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  1. I wish I hadn't used tinsel now. All the 10s I've given (not a lot, I admit) were tinsel free.... I have now seen enough trees that even I think are better than mine that I have lost all hope.... Now I just have to hope that someone I know who likes me will win and breed for me
  2. There are quite a few who have. I am not one of them, but I hope to be... They have posted about it, here and in another thread. I wish people hadn't tried to make a zigzag pattern with the multicoloured tinsel and the silver - it just doesn't work
  3. There are between 8000 and 9000 trees. I have yet to see the gay wedding one... and I have seen LOADS today that I have seen talked about and not seen before. It's just random.
  4. I just gave my first 10 a few minutes ago. And the next tree got a 10 too ! I was amazed.... Then came a slew of kamikaze 1s... Anyone else sitting here thinking "GOT to do just a few more, SURELY that will get to the end.... no ? - well, JUST a few more then..." I have already failed to make my lunch... I could get a whole lot thinner here ETA - I think I just saw an anchor ?
  5. That looks like too MANY views too fast, to me... Poor horsey...
  6. I dunno, but the last time I did it i DID see the same trees again for a short while (I'd taken screen shots) so before doing it again, I thought I'd check. Cookies, I thought maybe ? Thanks. The time had come - I was getting rogue hatchies on the trees again !
  7. I don't remember. It's odd. I THINK it was one I felt sorry for in the AP with about 2 hours left which almost immediately dropped dead as it hit my scroll. OK I probably messed up an ND experiment for someone, and I am very very sorry.... - but I had JUST discovered the AP and I had no idea at the time... I've had two failed bites now, and a few of my own ND fails. but SO FAR no-one has died of soft shell or "not eating much" - no chance of that around here !
  8. If I clear my cache - will it still know how I voted or will I effectively start all over again.... awful idea, but...
  9. Just how MANY birds facing to the left have a pickle in their beak ???
  10. @ asmodel: How do you KNOW - are you actually counting ? I am amazed - and impressed ! I live for the day I get the "you have voted on all the trees" message, cos then I can stop thinking "I could SWEAR I already saw that tree..." !
  11. With me it's the wrist. Some trees take ages to load and start with the decorations and the tree comes last. That is REALLY weird looking...
  12. You can see yours - click on the tree when you are on your account page. The page you went to to decorate it.
  13. I do hate it when there is clearly a picture and you can't figure out what it is.... I have looked at this one for a while - but if I don't vote, I'll lose my ticket. But I can't give it a high mark... though I prefer traditional anyway...
  14. Who put the gingerbread man on the tiny horse ? Nice one ! I do think that when you have the BIG dragons down the sides of the tree,and a teeny tiny topper, it looks very unbalanced. And I wish the owner of a tree I just saw that was otherwise GORGEOUS had left the tinsel off.... It spoiled it completely - so sad Wow ! Just saw one with just green and white and tinsel. That was unusual and very pretty.
  15. I don't !!! I just saw a (traditional) tree I actually like WAY better than mine. This is very depressing ! I'd have given mine an 8 or a 9 before, but now... *sobs*
  16. They dropped BIG time on Dec 28th; after that they seem to have been dropping rather more often than metallics...
  17. Two people have posted that they've caught them today - so I guess so !
  18. A tree with the balls arranged to make the letters DC. There are also some that make TJ - and quite a few that make other things. There are almost 9,000 trees, to whoever it was asked.
  19. Must have done thousands by now - and I have ONLY seen the bird/dragon mating one or the filthy ones. Maybe those are being reported and deleted ?.... Today I am getting a rogue magi egg on the trees though - makes a change from the female vamp... I wish the multicoloured tinsel were easier to use with real effect....
  20. I've seen a lot of 2010, 2011 and even a 2012.... Not counting 1337.
  21. Oh - sorry - I thought you meant the ORIGINAL ones !
  22. I doubt it - but may I be first on your list ???