai like that. She was sure that he was surprised…maybe she should…no. Kai had to , just HAD to understand this. Couldn’t he understand? Besides! How could he expect her to react positively when he hadn't told her the one thing that she had worried about consistently? How, how cuold he? As Noe thought of this, she made the storm calm, then cease. A light wind picked up, blowing her dry very quickly meaning that she was probably bottling things up as she often did. Marcus “V-vacation?” Marcus repeated and looked at his fiancée curiously. How could she think of a vacation when everything was so incredibly critical at the moment. Zillah had exactly won for Sola was starting to form troops and attacking their people even more fervently than they had before. Why would she ask about such a thing at such a critical time? “Sky,” he sat down beside her knowing that she was probably thinking about the wedding. “Right now…you know all that is going on. A vacation isn’t exactly feasible and you know that.” His voice was tender and loving even if a bit of shock at the question did seep through. “We need to be with the group wherever they go as is our responsibility.” He took a deep breath. “Don’t take this the wrong why, but why would you ask if we could go on a vacation?” Isa At first Isa was taken aback. Yuaki had spoken to her about many a person, but not Lucius. Well, some things just slip the mind and she had to allow for that even for the best of the best in her servants and friends. Isa looked at Lucius, her face suddenly rather stoic as she analyzed Lucius. For some reason, she couldn’t get rid of this gut feeling as she looked at him, but then again, travelling buddies sometimes were the best of characters as she well knew in her own travelling days when she had escaped from her father repeatedly to travel underneath the name Taikisha. However, Lucius seemed to be in place in the corner of the building, shadows around him. Isa stayed neutral a moment longer as she studied something about Lucius using a vision that no one else but her could see. His colors were the same, just slightly dimmer. Maybe he had a Shadow Elementian in his past…she hoped for his sake. Isa smiled at Lucius in a rather royal manner as she nodded her head at him. “Yes, any friend of Yuaki’s is definitely a friend of mine. I hope that we can soon find a position for you in the castle as they are something to be proud of and difficult to obtain.” She said using a tone that was one that she had to when acting as the Princess, and not Isa. Aamina and V Her stony visage stayed the same as Viara spoke beside her about all those that were there. Aamina, in the same manner spoke to her about all that had gone on with the Queen. Viara was the only Shade that could be spared since the others were still out in the world on missions; Viara was the first one back. She had actually been the escort for several city officials from the various cities around Element. That was the one thing that Aamina enjoyed about V, not Viara. She was tactful, swift, and good at her job. Of course, she did enjoy watching Viara fight for the joy in her eyes was rather humorous. The guards that she often trained with complained that Viara was far too innocent to be that blood-thirsty. When V had finished telling her what was going on in the courtyard and Aamina finished with explaining what was going to happen, she noted that V was starting to furrow her brow. Her headache’s must be coming back. She thought to herself before noticing someone speaking in front of her. Ah. The Tri-Elementian. He was stumbling over his words like a buffoon. This would have made her smile as a little girl, but now it only made her face that much stonier. She honestly wanted him to spit out the same words that the Queen had told her one day. “Oh my, you’ve grown into a woman finally.” Like she wanted to? That meant that she had to be both a woman in society as well as guardian, councilor and whatever else the prince may need of her. Ugh. Being a woman sucked. “I do remember you. The Tri-Elementian who trained with the Shades. A place where you should have stayed.” Which was the furthest compliment that anyone could get out of her with her derisive tones filled with anger. When he introduced Julian, she turned her dark brown eyes to him, looking him up and down. He was taller than Mythyr and constructed differently. A small tap of her foot and she could see his bone structure through the ground and noticed that his skin was marred in one area. Interesting. “Julian.” The name seemed familiar and when V nudged her elbow, she extended her hand in greeting to the man. “Aamina Fhilanter.” Not many had forgotten the name of her family. They had been the largest gem providers for much of the continent for quite some time. Now that it was gone, people held their gems and creations with their family signet as heirlooms. “Guardian to his Highness, Prince Jahanshah.” V watched Aamina closely, noticing that the girl did seem slightly shaken, but only she would truly notice that for the girl was much like herself. Hmm. She looked at Julian waiting for his response to Aamina but decided to embarrass the girl just a bit. “She was hand chosen by the queen to be his guardi-“ there she paused as her head began to ache more than her stomach had earlier that day. “V?” Aamina questioned then cursed under her breath as V’s headache grew. “Poison testing again. Damn.” Instead of using stone to catch V as she passed out, since she now knew that that really did hurt (that and she didn’t know how to soften the earth), she caught her with her body, holding the woman with the rigidity and strength of an Earth Elementian. She looked at Julian since Mythyr was standing behind him. “Well? I need you to carry her.” She growled. The worst part? She would probably wake up as Viara. Oh joy. Luckily though, they were behind Jahan so maybe he wouldn’t catch it and they could just disappear into the halls….hopefully.
