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  1. Preciouuuuusssssssssss.................................................. I AM ALIVE! I have just been swamped. Friend's wedding in three weeks, working 10hr days on Monday and Friday with almost 12 hr school days tuesday and thursday. yeah, and I JUST was able to get Saturday's off. SO I am alive, and I will be trying to post soon How is everyone? And yes lach, I will replace
  2. Zillah looked at Gear, as he leaned over the balcony. An odd flush crept to her pale cheeks which could easily be misconstrued as the sun warming her. However, the queen was rather perturbed at his glare. It made her unsure if he would be willing to serve her or not. She had been rather open with the boy, but it was to an avail. He had noticed something about himself. “A queen will do as she wishes.” She said her voice not authoritative, but more so challenging. She didn’t mind flirting with losing his support, but to see how he would react again, would be rather amusing. Besides, those golden eyes were something that she liked to see. They weren’t the typical light elementian gold, but a rather intense, true gold. “Besides, what I have shown is nothing more than what is already known by every subject that I take care of. Each of them know how my brother was killed, and each of them know the abuse that was suffered at my mother’s hand. It is nothing more than common knowledge.” Zillah stepped lightly onto the balcony, her balance impeccable as she took a deep breath. “Gear, you will come to understand someday, that to serve me, have me as your queen, is like having every piece of information readily in your grasp. To have every army at your back, ready when you give the call. To be honest, I am needing protectors for the good Prince, but I also need those that are willing to follow the Light Elementian Princess, Isa. She and her followers have become thorns in the ways that I have been working in the Aero committees. Your skill set not as a murderer, but as a spy would be priceless.” She turned to Gear on her toes, still balancing on the thin balcony. “And the rewards are, of course, very great.” She said with a chuckle. A shadow swirled around her hand, laying a rather large, fire-imbued gem that Marcus had crafted for her treasuries. As she stepped off the balcony, shadows formed steps to the ground. “You have your choices Gear. I do wish you will choose the one that will lead you to greater glory.” She balanced the gem on the balcony and walked back to the living area where she sat on a rather plush pillow. She whistled lowly and a large panther came running into the room to pounce gently on the queen’s long hair. Her hands gently stroked the back of the great animal as it purred loudly. It’s golden eyes were turned to Gear, head cocked slightly to the side. Zillah sipped at the wine that was brought to her by a servant dressed in fine black clothing. It was light to combat the slight heat of the day. The man that brought the wine was young by the looks of it and no less enamored by the queen than any other young man that knew the face of the queen. She smiled at him kindly and dropped a coin in his hand. “Please, take this to your mother. I know she was ill last time we spoke.” Her gentle words brought tears to the young man’s eyes for the queen knew that that one piece would pay for a doctor to tend to his mother. “Thank you my queen.” The young man bowed with only a second glance at Gear before walking out of the room with as much dignity as he could muster. Zillah tilted her head to the side, her eyes looking distant as shadows enveloped themselves around her, creating a dark haze. “Aife.” She whispered then shook the shadows away. The woman had been in her army for many a year. Her war tactics were unprecedented, and knowledge valuable. That, and her sheer hatred for any and all Light elementians was always a boon. “Come,” she said waving her hand in dismissal. “If you wish, you may join me for a drink. I am sure you are parched from your travels.” She said her blood red eyes looking at him with a masked interest. The room around her suddenly seemed to pulsate with darkness and a sweet aroma arose from the thuribles around the room. ((I’m just going to start RPing characters to get them going. I think we can say that LN’s charries are on hiatus for sure)) Isa giggled but her face did turn serious, as did Noe’s. “That is something that we can talk about in safety here.” She turned, knowing that the newcomer was a good friend of Yuaki’s and locked the door. “Isis, do you mind?” she said as she turned up the lights. “I cannot find us doing anything other than making sure that we get to all of the cities that hope for peace. We can go to Cumulus again, Noe’s heritage will help us there. Aero is one place where my love will have to go and still fight for us there. No longer is this truly a war, but the queen seems to be acting more politically lately which worries me.” Isa pulled her long