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  1. As has been said, there would have been more than just trading to flag up your scrolls to TJ. I don't even know what this means... But if you both get new scrolls, tell a mod about them at once, so that they know you are both in the same household..
  2. NONE of my browser on ANY of my devices is allowed to autofill. Me iz paranoid ! Nope - I had never used that device before - password was saved when I logged in - that very day, sure - but NOT user name - and it doesn't happen for any other actions (I have that set to enter password - and it doesn't. Never mind - I was just SO with the OP in Help... (For the record, my primary browser is Opera, but I also have FF, seamonkey, Chrome (HATE IT) Pale Moon, Brave, Vivaldi, and I still have iE but don't use it.)
  3. I have that in my database.... Once it was done, I just add to it every time.
  4. I don't know what the bleep it is - - I just want it to stoppit ! And I'm not alone. @HeatherMarie How do you explain my brand new lappie that has a browser that saw DC for its first time ever - and still did it ? It had never seen any passwords of anywhere, and so had nothing to autocomplete WITH. It had never even met ME before ! It could only have seen the user name of the scroll I had just logged into - for the first time ever on that device.
  5. I can't actually see the point - so no support for either one. Because when I loo at offers I think of all sorts of things that wouldn't help others - not least things like - "Ahh, they don't have ANY prizes; I think I will let it go to them," or "I remember they stiffed someone else on, so NO WAY"... We all have weird reasons for accepting or declining.
  6. I hit the spoiler before I post....
  7. I got permission for my then 10 y/o grandson to play. (He was NOT allowed on forum, though I didn't ask about that as his mother nixxed it,)
  8. I totally agree. My primary browser is NOT set to autocomplete anyway - actually nor is ANY of my browsers And as it happened to me on a brand new lappie recently, a device which had never seen DC in its life, it can't even be a cookie thing.... ETA ALSO - when I use fertility and put in the dragon's name and that - afterwards I always get "Do you want to save the password ?" Um - NO....
  9. It isn't that though - as several people have pointed out - see the other thread in suggestions. ShorahNagi cleared everything and it persists; I even got it when using a brand new laptop that had never seen DC till a couple of weeks ago. There is nothing in my browser or in DC that allow me to undo it. And it doesn't happen on ANY other DC page, and my password doesn't autofill (and nowhere else does your user name need to be entered.)
  10. It's a DC issue. I'm not the only one - and I have also tried it in SEVEN browsers...
  11. Highlight the image and hit the spoiler button
  12. The title says it all - but this came up in a help thread: When you go to use fertility, your scroll name is auto-entered in the search box. I thought it was just me when I posted about this ages ago - but it seems not. Can this please be "undone" ? It's a real pain.
  13. Me too (VERY N of England) - and on our single track unclassified road - well, no hope of getting out any time soon. In the gales, we lost a tree and a half, too. My nearest town (very small one !) has had no power since Friday...
  14. Me too - I hate it. I posted about it months ago, and everyone said it was something I'd set up. I'm glad to see it wasn't ! @TJ09 - since it seems to be the "norm" - can it please not be ? It does it automatically. It's not something they entered.
  15. I qualified when this thread started - Joined Jan 2010 - and I'm still here.
  16. CRUMBS.... I actually use grid sort, select all the ones I want to move and then move them in a lump all to the first slot I need, drop that one, move the rest on down and so on till I'm done... I'm glad I don't try numbers....
  17. To get a Purple Alstroemeria Breed Pink Alstroemeria Floret with purple Iris Floret Gold Alstroemeria Breed pink Alstroemeria Floret with gold Iris Floret Pink Alstroemeria Breed two Alstroemeria Florets I just bred a pink Iris to a purple Alstro and got a pink Iris.... and none of the others was interested.)
  18. I feel for you. I did it in the end when I was around 5k dragons. IT was AWFUL (NB - save repeatedly....) but it was worth it in the end.
  19. OOOH yes ! Le Gros Horloge in Rouen. One of the oldest working clocks in Europe.
  20. Bite the bullet and do it very slowly the way you want it. Once it's done, you only have to bother with the new ones.
  21. Fuzzbucket

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    I'll take the sapphires if you want....