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  1. I have 4 CB pairs at the moment, not sure if I will collect more yet, depends on whether I get unlocked or not. I have caught and traded quite a bit for blue hatchies and I also gifted some to those who had none. mystyic
  2. that is a really beautiful lineage, good luck with the rest of it Aquamyrine
  3. I actually like the moonlights better at least as a hatchie but who knows what they'll look like grown up Aquamyrine
  4. The hatchling would be more appealing to me as well but as changeling said for lineage projects that I'm working on I prefer to get eggs or already gendered hatchlings as in they have wings and a gender already. As for lineage stuff I much prefer those as eggs so I can influence them as I please but Cb stuff I prefer at hatchlings. Aquamyrine
  5. I voted Holly as the rarest simply because Neglecteds can be made any time of the year and GONs, no matter how long it takes everyone can get two for sure. Except of course for the few people that traded theirs back when they were tradable. I just think that because of the seasonal breed limit of the hollies and the fact that there were so few to begin with that they are the rarest. Aquamyrine
  6. he reminds me of a santa cookie lol it looks very nice but you might want to fix your link. Aquamyrine
  7. Thanks and the short answer is it is what Chritmas was called in Ancient Roman times before Christianity took over Rome, just a little pice of ancient history Saturnalia was named for the Roman god Saturn (the equivalent of the Greek Zeus) and Saturnalia was a festival celebration to celebrate him from December 17-23, everyone would dance, sing, feast and give presents and when Christianity became popular they incorporated some Roman holidays into their own to make it easier for the common people to accept the new religion. Okay i guess that was a little longer than I meant for it to be, sorry I just really love the ancient civilizations. PonyTales thanks as well Aquamyrine
  8. Well Here's mine Tada It's not quite done yet, i want to fix it up a bit but i'm pretty proud of it. Just a tribute to PJO and Ancient Greek/Roman Mythology in general Okay it is finally finished, i'm quite happy with how it turned out. Aquamyrine
  9. I really like what you did with the strung lights, it looks very cool. Aquamyrine
  10. I named my Yulebuck Cupid the Reindeer mostly based on his lineage I'd be open to voting for my holiday names and I also have Peppermint CandyCane Aquamyrine
  11. http://dragcave.net/wreath/aquamyrine Mine's just kind of silly randomness right now because whenever I get new decorations I just add a few of my favourites from each day and keep building it up. I'll fix it up later. Aquamyrine
  12. Yay thanks TJ, i love the nebulas and all the other dragons that got all dressed up for Christmas Aquamyrine
  13. things like my stripes, blacks and tinsels are generally bred to be traded or just because I can and then dropped but I have a few lineage projects going on so even if I get the wrong egg i like to keep those just because I want to. Aquamyrine
  14. False, I don't have any pets TPBM has a deviantart account
  15. I recently got this beautiful silver tinsel X nebula spiral. I plan to continue the patter by starting over with a green nebula and so on so hopefully the influence worked. Aquamyrine
  16. I don't really approve of killing dragons except for zombies so I don't really see them as more valuable. However I don't mind people killing their own dragons as they are their own and they can do with them what they wish, I would just never care to own one myself. Aquamyrine
  17. I would really love this, clickable lineage link or not. It would still be very useful when crating lineages Aquamyrine
  18. Yes this has been the best halloween ever, i got 5 of the new eggs and zombified two hatchies , Thanks TJ. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new dragons are going to be. Aquamyrine
  19. I bred a tinsel fail a while back and i had planned to abandon it but I am very glad that i read the code first http://dragcave.net/lineage/kAlBO I interpreted this as Kiaba and decided to keep him.
  20. Got the first one, Thanks mystyic
  21. Tinsel fail from silver and blue nebula up for grabs Claim my eggs/hatchlings! mystyic
  22. Does anyone want this pretty white spiral tinsel fail? Normally i'd keep because I love whites it but I need the egg space right now. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! gone