rainbow hair out of her face. Noe looked at her adoptive sister, ignoring the moving in her stomach. It was strange how the girl that she had known as a little girl, was now making these decisions against her father. ‘Twas humorous hwo the world twisted things over time. Their loss of Leith and Nerio was also a devastation to their team. They were smaller and only the gods would be able to help them with their mission now. “it seems to me, that many have been hurt by the Light Alliance due to the heinous act of harming all with negatively seen abilities. I think that we should do as Isa says and go to Cumulus to try and gain back the people. Then, we have to go to Whisper. We have to. We have to try and offer peace.” Noe looked worriedly at her stomach, gently rubbing the very tiny bump that showed where her three little ones were growing. “I know it will be hard, but we must do this.” She said and looked at Isis, hoping that he would agree. Viara looked at Julian strangely. Strangely enough for Aamina to clear her throat at the girl. Aamina knew that no man had been that timid and kind towards the girl for quite some time. Of course, she knew that Viara wouldn’t say that and neither would V for that matter. It seemed to her that the true Viara, the one that Aamina had grown to respect, was the one that called herself V. Viara was the crazy psycho that actually threw Aamina for a spin every now and then. “You could help me get her to the bath.” Aamina said to destroy the uncomfortable silence that had grown. “yeah, that might be nice.” V looked at Julian as Aamina touched him. It was difficult for Aamina to show any kindness to anyone other than V so the sudden removal of the dust that had gathered on Julian was as much as he was probably ever going to get. V chuckled slightly as Aamina walked into the bathroom that V had been given. The water was running smoothly into a large metal tub. “I’m sorry to ask, but if you could just help to the bathroom.” V didn’t look at Julian when she asked and it was very easy to see that asking anyone for help was more like torture than it was a kindness from the person being asked. She knew that Julian was already uncomfortable, which was funny, but for him to be helping her to her bath? That was kinda odd after just meeting someone. Marcus looked around the house, proud of his handy work. It was definitely something that had been difficult to achieve thanks to the persistence of their queen. She had wanted them to live on the castle grounds so that he could be at her every beck and call which was not exactly on Marcus’ to do list. So, instead he had agreed to build a home that was halfway between his and Sky’s house and the castle. They were technically closer, even if it were in the middle of a small forest near the town of Whisper. “Well,” he smiled like a vagabond as he swept his fiancé up. “My ideas revolve around going in her, shutting the door, and ignoring the rest of the world for a while. How does that sound?” he asked as he shut their bedroom door behind them.
  3. I am alive y'all! I didn't expect this summer to be such a bomb. I am so sorry! I really don't want this story to die! I love writing with all of you and I don't think it will die. I think we all just had more than expected this summer. Me with work and others with wonderful activities that I am happy to hear about. Please help me bring this back to life by messaging the others and getting people to join. All are welcome and I would love to do this! Oh and cool total God thing. I have been worrying about how I am going to pay for this semester: I am referred to a job that pays enough in a few weeks for me to get most of my payments taken care of So, that being said, it's a 9-5 instead of the crazy retail hours so, more postez! That and school starts up which means that I can post in between classes and the drive time
  4. @CCC - That was amazing. I love Mumford...... So thus the waiting game ensues. I really hope she is okay. I haven't seen her online either.....or Rak that much for that matter. Busy, busy people. However, I was and will be the same during the school semester
  5. *still jelly of backup....* lol, okey day, so here is what I am thinking. there are many peeps that are incredibly busy, let's all mainly work in kinder and wait for various posts from others.....chaos, you can join in in Kinder if you would like I am sure we would all love to have you there
  6. lachy needs to post as gear...... lol Sorry y'aaalllllll, things have been so crazy. I told my boss I'd prob have to get a second job to pay for Uni, but she threatened with a "Oh no you don't. You are going to work your butt off." Yeah, been working like crazy with that and an online course this summer. lol! But, I posted in Kinder, and I am kinda waiting for LN and Lach
  7. Where'd Silver go! And yes I'll post as Marc as soon as lach posts.....I wanna play in the Kinder, I just want to make sure it's okey day with Silver since she's the head of that department
