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  1. You may have and not be aware, OR your IP address may be on a blacklist. You are not alone, and it will probably go away in time.
  2. IT didn't take me quite that long - but there are of course many dedicated players who have yet to win at all - that's how random works !
  3. OH - yes - skipping an egg slot. Maybe a market hatchie should take an EGG slot rather than a hatchie slot. Because that DOES feel like a bit of a cheat. Not that I support the idea anyway - but that is a bit of an exploitation.
  4. I know they are - what I was pointing out was this: Suns can be caught ANY old time. Maybe it helps a bit to catch them at a particular time, but it's not a huge issue of confusion.
  5. I LOVED that movie. Man hopes to win back wife by learning to dance
  6. Don't you mean glories ? Sun/sets depend on hatching time, not catching time. And actually the market page has an indicator of time of day at the top. It's not that hard to look before you click - but in fact, the glories STATE which you will get.
  7. And honestly - how many of us would run with hard - not least because - well I don't WANT 12 adult lindwyrms; I have my own priorities.
  8. Isn't it GREAT ! Man plays scrabble on line Girl does not have abortion
  9. If someone particularly wants one - yes. I have traded 2 gen PB golds for CB commons when I was in a hurry to work on a lineage. It's all about who wants what and how badly. All these "is x worth y ?" questions fall when someone wants something.
  10. It would also massively favour older players, and TJ has always said he wants a level playing field.
  11. Thanks, HeatherMarie - my view precisely.
  12. I can't be relied upon to play in the AP today as I have a zoom rehearsal to be at - I'll check when it's over.. Just saying. I'd try to do it when they are around AP times, so that we can be around to catch them....