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  19. Noe loved the feel of the grass underneath her feet as she walked to her home. The steps were chilly, but it was pleasant. Their home wasn’t too cold as the sun was starting to warm up the home to the perfect temperature. A loving sigh escaped her as she walked into the kitchen. On the rare days that she was up later than Kai, he always lavished such attentions on her. At their flat, more often than not, she was up before him and making breakfast to be on the table when he woke up due to her busy day. But now he was able to return that favor for her and boy did it smell good! She couldn’t believe how hungry she was becoming! And how annoying that was. When she noticed the meal that was set before her, she almost teared up. Kai was such a loving husband and she was far too well, too not perfect to be married to such a perfect man. How did she get him? It was all so strange to have him as her husband. They had only met a little over a year ago and here they were married and making it off easily without any issues. They had spent their time travelling, learning about one another, and figuring out just what love was. Noe smiled up at him as he pulled out a chair for her which she sat in gracefully. She pulled her hair back from her face and tied it in to a slightly frizzy knot. Her jet black hair was still unruly, leaving a few strands hanging over her shoulders. When Kai bent his head down in prayer to the maker, she grabbed his hand and squeezed it gently adding in a special thank you for an understanding and loving husband. It was more than she could have asked for. Noe waited, as was tradition, for the man to take the first bite of his food. As soon as he had, Noe had a difficult time composing herself as she hate. Her stomach seemed to grow hungrier as she took more bites which was, of course, impossible. Kai began speaking, at first she didn’t pay attention, but when he said something about a little boy appearing in front of him, her incessant shoveling started to slow down. A boy with stormy gray eyes and feathers in his hair. Kai had seen the same young boy that she had seen in her dream this morning. He had seen Naru. He…had seen Naru! Noe listened as he explained about the door, the selfsame room that had appeared in her dream just off to the side of the kitchen. The bedroom that housed their three children in her dream. Noe cleared her throat then took several bites of the apple that Kai had cut in half for her and before long, the apple was gone. She grabbed another half and began eating that before she replied. Her mind was reeling with the thoughts of them both having the same themed dream/day vision. It was strange! How could he have seen Naru like that? Naru, Kiara, and….and the last one didn’t have a name in her dream. Then it hit her. O’ehmar. Noe did as she oft did when nervous, surprised, and rather disturbed. She started to twirl her hair around her fingers. The length had become somewhat of a nuisance, but she still loved it…especially when she was stressed out. “Kai, I have something to tell you.” She said with a nervous laugh. “I had a dream where…” she then related everything that had gone on in her dreams. She told him about the young griffin, Kiara, that she was trying to keep from flying away. The little boy that Kai had described was Naru in her dream, and the boy with the wings was O’ehmar who was learning how to fly. She spoke about how there was a room off to the side of the kitchen where all three children in whatever form they chose slept all together with Kiara in the middle. When she spoke about them, she found herself going in to further detail. Kai had already spoken about Naru, but she went into further detail with Kiara and O’ehmar. Kiara was a gorgeous little, sandy colored griffin. Her eyes were a light gray, almost white color. The mane around her head was also a white color with her body and wings being more sandy. Her claws were so cute! And her little beak… O’ehmar was the quietest. He flew around getting into trouble, but not really meaning to. His eyes were much like Kai’s, a brighter golden color but his hair was like Noe’s. He smiled so brightly and always looked as though he understood everything that was going on around him. A real odd child but one that she could already feel herself favor. Noe made herself stop the descriptions. She had always been one to want a family, but not in this world, not in this environment. The children were perfect. Noe noticed the few tears that had slipped down her cheeks. Before Kai could panic she explained. “To have a dream of your heart’s desire that matched with a vision from your husband is very touching. It reminds me that we will have a family someday…hopefully when things are better.” She said with a smile as she took another bite of the wonderful meal that her husband had made. Marcus couldn't help but smile. Maybe Aodh was starting to get old, or maybe the old gelding was just wanting to enjoy the ride, as well as the view around him. When Sky finally won, Marcus slowed Aodh to a slow trot and the horse wanted to go over and graze with Artemis. With a low chuckle, Marcus hopped off of Aodh and walked over to the gazebo and stood in the walkway for a moment before leaning on one of the beams. He smiled at Skylar and noticed that it seemed as though she wanted to speak with him about something. "Somethin on your mind love?" he asked her with a grin.