  8. Ditto on that Skarx I can't see the things either.... Glad you like my kiddies And yes, it's still there. Just use the search option in free form I posted it on the first page of the main thread too! You can put anyone in the Kinder Gist is actually leaving the entire Forum. She's been having some Trials and Travels of her own and is having to leave the place because of those issues. She apologizes and says that she will miss everyone </3
  9. Since you have been quite helpful CCC, your character is allowed to go into action. The only thing you need to know, is that you are on high alert. We really do treat each other like family here and I will be watching everything even if you don't see me there. Profanity, as discussed in the TOS as well as the regular usage guides, is not allowed. Being snarky, not allowed. Being rude or abrupt because of a difference of opinion or belief is not allowed. So, yeah, anything that I am forgetting? I know people sent me forms and I will be creating files for them today. If you don't see it up in the next hour, message me please EDIT: AOPGE TOPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER
  10. Sorry ya'll been working every day....... so, wha'd I miss? I know gist is having to leave, and I think we are going to have to zap this thing back to life. I know that LN and Rak are here off and on, but everyone else is good to go. I say that Shaow has their meeting, and that Light has theirs in the garden, sound good?
  11. Weakness. That was this man’s particular soft spot was weakness. Poor dear, she couldn’t help but think as he broke out of the shadows, shaking. What she couldn’t tell was if it was from fear or anger. But then again, anger was usually rooted in a fear. Maybe he was afraid of becoming that way again, and thus angry at himself for even thinking that he could go back to that. He began to speak about how she might have wanted him to go back to being the weakling that he had viewed himself to be, however, he began to pace. It looked as though he were a caged animal, but caged by his own thoughts. This man was caged by his desire to be stronger and never return to the weakness that had been there once before. She allowed him to get closer, curious about what he would say. However, as soon as he was inches from her face, she found herself breathing in a deep musk that could only be attributed to a man that was constantly travelling. Interesting. Was her thought as she fought the urge to force him away from her. Zillah cleared her throat, surprised at Gear’s strength of action. Most men, save maybe one or two including Gear, had had the audacity to approach her as such. “You mistake me.” She said holding his gaze, her tone even. His eyes were even a more intense color than any light or wind Elementian could have. They were the color of pure, unadulterated gold which she had only seen once in her life. Without even thinking about it, she placed her left hand over Gear’s heart. “Understand that we were all once there. I only wish for you to come to terms with the fact that you were not weak, but young.” She looked at the mirror, hoping that he would as well. There, it showed a little girl who was strikingly beautiful. Long black hair that reached down to the ground, pale white skin stretched over athletic muscles and bright red eyes matching pretty red lips. The little girl was shown as she grew into a young woman that looked exactly like Queen Zillah, just more carefree. She didn’t have any issues or anything to worry about. Beside her stood a young man with eyes of the same color as the girls hair, and hair the same color of the girls eyes. They were much like yin and yang, or two parts of one whole. The two standing there looked regal in their garb until they began to fight; unequaled by their competitors, the two fought together. The young girl, even though they tied, would always walk over to the man, hug him and state “Good job brother.” Wars came and went in flashes until there was a single moment where the man with the red hair was stabbed through his chest. Both had been surrounded by enemies…and Zillah wasn’t strong enough to stop the men from harming her beloved older brother. “We each view ourselves as weak, however you must view it as a moment where you can grow stronger. I only wish to show that which you need to work on to avoid being harmed.” Zillah looked back to Gear, her deep, ruby eyes searching his to find a way that he might understand what it was that she was doing. “My intent is not to rile, even if I do enjoy seeing where people’s weak points are. I am not my mother.” If anyone knew anything about Shadow history, they knew that Zillah’s mother, Zeema was rather sadistic and enjoyed watching other people be harmed. Zillah was in no way like that. She slipped from underneath Gears body which was hovering over her still. A deep breath raised her shoulders before lowering them. “Weakness, and to imagine that your stony surface can be broken