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You can call me Iza 😃 - My old forum name: Izabelle-89

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    Sweden (GMT+1)
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    My family & friends, also my dragons! :3


    Shimmers I have:

    3G M, code (Horus) and Marvelous Treasure x Gold, checker
    3G F, code (Aylis) x Blusang, stair
    5G F, Lung Ying Jassith x Water, stair
    5G F, code [happy] x GW, stair


    3G F, Lisslla Lissar (2017) x Lunar Herald silver, stair
    3G M, Scipio Bellorum (2017) x Xenowyrm Chrono
    3G M, Silas Vincent x Tri-Horn - stair

    4G M, Echoes in the Deep x Shadow Walker
    4G M, Prowl x Blusang, stair
    4G F, DivaZ x Horse, stair
    5G M, code [C0L0R] x Moonstone, stair
    6G F, High Queen of Connacht x GW, stair
    6G M, Shao Shi x Royal Blue, spiral


    2G F, 2015 - (99999) x Caligene
    2G F, 2015 - Gnade x Lunar Herald Gold
    2G F, 2018 - Event Horizon G x Falconiform Wyv.

    3G F, Zoe May x Green Nebula, stair
    3G F, Miss Elizabeth x Aeon, stair

    4G F, Mystic of the 7 x Blusang, stair
    4G F, Satan x Purple, stair
    5G M, code [filly] x Red, stair
    5G F, Seaglory of Christmas x Electric, stair
    5G M, Bilbo x Lumina, stair
    5G F, Mystic of the 7 x Blusang, stair
    6G M, Magic Mustika x Shadow Walker, spiral


    Tinsels I have:


    3G Hea1er x Garland (2017)
    3G Apollo x Ice, stair
    3G Apollo x Stripe x GW, even

    4G Apollo x Ice, stair
    4G Apollo x Ribbon Dancer, stair
    4G [AGYI] x Red, stair
    5G Apollo x Ice, stair
    5G Gold Epica x Vine, stair
    5G Living In Sin x Sunset, stair
    6G Living In Sin x Black, stair
    6G Gold Epica x mix, even
    7G Gold Epica x mix, even


    2G Kamanda Koroma (2017) x Celestial
    2G The Light at Midnight (2018) x Winter Magi
    2G Blimey (2018) x Almerald

    3G Airgid Iontas de Oiche Shamhna (2017) x Gemshard blue, stair
    3G Balmung Fezalion and The Joker x silver Lunar Herald, checker
    3G Arboriel Morchaint x Nocturne, stair
    3G [Elena] (2012) x Thunder, stair
    3G Patxaran x Fog, stair
    3G Penk x mix, even

    4G [Abby] x Purple Nebula, stair
    4G [Elena] (2012) x Red Dorsal, stair
    4G Inextrica x Erno x mix, even
    4G [Prize] (2012) x Purple, stair
    4G Vivencia (2012) x Shadow Walker, stair
    5G Arboriel Morchaint x Green (Earth), spiral
    5G [booo] x White, stair
    5G [Korea] (2012) x Cavern Lurker, stair
    5G Dawn's Silver Medal x Val'09, stair
    5G Inextrica x Blue Nebula, stair
    5G Inextrica + Erno x mix, even
    5G Penk x Hellfire x Hellfire, stair
    5G Penk x Purple Nebula, stair
    6G Artemis x Hellfire, stair
    6G Inextrica + Erno x mix, even
    6G Penk x White x Pink, stair
    6G Penk x White, spiral
    6G [Prize] (2012) x Ice, stair
    7G Patxaran x mix, even
    8G Penk x White x Pink, stair


    CB Female 'Chendiza' Raffle Dec 2020
    2G Se 7 en (2012) x Horse
    2G Hypnotizing x Red Copper

    3G -----"- ------------------"- ,stair
    3G -----"- and Uskebeaghe x enraged Aegis, checker
    3G Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x Sunstone, stair
    3G Bronze Ivy x Marrow, stair
    3G Brazen Zalvaris CB x Shadow Walker, stair
    3G Cayvyn x Bright Pink (old pink), stair

    4G Alcoholic x Stripe, stair
    4G Antihypertensive x Black, stair
    4G [ARMY] x Pillow, stair
    4G [ARMY] x Hellfire, stair
    4G Bronze Ivy x Pillow, stair
    4G Darkrose x White, stair
    4G [f-word] x Marrow x Ember, even
    4G [glory] (2012) x Blusang, spiral
    4G Hypnotizing x Ember, stair
    4G Hypnotizing x Tan Ridgewing, stair
    4G Hypnotizing + Bronze Ivy x mix, even
    4G Joyous Gift (2012) x Black, stair
    4G San Victorus x Stripe x White, stair
    5G Antihypertensive x Marrow, stair
    5G Bronze Ivy x Ember, stair
    5G Cayvyn x Black, stair
    5G Cielatahl x Magma, stair
    5G Galletian Victory x Frill, stair
    5G Hypnotizing x Ember, stair
    5G Hypnotizing + Bronze Ivy x mix, even
    5G San Victorus x Christmas, spiral
    5G San Victorus x Stripe x White, stair
    6G [ARMY] x Ember, spiral
    8G [f-word] x Vine, spiral


    Fulfilled IOUs 2013:
    Mercury - CB Silver + 3G Tinsel (Se 7 en x Horse) +
    3G Tinsel (Hypnotizing x Red Copper)

    Fulfilled IOU 2012:
    ThatDeadGirl - 3rd EG Silver from Silver Shadow x Drusilla

    Fulfilled IOUs 2011:
    Reginea9 - 5th gen stair-step Bronze Tinsel x White
    thenameisplissken - 6x 2nd gen PB Blacks
    buckskinmist - 3rd gen WST
    Merenwen - 5th gen staircase Bronze Tinsel
    yieldy - Silver tinsel (Penk) x male purple Nebula
    Cajunsun - 4G Bronze tinsel (Brazen) x Shadow Walker
    Gyldendrag - Two 3rd EG Blacks (checker Silver/Gold x Black)