  20. Don't forgey that right now, Cumulus is in turmoil. there are those that want to join thw shadow ans those that want to join the light. The soldiers are only trying to keep the peace until a decision is made. Some have their own preference though. Lol
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  22. Isa Isa couldn’t believe what she was doing. To be quite honest, the only place she felt at home when traveling swiftly was on the backs of light beams. Other than that, she was terrified to fly. Even with Aketsu it was quite difficult but a slight shout of delight escaped her when he pulled up and landed over on the road that led into the heart of the town. Before she took his hand, she took a deeeep sniff of the air around her, wondering what it was that their young plant elementian friend, Isis, had cooked up this time. “Yes, we shall!” she said taking his hand. They walked like the royalty they were and they were truly the most recognizable besides Kai and Noe. She, the Rainbow Child and he the only known Wind Elementian to have golden eyes. Of course they were well known also because they were considered to be two royals form their respective cities. Many hoped that Aketsu would marry Isa that way they could not only keep in the traditions of their people in having a patriarch, but it would also unite the city that they now held close to their hearts; New Aero. When they arrived at the bakery, Isa couldn’t help but squeeze Aketsu’s hand with girlish glee. She had always loved the bakery and really only he and Yuaki knew why; it was the one place that she always remembered going to with her mother when she was very young. For some reason, she was able to recall those times and replay them in holograms. So, when he blew open the door, she had to restrain herself much as he did as they walked in to the building. “That was a bit loud.” She giggled as she whispered to him. Oh did she love flashy openings at times. Isa brushed a lock of her rainbow colored hair behind her ear and made sure that her circlet was in it’s proper place before stepping fully inside. Once there, she noticed that Yuaki was there, or more so, Yuaki was sitting with someone that Isa didn’t know. Of course, Yuaki knew more people outside of the castle so it wasn’t strange, but this man … hmmm. She was quickly distracted by a half a loaf of bread that was being waved in front of her. The smell was absolutely decadent and she wanted to eat it. Now. She smiled, her entire countenance lighting up in happiness at her friends. She took a small corner of the loaf and split it in two, handing a piece to Aketsu. When she took a bite she couldn’t help but make her appreciation known by looking at Isis and proudly proclaiming. “Wow! Isis I think you have outdone yourself this time!” She said and chewed the piece she had until it was all but chewed out. V-Viara ~ Aamina ~ Queen Zillah Aamina stared long and hard at Jahanshah and found that she was able to finally breathe completely as he accepted what the queen had said. With a sigh she watched as Jahanshah walked out of the room and she quickly walked over to the queen and bowed to her in gratefulness. “thank you my queen. I do not understand why, but he is mine and mine alone to protect.” She said then felt her chin being tilted up to meet the queen’s eyes. “My dear, you follow him as a dog does to his master, but you also protect him like a fierce wolf does her pup. And then, above all else, I think you are finally learning to love him as your Lord and as your friend.” Zillah gently kissed Aamina on her brow, then touched the gem that was around Aamina’s neck. “You didn’t tell me that you were running low on power Aamina.” She said concernedly. A large portion of Aamina’s greater abilities came from the gem around her neck. The queen had been using dark shadow magics to be able to embue the gem with enough power for Aamina to accomplish great feats. “I didn’t notice it ma’am.” Aamina replied apologetically before being told by the queen that she was perfectly fine. Then, without being prepared, the queen hugged Aamina and whispered something that was for her ears only. Protect my son in more ways than one. This is my charge. Aamina was lost as to what it meant, but the queen quickly ushered her out of the room and shut the door behind her. Queen Zillah turned from where she had shut the door and closed her eyes. There was going to be much drama around her lovely son but at least there were such people as V, Mythyr, Aoi, and the lovebirds going with him to see Celeste and Naomi. She had felt that something was wrong with Celeste which worried her, but V had assured her that it was nothing but trauma that would eventually wear off over time. Or so they both hoped. “Please, take care of the only thing that I have cared about other than you brother.” She whispered when she looked out of the peep hole into the hallway where Jahan and Aamina were now walking away. With a pleased grin, she noted that Daedureth responded with a slight whisper that only she heard. I will sister. Aamina followed Jahanshah the entire way after she caught up. She was quite grateful to the