through with the image of a broken child.” She mumbled to herself. Zillah walked over to the balcony after releasing the shadows into the room and pushing them away from her making the room light up to show the taste that the room had. It wasn’t incredibly dark, but reflected the Queen’s temperament. “All people are broken by one thing. All of them have to grow from that one point while constantly remembering what had happened to them.” She motioned to the gorgeous city below them. The shadows filled the streets, but then there was light that would hit the shadows making them shimmer and dance. When that happened, the entire city, from the view from above, looked like a shimmering, obsidian lake. “Shadow’s represent pain but from that pain, comes a beauty that none of us will realize. I have lived many years more than my twenty-three year old body would admit. Don’t let your weakness hold you back. Use it to shoot you forward.” She said and turning to Gear with a smile that told him that she had used that weakness more than once to shoot herself forward. Many people viewed Zillah as a horrible tyrant, which she was at times. Her Assassins were tortured creatures, but they were strong, willful, and loyal to a fault. Her people were ruled with an iron fist and if they came to her with petty things, she normally was very angry with them. However, if they had honest issues, her subjects met the Queen that all had come to respect and love. Zillah loved her people with all of her heart. She felt for those that had issues and if they weren’t in her service, they were to become in her service for their betterment. Sola would destroy them… “I will say, however, it was nice to see some emotion other than unrefined cockiness displayed on your face.” The Queen giggled at her own joke as she looked over the city once more. She looked back at Gear, sitting on the edge of the stone balcony.
  12. Sorry ya'll. Grandparents were here, and then I am helping a "sister" of mine with her wedding for the rest of this week. Things weren't supposed to be this frickin busy..... Anywho, I will be posting. Unfortunately some key people in various plots are missing so we are going to have to go on ahead and move here pretty soon.
  13. La la laaaaaa! OMG I am so tired....stayed up late because i wasn't sleepy (talking with Silver ) and theeeen my dog had the audacity to wake me up at 4:40 AM....and then woke up at 8, with like thirty minutes of wake up time........ all without being able to have my own clothes to sleep in or my own bed since family is in town and went to bed before I got home from work........wah! Okay, now that the whining is done, I am going to a)post and wind down from a headache *glomps backup* OMG where have you been?
  14. I think that some people are still waiting for school to finish until later this month. Plus, I know that LN is travelling quite a bit for a little while, but she should be back soon and of course good ol' Rak is on his honeymoon. Don't worry ya'll! And before I post Marcus, did I miss any other interactions??????????
  15. Queen Zillah was very surprised at the mocking tone that Gear had put up. However she was very much so pleased when he turned his tone to one of respect and admiration. THAT was what she was used to, but the fact was, he realized that he was in the presence of royalty. Not that that really mattered to her, it was just something that her mother had instilled into her at a young age. Don’t let anyone treat you as a normal person. “Very well stated Gear. Very well.” The queen said with a smile on her lips. When he didn’t sit down, of course Zillah didn’t like the rebellion of the action, however she allowed him his space for a moment before sweeping her hand. He wouldn’t have noticed the shadow behind him that engulfed him, placed him on the chair and held him there like the stickiest sap in the world. “To say no is not exactly a wise idea with me.” She said with an almost sadistic chuckle. It was true. She enjoyed making people do what she wanted to. The one thing she would not make anyone do, was join her. That had to be a choice, a decision made on their own terms. “Now, to begin with you…” she said with a snap of her fingers. Much like she did with Aamina, she pulled a shadow that held a mirror that reflected Gear’s life before him. His murderous ways for simple money or self-gratification. The hundreds of people that he had manipulated to trust him, left in the mud, cold and hungry. Just as alone as he was. Every person she flashed before him, had lost someone because of his actions. Some of the people that he had killed were in the way of evil people. For those people she showed him their lives and what they had done to cause the anger of a willing buyer of Gear’s talents. She went on and on, showing him to himself. “This is what I see about you. But then, I also see this.” She said and the mirror flashed brightly, but then revealed a little, two or three year old boy, sitting on the front