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    Z Project

    Go for it. But we also have naming rules !
  2. I've been playing this a VERY long time ! nectarine
  3. Fuzzbucket

    Z Project

    Z dragons for this project have to have the Z at the beginning of the code. Not that that stops you doing your own thing of course
  4. Nope. Mine ended with an a. Try again: pneumonia
  5. Agree 100%.Not everything in life can be achieved by trying harder. A bit of chance is no bad thing.
  6. There are a load of brushes you can add, and choose their width. https://firealpaca.com/en/topics/Add+brushes! Not that I have ever seen this programme before....
  7. HAVE: 2 gen tan ridgewing hatchling from male gold, influenced female. Want: 2 gen GREEN firegem from female fever. Make an offer on my hatchling!
  8. What I mean is that you can't get a prize by buddying up to someone, by being judged to have created a better tree than others (that was AWFUL), by grinding... we ALL have the exact same chance if we enter. What would make it more fair than that ? It's like any other lottery. Buy a Wintario/National Lottery/euromillions ticket and you have the same chance of winning that everyone else does. A small one. I have held premium bonds in the UK since I was 16 years old - that's SIXTY YEARS. I have NEVER won a single penny. My daughter bought some when she moved house. 16 years ago. She h
  9. Yeah - I have just substituted Amaltheans - in a week, we shall see...
  10. A raffle is a raffle. Whatever else, it's fair. Every single player who enters has the same chance. Making the overall requirements tougher would disadvantage players with smaller scrolls and fewer slots. Until the day people are prepared to accept that random is random, these suggestions will keep coming. Sure more prizes would be nice, as would adding prizes to the market. But other than that - no support for any change.
  11. Has ANYONE got a soulpeace from a soulpeace x UV pairing ? I am beginning to wonder if it is simply impossible.... Maybe I have to completely revamp my hybrid lineage