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  1. I took it, thank you. Aquamyrine
  2. I am always on the lookout for them, have traded for a few lately.
  3. Donated , hope it helps to keep the site up.
  4. My daughter who is now 18 introduced me to this game, I'm originally from the Caribbean and live in Canada. 42 and counting. Love those dragons.
  5. I put a tinsel in a couple ERs and then went to bed without waiting for the poor egg to hatch. When I checked my scroll the next morning I realized what had done and by some amazing luck it hadn't gotten sick. Aquamyrine
  6. Caught 3 cb stripes in 12 hours
  7. works on chrome for me as well
  8. I think it was something that just started today so only breedings from today would have affected the luminas. Aquamyrine
  9. Same here Sheppard, I have been trying to breed a 2nd gen Golden Wyvern from summer for the last 3-4 weeks, and have got nothing, it's frustrating.
  10. Another fail for me to, at least I got one.
  11. I actually caught 2 CB Springs today.
  12. Congrats everyone! I bred this, after months of trying, http://dragcave.net/lineage/dVqES and this lovely iou came through this morning, http://dragcave.net/lineage/CZ1Og mystyic
  13. got all 42 eggs, Happy Easter everyone. mystyic
  14. yay my gold didn't refuse and actually liked it's mate pretty tinsel Aquamyrine
  15. I finally finished a project Aquamyrine
  16. Well let's assume this is real first of all. If a person has a certain amount of invites then they could invite X amount of people, those people would then have more than one invite and be able to invite more people and it would spread like wildfire while allowing Tj to sit back and watch us all go cagy trying to get invite codes aquamyrine
  17. if there are actual invites I would love one but if not this was a really well thought out April fools day joke Good job TJ Aquamyrine
  18. I did see one yesterday in the Forest, haven't seen another one since then
  19. I am jealous of those but i did just get The Library of Alexandria on a placeholder for now, i'll probably put it on a white later Aquamyrine
  20. I think it was the new release. Since it was in the alpine a lot of the winters got cleared out in the rush to get the new eggs. Aquamyrine
  21. that looks like it will be a very pretty lineage purplehaze They finally gave me an EGG!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really excited when the black alted and I plan to keep a marrow from it on halloween. Aquamyrine
  22. I managed to grab two in the craziness, thanks for the new eggs and the cool event TJ and everyone else who was involved in the making of this event. Aquamyrine
  23. I like the rosebutXsunstone but I also found that it looks nice with the Spring as well as the purple nebula Aquamyrine
  24. Thanks TJ, looking forward to the event and the new eggs of course. mystyic