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  1. Gifting 3rd gen checker purple from purpleXtan ridgewing thuwed pair -----> GONE and 3rd gen from thuwed hollyXwinter -----> GONE I would love to know where they end up so if you could let me know in a post or PM that would be great and please don't kill them Aquamyrine
  2. aqua17

    Cool Codes

    I didn't even realize when I bred it but this egg definitely has a a troll themed code (well a homestuck troll at least) I'm not sure if I want to trade it because of the lineage but for a really good offer from someone who likes homestuck I would consider it. I'm not really a huge fan so I feel like the code would be more appreciate by someone else. Aquamyrine
  3. Gifting, http://dragcave.net/lineage/rMD59 http://dragcave.net/lineage/8M3i8 Please no killing. vamping or trading. Also please post here or send me a pm to let me know where it goes. mystyic This one gone, thanks for the pm Gone, congrats Bajka20
  4. Gifting, http://dragcave.net/lineage/7cG97 Gone, congrats, Ruby Please don't kill, trade or vamp. I would appreciate a pm or post here so that I know where it ends up. Thanks mystyic
  5. Thank you TJ for the update, appreciate all the work you did to get it working again. mystyic
  6. Thank you I claimed the 1st one mystyic
  7. Have: this 3rd gen http://dragcave.net/lineage/cZOHt please do not bite, kill or trade. Just offer an ap egg so I know where it ends up. Gone You're welcome, rubyshoes mystyic
  8. this is so sadly true (I actually have a spot on my scroll called frozen nebula land where miscoloured nebulas live as hatches forever aquamyrine
  9. That is a beautiful lineage, congrats. And good luck happymom with the nebula I was so surprised that I actually got this one to turn RED considering the amount of sunsets i had to go through to get to this point int he lineage. I'm also finished the moonstone project and I'm close to finishing the sunrise one. The terrae lineage is still a little behind since my goal is to have a nebula and the other breed from each project. Pretty much finished but I still need to get a nebula sibling to this working on breeding a 3rd gen neb to go with this one Aquamryine
  10. After multiple neb fails and no eggs progency page here (and that's not even all, at least 2 sunsets were killed because I got sick of getting no nebulas) Finally the one nebula actually turns RED! I can't believe i'm actually done with this part of my project! Aquamyrine
  11. I finally got a holly this christmas, thanks to a very generous user. http://dragcave.net/lineage/9evrk Both my kids also got their 1st holly this year as well. This is my daughter's, also thanks to a very generous user http://dragcave.net/lineage/RNdt7 mystyic
  12. Finished at last http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/aquamyrine and I'm pretty proud of it too. Aquamyrine
  13. Yay thanks for the new dragon and the mini game that I am about to go explore. Thanks TJ and spriters aquamyrine
  14. For this Christmas I would like a curled black alt hatchling for freezing. Merry Christmas to everyone aquamyrine
  15. This seasonal Thuwed is looking for a good home for the holidays Claimed, thanks for letting me know Zeldarax Aquamyrine
  16. I just bred this if you want it. It's not a perfect mate but I think they look okay together. Pm me if you want it or not Since I don't have a 2nd gen holly I thought i'd breed the two possible mates for if I ever get one together and I think they look pretty great together Aquamyrine
  17. Free 3rd gen Autumn Thuwed, http://dragcave.net/lineage/FPfkh Please don't kill or abandon it. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! mystyic
  18. So I just froze this, does this mean it will be eternally sick Aquamyrine
  19. well THIS was a surprise . I was fully expecting a refusal or no egg although it would have been amazing if I had gotten a gold Thanks dragonsrus and Belisar Aquamyrine
  20. I agree especially if you look at where the DC dessert is situated in the picture, it looks like a relatively flat sandy expanse and it is beside the alpine mountains. Aquamyrine
  21. will this include dragons that were grabbed from the old cave before biomes and what would that even be called, the old cave lol Aquamyrine
  22. Well this was unexpected but very exciting nonetheless. Thanks TJ Aquamyrine
  23. Bred a bunch of tinsels, and suprisingly enough I got like 6 tinsel fails. I think that's a record since the drought for me. I haven't gotten that much fails in like forever. I also got one shiny. http://dragcave.net/lineage/5h9nl mystyic
  24. oh wow that is gorgeous I personally really like the female lurker with male pink and male lurker with old pink. I haven't started collecting eggs yet to make this into a lineage but I think they would look really great together. Aquamyrine