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  1. You know, if you don't listen to people who give you advice, or even a approver that says you need to improve stuff, then this RP will never happen.
  2. You can't just rely on Narutards either, what if your the only one? What if those that don't know Naruto wish to join? Will you just shun them because they aren't Narutards? And what if another Narutard wishes to know if this happens at the same time or in another time? Your not telling any of this. Also, if this happens at the same time as it is in the Anime right now, then add some characters that can be chosen, like Sakura, Naruto, Lee and the others.
  3. Yeah, that way you only need one sheet, but things should be clear for all choices.
  4. Then why not simply put (Don't fill this out till you become a rider, or if you want to be a Weyrfolk.) behind it? That should clear things out aswell, and you only need one sheet.
  5. Whats up with the two character sheets? Did you do it on purpose or did you accidentally add a second one? If its on purpose, then whats your reason for it? And why are they the same?