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  1. If you mean the breeders list, you are correct. I will need to update that at some point. I suspect a lot of those have gone inactive over time anyway, so that is something else for me to check. *sigh* Added you to the wait list. @Saika - Thank you so much for your help with the Remembrance breeding! I have updated lists to here! ~purplehaze
  2. Updated lists to here. Both people on the wait list want 5th gen dragons and I don't know if there is anyone else but me who is active now who can breed those. I will try to get to them as soon as possible. ~purplehaze
  3. Once again, I have done a small update to here. Just updated the lists. No time to do the website. Also, for those waiting for eggs I am attempting to get those lists taken care of. ~purplehaze
  4. I am going to make a plea to anyone who has changed their forum name to PLEASE post back here and let us know! I just tried to send a PM to Dusky_Flareon about the Remembrance waiting list, but was unable because apparently that name no longer exists. Dusky, if you read this, please send me (purplehaze) a PM so you can get your egg.
  5. Updated to here - at least this forum thread! I have still not updated the website. Added @Dragonaxew, @AkiresaYasonska, and @Lady_Kilana to the Hope waiting list. Added @MinkishMinx and @Lady_Kilana to the Remembrance waiting list. I thought we had decided that players must have a Hope dragon before they could get a Remembrance egg, but I don't see that in the rules. I think it will likely work out that way for you anyway, Lady_Kilana, since the Remembrance list is much longer. Please let me know if I missed anything in the update. Thanks for your
  6. Updated to here -- sort of! I have neglected this lineage terribly and I apologize for that. I hope I am ready to get on board and get things rolling again. I did a partial update of the wait lists. @black-shado and @caribousneaky951 - I have sent you a PM to see if you ever got your egg and if you are still interested. @black-shado - you need to have a Hope dragon before you can be added to the Remembrance list, so I am waiting for your response to the PM I sent. If you have gotten your Hope egg and want a Remembrance one, I will add you to that list. I have not u
  7. @Moonlightelf Thank you for that! Sorry I have not replied sooner. I have really been overwhelmed with stuff and haven't felt like dealing with this right now. I will fix that thread as soon as I get a chance. I think I am finally getting used to this new forum format -- sort of! I apologize for the somewhat dull appearance of the first posts. I removed all the huge ugly Photobucket update abominations, but haven't re-added the graphics. That should happen soonish as I do have them all saved elsewhere now. I have been focused on other things lately, but I would like to
  8. @Moonlightelf I re-added your images to the banner page. But somehow in doing that it has removed the CODE for all the other banner images. I don't know how to fix that with the stupid WYSIWYG, so it will just have to stay for now. Most of those images are on Photobucket at the moment, so will be changing soon anyway. I am beyond frustrated with this! ~purplehaze
  9. All updated to here! Hopefully everything is correct and complete. I have added you to the Remembrance breeders list, Zerhai. Anyone who wants Remembrance eggs now has a choice of breeder and generation. ~purplehaze
  10. Updated to here Added xHaiki to the wait list for a Hope egg. The mate for your Hope dragon must be only a caveborn Pink dragon. The Hope lineage is a purebred Pink lineage. No Arias or any other breed. The only ones that are required to carrying the Remember or Honor name are the descendents of the 2g. It is okay if you choose to name all the other dragons in your even gen line with the lineage name, but it is also okay if you don't. The Hope lineage is the original lineage started back in 2009 by "Dixie" to bring awareness to the fight against breast cancer
  11. All updated to here! (I hope!) If you see anything I missed, please let me know! ~purplehaze
  12. Fixed and updated. Thanks for pointing out the omission of the code box! The "keeping" is there for the breeder in case they breed an egg to keep for themselves. The breeding of a new egg should always be reported by the breeder. A transfer can be reported by either breeder or receiver, but only needs to be reported once! ~purplehaze
  13. Stuff updated to here! I have added forms for both the Hope and the Remembrance lineages in their respective posts. I hope it is all clear. Please let me know if there are any mistakes! ~purplehaze
  14. Yes, congratulations to Tigerkralle! She has been added to the list of thread monitors as a breeding event assistant. She did a marvelous job on the last one and this will make it a bit easier for her to send out the required PMs. And thank you for pointing out the typo in the egg request form. I don't know how I missed that. It has now been corrected. ~purplehaze
  15. I have added an official egg request form for the Breast Cancer Hope lineage to the first post. Does it stand out enough that people will realize they need to use it? ~purplehaze
  16. Lists and website updated to here. It appears that the egg I gave to summersandy is no longer in the database (dead?). Another who will not be allowed another egg without permission from me. @sunnynight - The egg that you have marked keeping is the same code as the one you sent Zerhai. I see a dragon named Start of Hope on your scroll that was bred on May 7. Is that the one you meant???? @LeBoringJaques - Did luluxrose get a Hope egg from you? I don't see a Pink dragon on that scroll. @FAstudent12 - No one ever reported the code of the egg you gave SaphireKat. I found i
  17. Updated to here Nightwalkerkey has been added to the wait list. It appears that the egg that was gifted to Atala has died. That disqualifies them from receiving another egg unless I approve. ~purplehaze
  18. Updated to here. I have readded End3rStorm to the wait list. She was on vacation without internet access when she was offered the egg before. I have also added Atala and FAstudent12 to the wait list. I still need to update the website with the Hopes that went to -Luxa- and AnnoyingTiger888, but I will wait until they are grown up and named. (Please let me know when that happens.) Uh, yeah, I didn't mean for you to give the egg away. I just needed the lineage link to add it to the website. But I don't see a Hope egg or hatchie on your scroll and your Hope lineage dragon
  19. Lists and website updated to here. I have added AnnoyingTiger888 and -Luxa- to the wait list. @ SpartanGirl - I could not add your Hope baby to the website because you didn't include a link and apparently your scroll is hidden. Please either post a link or PM it to me. @ PootisLooti - I appreciate your willingness to spread the Hope. But I would request that you wait until after I put people on the wait list or at least post to the thread that they will be added as soon as I can. I need to check their scroll to be sure they meet the requirements and I have a PM message that I s
  20. Updated to here. Added jillybean711 to the wait list. Thanks everyone for updating your information. It makes my life a lot easier! ~purplehaze