queen, but her message had held another tone than what she was used to. And learning to love Jahanshah? Pfft! Love was for those that had a heart to love. Aamina knew that she herself was not one to show emotion or love for anyone else. The reason was because all those that she had loved were either killed or were loved by someone else. So why love? Why show emotion if there was no other benefit? The only time that she had shown any emotion, was when she was able to kill or train. Then, a dark smile always crossed her lips. Some would say that her grief had driven her insane whenever it came to killing, and maybe that was true…. When they opened the doors, she blinked at the brightness. However, the doors, imbued with the spirits of two lovers (again, love? Ick!), didn’t allow the sunlight to touch the ground, it only stayed in the air, reflecting off of the tiny particles in the air. With a slight shift of her foot, she counted how many people were outside. Two females, and three males to be exact judging by the weight that was exerted on to the earth. Luckily for her, that one person that she knew would understand her the most was there as well; V. When V was V, she was able to talk to her as if she were herself. Something that she hadn’t had very much due to V’s intense training. However, in the dead of night, they would often be found sitting on the roof tops. V looked at Julian waiting for a response when the doors swung wide open. Of course, there, standing in the shadows were Jahanshah and Aamina. She had forgotten that the legends about Daedureth were true. The sword literally spoke to the young lord which freaked many people, but fascinated her. At times, she wondered if there was anything that could happen like that with the Light Element, but forbade the thought. Light was a quiet element that hardly told one anything, only did as it was told. Seeing the two standing there gave her an impression of King and Queen getting ready to greet their subjects. A slight twitch of her lips was the only thing that signified the humor that she found in the subject. How could they not look like that? Jahan in his regal stature, was now almost to the full size of a man if not there already. With his hair grown out, and his face matured, he looked much like a man well on his way to his twenties if the light hit him just right. Then Aamina, although slight like herself, was far more developed than she had been a year ago. Once the young girl had hit maturity, she had blossomed into a fine young woman that would continue to become like the figure that she often became when she used the dark magic held within her gem. At the moment though, her short hair framed her face in a way that made her seem as though she were yet older than her scant 15 years of age. Her body had grown to the point to where she was right at Jahanshah’s shoulder. Not to mention that in her womanhood, certain areas had grown proportionally larger from the flat surface that had once been there. All in all? Aamina was becoming, well, beautiful. When the prince stepped into the light, she noted that Aamina was wearing more of the royal wear that the queen was making her wear. Instead of her favorite light armor, she was now wearing a dress that showed her earthen mark on her shoulder. The black dress hugged her body down to her thighs where it then split with two slits on either side of her thighs to provide her mobility. There were gold and silver trimmings on the dress and the hilt around her waist was of black leather with the same orange gems that Aamina wore around her neck. V couldn’t help but giggle at Aamina’s reaction to the clothes that she was now wearing. Obviously, the queen had pulled one of her switch-er-roos that Aamina had yet to catch. When her face nearly broke into a snarl, V bowed to the prince and walked up to her, her own face much like Aamina’s. “I would be cautious. The Queen only means well for your best features to be accented.” V did her best to hide the snicker that was waiting to pop out. Aamina glared at V before responding. “If she means well, then she would let me operate in my own clothes. I am not royalty.” Her acidic tone only made V grin further before turning around and walking into the light with the girl. When she stood there, V, well, more so Viara, couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous Aamina was in the sunlight and how the sun played in her hair and how she….NO! Not now, not yet! V’s scowl deepened as she fought off her other half. Noe “Kai! For heaven’s sake will you catch Naru? He’s flying away again!” Noe rushed after their youngest daughter, the third born out of their first litter. It was hard trying to figure out what to call their children since they weren’t exactly human, buuuut they weren’t exactly griffin either. Halfsies? Oh it didn’t matter! Kiara was getting away again and she had to keep her children occupado before they flew away to go and play with the other little children. At the moment, one child was stuck as a human with Kai keeping him out of trouble. Another was fully griffin, Kiara, and then the third was with his wings and learning