steps of a foster home, crying for his mother and father. “I see a child that has grown into a man, learning to trust no one and instead, treating others as he was treated. A young man with an attitude as a defensive mechanism instead of it being truly himself. Much like myself to be honest.” She added pensively as she turned to him to see his reaction. It was probably nothing to him, however there were those that would see themselves and turn into animals. She was sure since he was practiced at hiding his emotions, that nothing would happen. Still…. “What say you to this Black Gear? Or more so, Black Death? Better yet, Black Murderer?” She said making sure that he was released from the shadows. If he chose to become angry, the queen could handle herself even though no one truly understood that she had, at one time, been quite the warrior. Still, there were those that could best her. Will add Marcus later
  16. Marcus grinned at his fiancée and quickly pecked her on the cheek before standing up. “Come ooooon” He said with a smile. It was always fun for him to surprise her and lately, he’d been having some nights where he would disappear. They both loved the forest, well, he not so much being a fire elementian and all, but! He had always thought that maybe a home in the forest would be nice. Neither of them needed much and it would be nice to have a home in the more mountainous regions and to also have a home closer to the castle if one of them had business to do but not enough time to travel. He called it the hiatus house. Marcus had spent long hours cutting the wood just so and searing the ends properly. He walked with Skylar thorough the brush until they came to a freshly cleared path. There were hoofprints on the path and their horses could be heard in the distance. With a smile, they broke through the last clearing to see a nice cabin with nothing special other than the beauty of simplicity. “We have an hour or so.” He said as he walked into the house with Skylar. There was no attic since the ceiling was open to allow the rising of heat. The rafters were polished just like the floors. There were the simple amenities and a bed that was larger than their home in the mountains. In a one room cabin, the atmosphere was slightly more cozy, but the look was simpler, easier to deal with when having to come in and come out over short periods of time. Isa and Noe – The Sisters Isa looked at Kai like he was crazy. There was no way that he and Noe were pregnant because that just couldn’t be possible could it? Noe, well, not many knew, but Noe had had an accident when she was in her early teen years that nearly ruined her development. She had no memory of the accident, but Isa did; it had been her fault. She just stared at them until Kai brought up the images of their children. All three were either feathered, had feathers, or were getting feathers. Feathery little brats. Isa smirked at her comment before stepping in front of Noe, still shocked at the news. Noe Well this was strange. Isa was quiet for once instead of her bawdy, overzealous self that would give poor Noe headaches. Her eyes were whirling that rainbow color as she stared down at Noe’s stomach then back into Noe’s eyes. There was something strange about Isa as she turned to where Kai had pulled up the lifelike images of their children. A hologram of the three appeared at a mere twitch of Isa’s finger. “eeeeyup. Feathery little brats.” Isa smiled at her sister warmly. Even though she practically hated Noe at times, vice versa as well, she still loved her. They had been through wars together, shared secrets with one another, even shared a father. Their connection was definitely a solid one thanks to all that they had been through. Meaning, Isa’s hatred could be stoved down for a moment to congratulate her sister as well as her brother in law. “Good job Kai.” Isa said with a brazen smile making Noe flush a deep red. “Took you two long enough to conceive now I have to deal with them, right Noe? I bet you were going to make Aketsu and I godparents huh…..” Isa shook her head but the cheeky grin on her face spoke of a happiness for them that she would one day hope to have with Aketsu….if he ever got around to proposing. “Congrats.” She said then hugged her sister tightly. Zillah Aaaaaahhhhhh. A bath was definitely something that was quite refreshing. It had already been an eventful day with the revealing of Aamina’s character to the rather dense Jahanshah. The poor fellow would soon find either bloodshed as Aamina tore the heart from Celeste’s chest (Zillah didn’t envy poor Celeste. Her life had been quite difficult as well.), or he would find that one day, Aamina would no longer be there. They were both quite young, but easily molded into what the queen was hoping for. Jahan had the last word. “Bet-“ she stopped herself before uttering the rest of his name. Betzalel had been gone for more than a year now… He had, at one time, been her constant companion and they had had many times