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  1. I have a question about sorting my dragons.

    I am thinking about sorting either breed sort or rainbow sort and wanted to know if the dragons are sorted in order of cb, then 2nd gens and so on?

    Any help is appreciated as I have way too many dragons to manually sort now.

  2. Can someone please tell me how to unlock the 4th glow for the Spirit Wards. I am in Eastern Standard time.

    I have unlocked the first 3 sprites and the last one.


    Never mind, I figured it out, and got all unlocked.



  3. For whatever reason it doesn't seem to be letting me add my dragons? I go to the add page, input my scroll check the auto add (have also tried with that unchecked) and check to hide the view numbers. When I click the 'submit' instead of taking me to the list of entered dragons it just shows me the add your dragons page sans my entered information. I am on my cell phone (ATM my only Internet capable machine) and other hatcheries are working fine for me (namely hatching club). So is it a glitch or is my cellphone just being stupid even though it worked fine yesterday?

    It's has happened to me as well about 10 minutes ago and I am on my desktop.