how to use them to get away after getting in trouble. Flash Now, here they were, an extra bedroom built on to the house that they now lived in. Their three wonderful children were all tucked into bed with one another, sleeping soundly. Noe was underneath Kai’s arm ready to about pass out form exhaustion. They had done it though. Their world was peaceful for once and they had their children that were protected from all harm within Solan forests. They would grow up strong and powerful and this was everything that she could have ever hoped for. Now woke up from her dream with a few tears running down her cheeks which she dashed away before rolling over, cuddling into Kai’s arm. Arm…oh great. Well at least her dream had ended to where their world was finally peaceful. That was the world that she wanted to raise their children in. The world she so desperately hoped they could be raised in once they had children. She rolled back to the sunlight that was bearing down in her and waking her bones, warming them. It was perfect except for the fact that Kai wasn’t right beside her. Maybe, just maybe he would do what he did whenever they had had their honeymoon after their wedding; wake her up with a kiss. He hadn’t been able to do that in some time with her always having to leave early in the morning for her political duties. When she heard his footsteps, she kept her face straight, that was, until he kissed her softly. When he did so, her lips broke into a bright smile just as her eyelids opened to reveal stormy grey eyes that twinkled in the sun that hit her face just right. She did of course contemplate the idea of breakfast, but other ideas were so much more fun than eating. They hadn’t eaten quite as much as she sure they were supposed to do, especially her with her growing griffin form. “When do I not have other ideas?” she said as she kissed him back then laid her head against his arm. It was still awkward not having the rest of him there, but she would have to get used to it, or be freaked out every morning that he woke up before she did. Before she was able to explain the other ideas that she had, her stomach released a massive growl that brought a sheepish grin to her smiling face. “But maybe we SHOULD eat.” She said with a giggle before stretching and yawning. She sat up looking around her at their wonderful home. It truly was a sight to behold and one that would never, ever grow old. The trees above her made shadows dance on the bed sheets, but there was a perfect circle in the center that she ran her hands through, feeling the warmth of the sun touch them each time. With a content sigh, Noe kissed her husband once more before jumping out of the bed and stretching again. She itched her right shoulder blade to find that it came back with a small feather meaning that her wings were molting again which was rather early for her. She shrugged slightly before she gave a flirty wink to Kai and stepped into their bathroom where she quickly snapped a rain cloud in to life. The rain was nice and warm just like the sunlight and she showered swiftly before noting that her shoulders really were itchy. “Growth spurt” she growled and decided that she should probably take her shower outside again as a griffin. “hey love? While you make breakfast, I’m going to step outside and take care of this.” She said as she poked her head outside the bathroom with a small feather in her hand. At her first molting, it had totally freaked them out, but when they had learned in griffin lore that unlike most birds, griffin wings molted and regrew in a span of a few minutes every few months during a growth period, it had no longer frightened them. The only down side was the incredible itching and the sudden pain as the feathers grew back, but it was all done in moments and her wings had been looking quite dingy lately. Noe rushed outside as the itching grew stronger and she didn’t get out there a moment too soon. Her wings burst from her back, extending high above her. She brought one round to her front where she itched and itched until the other wing started to itch. She then itched and itched again until the itching grew to where she sat down in the grass and let the rain water run over her entire body including her wings. A couple seconds later, her body transformed to her beautiful, panther-raven griffin form. For a moment, she looked completely dejected as her feathers seemed to puff off of her wings. A small prick of pain at every follicle happened and then bright, deep blue-black feathers sprouted all over her wings in a larger pattern, not to mention her wings, as well as her body, had grown again. Great, just great! Noe cawed to herself. This is getting annoying. Now I have to clean this all up. She mumbled as she used her wings to propel the feathers to one general area. She never did like doing that, but well, Kai liked to use her feathers for decoration. Noe continued her bath until she was sparkling clean in both forms then she dried herself off with a localized windstorm and walked back inside, her wings shrinking, then finally disappearing behind her.
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