where they loved one another. The terms that they had left on weren’t exactly the best unfortunately. It seemed as though he was afraid of some invisible force. Something that actually frightened HIM, of all people was something that frightened her. Uneeded fear however. She stepped out of the bath, the shadows whispering to her all that was there, all that existed. Her pupils were where they needed to be, her children talking, and the world was good. Shadow was ruling. Her slender body was pale against the shadows that wrapped around her, removing the water, leaving her long, silken black hair in smooth waves behind her. With a chuckle, she used shadows to move an ornate obsidian circlet to her head that would hold her hair back from her face. The dress that she wore was a full length, lace dress with a cut on the outside of each leg that hit five inches below each hip. The slip underneath the dress was a deep blood red that matched the fire-filled gem in the circlet that she wore. The katana that she wore at her side, a sibling of Jahan’s sword known as Azaezel, fit in with the outfit as well. On her feet, instead of wearing her normal black boots, she instead opted for a more feminine boot. She had a meeting today which meant that she, of course, had to look like a queen instead of the warrior queen that she truly was. People must first meet the face, then the woman. One last look in the mirror and a swirl of shadows was all she needed. “It took you long enough.” She whispered in Gear’s ear as she appeared behind him without a single sound. “A man should always be early to his meeting whether it be with a queen, or with another, human being.” Zillah disappeared then appeared further into her room. “I will say that your show of hiding was rather exemplary for one not employed in my service.” Her bright red eyes scanned Gear over a few times, obviously sizing him up. “Hmph.” She turned to look towards the table where a meal was set just as she had requested. “However, you fail to remember that as the queen of the Shadow Alliance, I do possess certain, qualities.” She said as she disappeared from Gear’s view. “Shadows are my playthings, my friends. Please do not insult me ever again by trying to hide.” Her tone became acidic during her threat, but her face turned kind as she motioned for Gear to be seated. “Laiel Ashden. Born to an abusive family that abandoned you to an abusive home. Hmmm, no doubt developing you into who you are today. The Black Gear. Your name is heard around these parts especially since you are a Metal Elementian not employed in my service. How about you tell me about yourself.” She said crossing her right leg over the left and leaning back in her chair.
  17. Hehehehe, Zillah is aware of everythying. Everything I tell you! lol, yes, yes she is Gist And lachy, reading now!
  18. @CCC please remove the rant as well. It is not needed in the official application therefore it needs to be removed. @Everyone - Going to try to post. Been busy again >.<
  19. Nope. Everything else is fine. But please consider yourself on hiatus for the moment.
  20. @Everyone - Alright.... enough! What's said has been said, and what has said has been disappointing on the side of the incoming party. The people here that have been here longer than you have more weight than I do. We do not stand language here and when we do? The only time we do is in the RP and only during certain situations. I will say that Rak and Gist hold the heavyweight title on all applications as does LN. the mediators tend to be Silver, Blue and Lach. DP and I may be the OP's but with this RP it's more of a community than it is OP verses RP'ers. You get in bad with them, you get in bad with me. Honestly? I stopped reading after the first page. The demeaning tone was more than enought to make me re-consider letting you into the RP. Here? We handle each other with respect no matter a rough day or not. Instead of taking it out on one another, we talk it out over PM or post here with an apology and a warning. NOT after the fact. If you cannot play nice in the OOC, then you won't RP in the official thread. I'm sorry CCC, I just won't stand for it. Since I have final word, you won't be allowed to join the RP just yet. As you said, your conduct will improve. I'm looking forward to it. Since there was such huge conflict over the chainsaw, remove it from your application. If things do not improve, I will ask you to leave the OOC. There is a distinct three strikes your out rule here. You've used one. Proceed at your own discretion. ~ LL @ Everyone - Sorry, my boss is in the hospital meaning that me and one other part-timer picked up her hours along with the Associate Store Manager. That and my gparents are going to be coming in this month which means that the house has to be cleaned >.< lol! So yeah, kinda popped in and popped out! lol! I will be trying to work on a post, but I kinda wanted to wait till LN was back because she holds Mythyr and Jahan.....aaaand Aketsu.
