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IOU≈OKMetal Wish List | Prize Wish List- Seeking 2G:2nd gen Gold from Spotted GreenwingRed Copper from f Gold;Alt Ridgewing (from an Alt Ridgewing) and Brown Copper from f SilverAsk before breedingDo not remove important quotes from a PM. Scroll

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    Status: If you need to contact me, PM Torkie10. They'll give me a nudge c:

    I collect 2nd gen Golds/Silvers from every kind of pairing. Which pairings I am currently seeking is information readily available on my wish list.

    I am usually uninterested in rare x rare.
    I do not collect checkers, unless as a mate for something I already have or for a friend.

    Offspring of the 2nd gen Holly is already spoken for, sorry. You can inquire about Hollies from the others, however. I usually only breed my Shimmers, Tinsels, and Spriter's Alt offspring if you PM me and arrange a deal. 4th gen Prize dragons for 2nd gen Golds, 5th gen for 2nd gen Silvers. Please name the parents of anything you want to trade me, and nothing with things like "CB" in them.

    My CBs have single names, bred dragons have two names (or a single name that reminds me what their lineage is). All adult dragons with messy lineage get the last name of Bohemian.

    I hang out at the Writer's Forum. There's a DC community there as well.
    My username there is the same as it is here.

    I feel that recording or not recording lineage should be a choice for non-Holiday and non-prize dragons.


    Wish list items. See links in sig.
    Special item: None atm

    -IOUS I OWE-
    (in date order)

    3rd gen Silver from female Silver x Black Tea EG Checker
    Owed to: Dimar
    3rd gen Gold from male Gold x Sunsong EG Checker
    Owed to: Mamamaus

    (in date order)

    5th gen staircase Silver tinsel, Patxaran x Gray line
    Owed by: Justarius
    2nd gen Magma with a Brimstone parent
    2nd gen Magma with a Red Dorsal parent
    Owed by: xxBurningxxs
    2nd gen Gold with a Spotted Greenwing father <3333
    Owed by: anemone
    2nd gen Metals(s) from pairings on my wish list or 2nd gen GoNs from requested pairings [Owed:3 Paid:1]
    Owed by: shannecy
    2 2nd gen Golds from pairings on my wish list
    Owed by: Yulerule
    2nd gen Silver from pairings on my wish list
    Owed by: jumpsnake


    Atlantahammy, you still owe me a pumpkin and a marrow dragon. If your dragons failed to breed you should have told me. Ignoring my PMs was not the thing to do.
    Amberheun, I PM'd and Emailed you the link to collect your 2nd gen PB Ice. It went ER and a few hours before death I gifted it to someone who hatched it. PM me when you return to DC.
    Thunderwing, you never accepted your 2nd gen influenced Hellfire hatchling and you never responded to my messages about it. The dragon was about to grow up, so I gave it away. PM me when you return to DC.
    Shikaze, you never accepted or even messaged me back when I sent you the link to collect your 3rd gen Silver from a female Silver x White EG Checker. I had to give her away before she grew up. PM me when you return to DC.


    PM me in advance if you want my next "kin" of a certain lineage. Please accept ASAP.