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  1. Round 1 Regular Bingo R1. A caveborn Guardian. Bingo ! https://dragcave.net/view/1sBnJ R2. A lineaged Guardian. Bingo ! https://dragcave.net/lineage/X01QE R3. A Guardian with Vampire offspring (progeny link, please!) nope R4. A Guardian with hybrid offspring (progeny link, please!) Bingo ! https://dragcave.net/progeny/KlMvt R5. A Guardian with a dead or undead ancestor (lineage link, please!) Bingo ! https://dragcave.net/lineage/v1QVl Competetive Bingo Com1. A Guardian that fulfill most of the conditions of Round 1. https://dragcave.net/view/KlMvt (CB, has hybrid child
  2. TJ has let the story carry on running for a few days; maybe you can still get the badge if you play on.
  3. I begin to think that our original suggestion of a mere 6 per breeder might have worked better.... And of course those organised mass breedings will completely clog it. Brutes are coming up - ugh.
  4. A simple ask.... Have: 2 gen Truffle from Heartseeker. Want: bloodswap. Please make an offer on my egg !
  5. Oh. Oops. OH Thanks. It is BIG and - well, I am living proof that it isn't the first thing that one sees ! Exactly this. Most of us seem to work OK with the threads that exist, after all.
  6. I'm on Opera on home ISP on a PC; no VPN - no problems. Also tried Chrome, Firefox, Pale Moon, Vivaldi and Brave. All are fine.
  7. That's a very valid point, actually. But @Murkydepths - just as you feel no-one has given a good reason why not, you haven't actually given a good reason WHY. Just that you want it because CUTE, and that it would make you value drakes more. But that doesn't seem to apply to most posters in this thread - even those who quite like the idea don't see it as making drakes more appealing as such, just as a bit of fun and so why just drakes ? Why don't you flesh out a drake concept with a prop, put it up there and see if it flies. The proof of the pudding and all that... It's
  8. I have an Anagallis who was ORIGINALLY descended from two males at base, as a code had been recycled. TJ cleaned that up too, sadly. Killed the base pair. https://dragcave.net/lineage/8gsXE
  9. Getting to the person you want ! NO biggie. Maybe give PM links - because if you can't find them by scroll name on forum...
  10. Hey YEAH.... (not the easiest database to navigate but yes. Off to look for something I need !) Exactly this. Which is why I think your best bet is your own thread with the rules you want to see. If people find it hugely valuable, they will be there in their droves.
  11. Why you think they should. Not quite the same thing as why they actually should. I wish @TJ09 would come in here....
  12. I just did: site:dragcave.net +"silver x rosebud" got me a good few ! Not all trading posts, but even so.
  13. ARRGGGH I missed that. NO to ANY auto-pms even of any kind ! Quite. Maybe the answer for what you want is to set up a thread where there is a rigidly set format for trades; people can then set the thread to PM when there is new activity. I don't actually think it's reasonable to expect the whole forum to set rules for posting trades to suit one player. I know I post them on all sorts of different ways. according to the way I feel that day and what kind of player I hope to attract. I DO often use egg images and I shall carry on doing so. People scanni
  14. No - that's unfair to someone who happens to have bred two of the offending breed when someone else has run a mass breed. Exactly this. It's brilliant,even if it needs the odd tweak. Can't have been completely walled off - there's the sixth line thing.
  15. Holy something. That IS tough !
  16. I honestly think it's too huge to work. The EG one works fairly well, but what I tend to do is ask in my sig !
  17. OOH wait - I want to be whatever ! One extra point to prevent my winning !
  18. That would have been moi.... I had lost count and was in a hurry. F1. Bingo ! https://dragcave.net/view/1DfpO
  19. Yes, they can only be warded once. I don't know why it would say it was STILL warded, but it can't be warded again.
  20. Try a spell like teleport, that only has one ingredient (magi.) If that works - then it suggests you may have the proportions wrong.