  21. I have to say y'all were to see her application....ooooh boy. Very talented, very much so used to a particular OP....... AS To the chainsaw issue. The idea is original, new and I am quite excited to see how it will pan out. Here's the thing, you are going to have to pick and choose. I hope you don't mind me posting this here, however, we really do pick and choose on each other's applications. The sensitivity that she has with metal is actually quite a good idea, however you do fall into problems with the metal to a degree. The way that you explained it in your application actually makes sense. Now, the thing that we run into is the electricity. Yes, it makes sense, however she is actually slightly over powered for her not being a legendary character (since we already have a metal legendary in Prince Jahanshah played by LadyNatasha or LN for short). Here is my argument in your favor however, The character is 47 years old. She has had breadth and time to learn what she wants. My biggest peeve? A kid (14) being able to do this. The history is impeccable, except in regards to Natura which I will PM you about, and the powers well, considering her age, I can't argue. The only one that doesn't make sense is Wolf's Pounce....... I'll message you more, but overall, unless someone brings something else to light about the chainsaw, she's in.
  22. Kinder RP is being run by Silver *is tacklehuggleglomped by everyone* It's a dog pile! Hehehehehe I lurve you guys!
  23. Aamina and Viara-V Aamina watched Mythyr, wondering why his heart rate was so high . She had learned that J’far was protective and had also learned how to ignore his intimidating presence. It was much like the queen, but in another parental manner that she had forgotten, almost like an uncle? She turned away from him, facing the window just as he started to walk that way. Julian had done as he was told which surprised her considering that he just had a rude, and probably embarrassing awakening to the person that was V. The one thing that V had told her was that if anyone were to ever witness the change that happened, they were to know a bit about what happened to her and of course, Julian looked as though he were starting to freak out. She couldn’t help but scoff at the thought of a metal elementian freaking out. For some reason, it entertained her. Honestly, she should just let him freak out much like other people had done in her time. Let them wonder, be curious and afraid of what was going on. Aamina stopped herself. Having to watch her history earlier that day was unsettling the balance that she had strived for so long to create. The balance between wanting to see people hurt and wanting to keep people from having to go through what she had gone through. She looked at Julian and smirked, “She’s not dirty.” He was wiping his hands off on his shirt. Probably more nervous than she could tell since she wasn’t that good at reading heart rates through the ground. Aamina looked blank as she listened to Julian’s question. “So.... She... is it V or Viara?” “While she is unconscious, she is the precious line between V and Viara.” She looked at Mythyr wondering if he would shed some light on the subject, but maybe he didn’t know that much. Maybe he knew a bit more than Aamina because she was only to tell that which V had told her to tell. “V is both Viara and V. Her inner being is V and the outer being is Viara. Or sometimes it is the reverse.” she turned away to face Mythyr who was outside seemingly not enjoying what was going on. But then again, who would? Aamina kept her deadpan look as she turned back around to walk over to the bed. She sat down on the edge and stared at the woman that was so much like herself, but farther gone than she was. “Viara is a defensive mechanism. When V is put through so many tests that harm her, the precious balance that she has fought to obtain is broken down piece by piece. Her training makes it so that she can survive all poisons, lose massive amounts of blood without passing out, as well as fix her own broken bones and keep moving.” As she spoke about the training, her words became strained and angry. She knew that J’far was listening in on what she was saying. “The reason that they train like this, is to make a force that is difficult to harm or kill to protect the queen.” Aamina’s face only changed once when she went through the ways that Viara was trained and that change was into an angry snarl. “Why’d you have to be so rough in knocking me out?” V asked as she started to wake up. “I don’t think you would have wanted Viara to go on about how ‘handsome’ Julian is.” Aamina allowed a small smile to come through a gentle flush