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Way to my scrollI am always looking for Paper eggs and hatchies, I also love gold Wyverns. (They are both so cute) I breed my dragons on request, please see profile for detailsbronzetrans.gif

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    Dragon Wishlist:

    2nd gen Reds from Holly X red
    Searching for 2nd gen reds from red X Alt Sweetling and 2nd gen Embers from Ember X Alt Sweetling

    Gold wyvern female/male
    Thunder female / male
    Ice female / male
    Gold horned Tangar female / male
    Daydream male
    Deep Sea female
    Ember female / male
    Waverunner female
    green male
    Guardian female
    Water male
    Neotropical female
    Tan Rigdgewing female
    Bright breated wyverns female / male
    Canopy female / male
    Spring female / male
    Summer female / male
    Skywing female
    Spitfire male
    Stone male
    white stripe female / male
    sonsong male
    seahorse female / male
    Water walker female
    Nebula female / male
    Nebula alt female
    Swallowtail female
    Pillow female
    Spotted Greenwing female
    Nilia Pygmy male
    Crimson flare Pygmy female
    Misfit Pygmy female
    Dark Myst Pygmy female / male
    Seawyrm Pygmy female / male
    Neglected female / male / ungendered
    Gold female / male
    Silver female / male
    Nightglory male
    red female / male
    pink female /male
    purple female / male

    Lineaged: (non inbred)
    Thunder male
    alt Vine 2nd gen female / male
    Geode 2nd gen female / male
    white stripe female
    red stripe 2nd gen female / male
    blue stripe 2nd gen female / male
    green stripe 2nd gen male
    black stripe 2nd gen female / male
    shallow water 2nd gen female / male
    bluna 2nd gen female / male
    gold low gen female / male
    Holly low gen
    2nd gen alt black female / male

    Tinsel/ Prize:
    Apollo (s5gF)
    2012 Tinsels

    Mondegreen ( Monde)
    Vivencia (5Vijv)
    Requiem Valdespar (uWWp4)
    Pemenang cb (7o2cQ)
    Show me the silver tinsel (Korea)

    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr (Anzu)
    Darkrose (1337)
    Joyous Gift (lgBZ7)
    Crouching Tiger (lq443)
    Li Xion (Sonja)
    Se 7 en (77777)
    Daymajet (rS6am)
    Vive la vie (light)

    lower gen tinsels from lines I already have (see below) or with a different partner


    I always consider other offers. :) I decline offers I am not interested in to not waste your time.


    I breed my dragons on request, please PM me politely, I will let you know if there is a waiting list.
    I will always give priority to trades, so don't be annoyed by that, they trade something for it you get it for free.
    I always reserve the right to decline a request. Especially my tinsels and metals are sometimes not productive and that is why I sometimes have to decline requests. I will also decline requests that would result in an inbred dragon or would break the lineage.
    Please name the dragons you got from me. There is no need to continue with the naming pattern, any name will do. If it has a cute code we can discuss this point.

    I randomly glomp people, so be prepared, you might be one of them at some point.

    I am always looking for paper eggs and hatchies.
    And I love the new golden wyverns. The adults are just so cute.
    I also like embers and reds, pinks, magis, purples and skywings.

    If you request an egg and you are listed in a thread, where I am contributing as a breeder, please state that in your request.

    Tinsels I have:

    5th gen kinda 2 step spiral Living in Sin (iWin) X Terrae and pink and Rosebud
    6th gen sorta stair Gold Epica X Vine
    8th gen stair Gold Epica X Vine
    8th gen stair Gold Epica X Vine and Frill
    9th gen stair (AGYI) X Green Nebula
    10th gen sorta spiral Alexandria Aurelix X Terrae

    5th gen stairstep Inextrica (DMHP) X Nebula
    6th gen stair Arboriel Morchaint ( TREE) X Black
    6th gen stair (booo) X White
    7th gen stair Artemis (wind) X Hellfire
    7th gen stair Inextrica (DMHP) X Nebula
    7th gen stair Dawn's Silver Medal (EQdu) X Black
    7th gen stair Erno (ERNA) X Pink
    8th gen stair Penk X Pink
    8th gen almost stair Dawn's Silver Medal (EQdu) X Terrae
    9th gen sorta spiral Patxaran X Sunsong
    9th gen stair CHA0S X White
    9th gen spiral (aobO) X Marrow
    4th gen stair Bronze Ivy X White and Waterwalker
    5th gen stair Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing (A76J) X Terrae
    5th gen 2-step spiral Antihypertensive (Aht6) X Black
    5th gen stair Cayvyn (Ryko)X Stripe
    5th gen stair Hypnotizing (wish) X Nebula purple
    5th gen spiral Galletian Victory (Wyms) X Red
    6th gen stair Army (ARMY) X Hellfire
    6th gen stair Cielatal (aBv6) X green Nebula
    6th gen stair San Victorus (NCjU) X White and White Stripe
    7th gen sorta stair f*ck X Vine
    7th gen stair Brazen Zalvaris CB (1219) X Harvest
    8th gen stair Cielatal (aBv6) X Moonstone
    9th gen stair San Victorus (NCjU) X Hellfire
    11th gen stair Tanoth the Dragon King (Wish) X Terrae
    13th gen stair Alcoholic (Vein) X various