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  1. OH - my options button now works some: I still cannot use "remove from conversation" but the options one says I can move things.... one moment.... Yes - that now seems to be the best way to move stuff, but the other works. too.
  2. And there I posted in your separate thread !
  3. What she said. Clearing cache makes no difference, nor does changing skin or changing browser. Even tried a browser I have NEVER used for the forum before.
  4. Go to your profile; then you can see a little image symbol under the current one. Click that and bingo !
  5. Yes you absolutely could. And I still do on my other invision forum - we have a number of group projects where people come and go, and.... You get something like this: and any time you like you can click and invite them back in. And I just moved something and now i can't move it back either....
  6. OK - ruby; I got a note by email that there was a message and the message isn't there. But the buttons for that do not work for me. All I get next to the name is And the options button has no effect of any kind. Nothing drops down.
  7. We should also be able to remove people from the conversation as we used to be able to. And now we can't.
  8. Fuzzbucket

    Z Project

    Ok I loves my drakeses !
  9. How about killing two birds with one stone. Reviving an egg - gives you a frozen egg sprite instead of a growing thing ? But @angelicdragonpuppy if you deliberately kill an egg, why on earth should you not have to bite the bullet and take the consequences. No way would I support undoing a deliberate kill.
  10. To return to the question - is the OP aware that where they need to go is to their CAVE account settings rather than forum ? That question hasn't been answered...
  11. @TJ09 - have you seen this, and can you please help ? ETA wait - at least the trashcan at the bottom is back.
  12. I use personal friends, myself. I realise the thread here is inactive - but asking a friend to keep an eye on eggs and put them in/take them out of hatcheries works - worst case scenario they die - which they would have done anyway without help, if I wasn't around to do it myself. Viewbombing is something else. But that's a point - if an egg has been saved once and is bombed again - how many times could you do this revive thing ?
  13. You changed (added) two letters - not OK. You changed two letters, also not OK. So - cab
  14. No; it has just been my experience here that saying something like that is a surefire way to get bombed.... Just as posting in the "I'm being bombed" thread often starts it up big time. I absolutely agree that a nice supportive community is the way to go.
  15. I think neglecting should carry a penalty. There ARE scroll sitters...
  16. That is SO true ! Nice one. Nastiness and viewbombing DO happen to massbreeders. But as you see, many here are saying they don't like walls - and are not being harassed. yet.
  17. Not only that - but you can't remove people from conversations, or delete any messages from the list (you used to be able to check several and delete them as a lump.) @Lagie I am still experimenting, so if all your messages with me suddenly vanish - it's not PERSONAL as such !
  18. And that would be where the issue kicked in - how the game could discriminate. The only situation where I'd support this would be in the case of viewbombing. We can control all the others by paying attention to our own scrolls - which we should be doing. ETA we CAN always use scroll sitters when we can't be on line.
  19. @Gavvv24 - you are on the list she posted, but Ruby won't be finding partners for you - you need to check a few scrolls. As I'm already done, I can't join with you, but if you check the scrolls of the people who are as yet unpaired...
  20. 100% support. i don't much like walls, but I can easily wait them out.
  21. I want it to be per BREEDER, to get around the re-abandoning issue. Something like 500 individuals each breeding a mint at the same time isn't as much of an issue, to my mind. Exactly this.
  22. F2. BINGO ! https://dragcave.net/lineage/DCYpp (I LOVE drake lines !)
  23. That must be fixable in invision as on my other invision forum one can double post.
  24. OK. I was just looking at sh20000sh's scroll- but the letters in those short names are not combos I can match anyway.