appeared along V’s pale cheekbones.. “Never mind then. Thanks.” She said with a weak, angry smile. Aamina grabbed the waters that Mythyr had made for them and gave hers to V. “Here, drink it slowly.” Her voice was commanding and not tender as one would think. V took the glass and sipped at it, relishing in the untainted taste that it had. Her eyes looked strained due to the light, but it would get better over a few minutes. She looked around the room and noticed Mythyr at the window, Julian beside the bed. “How much?” “None. You haven’t told me much.” Aamina was still a little offended over that. She looked between Mythyr and Julian knowing that Viara was probably going to speak about her impairment and history to the point that she had spoken about it with Aamina. Luckily for her, her history had been developed into a powerful weapon making it so that any reference to her history wasn’t something that would weaken, but rather strengthen her. She was helping Aamina to do that as well. “Welp, since you had to meet her, might as well hear about it. Besides, there are a few hours to kill before the meeting.” She sipped at the water again and held her hand out in front of her eyes, pulling the light away from them to help with her headache. “Better.” She mumbled. A deep breath and another sip of the clean water, V looked at Julian, her dark golden eyes searching his own, not finding anything worth distrust. “My real name is actually Viara. I was raised as any other normal girl. Ran a hotel with my parents and seven siblings. Best hotel in the area. My parents were able to send me to the Light Academy where I learned quite a bit about my ability. The soldiers came, attacked because we housed refugees, and I sent them on their way to the hideout. The soldiers captured me and for a year I was tortured as they tried to get the names of the people that we held in our home and they also wanted to find the path that my family went on. Torture like that can crack a little girl.” She snickered. “Little did they know that I would escape and torch many of those guards and find my way to Whisper. I started training late with the Shades at the age of 13. However, they caught me up to the training that was needed and here I am, training to be Master Assassin, destined to take J’far’s place.” She smirked and looked at Julian. “The reason that there is both Viara and I is due to the situations. I separated into two people and the me that I was as a little girl became the way that I laughed in their faces and defeated their torture. The me now, is the one that they grew to fear and the one that they saw as they took their last, scorched breath.” A dark look crossed her face as she giggled slightly. “The looks on their faces…” she sighed and grinned at Aamina who only tilted her head and smiled in understanding. “There it is. A simple, understated reason why there’s two me’s. Now, when training occurs, watch out for Viara to suddenly appear. She’s worse than I am in fighting.” “Worse as in she has no self-control.” “Yeaaaah.” V grimaced. “So, let that form your idea of me.” She said with a dark giggle as she stood up off of her bed, stumbling into Julian. “Sorry.” She was going to walk over to her bathroom but decided that maybe sitting was a better idea. “What is it?” Aamina asked, her brow furrowed in anger. “The Queen’s Poison.” V grinned and winked at Aamina who’s scowl seemed to get darker. “That damned poison has killed others before.” Aamina was growing tired of hearing J’far’s heartbeat at the door and with a sudden spin, she dropped her glass onto a raised pylon and sent an earthen ripple that avoided Julian and Viara to the door. A satisfied smile crossed her lips when a thud was heard across the hall. V chuckled as she did her best to straighten up but, well, that wasn’t really working. Marcus He looked at his fiancée, studying her in the light of the sun. She was quite the doll and he loved her more than anything. They each had their issues. His unneeded attachment to the queen as a money source, his need to be a part of that group to make sure that everything stayed well for his beloved. Their cabin was quite nice, in the middle of the mountainous region along the coastline, but close enough to the forest so that they were only a small ride away from the kingdom. He had to work for the queen to keep that. It was their deal. He looked back at the sky and just stared, wondering if he should continue with his ideas, or if Sky wasn’t exactly in the mood to continue. Instead, he placed his hand over hers, let his head go back, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
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