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  1. I'm neutral here - but if people have set their schedules around set dates - this mechanic will mess with them no matter what, as we have never had defined days before. I can't believe something that has existed for three weeks will have anyone totally tied to the days yet.
  2. If I ever get around to breeding the 2 gens I am catching. I shall rename the parents and hope to get the eggs back. It very often works.
  3. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): https://dragcave.net/lineage/sg4yF What Gen are you on now?: 7
  4. No - what is disrespectful is to suggest that the creator's vision should be overridden just because a lot of players don't like it. If Infinis OKs a change - that's one thing. Forcing it on her isn't OK, though.
  5. The AP has often had 50-odd people stalking. Just saying.
  6. Oh - BUT _ Eggs must be cracked, and have 6 days or less remaining on their "time until death" to be able to hatch by Earthquake. also: Each one may hatch early, be killed from the impact, or be unaffected. Doesn't say that can't happen if they are fogged,
  7. The wiki says they will. I will go test - as I have no eggs just now ! Hm. EQd them all twice and they were all unaffected ! Have to out now so I've left them to get view and will try again when I get back !
  8. A fogged egg can die or be unaffected - just like any other egg. And the wiki says fogged eggs are affected the exact same way as any others, so...
  9. 3 messies for 3 common CB hatchies sounds reasonable. Neither one is terribly desirable Just bread all my stats again - not a stat egg to be seen....
  10. The only way is to look which are available to summon before you do it, and then look again after you have done it to see who ISN'T !
  11. WELL - I would happily offer bred Stats. Unfortunately my collection of Stats (I'm lucky there) hasn't delivered one in many many weeks now. So they ,may simply not be able to fill that request ! It gets added because someone said 4 weeks and I for one didn't bother to check when quoting.... The artist's intent is huge, and not to be disrespected. I don't hate it; it is taking some getting used to, though. Infinis said she could possibly live with the low views mechanic. If she were good enough to do that, I don't think we have any gro
  12. People ask for those things for dragons with a Z code and all sorts. It doesn't mean they get them. I've seen - this week even - people asking for a CB stat for two really messy commons. It's like ebay and amazon - you see outrageous prices but you never know how mach anything sold for - IF it sold. I've been watching one item on ebay for over a year now - it was listed for $350 - I have one, and I paid $25, though I realise its out of print. After 6 months it hadn't sold, and the seller relisted it - for $499..... What is asked on the hub doesn't tell us anything. And really - fou
  13. I do, quite frequently - if it can't fit a line I already have, or if it is terminally messy.
  14. Nope. You can only view an egg once in a week. You will have seen it as blue, and by the end of the week it won't be an egg any more. Just saying !
  15. There is nothing that needs doing to change the yellow mechanic. The only "issue" is the pinks.
  16. All these lovely spirals... After my first year catastrophe, I stick to stairs !!!
  17. I can do two. Make Offer me two of them! Good luck with the BOOM !
  18. And bought two - going by your shards. Accidents do happen.... (It could have been worse; you could have bought something horrid. Purples are always good !)
  19. I have one that grew up with <1000 OVs. https://dragcave.net/view/PPRWh
  20. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): https://dragcave.net/lineage/5gLmj What Gen are you on now?: 6
  21. Hot damn - I thought I was imagining that. (I am very old...) But yeah - please fix that !
  22. You must have accidentally clicked buy twice - they cost 200 and you spent 400...